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definition of the word candid

by the Wiktionnary

From Latin candidus (white).

candid (comparative more candid, superlative most candid)


more candid

most candid

  1. Impartial and free from prejudice.
    (A date for this quote is being sought): he knew not where to look for faithful advice, efficient aid, or candid judgement. - Washington Irving - The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus
  2. Straightforward, open and sincere.
    (A date for this quote is being sought): My candid opinion was that it was all rubbish! - Jules Verne - A Journey To The Center Of The Earth
  3. Not posed or rehearsed.
    (A date for this quote is being sought): will the introduction of supplementary flash or flood intrude on a candid picture situation or ruin the mood? - Popular Photography (2002)

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