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Wiktionary:Contact us

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Contact us

Important information: Wiktionary, a wiki-based open content dictionary, is operated by volunteers. Though it provides a free service without advertisement, it is a private enterprise and privately funded. It has no "editorial board", and its entries are written by volunteers around the world. Please see Wiktionary:About for more information.

Contact trusted Wiktionary volunteers at info-en@wiktionary.org.
All inquiries from the press about Wiktionary should go to the Wikimedia Foundation press room.
If you suspect that wiktionary contains copyright-violating content, add a section to the Tea room and it will be dealt with.

Public forums

  • Ask word related questions at the Information desk.
    What's the difference between practise and practice? ~~~~
  • Talk about Wiktionary entries, and the words that they contain at the Tea room.
    Is hmph an interjection or a verb? ~~~~
  • Discuss Wiktionary guidelines and policies in the Beer parlour.
    Should Wiktionary contain words invented for novels? ~~~~
  • Get technical about the templates and software in the Grease pit
    Can we get the search to convert ASCII into Arabic? ~~~~
  • Leave feedback at Wiktionary:Feedback.

Contact a user

  • No English? Use Babel.
  • Navigate to their user talk page and click the + button at the top.
  • If you have a user account, once you have set a valid email address in Special:Preferences, you can click on the E-mail this user link in the box to the left of a user's page.

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