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definition of the word cave

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From Latin cavea (cavity) via Old French cave.



cave (plural caves)

A cliffside cave.
  1. A large, naturally-occurring cavity formed underground, or in the face of a cliff or a hillside.
    We found a cave on the mountainside where we could take shelter.
  2. A hole, depression, or gap in earth or rock, whether natural or man-made.
    • 1918, Edward Alfred Steiner, Uncle Joe's Lincoln[1], page 52:  
      Every boy at one time or another has dug a cave; I suppose because ages and ages ago his ancestors had to live in caves, []
  3. A storage cellar, especially for wine or cheese.
    This wine has been aged in our cave for thirty years.
  4. A place of retreat, such as a man cave.
    My room was a cozy cave where I could escape from my family.
  5. (caving) A naturally-occurring cavity in bedrock which is large enough to be entered by an adult.
    It was not strictly a cave, but a narrow fissure in the rock.
  6. (nuclear physics) A shielded area where nuclear experiments can be carried out.
    • 1986, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, Radiation Alarms and Access Control Systems[2], ISBN 0913392847, page 45:  
      These potential radiation fields or radioactive material levels may be the result of normal operations (ie, radiation in a target cave) []
  7. (drilling, uncountable) Debris, particularly broken rock, which falls into a drill hole and interferes with drilling.
    • 1951, James Deans Cumming, Diamond Drill Handbook[3], page 134:  
      [] the casing can then be placed in the hole without encountering any cave and core drilling in rock can begin.
  8. (mining) A collapse or cave-in.
    • 1885, Angelo Heilprin, Town Geology: The Lesson of the Philadelphia Rocks[4], page 79:  
      The " breasts " of marble which unite the opposite lateral walls have been left standing in order to prevent a possible cave of the wall on either side.
  9. (figuratively, also slang) The vagina.
    • 1976, Chester Himes, My Life of Absurdity[5], page 59:  
      Then without a word she lay on her back in the bed, her dark blond pubic hair rising about her dark wet cave like dried brush about a hidden spring.
  10. (slang, politics, often "Cave") A group that breaks from a larger political party or faction on a particular issue.
    • 1964, Leon D. Epstein, British Politics in the Suez Crisis[6], page 125:  
      Without joining the cave, Hyde had abstained both in December 1956 and May 1957.

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