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The following tables show the IPA, SAMPA and enPR/AHD representations of English pronunciation, in both Received Pronunciation (UK) and General American (US). For vowels in other dialects, see IPA chart for English.

The vowel table lists both monophthongs and diphthongs.

IPA SAMPA Examples
ă æ { bad, cat, ran
ăr æɹ {r\ carry
ā eI bait, play, same
ä ɑː ɑ A: A father
är ɑː(ɹ) ɑɹ A: Ar\ arm, bard, aria
âr ɛə(ɹ) ɛɹ E@ Er\ hair, pear, there, scary
ĕ ɛ E bed, bet, end
ĕr ɛɹ Er merry
ē i i: i ease, see
ĭ ɪ I city, bit
i[1] i i city, very, ready
ĭr ɪɹ Ir\ syrup, Sirius
ī aI my, rise
îr ɪə(ɹ) ɪɹ I@ Ir\ here, near, peer, serious
ŏ ɒ ɑ Q A not
ō əʊ @U oU go, hope, know
ōr ɔə(ɹ) oɹ, ɔɹ O@ or, Or hoarse, glory
ô ɔː ɔ O: O law, caught, saw
ôr ɔː(ɹ) ɔɹ O: Or\ horse, more, laureate
oi ɔɪ OI boy, noise
o͝o ʊ U put, foot
o͝or ʊə(ɹ) ʊɹ U@ Ur\ poor, tour, tourism
o͞o u u: u lose, soon, through
ou aU house, now
ŭ ʌ V run, enough, up
ûr ɜː(ɹ) ɝ 3: 3` fur, bird
ə ə @ about
ər ə(ɹ) ɚ @ @` enter

[1] Not an AHD symbol. Often written as AHD ē in Wiktionary entries.

IPA SAMPA Examples
b b b but, able, cab, wobble, ebb
ch tS chat, teacher, inch, catch, nature
d d d dot, idea, nod, fodder, odd
f f f fan, left, leaf, enough, phase, graphic, epitaph
g ɡ g get, magnet, bag
h h h ham
hw ʍ W which
j dZ joy, ajar, gin, agile, age, edge
k k k cat, kit, queen, pique, choir, ache, tack
KH x x (Scottish) loch
l l l left (before vowel of syllable)
l l= little
m m m man, animal, him
m m= spasm, prism
n n n not, ant, pan
n n= hidden
ng ŋ N singer, ring
p p p pen, spin, top, apple
r ɹ[2] r\ run, very
s s s set, list, pass, city, ice
sh ʃ S she, ash, sure, ration
t t t ton, stab, mat, attend, butt, ought
th θ T thin, nothing, moth
th ð D this, father, clothe
v v v voice, navel, save, of
w w w wet
y j j yes
z z z zoo, quiz, fuzz, rose, xylem
zh ʒ Z vision, beige

[2] Often conventionally written /r/, especially in works that cover only English.

A stress mark is placed before the syllable that is stressed in IPA and SAMPA and after it in enPR and AHD.

IPA SAMPA Indicates
ʹ (aʹ) ˈ (ˈa) " ("a) primary stress
' (a') ˌ (ˌa) % (%a) secondary stress, sometimes tertiary stress
a-a a.a a.a division between syllables

Note: The EnPR and print AHD marks are formatted slightly differently. Online, AHD writes both ', as they represent the same phoneme.

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