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The English Wiktionary uses sysop-patrolling of Special:RecentChanges, so that vandalism can be picked off more leisurely. Known good accounts can be added to the "autopatrolled" group, so that their contributions don't appear on that list. Known good IP addresses can be added to MediaWiki:Gadget-PatrollingEnhancements.js, as can widely-watchlisted pages where vandalism is quickly reverted anyway.

This "whitelist voting" page is a mechanism for proposing and publicizing the addition of a user or page to that group/script; the principle is to have as "lightweight" of a vote as possible without succumbing to any one person's whims. The existence and purpose of this page were made official by Wiktionary:Votes/pl-2008-09/Whitelisted users autopatrol; the details of its functioning are fairly well established now, but still not official per se.

Also see Special:Log/rights.

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