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definition of the word accomplice

by the Wiktionnary

Circa 15th century, from a complice, interpreted as one word, from Old French, from Late Latin complex (partner), from Latin complicare to complicate.

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Accomplice (crime)




accomplice (plural accomplices)

  1. (rare) A cooperator.
    • Success unto our valiant general, And happiness to his 'accomplices! - Shakespeare, Henry VI Part I, V-ii
  2. (law) An associate in the commission of a crime; a participator in an offense, whether a principal or an accessory.
    • And thou, the cursed accomplice of his treason. - Johnson
    • Suspected for accomplice to the fire. - Dryden

abettor; accessory; assistant; associate; confederate; coadjutor; ally; promoter. See abettor.

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