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definition of the word at

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you not be #20: at by on her

Middle English < Old English æt < Proto-Germanic *at, *az < Proto-Indo-European *ad- (to, near, at).


  1. In or very near a particular place.
    At that precise position, at Jim’s house.
  2. (indicating time) Simultaneous .
    At six o’clock, at closing time.
  3. In the direction of (often in an unfocused or uncaring manner).
    He threw the ball at me, he shouted at her.
  4. Occupied in (activity).
    Men at work.

  1. He threw the ball to me — (so I could catch it).
    He threw the ball at me — (trying to hit me with it).
  1. He talked to her — (conversationally).
    He shouted at her — (aggressively).

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