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definition of the word broken

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follow chance happened #641: broken trouble die arm


  1. Past participle of break.

broken (comparative more broken, superlative most broken)


more broken

most broken

  1. Fragmented, in separate pieces.
  2. (of a body part) Having the bone in pieces, fractured.
    My arm is broken
  3. (of skin) Split or ruptured.
    A dog bit me on the leg and now the skin is broken.
  4. Not working properly.
    I think my shaver is broken.
  5. Completely defeated and dispirited.
    The bankruptcy and divorce, together with the death of his son, left him completely broken.
  6. (language, pejorative) Grammatically non-standard, especially as a result of being a non-native speaker.
  7. Having no money, bankrupt, broke.
  8. (of an electronic connection) Disconnected, no longer open or carrying traffic.
  9. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) degraded, reduced in rank
  10. (software, informal) Badly designed or implemented.
    This is the most broken application I've seen in a long time.
  11. (meteorology, of the sky) Five eighths to seven eighths obscured by clouds.
    Tomorrow broken skies..
  12. (sports and gaming) A single tactic or option which is powerful enough to be considered overpowered.
  13. (colloquial, US) A situation that has not gone in the way intended, saddening.
    Oh man! That is just broken!

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