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Metaknowledge or Μετά knowledge? Or maybe knowledge is my meta...

I'm a sysop and pretty perpetually active when not on holiday, and I hope to stay that way. If you have a question, do feel free to ask and I'll do my best.

My languages

  1. I feel very comfortable understanding texts and communicating in the following languages: English, Latin, and Yiddish.
  2. I can understand and communicate in, but not wholly without error, the following languages: Spanish, Tok Pisin (these two were once better and now are rusting), Bislama, Pijin, Afrikaans, Middle English, Esperanto, Ido, and Klingon.
  3. I can understand, but not communicate in, the following languages: Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Interlingua, Mauritian Creole, and any major Polynesian language.
  4. I have briefly studied, but can neither understand texts of even slight complexity nor communicate effectively in, the following languages: Swahili, Greek (ancient and modern), Hebrew, Egyptian, Thai, Mandarin, Japanese, and many others.
  • All these are in written ability, and in some languages I am assuming that I can check a few words in a handy dictionary, but for Wiktionary purposes they all hold true. Feel free to give me some practice by leaving me messages in any language in the first three categories.

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