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definition of the word cargo

by the Wiktionnary

From Spanish cargar ("to load"), from Late Latin carricare.


countable and uncountable; plural cargos or cargoes

cargo (countable and uncountable; plural cargos or cargoes)

  1. Freight carried by a ship, aircraft etc.
    • 1806, James Harrison, The Life of the Right Honourable Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson
      "…her whole and entire cargo; and, also, all such other cargoes and property as may have been landed in the island of Teneriffe,…"
    • 1913, Nephi Anderson, Story of Chester Lawrence,
      "…but human life is worth more than ships or cargos."
  2. (Papua New Guinea) Western material goods.
    • 1995, Martha Kaplan, Neither Cargo Nor Cult: Ritual Politics and the Colonial Imagination in Fiji, Duke University Press, page xi
      "They wrote of Pacific people with millenarian (and sometimes anti-colonial) expectations who used magical means to get western things (hence the term "cargo" cult)."

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