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definition of the word celestial_object

by the Wiktionnary

celestial object (plural celestial objects)

  1. (astronomy, astrology) A natural object which is located outside of Earth's atmosphere, such as the Moon, the Sun, an asteroid, planet, or star.
    • 1999, "Asteroid Is Called Fastest-Spinning Solar System Object," space.com, 22 Jul. (retrieved 9 Jan. 2009):
      It is only 100 feet across but it now has the honor of being the solar system's fastest-spinning celestial object.
    • 2000, John Raymond Winks Jr., "Natal zodiac chart," US Patent 6,015,295, abstract:
      A symbol for each desired celestial object, such as for each planet, the sun, and the moon are included along with a method for detachably attaching each of the symbols to the zodiac chart.

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