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definition of the word blet

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French blettir (for further details, see blet on French Wiktionary).

Coined by John Lindley, in his Introduction to Botany (1835), p. 296:

“After the period of ripeness, most fleshy fruits undergo a new kind of alteration; their flesh either rots or blets.*
* May I be forgiven for coining a word to express that peculiar bruised appearance in some fruits, called blessi [sic] by the French, for which we have no equivalent English expression ?”

Emphasis and footnote in original, and though written as blessi, the French word for bletted is blette, and Lindley coined “blet”, suggesting an error in the text.

to blet

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to blet (third-person singular simple present blets, present participle bletting, simple past and past participle bletted)

  1. To undergo bletting, a fermentation process in certain fruit beyond ripening.

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