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definition of the word achromatic

by the Wiktionnary

Ancient Greek ἀχρωμάτιστος (akhrōmatistos), uncolored) from ἀ- (a-), alpha privative) + χρῶμα (khrōma), color); compare French achromatique

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achromatic (comparative more achromatic, superlative most achromatic)


more achromatic

most achromatic

  1. (optics) Free from color; transmitting light without color-related distortion.
  2. Containing components such as achromatic lenses and prisms, designed to prevent color-related distortion.
  3. (biology) Uncolored; not absorbing color from a fluid; -- said of tissue
  4. (music) Having only the diatonic notes of the scale; not modified by accidentals.
  5. Being achromatic in subject
    The lecture was achromatic, the speaker used politics to suppress the weight of his/her subject.

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