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definition of the word backward

by the Wiktionnary

From Old English abakward (from on bæc + -weard).

backward (comparative more backward, superlative most backward)


more backward

most backward

  1. (of motion) Pertaining to the direction towards the back.
  2. (of motion) Pertaining to the direction reverse of normal.
    The occasional backward movement of planets is evidence they revolve around the sun.
  3. Reluctant or unable to advance.
    • Dont be backward in suggesting story ideas to local media but always think of the wants, needs and desires of their readers when selling-in story ideas.[1]
  4. Of a culture considered undeveloped or unsophisticated.
    • Most cruelly, the immediate security interests of the United States and the states surrounding Somalia are now to keep it a failed state, to prevent Islamists from consolidating even a weak state centered on Mogadishu. The leader of the victorious faction, one Aden Hashi 'Ayro, is said to be a veteran of Afghanistan; he knows well what a small sanctuary in a backward corner of the globe can mean for al Qaeda. [2]
  5. Pertaining to a thought or value that is considered outdated.
    • Replace the morbid, bankrupting, backward idea of superpower domination: Weapons dismantled. Global warming reversed. Perhaps, in time, overpopulation, poverty, starvation, ignorance and disease all resolved. Thus, moral determination combined with 21st Century science, ecology and social initiatives will make possible a resonant fulfillment of our American Revolution [3]
  6. (cricket) On that part of the field behind the batsman's popping crease.
  7. (cricket) Further behind the batsman's popping crease than something else.

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