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{suffix} :: Noun-forming suffix used to form diminutives of proper names; used after a hard (unpalatalized) consonant
{suffix} :: Noun-forming suffix used to form abstract nouns and agent nouns from prefixed stems ending in a consonant that becomes a hushing consonant (ш ж ч щ) when iotation. The final consonant of the stem is iotated before this suffix
{suffix} :: Noun-forming suffix used to form abstract nouns and agent nouns from prefixed stems. The final consonant of the stem is not iotated before this suffix
а {letter} :: The first letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. It is followed by the letter б (b)
а {letter} :: The name of the Roman letter A, a in Russian
а {conj} :: but, and (introduces a new or different meaning)
а {interj} :: oh! (expressing surprise or realization)
а {particle} :: (colloquial particle used to seek confirmation) eh
а {m inan} :: A, amp, ampere
а {pron} [criminal slang] :: he, she or it (used to point to a particular person)
А {letter} :: The first letter of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. It is followed by the letter Б (B)
а-а {interj} :: ah, aah, oh (expressing understanding or realisation)
а-а {interj} :: aah (a cry of horror, the sound of screaming)
а-а-а {interj} :: alternative form of а-а
аак {noun} :: Rhinebarge, a single-masted flat-bottomed barge used on the Rhine for wine transportation
аам {noun} :: aam, an old Dutch and German unit of measure for liquids
аангич {noun} [dialectal, Kamchatka] :: long-tailed duck (Clangula hyemalis)
Аарау {prop} {m inan} :: Аарау (town/and/municipality/capital)
Аарон {prop} :: given name
ааронов {adj} [possessive] :: Aaron's [in collocations]
Ааронов {adj} :: Aaron's
аароновец {noun} [historical] :: follower of Aaron's confession
ааронов жезл {noun} :: Aaron's rod
аароново согласие {noun} :: Aaron's confession (minor confession of Russian Old Believers which split from the Filippians in the second half of the 18th century)
аароновский {adj} [relational, historical] :: Aaron's confession
аароновщина {noun} :: Aaron's confession, a minor group of old believers in the second half of the 18th century
Аахен {prop} :: Аахен (city)
аба {noun} :: aba, a coarse woven cloth
аба {noun} :: a cloak-like garment made from aba
аба {interj} [dialectal, Ural] :: Well, I never! (expression of surprise)
аба {noun} [dialectal, Omsk] :: elder sister
аба {noun} [dialectal, Omsk] :: father's sister
абаас {noun} [mythology] :: malevolent spirit (among the Yakut people)
аба-ван {noun} [architecture] :: abat-vent (strips of wood or metal used as windbreaks, particularly in belfries)
аба-вуа {m inan} [architecture] :: abat-voix (an overhang over a pulpit)
Абадан {prop} :: Абадан (city)
абаданец {noun} :: (male) person from Abadan
абаданка {noun} :: woman or girl from Abadan
абаданский {adj} [relational] :: абаданский (city)
Абаддон {prop} :: Abaddon
абажур {noun} :: lampshade
абажур {noun} [dated] :: a visor, worn on the forehead to protect one's eyes from the sun
абажур {noun} [slang] :: head
абажур {noun} [slang, humorous] :: order, norm (pun on ажур)
абаз {noun} [historical] :: abbasi, abazi (a Persian and Georgian coin, worth around twenty kopeks)
абаз {noun} [dialectal, obsolete] :: A twenty kopek coin
абаза {m anim} {f anim} [dialectal, Crimea, Caucasus, vulgar, dated] :: a stupid infidel
абаза {m anim} {f anim} [dialectal, Crimea, Caucasus] :: a type of horse in the Caucasus
абаза {noun} :: a strong wind in the Black Sea coming from the Caucasus region
абазин {noun} :: Abaza, Abazin (member of the Abaza people living in the northwest Caucasus)
абазинка {noun} :: female Abaza, Abazin (female member of the Abaza people living in northwest Caucasus)
абазинский {adj} :: Abaza (a people living in the northwest Caucasus)
абазия {noun} [medicine] :: abasia
абак {noun} :: abacus (board for doing calculations)
абак {noun} :: abacus (uppermost member of a column)
абака {noun} [architecture] :: abacus (uppermost member of the capital of a column)
абака {noun} [culinary] :: abacus (cupboard for holding cups, bottles, etc.)
абака {noun} :: abaca, Manila hemp
Абака {prop} {m anim} :: given name
Абакан {prop} :: Абакан (capital city)
абакост {noun} [chiefly historical] :: abacost (style of jacket, promoted in Zaïre by Mobutu Sese Seko)
абактинальный {adj} [zoology] :: abactinal (on the side opposite to the mouth in animals with radial symmetry)
абакумыч {noun} [criminal slang] :: a small crowbar for breaking through doors
абалон {noun} :: abalone (edible univalve mollusc)
абанамат {interj} [slang, vulgar, humorous] :: Expression of annoyance or frustration
абандон {noun} [law] :: abandonment (the relinquishment of a property by the insured)
абандонирование {noun} :: abandonment
абарга {noun} [dialectal, Baikal] :: kaluga (Huso dauricus) (predatory sturgeon)
абарогноз {noun} [medicine] :: abarognosis (loss of the ability to judge the weight of objects)
Абасири {prop} {m inan} :: Абасири (city)
абатон {noun} [historical] :: abaton (a part of a temple in Ancient Greece which it was forbidden to enter.)
абачи {n inan} :: abachi, obeche (an African hardwood of the tree Triplochiton scleroxylon)
абаш {m anim} :: alternative form of абаша
абаш {noun} :: alternative form of абачи
абаша {m anim} [dialectal] :: Muslim cleric; Mullah
абба {noun} :: alternative spelling of аба
абба {interj} [dialectal] :: alternative spelling of аба
аббаси {n inan} :: Abbasi, a Persian coin
аббат {noun} [Christianity] :: abbot, priest
аббатиса {noun} [Christianity, rare] :: abbess, mother superior
аббатский {adj} [relational] :: abbot, priest
аббатский {adj} [relational] :: abbey
аббатство {noun} [Christianity] :: abbey
аббревиатура {noun} :: abbreviation (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)
аббревиация {noun} [linguistics] :: abbreviation (the process of abbreviating)
аббревиация {noun} [biology] :: abbreviation (loss of ancestral ontogenetic pattern during evolution)
абвер {noun} [uncountable] :: Abwehr (a German intelligence organization from 1921 to 1944)
абгалдырь {noun} :: upholder (rope)
Абгар {prop} :: Abgar (name of a number of kings of Osroene)
абгомотопия {noun} [mathematics] :: abhomotopy
абдал {noun} :: Abdal (a sect of Persian monks)
абдал {noun} [dialectal] :: a fraud, crook
абдерит {noun} [historical] :: Abderite, citizen of the Ancient Greek city Abdera
абдерит {noun} :: A naïve or stupid person
абдест {noun} [Islam] :: abdest, wudu (Islamic procedure of ablution)
абджад {noun} [linguistics] :: abjad (writing system)
абдикация {noun} :: abdication (renunciation of power)
абдомен {noun} [anatomy] :: abdomen
абдоминальный {adj} [anatomy] :: abdominal
абдоминогистеротомия {noun} [medicine] :: abdominohysterotomy
абдоминогистерэктомия {noun} [medicine] :: abdominohysterectomy
абдоминоперикардиостомия {noun} [medicine] :: abdominopericardiostomy
абдоминопластика {noun} :: abdominoplasty
абдоминоскопия {noun} [medicine] :: abdominoscopy
абдраган {noun} [dialectal, Kazan, Orenburg] :: a fright, fear
абдуктант {noun} :: abductor, one who abducts
абдуктор {noun} [anatomy] :: abductor muscle
абдукция {noun} [anatomy] :: abduction (movement of a limb away from the midline of the body)
абдукция {noun} [logic] :: abduction (form of argument)
абдукция {noun} :: alien abduction
Абдул {prop} :: given name
Абдулла {prop} {m anim} :: given name
абевега {noun} [obsolete] :: alphabet, ABC
абевегедейка {noun} [childish] :: alphabet, ABC
абевегедейка {noun} [slang] :: hepatitis
абелев {adj} [mathematics] :: abelian
абелева группа {noun} [mathematics] :: abelian group
абелево кольцо {noun} [mathematics] :: abelian ring, commutative ring
абелевость {noun} :: commutativity
абелианизация {noun} :: abelianization
абелит {noun} :: abelite
абелия {noun} :: abelia (a genus in the honeysuckle family)
Абель {prop} :: given name; also a surname
абельмош {noun} :: Abelmoschus (genus in the mallow family)
абельмош {noun} :: abelmosk (the plant Abelmoschus moschatus)
Абердин {prop} :: Абердин (city)
аберрантный {adj} :: aberrant (deviating from the ordinary or natural type; exceptional; abnormal)
аберратор {noun} [physics] :: aberrator
аберрационный {adj} :: aberrant
аберрация {noun} [physics] :: aberration (the distortion of an image from optical devices)
аберрация {noun} [literary] :: aberration (deviation from the norm or reality)
аберрация {noun} [astronomy] :: aberration (change of position in the stars)
аберрация {noun} [biology] :: aberration (atypical development in structure)
абес {noun} [culinary] :: abaisse (pastry used for non-food purposes in cooking)
абессив {noun} [grammar] :: abessive case
абессивный {adj} [linguistics] :: abessive
абессивный падеж {noun} :: abessive (the abessive case)
абеталипопротеинемия {noun} [medicine] :: abetalipoproteinemia
абецадло {noun} [historical] :: an adaptation of the Polish alphabet used periodically in Ukraine in the 17th-19th centuries
абецадло {noun} [historical] :: the musical alphabet
абецедарий {noun} [rare] :: abecedary, abecedarium (book to help learn the alphabet)
абзац {noun} [grammar] :: paragraph
абзац {noun} [colloquial] :: an indentation at the start of a paragraph
абзац {noun} :: [euphemism] for пиздец
абздольц {noun} [humorous] :: euphemism for пиздец
абзетцер {noun} [building] :: stacker (large machine used to stockpile bulk materials)
абзим {noun} :: abzyme
Абиджан {prop} :: Абиджан (the economic <<capital>> of <<c/Ivory Coast>>)
абие {adv} [obsolete] :: at once, straight away
абиентный {adj} [psychology] :: abient (characterised by avoidance or withdrawal)
абиетин {noun} [chemistry] :: abietane (a diterpene hydrocarbon)
абиетиновый {adj} :: abietic (containing abietane)
абилка {noun} [gaming] :: ability, special ability
абиогенез {noun} [biology] :: abiogenesis
абиоз {noun} :: abiosis
абиосестон {noun} :: abioseston
абиота {noun} :: abiota
абиотрофия {noun} :: abiotrophy
абиофизиология {noun} :: abiophysiology
абиоцен {noun} :: abiocoen
абиссаль {noun} [geography] :: abyssal zone, abyssopelagic zone
абиссальный {adj} :: abyssal, abyssopelagic
абиссинец {noun} [historical] :: Abyssinian (citizen of Abyssinia)
Абиссиния {prop} [historical] :: Абиссиния (former name of Ethiopia, a <<country>> in <<cont/Africa>>)
Абиссиния {prop} [criminal, slang] :: area with a high concentration of petty criminals
абитура {noun} [colloquial] :: Collective form of абитуриент (abiturijent)
абитура {noun} [colloquial] :: Time spent taking university entrance examinations
абитуриент {noun} :: graduate, school-leaver
абитуриент {noun} :: university applicant, enrollee, candidate for a university entrance examination
абитуриентка {noun} :: feminine noun of абитуриент
абитуриентный {adj} [relational] :: school-leaver, university entrant
абитуриентный {adj} [relational] :: graduation (from school)
абитуриентский {adj} [relational] :: school-leaver, university entrant
абитуриентский {adj} [relational] :: graduation (from school)
АБК {f inan} :: initialism of абсцизовая кислота: ABA (abscisic acid)
аблактация {noun} :: ablactation
аблактирование {noun} :: ablactation, weaning
аблактировать {v impf} :: to ablactate, to wean
аблактировка {noun} :: ablactation, weaning
абластика {noun} [medicine] :: ablastics
аблатив {noun} :: ablative
аблативный {adj} :: alternative form of аблятивный
аблаут {noun} [philology] :: ablaut, gradation
аблефария {noun} [medicine] :: ablepharia
аблефарон {noun} [medicine] :: ablepharon
аблютомания {noun} :: ablutomania
аблятив {noun} :: ablative
аблятивный {adj} :: ablative [in various senses]
аблятивный падеж {noun} :: ablative case (grammar case used to indicate movement away from something, removal, separation, source)
аблятор {noun} :: ablator
абляут {noun} :: ablaut
абляционный {adj} [relational] :: ablation; ablative
абляция {noun} [meteorology, geography] :: ablation (removal of snow or ice)
абляция {noun} [biology] :: ablation (removal of a part of biological tissue)
абляция {noun} [physics] :: ablation (removal of material from a solid surface)
абмиграция {noun} :: abmigration
Абовян {prop} :: Абовян (town)
аболиционизм {noun} :: abolitionism
аболиционист {noun} :: abolitionist
аболиционистка {noun} :: (female) abolitionist
аболиционистский {adj} :: abolitionist (relating to abolitionism or abolitionists)
аболиция {noun} :: abolition
аболюция {noun} :: absolution
абом {noun} :: abohm
абонемент {noun} :: subscription, season ticket
абонементный {adj} [relational] :: subscription, loan
абонементный {adj} :: prepaid
абонент {noun} :: subscriber
абонентный {adj} [relational] :: subscriber; subscriber's
абонентский {adj} [relational] :: subscriber; subscriber's
абордаж {noun} [nautical] :: boarding (attacking another ship)
абордажный {adj} [relational] :: boarding [of a ship]
абориген {noun} :: aborigine
аборигенка {noun} :: female aborigine
аборигенный {adj} :: aboriginal, indigenous, local, native, native-born
аборт {noun} :: abortion
аборт {noun} [computing] :: abort
абортивный {adj} [biology, medicine] :: abortive
абортцанг {noun} :: abort forceps
абразив {noun} :: abrasive
абразивность {noun} :: abrasiveness
абразивный {adj} :: abrasive
абразия {noun} :: abrasion
абракадабра {noun} :: nonsense, gibberish
абракадабра {noun} :: abracadabra
Абрам {prop} :: given name
Абрамов {adj} :: Abram's
Абрамский {adj} :: Abramsky, a Russian surname
Абрамский {adj} :: (son) of Abraham
абрек {noun} :: Abrek
абрек {noun} [offensive, ethnic slur] :: a native of the Caucasus
абрикос {noun} :: apricot [tree or fruit]
абрикос {noun} [colloquial, usually, in the plural, vulgar] :: testicles, balls, nuts, nads, gonad
абрикосный {adj} :: alternative form of абрикосовый
абрикосовый {adj} [relational] :: apricot
абрикосовый {adj} [color] :: apricot
абрикотин {noun} :: apricot brandy, apricot schnapps, crème d'abricot, apricotine
абрис {noun} :: contour, outline
аброгация {noun} :: abrogation
абруптив {noun} [phonetics] :: ejective
абсанс {noun} [disease] :: absence seizure
абсент {noun} :: absinth
абсентеизм {noun} :: absenteeism
абсентизм {noun} :: absinthism
абсида {noun} :: apse, apsis, exedra
абсолют {noun} :: absolute, something absolute
абсолютизация {noun} :: absolutisation
абсолютизирование {noun} :: a making of something absolute
абсолютизировать {v both} :: to absolutise, to make absolute
абсолютизм {noun} :: absolutism
абсолютист {noun} :: absolutist
абсолютистский {adj} :: absolutist
абсолютная величина {noun} :: absolute value (numerical value of a real number)
абсолютная влажность {noun} :: absolute humidity (mass of water vapour in a given volume of air)
абсолютная монархия {noun} :: absolute monarchy (rule)
абсолютно {adv} :: absolutely
абсолютность {noun} :: absoluteness
абсолютный {adj} :: absolute
абсолютный нуль {noun} :: absolute zero
абсолютный падеж {noun} [linguistics] :: absolutive, absolutive case
абсорбат {noun} :: absorbate
абсорбент {noun} :: absorbent
абсорбентный {adj} :: absorbent
абсорбер {noun} :: absorber
абсорбирование {noun} :: absorption
абсорбировать {v both} :: to absorb
абсорбируемый {adj} :: absorbable
абсорбирующий {adj} :: absorbing
абсорбтивный {adj} :: absorptive (able to absorb)
абсорбционный {adj} :: absorption, absorptive
абсорбция {noun} :: absorption
абс-пластик {noun} :: ABS plastic
абстенционист {noun} :: abstentionist
абстинент {noun} :: abstainer, one who abstains
абстинентный {adj} [relational] :: abstinence; abstinent
абстинентный синдром {noun} :: withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal (literally, abstinence syndrome)
абстиненция {noun} :: abstinence
абстрагирование {noun} :: abstraction
абстрагировать {v both} :: to abstract
абстракт {noun} :: the abstract
абстрактная алгебра {noun} [mathematics] :: abstract algebra (a branch of mathematics)
абстрактное существительное {noun} :: abstract noun (a noun that denotes an abstract concept)
абстрактность {noun} :: abstractedness, abstractiveness
абстрактный {adj} :: abstract
абстрактный глагол {noun} :: abstract verb (type of verb)
абстракционизм {noun} :: abstractionism, abstract art
абстракционист {noun} :: abstractionist, abstract artist
абстракционистский {adj} :: abstract, relating to abstractionism or abstractionists
абстракция {noun} :: abstraction
абсурд {noun} :: absurdity
абсурдизм {noun} :: absurdism
абсурдист {noun} :: absurdist
абсурдность {noun} :: absurdity
абсурдный {adj} :: absurd
абсцесс {noun} :: abscess
абсцизовая кислота {noun} :: abscisic acid
абсцизовый {adj} [botany, relational] :: abscission; abscisic
абсцисса {noun} [geometry] :: abscissa, absciss
абугида {noun} :: abugida (a syllabary-like writing system)
Абу-Даби {prop} {m inan} :: Абу-Даби (emirate)
Абу-Даби {prop} {m inan} :: Абу-Даби (capital city)
Абуджа {prop} :: Абуджа (capital city)
абузус {noun} [uncountable, medicine, rare] :: abuse, overuse
абулия {noun} :: aboulia
абхаз {noun} :: Abkhazian, Abkhaz person
Абхазия {prop} :: Абхазия (a de-facto independent <<country>> in the <<r:Suf/Caucasus>> in <<cont/Asia>>, internationally recognized as an <<autonomous republic>> of the <<c:pref/Georgia>>)
абхазский {adj} [relational] :: Abkhazia; Abkhazian
абы {conj} :: so that
абы {conj} :: if only
абы {particle} [low colloquial, often in the negative] :: it doesn't matter [what/which/who/how]
ава {noun} [slang] :: avatar
ав-ав {interj} :: [imitative] woof, arf (sound a dog makes)
авангард {noun} :: vanguard, avant-garde, advance guard
авангардистский {adj} :: avant-garde (innovative, pioneering, especially when extremely or obviously so)
авангардный {adj} :: avant-garde
аванпост {noun} [military] :: outpost
аванс {noun} :: advance (of money), prepayment, payment on account
аванс {noun} :: (plural, figurative) advances, overtures
авансировать {v both} :: to advance
авансировать {v both} [finanace] :: to advance money (to somewhere)
авансом {adv} :: up front, in advance (esp. of payments)
авансцена {noun} :: proscenium, forestage
авантюра {noun} :: gamble (risky, uncertain and occasionally successful event or action)
авантюра {noun} [dated] :: adventure, venture
авантюризм {noun} :: adventurism
авантюрин {noun} :: aventurine (quartz)
авантюрист {noun} :: gambler (someone who takes risks); an unscrupulous person
авантюрист {noun} [dated] :: adventurer (someone who enjoys adventures)
авантюристка {noun} :: adventuress
авантюрный {adj} [relational] :: adventure; adventurous
авантюрный {adj} :: risky
авар {noun} :: male Avar
аварец {noun} :: Avar (person)
аварийная посадка {noun} :: crash landing, emergency landing
аварийный {adj} [relational] :: emergency, crash
аварийный выход {noun} :: emergency exit
авария {noun} :: damage, breakdown, fault, failure, crash (rarely)
авария {noun} :: accident, crash, wreck, emergency, average (i.e. situation caused by damage, breakdown or failure)
авария {noun} [figuratively] :: misfortune
аварка {noun} :: Avar woman or girl
аварский {adj} :: Avar
аватар {noun} [computing] :: avatar (a digital representation of person)
аватара {noun} :: avatar (the earthly incarnation of a deity, particularly Vishnu)
авва {noun} :: Abba
Авгарь {prop} :: Abgar (name of a number of kings of Osroene)
авгур {noun} :: augur, soothsayer (diviner who foretells events by unusual occurrences)
август {noun} :: August
Август {prop} :: Augustus
августейший {adj} :: august [of a monarch]
августовский {adj} [relational] :: August
Авдей {prop} :: given name
Авдотья {prop} :: given name
Авдюша {prop} {m anim} :: given name
а ведь {adv} :: although, nevertheless, nonetheless
Авель {prop} :: Abel [biblical character]
Авенир {prop} :: Abner (biblical cousin of Saul)
авеню {f inan} :: avenue
аверс {noun} :: [numismatics] obverse
Авессалом {prop} :: given name
Авеста {prop} :: Avesta (the sacred texts of Zoroastrianism, composed in the Avestan language.)
авестийский {adj} :: Avestan (relating to the Avesta and its language)
авиа- {prefix} :: air-, aero-
авиабаза {noun} :: airbase, airforce base (military airport)
авиабензин {noun} :: aviation fuel, jet fuel
авиабилет {noun} :: airplane ticket
авиабригада {noun} [aviation] :: wing (air force organization between the levels of an air division and a group)
авиагоризонт {noun} :: artificial horizon (an instrument indicating orientation)
авиагруппа {noun} [military] :: air group, air squadron
авиадвигатель {noun} :: airplane engine
авиадивизия {noun} :: air division
авиазвено {noun} [military] :: flight, squadron
авиакатастрофа {noun} :: plane crash, aircraft accident
авиакомпания {noun} [aviation] :: airline (company that flies airplanes)
авиакорпус {noun} [military] :: air command
авиалайнер {noun} :: airliner (large, multi-passenger aircraft)
авиалинии {noun} :: airline (company that flies airplanes)
авиалинии {noun} :: [used in names of airlines, including translation of foreign companies]; ... Air, ... Airlines
авиалиния {noun} :: air route, airway
авиамагистраль {noun} :: air route
авиамаршрут {noun} :: air route
авиамаршрутный {adj} [relational] :: air route
авиаматка {noun} [dated] :: aircraft carrier, flattop
авианалёт {noun} :: airstrike, air raid, aerial attack (attack by military aircraft)
авианосец {noun} :: aircraft carrier, flattop
авианосный {adj} :: shipborne
авиаотряд {noun} :: air force detachment, air detachment
авиаполк {noun} :: air regiment [equivalent to U.S. group or air wing]
авиапочта {noun} [uncountable] :: airmail
авиапочтовый {adj} [relational] :: airmail
авиапредприятие {noun} [aviation] :: airline (company that flies airplanes) (more common in the USSR of a state-owned airline)
авиапром {noun} :: aviation industry
авиапромовский {adj} [relational] :: aviation industry
авиатор {noun} [obsolete, aviation] :: airman, aviator, pilot
авиаудар {noun} :: airstrike (attack by military aircraft)
авиационная база {noun} :: airbase (military airport)
авиационное шоу {noun} :: air show (a public display of stunt flying, aerobatics, and historical aircraft)
авиационный {adj} [relational] :: aviation, aircraft
авиация {noun} :: aviation
авиация {noun} :: air force
авиация {noun} :: (collectively): aircraft
авиация дальнего действия {noun} :: strategic aviation, long-range aviation
авиация дальнего действия {noun} :: long haul aircraft
авиашоу {n inan} :: air show (a public display of stunt flying, aerobatics, and historical aircraft)
авиаэскадрилья {noun} :: air squadron
Авиньон {prop} :: Авиньон (city/and/commune)
Авиценна {prop} {m anim} :: Avicenna (a Persian polymath)
авокадо {n inan} :: avocado
авось {adv} [colloquial] :: perhaps, maybe, possibly, may still, might yet [low certainty]
авось {noun} :: blind trust in divine providence; blind faith in sheer luck; blind trust in sheer luck; counting on a miracle
авось {noun} :: faith in serendipity; counting on pure luck
авоська {noun} [colloquial] :: string bag
Авраам {prop} :: Abraham
Аврелий {prop} :: given name
Аврора {prop} :: Aurora (Roman goddess of dawn)
Аврора {prop} :: given name
австрал {noun} [slang] :: a male Aussie (an Australian man)
Австралазия {prop} :: Австралазия (region)
австралиец {noun} :: Australian (person)
австралийка {noun} :: Australian woman, Australian girl
Австралийская столичная территория {prop} :: Австралийская столичная территория (territory)
австралийский {adj} :: Australian
австралийский доллар {noun} :: Australian dollar (official currency of Australia)
Австралийский Союз {prop} :: Австралийский Союз (formal name of Australia, a <<country>> in <<cont/Oceania>>)
австралийский футбол {noun} :: Australian rules football, Aussie rules (variety of Australian football)
Австралия {prop} :: Австралия (a <<country>> in <<cont/Oceania>>, sometimes viewed as a <<continent>>)
австриец {noun} :: Austrian (man)
австрийка {noun} :: Austrian (woman)
австрийский {adj} :: Austrian
Австрия {prop} :: Австрия (country)
Австро-Венгрия {prop} [historical] :: Австро-Венгрия (former empire)
автаркия {noun} :: autarchy (condition of absolute power)
авто- {prefix} :: auto-, self- (regarding oneself)
авто- {prefix} :: auto- (automatic)
авто- {prefix} :: auto- (relating to cars or the driving of cars)
авто {n inan} [colloquial] :: car, wheels
автобаза {noun} :: motor-service station, motor depot
автобиографический {adj} :: autobiographical
автобиография {noun} :: autobiography
автоблокировка {noun} :: automatic blocking system, self-locking
автобус {noun} :: bus, motorbus
автобусик {noun} :: diminutive of автобус: (small) bus
автобусный {adj} [relational] :: bus, coach
автовагон {noun} :: automobile railway car, a railway carriage with its own engine
автовладелец {noun} :: car owner, motorist
автовокзал {noun} :: bus station, bus terminal
автогамия {noun} :: autogamy (self-fertilization)
автоген {noun} [technical] :: autogenic welder
автогол {noun} :: own goal
автогонки {noun} :: auto racing (sport)
автограф {noun} :: autograph, signature
автодидакт {noun} :: autodidact (a self-taught person)
автодорога {noun} :: highway
автодрезина {noun} :: motor trolley
автодром {noun} :: vehicle testing point, motor-racing circuit, automobile racetrack, autodrome, motordrome
автозавод {noun} :: car factory, motor-car factory, automobile plant, automobile works, motor works
автозак {noun} :: paddy wagon, police van for transportation of suspects and prisoners
автозаправка {noun} :: gas station, petrol station
автозаправочная станция {noun} :: gas station
автозаправочный {adj} :: serving for refueling vehicles
автозапчасти {noun} :: spare parts for cars
автоканнибализм {noun} :: autocannibalism (the act of eating oneself)
автокатастрофа {noun} :: car crash, auto accident
автокефальный {adj} [religion] :: autocephalous
автоклав {noun} :: autoclave
автоколебание {noun} :: auto-oscillation
автоколонна {noun} :: motor transport convoy, motorcade
автократ {noun} :: autocrat
автократический {adj} :: autocratic
автократия {noun} :: autocracy
автолюбитель {noun} :: motorist, motor-car enthusiast, motoring fan
автомагистраль {noun} :: dual carriageway
автомагический {adj} :: automagical (automatic, but with an apparent element of stage magic)
автомат {noun} :: automaton
автомат {noun} :: slot machine
автомат {noun} [mathematics] :: automaton
автомат {noun} :: submachine gun, assault rifle
автомат {noun} [automotive] :: automatic transmission
автоматизация {noun} :: automation (converting the controlling of a machine to an automatic system)
автоматизированный {adj} :: automated; automatic; automatized
автоматизировать {v both} :: to automatize, to render automatic
автоматизировать {v both} :: to introduce automation, to automate
автоматизм {noun} :: automatism
автоматика {noun} :: automation; automatics, automatic control engineering
автоматическая коробка переключения передач {noun} :: automatic transmission (a mechanical transmission which shifts gears automatically in response to speed and/or load)
автоматическая трансмиссия {noun} :: automatic transmission (a mechanical transmission which shifts gears automatically in response to speed and/or load)
автоматически {adv} :: automatically, mechanically (in an automatic manner)
автоматический {adj} :: automatic
автоматичный {adj} :: automatic
автомат Калашникова {noun} :: Kalashnikov assault rifle (machine-gun), AK-47
автоматный {adj} [relational] :: submachine gun
автоматон {noun} :: automaton
автоматчик {noun} :: submachine gunner; Tommy gunner
автомашина {noun} :: motor vehicle, automobile, car
автомобилестроение {noun} :: automotive industry
автомобилист {noun} :: motorist
автомобиль {noun} :: car, automobile, motorcar
автомобиль {noun} :: vehicle
автомобиль {noun} :: lorry, truck
автомобильный {adj} [relational] :: car, automobile
автоморфное число {noun} :: automorphic number (number whose square ends in itself)
автоморфный {adj} :: automorphic (describing a number whose square ends in the number itself; circular)
автомотриса {noun} :: electric/motorized railway engine, self-propelled railway carriage or coach, railcar
автономия {noun} :: autonomy
автономная область {noun} :: autonomous oblast
автономность {noun} :: autonomy
автономный {adj} :: autonomous
автоответчик {noun} :: answering machine (device that automatically records voice mail)
автопарк {noun} :: vehicle fleet
автопарк {noun} :: company or complex for storing, maintaining and repairing a vehicle fleet
автопилот {noun} :: autopilot, mechanical pilot, robot pilot
автопокрышка {noun} :: car tire
автопортрет {noun} :: self-portrait
автопробег {noun} :: motor race, motor rally
автопроизводитель {noun} :: automaker, automobile manufacturer
автопром {noun} :: automotive industry
автор {noun} :: author
автореферат {noun} :: abstract (summary of a scientific work)
авторизация {noun} :: authorization (act of authorizing)
авторизовать {v pf} :: to authorize/authorise (to grant someone the power or authority to do something specific)
авторизовывать {v impf} :: to authorize/authorise (to grant someone the power or authority to do something specific)
авторитаризм {noun} :: authoritarianism
авторитарный {adj} :: authoritarian
авторитет {noun} :: authority, prestige
авторитет {noun} :: (person) authority
авторитет {noun} :: underworld leader
авторитетный {adj} :: authoritative
авторитетный {adj} :: competent
авторитетный {adj} :: prestigious
авторские {noun} :: royalties, money paid to the author by the publishing company
авторский {adj} :: author's
авторское право {noun} :: copyright
авторство {noun} :: authorship
авторучечный {adj} [relational] :: fountain pen
авторучка {noun} :: fountain pen
автосалон {noun} :: auto show, motor show
автосервис {noun} :: garage, car service (place where cars are serviced and repaired)
автоспорт {noun} :: motor racing (sport)
автостоп {noun} :: hitchhiking
автостоянка {noun} :: parking lot, car park
автострада {noun} :: motorway, highway, freeway
автотомия {noun} :: autotomy (invertebrate self-defense mechanism)
автотранспорт {noun} :: motor transport
автотранспортный {adj} [relational] :: motor transport
автохория {noun} :: autochory (self-dispersal of seeds)
автохтон {noun} :: indigene, native
автохтонный {adj} :: aboriginal, indigenous
автошкола {noun} :: driving school
автошоу {n inan} :: auto show, motor show, car show
авуары {noun} [literary or stilted] :: assets, holdings
ага {noun} :: cane toad (Bufo marinus, now Rhinella marina)
ага {noun} [history, Turkey, Central Asia] :: agha, master, patron
ага {interj} :: yep, yeah (colloquial form of yes)
ага {interj} :: aha, uh-huh (indicates that the speaker is listening to you, but does not necessarily imply agreement)
агава {noun} [botany] :: agave
Агамемнон {prop} :: Agamemnon
агами {f anim} :: agami heron
агар-агар {noun} :: agar
Агарак {prop} :: Агарак (village)
Агарак {prop} :: Агарак (village)
Агарак {prop} :: Агарак (two <<villages>> in <<p:Suf/Syunik>>, <<c/Armenia>>)
Агартала {prop} :: Агартала (city)
агарянин {noun} [archaic] :: Muslim
агат {noun} :: agate
Агата {prop} :: Agatha
Агафия {prop} :: given name
агванец {noun} :: Albanian (inhabitant Caucasian Albania)
агванка {noun} :: female Albanian (inhabitant Caucasian Albania)
агванский {adj} [relational] :: Caucasian Albania (historical region in the Eastern Caucasus)
агванский {noun} :: Caucasian Albanian language (language)
аггел {noun} :: fallen angel; devil; demon
агглютинативный {adj} :: agglutinative
агглютинация {noun} :: agglutination
агенс {noun} [linguistics] :: agent
агент {noun} :: agent
агент {noun} :: envoy
агентство {noun} :: agency, dealership
агентура {noun} :: group/community of agents, collectively [in various senses of "agent", especially but not exclusively referring to secret or intelligence service agents]
агентурный {adj} [relational] :: agent (legal actor, secret agent, or police agent)
агиография {noun} :: hagiography
агитатор {noun} :: agitator, propagandist,
агитатор {noun} :: canvasser, teller
агитационный {adj} [relational, politics] :: agitation, propaganda
агитационный {adj} :: agitational, propagandistic
агитация {noun} :: agitation, propaganda
агитировать {v impf} :: to agitate
агитировать {v impf} :: to campaign
агитировать {v impf} :: to carry on propaganda, to make propaganda
агитировать {v impf} :: to stump
агитка {noun} :: agitation leaflet
агитка {noun} :: piece of propaganda
агитпроп {noun} :: agitprop
агитпункт {noun} :: agitation centre
агитпункт {noun} :: canvassing centre
агломерат {noun} :: agglomerate, agglomeration
агломерация {noun} :: agglomeration
агнец {noun} [archaic] :: lamb
агнец {noun} [archaic] :: sheep
Агни {prop} {m anim} :: Agni
агностик {noun} [philosophy] :: agnostic
агностицизм {noun} [philosophy] :: agnosticism
агностический {adj} :: agnostic
агонизировать {v impf} :: to agonize
агонизировать {v impf} :: to collapse
агония {noun} :: agony, death pangs
агорафобия {noun} :: agoraphobia
Агра {prop} :: Агра (city)
аграрий {noun} :: agrarian, landowner
аграрный {adj} :: agrarian
агрегат {noun} :: unit, set
агрегат {noun} :: aggregate, aggregation
агрегат {noun} :: outfit, plant
агрегация {noun} :: aggregation
агрегирование {noun} :: aggregation
агрессивно {adv} :: aggressively (in an aggressive manner)
агрессивность {noun} :: aggressiveness, animus, bellicosity, belligerence
агрессивный {adj} :: aggressive (tending or disposed to aggress)
агрессия {noun} :: aggression
агрессия {noun} [international law] :: war of aggression
агрессор {noun} :: aggressor
агрикультура {noun} :: agriculture, agricultural technique (the art or science of cultivating the ground)
Агринион {prop} :: Агринион (city)
Агриппа {prop} {m anim} :: Agrippa (cognomen)
агробизнес {noun} :: agrobusiness, agribusiness (big business connected to agriculture)
агробиолог {noun} :: agrobiologist
агрокультура {noun} :: agriculture (the art or science of cultivating the ground)
агроном {noun} :: agronomist
агрономия {noun} :: agronomy, agronomics
агропромышленный {adj} [relational] :: agriculture and industry; agroindustrial
агротехник {noun} :: agricultural technician, agrotechnician, agricultural engineer, agriculturist
агрохимик {noun} :: agrochemist
Агуаскальентес {prop} :: Агуаскальентес (state)
агукать {v impf} :: to make the "agu" sound (to calm infants)
агул {noun} :: man of Aghul background
агулы {noun} :: Aghul (ethnic group)
агульский {adj} :: Aghul
агульский {noun} :: Aghul (language)
агути {m anim} :: agouti
агхора {prop} {m inan} {f inan} :: Aghori (an order of Hindu ascetics)
агхори {prop} {mf} :: Aghori (an order of Hindu ascetics)
ад {noun} :: Hades
ад {noun} :: hell (the abode of the damned; also used figuratively)
адажио {adj} [music] :: adagio
адажио {n inan} :: a movement or piece that starts as adagio
Адам {prop} :: given name
Адам {prop} :: Adam (the first man in the Bible and Qur’an)
Адам и Ева {prop} :: Adam and Eve (the first man and woman (according to Genesis))
адамов {adj} [possessive] :: Adam's [in collocations]
Адамов {adj} :: Adam's
адамово яблоко {noun} [anatomy] :: Adam's apple [formal term]
адамово яблоко {noun} [botany] :: Osage orange (Maclura pomifera)
Адана {prop} :: Адана (city)
адапален {noun} :: adapalene (medicine)
адаптация {noun} :: adaptation
адаптер {noun} :: adapter (device to allow compatibility)
адаптер {noun} [music] :: pick-up
адаптивность {noun} :: adaptability
адаптивный {adj} :: adaptive (relating to, characterized by or showing adaptation; making or made fit or suitable)
адаптированный {adj} :: adapted
адаптировать {v both} :: to adapt (to make suitable)
адаптироваться {v both} :: to adapt (to change to make oneself suitable)
Адати {prop} {m inan} :: Адати (one of 23 <<special wards>> of <<pref/Tokyo>>, <<c/Japan>>)
адвент {prop} :: Advent (season before Christmas)
адвентист {noun} :: Adventist
адвентистка {noun} :: Adventist
адвербиал {noun} [grammar] :: adverbial (word or phrase modifying a verb)
адвокат {noun} :: lawyer, attorney, barrister, solicitor, advocate
адвокат дьявола {noun} [idiomatic] :: devil's advocate (debater)
адвокатский {adj} [relational] :: lawyer, attorney
адвокатский {adj} :: lawyer's, attorney's
адвокатский {adj} :: legal
адвокатура {noun} :: advocacy, bar
адгезионный {adj} :: adhesive
адгезия {noun} :: adhesion
АДД {f inan} :: initialism of авиация дальнего действия: strategic aviation, long-range aviation, long haul aircraft
АДД {f inan} :: initialism of артиллерия дальнего действия: long-range artillery
аддиктивный {adj} :: addictive (causing or tending to cause addiction; habit-forming)
Аддис-Абеба {prop} :: Аддис-Абеба (capital city)
аддон {noun} [computing] :: add-on (extension of core application)
адекватно {adv} :: adequately
адекватность {noun} :: adequacy
адекватный {adj} :: adequate (equal to some requirement)
Аделаида {prop} :: given name
Аделаида {prop} :: Аделаида (capital city)
Аделаида {prop} :: Аделаида (river)
аденозинтрифосфат {noun} :: adenosine triphosphate, adenosine 5'-triphosphate
аденоид {noun} [anatomy] :: adenoid
аденома {noun} :: adenoma (benign tumour)
адепт {noun} :: adherent, follower
адессив {noun} :: adessive (the adessive case, or a word in that case)
адессивный {adj} [linguistics] :: adessive
адессивный падеж {noun} :: adessive (the adessive case, or a word in that case)
аджапсандали {f inan} {n inan} :: ajapsandali (Georgian dish)
Аджария {prop} :: Аджария (autonomous republic)
аджика {noun} :: adjika, adzhika
Адирондак {prop} :: Адирондак (mountain range)
административное право {noun} :: administrative law (laws that pertain to the administrative agencies of government)
административно-территориальный {adj} :: administrative territorial
административный {adj} :: administrative
администратор {noun} :: administrator
администратор {noun} :: business manager
администратор {noun} :: receptionist
администрация {noun} :: administration, management
администрирование {noun} :: administering, administration
адмирал {noun} [military] :: admiral
адмирал {noun} [butterfly] :: admiral
адмиралтейский {adj} [relational] :: admiralty
адмиралтейское право {noun} :: admiralty law (area of law that deals with ships at sea)
адмиралтейство {noun} :: admiralty (office or jurisdiction of an admiral)
адмотдел {noun} :: admin. dept.
адовый {adj} :: hellish
Адольф {prop} :: given name
Адонис {prop} :: Adonis
адопция {noun} [rare] :: adoption (act of adopting, or state of being adopted)
Адрамелех {prop} [religion] :: Adrammelech
адреналин {noun} :: adrenaline
адрес {noun} :: address
адрес {noun} :: letter of congratulation
адресант {noun} :: sender, consignor, shipper
адресат {noun} :: addressee
адресная книга {noun} :: address book (small book with addresses)
адресная строка {noun} [computing, graphical user interface] :: address bar (bar in a web browser that displays the address)
адресный {adj} [relational] :: address
адресный {adj} :: selective, targeted
адресовать {v both} :: to address (something to somebody)
адресоваться {v both} [dated] :: to contact [personally or in writing; somewhere or к + dative, someone]
Адриан {prop} :: given name
адриатический {adj} :: Adriatic
Адриатическое море {prop} :: Адриатическое море (sea/arm)
адрон {noun} [physics] :: hadron
адски {adv} :: hellishly (in a hellish manner)
адский {adj} :: hellish, infernal, diabolical
адский {adj} :: awful, frightful, intolerable, terrible
адсорбент {noun} [physics, chemistry] :: adsorbent
адсорбировать {v both} :: to adsorb
адъективный {adj} [grammar] :: adjectival, adjective
адъютант {noun} [military] :: aide-de-camp, adjutant, aide
Адыгейская автономная область {prop} :: Адыгейская автономная область (former autonomous oblast)
адыгейский {adj} :: Adyghe
Адыгея {prop} :: Адыгея (republic)
адьё {interj} [colloquial, dated] :: adieu (farewell)
адюльтер {noun} :: adultery (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse)
-аемый {suffix} :: -able, -ible, -uble, -ed [present participle passive]
аж {adv} [colloquial] :: even
аж {adv} [colloquial] :: as many as, as much as, all the way to (a word used for emphasis)
ажан {noun} :: policeman (French)
ажиотаж {noun} :: stockjobbing, agiotage, rush; stir, hullabaloo
ажур {noun} :: openwork (cloth)
ажур {adv} [accounting] :: up-to-date
ажурный {adj} [relational] :: openwork
ажурный {adj} :: delicate, finely-wrought
аз {noun} [archaic] :: name of the letter А
аз {noun} [plural only] :: basics, fundamentals
аз {pron} [archaic, ecclesiastic or ironic] :: I
Азавад {prop} :: Азавад (former unrecognized state)
Азазель {prop} [religion] :: Azazel
азалия {noun} :: azalea
азан {noun} [Islam] :: adhan (call to prayer)
азарт {noun} :: excitement, fervour, passion
азартно {adv} :: heatedly, excitedly
азартный {adj} :: fervent, passionate
азартный {adj} :: impassioned, heated
азартный {adj} [relational] :: gambling, chance
азбука {noun} :: alphabet
азбука {noun} :: ABC book, abecedary; primer
азбука {noun} :: ABC (the rudiments of any subject)
азбука Брайля {prop} :: Braille
азбука Морзе {prop} :: Morse code
азбучный {adj} [relational] :: alphabetical, especially of the Cyrillic alphabet
азбучный {adj} :: basic; commonly known
азер {noun} [offensive, ethnic slur] :: Azeri, Azerbaijani person
Азербайджан {prop} :: Азербайджан (country)
азербайджанец {noun} :: Azeri, Azerbaijani person
азербайджанка {noun} :: Azerbaijani woman
Азербайджанская ССР {prop} :: Азербайджанская ССР (former republic)
азербайджанский {adj} :: Azeri
азиат {noun} :: Asian (person from Asia)
азиатка {noun} :: Asian woman or girl
Азиатские игры {prop} :: Asian Games (sport event)
азиатский {adj} :: Asian (of, relating to or from Asia)
азиатский паралихт {noun} :: olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)
азик {noun} [offensive, ethnic slur] :: Azeri, Azerbaijani person
азимут {noun} :: azimuth
азитромицин {noun} :: azitromycin (azalide antibiotic)
Азия {prop} :: Азия (continent)
Азов {prop} :: Азов (city)
азовский {adj} [relational] :: Azov (town in Russia, located near the Sea of Azov)
Азовское море {prop} :: Азовское море (sea)
Азорские острова {prop} :: Азорские острова (archipelago/and/autonomous region)
Азоры {prop} :: Азоры (archipelago/and/autonomous region)
азот {noun} :: nitrogen
азотосодержащий {adj} :: nitrogen-bearing, nitrogenous
АЗС {f inan} :: gas station, petrol station
азурит {noun} :: azurite (blue, vitreous mineral)
азы {noun} [plural only] :: ABC, nuts and bolts, elements
аи {n inan} :: type of champagne from Ay, Marne, France
аид {noun} [Jewish slang] :: Yid, Jew
Аид {noun} [Greek mythology] :: Hades
Аиджал {prop} :: Аиджал (capital city)
аидыше {adj} [Jewish slang] :: Jewish
аист {noun} :: stork
аистёнок {noun} :: baby stork
ай {interj} :: ouch! (it hurts!)
ай {n inan} :: (English letter) I, i
ай-ай {noun} :: aye-aye (nocturnal quadruped)
ай-ай-ай {interj} :: tsk tsk! (shame on you!)
айва {noun} :: quince
айда {interj} [colloquial] :: let's go, c'mon
айда {interj} [colloquial] :: made off; dashed away; vanished
Айдахо {prop} {m inan} :: Айдахо (state)
Айерс-Рок {prop} :: Айерс-Рок (rock)
Айзаул {prop} :: Айзаул (capital city)
айкидо {n inan} :: aikido
аймак {noun} :: aimag (various historical or modern Turkic or Mongolian provinces)
аймара {m inan} :: Aymara (language of South America)
айнский {adj} :: Ainu
айну {m inan} :: Ainu
Айова {prop} :: Айова (state)
айран {noun} :: airan
Айрум {prop} :: Айрум (town)
айсберг {noun} :: iceberg
айсорский {adj} :: Assyrian Neo-Aramaic
айсорский {noun} :: Assyrian Neo-Aramaic language, a Neo-Aramaic dialect of Modern Aramaic
Айти {prop} {f inan} :: Айти (prefecture)
айтишник {noun} [colloquial] :: IT guy
айфон {noun} :: iPhone
-ак {suffix} :: alternative form of -як [suffix usually denoting a person with a given characteristic, or an inanimate noun of various meanings; often of a colloquial nature]
АК-47 {prop} {m inan} :: AK-47, Kalashnikov assault rifle
Акабира {prop} {f inan} :: Акабира (city)
академик {noun} :: academician, academic
академик {noun} :: graduate
академический {adj} :: academic
академия {noun} :: academy
академия {noun} :: college
а как же {adv} :: sure!, of course!
а как же {adv} :: what about, how about (used to ask someone to consider something or someone that they apparently have not considered)
акан {noun} :: Akan (Niger-Congo language)
аканский {adj} [relational] :: Akan (people and language group in Ghana)
аканский {noun} :: Akan (language group spoken in Ghana)
акант {noun} [botany] :: acanthus
акант {noun} [architecture] :: acanthus
аканье {noun} [phonology] :: the standard reduced pronunciation of unstressed о as а (i.e., [ɐ] or [ə]), as heard in Central Russian and Southern Russian and Belarusian
а капелла {adv} :: a cappella (performed by a choir with no instrumental accompaniment)
акать {v impf} [linguistics] :: to pronounce an unstressed о like an а (as seen in Central and Southern Russia, considered standard)
акация {noun} [botany] :: acacia (shrub or tree)
акваланг {noun} :: aqualung
аквамарин {noun} :: aquamarine
аквапарк {noun} :: aquapark (an amusement park with waterplay areas)
акварелист {noun} :: watercolour painter, watercolourist
акварель {noun} :: watercolor (a painting technique, paint or painting)
аквариум {noun} :: aquarium
акватический {adj} :: aquatic (relating to water; living in or near water, taking place in water)
акватория {noun} :: water area, waters, harbour water
акведук {noun} :: aqueduct (an artificial channel conveying water)
Аквитания {prop} :: Аквитания (former region)
Ак-Довурак {prop} :: Ак-Довурак (town)
Акет {prop} [mythology] :: Acoetes, an attendant of Bacchus
Акет {prop} [mythology] :: Acoetes, father of Laocoön
аки {adv} [archaic, ironic] :: like, as
Аким {prop} :: given name
Акита {prop} :: Акита (prefecture)
Акита {prop} :: Акита (capital city)
аккадский {adj} :: Akkadian
аккаунт {noun} :: account (an authorization to use a service)
акклиматизация {noun} :: acclimatization (the act of acclimatizing)
акклиматизирование {noun} :: acclimatization (the act of acclimatizing)
акклиматизировать {v both} :: to acclimatize, to acclimate (to habituate to a climate not native)
акклиматизироваться {v both} :: to acclimate, to acclimatize (to get used to a new climate)
акколада {noun} :: accolade (a salutation marking the conferring of knighthood)
аккомодация {noun} :: accommodation, adjustment (adjustment of the eye)
аккомпанемент {noun} [music] :: accompaniment (that which gives support or adds to the background)
аккомпанирование {noun} :: accompany
аккомпанировать {v impf} [music] :: to accompany (to perform an accompanying part next to another instrument)
аккорд {noun} [music] :: chord
аккордеон {noun} :: accordion
аккордеонист {noun} :: (male) accordionist
аккордеонистка {noun} :: female accordionist
Аккра {prop} :: Аккра (capital city)
аккредитация {noun} :: accreditation (giving of credentials)
аккредитив {noun} [finance] :: letter of credit, bill of credit, circular note
аккредитовать {v both} :: to accredit (to send with letters credential, as an ambassador, envoy, or diplomatic agent; to authorize, as a messenger or delegate.)
аккумулировать {v both} [literary] :: to accumulate
аккумулятор {noun} :: accumulator, (car) battery
аккурат {adv} [colloquial] :: exactly, precisely
аккуратно {adv} :: neatly, smartly
аккуратно {adv} :: carefully, cautiously, prudently
аккуратность {noun} :: tidiness, neatness
аккуратность {noun} :: exactness, accuracy
аккуратный {adj} :: accurate, punctual, exact, thorough
аккуратный {adj} :: tidy, neat
аккуратный {adj} :: careful, cautious
акмеизм {noun} :: Acmeism
Акойт {prop} [mythology] :: Acoetes, an attendant of Bacchus
Акойт {prop} [mythology] :: Acoetes, father of Laocoön
аконит {noun} :: wolfsbane, aconite
АКПП {f inan} :: automatic transmission
акр {noun} :: acre (unit of surface area)
акриламид {noun} [organic compound] :: acrylamide (amide of acrylic acid)
акробат {noun} :: acrobat (an athlete who performs acts requiring skill, agility and coordination), tumbler
акробатизм {noun} :: acrobatism
акробатика {noun} :: acrobatics
акробатический {adj} :: acrobatic
акробатка {noun} :: female acrobat, tumbler
акроним {noun} :: acronym, initialism
Акрополь {prop} :: Acropolis
акростих {noun} :: acrostic
аксакал {noun} :: aqsaqal or aksakal (a village elder in some Central Asian cultures)
аксамит {noun} [archaic] :: velvet, expensive silk fabric
акселератор {noun} :: accelerator (accelerator pedal)
акселерометр {noun} :: accelerometer (instrument for measuring acceleration)
аксессуар {noun} :: accessory (that which belongs to something else deemed the principal)
аксиома {noun} :: axiom
аксолотль {noun} :: axolotl (amphibian of the salamander tribe)
аксон {noun} :: axon (a nerve fibre)
акт {noun} :: act
акт {noun} :: nude, painting of a nude person
акт {noun} :: receipt
актёр {noun} :: actor, player, performer
актёрский {adj} :: histrionic, actorish
актив {noun} :: group of activists, active members or leading players
актив {noun} [finance] :: asset
актив {noun} [colloquial, figurative] :: successes, achievements
активатор {noun} [chemistry, biology, computing] :: activator
активация {noun} :: activation (making active)
активизация {noun} :: activation
активизировать {v both} :: to activate
активизироваться {v both} :: to become more active, to liven up
активизм {noun} :: activism
активировать {vt both} :: to activate (to encourage development or induce increased activity; to stimulate)
активировать {vt both} :: to activate (to put a device, mechanism or system into action or motion; to enable)
активировать {vt both} [chemistry] :: to activate (to render more reactive)
активировать {vt both} [computing] :: to activate (to remove the limitations of demoware by providing a license; to unlock)
активировать {vt both} [computing] :: to focus (to transfer the input focus to a visual element)
активист {noun} :: activist, active worker
активная лексика {noun} :: active vocabulary (words and phrases that someone commonly uses)
активно {adv} :: actively
активность {noun} :: activity
активный {adj} :: active, proactive, energetic
активный залог {noun} :: active voice (the form in which the subject of a verb carries out some action)
активный лексикон {noun} :: active vocabulary (words and phrases that someone commonly uses)
активный словарный запас {noun} :: active vocabulary (words and phrases that someone commonly uses)
актиний {noun} :: actinium
актовый {adj} [relational] :: assembly
актриса {noun} :: actress
актуализация {noun} :: update (action of making something up to date)
актуализация {noun} :: actualization (action of making actual)
актуализировать {v both} :: to update (make something up to date)
актуализировать {v both} :: to actualize (convert into reality)
актуальность {noun} :: relevance, urgency, topicality
актуальный {adj} :: relevant, urgent, timely, topical
актуарий {noun} :: actuary
акула {noun} :: shark
акупунктура {noun} :: acupuncture
акупунктурная точка {noun} :: acupoint (a specific point on the body where acupuncture is applied)
акупунктурный {adj} [relational] :: acupuncture
акустика {noun} :: acoustics (quality of a space for doing music)
акустическая гитара {noun} :: acoustic guitar (hollow-body guitar)
акустический {adj} :: acoustic
акут {noun} :: acute accent
Акутагава {prop} {m anim} {f anim} :: Akutagawa (surname)
акушер {noun} :: accoucheur, obstetrician
акушер-гинеколог {noun} :: obstetrician-gynaecologist
акушерка {noun} :: midwife, obstetrician
акушерство {noun} :: obstetrics, midwifery
акцент {noun} :: (grammar) stress, accent
акцент {noun} :: accent (foreign or local)
акцент {noun} :: accent, emphasis, stress
акцентирование {noun} :: accentuation
акцентировать {v both} :: to accent, to accentuate
акцентировать {v both} :: to emphasize
акцепт {noun} [business, finance] :: acceptance (an assent and engagement by the person on whom a bill of exchange is drawn)
акцептант {noun} :: acceptor
акцептор {noun} [physics, chemistry] :: acceptor, acceptor impurity
акцептор {noun} [chemistry] :: scavenger
акцессия {noun} [law, , politics or literary] :: accession
акциз {noun} :: excise, excise tax
акционер {noun} :: shareholder (one who owns shares of stock)
акционерное общество {noun} :: joint-stock company
акционерный {adj} [relational] :: shareholder
акционирование {noun} :: corporatization
акционировать {v both} :: to corporatize
акция {noun} [finance] :: share, stock
акция {noun} [politics, diplomacy] :: action, move, demarche
акция {noun} [marketing] :: promotion, campaign; special offer
акция {noun} :: organized public event
алабама {noun} :: Alabama (tribe)
алабама {m inan} :: Alabama (language)
Алабама {prop} :: Алабама (state)
Алабама {prop} :: Алабама (river)
Алаверди {prop} {m inan} :: Алаверди (town)
Аладдин {prop} :: Aladdin (the fictional young man)
Алазань {prop} :: Алазань (tributary)
алалия {noun} :: alalia
алалыкать {v impf} [regional, Kostroma, Ryazan, Tver, Perm, Penza, Tambov, ] :: to speak unclearly, to mumble, to burr
аламанн {noun} :: alternative form of алеманн
аламный {adj} [regional] :: greedy, grasping
алан {noun} :: Alan (member of a Sarmatian tribe)
Аландские острова {prop} :: Аландские острова (archipelago)
Аландские острова {prop} :: Аландские острова (autonomous province)
Аланды {prop} :: Аланды (archipelago)
Аланды {prop} :: Аланды (autonomous province)
Алания {prop} :: Алания (medieval kingdom)
Аларих {prop} :: Alaric
алармизм {noun} :: alarmism (production of needless alarms)
алармист {noun} :: alarmist (one who causes others to become alarmed without cause)
алармистка {noun} :: alarmist (woman who causes others to become alarmed without cause)
албан {noun} :: Albanian (inhabitant of Caucasian Albania)
албанец {noun} :: Albanian (person from Albania)
Албания {prop} :: Албания (country)
албанка {noun} :: Albanian girl, Albanian woman
албанский {noun} :: Albanian language
албанский {noun} :: an online slang based on intentional misspelling of the Russian language
албанский {adj} :: Albanian
алвири-видари {m inan} :: Alviri-Vidari (language)
алгебра {noun} [mathematics] :: algebra
алгебраический {adj} :: algebraic
алгебраическое уравнение {noun} :: algebraic equation (mathematical equation)
алгонкин {noun} :: Algonquin
алгоритм {noun} :: algorithm
алгоритмический {adj} :: algorithmic
алебарда {noun} :: halberd
алебастр {noun} :: alabaster
алебастровый {adj} [relational] :: alabaster
Алевтина {prop} :: given name
алейкемия {noun} :: leukemia
Александр {prop} :: given name
Александра {prop} :: given name
Александр Великий {prop} :: Alexander the Great
александрийский {adj} :: Alexandrian (referring to the city of Alexandria in Egypt or to Alexander the Great)
александрийский {adj} :: alexandrine [verse, etc.]
Александрийский маяк {prop} :: Lighthouse of Alexandria
Александринка {prop} [colloquial] :: Alexandrinsky Theatre
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (the second-largest <<city>> in <<c/Egypt>>)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (capital city)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (city)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (a <<former town>> in the <<mun/United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry>>, <

>, <<c/Canada>>; now a part of the township of North Glengarry)

Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (ghost town)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (town)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (town)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (census-designated place)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (city)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (city)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (city/parish seat)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (city/county seat)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (city)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (village)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (town)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (town)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (village)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (unincorporated community)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (borough)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (town)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (independent city)
Александрия {prop} :: Александрия (city)
Александр Македонский {prop} :: Alexander the Great
Александров {adj} :: Alexander's
александровский {adj} :: Alexander's
александровский {adj} [relational] :: Alexandrov (referring to anyone with this last name, or to anything named after such a person)
Александруполис {prop} :: Александруполис (city)
Алексанян {prop} :: Aleksanian [Armenian surname]
Алексей {prop} :: given name
Алексей {prop} :: Alpha (A in the ICAO spelling alphabet)
алеманн {noun} :: member of the Alemanni tribe
Алеппо {prop} :: Алеппо (city)
алеппский {adj} :: Aleppine
алеут {noun} :: Aleutian (person)
алеутка {noun} :: female Aleut
Алеутские острова {prop} :: Алеутские острова (archipelago)
алеутский {adj} :: Aleut (of the Aleutian Islands)
алеутский {noun} :: Aleut (language)
алеутско-лисьевский {adj} :: Eastern Aleut, Fox Islands dialect
алеф {noun} :: aleph (first letter of the Proto-Canaanite alphabet and descendant script)
алё {interj} :: alternative form of алло
Алёна {prop} :: given name
Алёша {prop} {m anim} :: given name
Алёша {prop} {m anim} [pejorative, colloquial] :: an idiot or irresponsible person
Алжир {prop} :: Алжир (country)
Алжир {prop} :: Алжир (capital city)
алжирец {noun} :: Algerian (citizen of Algeria or of Algiers)
алжирка {noun} :: Algerian girl/woman (citizen of Algeria or of Algiers)
алжирский {adj} :: Algerian (of Algeria or its people)
али {conj} [old, colloquial] :: or
Али {prop} {m anim} :: Ali
Али-Баба {prop} :: Ali Baba (a fictional character)
алиби {n inan} :: alibi (criminal legal defense)
Алик {prop} :: given name
алим {noun} [Islam] :: alim (Islamic scholar)
алименты {noun} :: alimony, maintenance
Алина {prop} :: given name
Алиса {prop} :: given name
Алиса в Стране чудес {prop} :: Alice in Wonderland
Алистер {prop} :: given name
алиф {noun} :: aleph (first letter of the Proto-Canaanite alphabet and descendant script)
алия {noun} :: aliyah
алкалоид {noun} :: alkaloid
алкан {noun} :: alkane
алкать {v impf} [obsolete] :: to crave, to thirst (for), to be greedy
алкаш {noun} [pejorative] :: alcoholic
алкашня {noun} [collective, colloquial, derogatory] :: alkies
алкин {noun} [chemistry] :: alkyne (hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon triple bond)
алко- {prefix} :: alco-
алкогель {noun} :: alcogel
алкоголизм {noun} [disease] :: alcoholism (chronic disease)
алкоголик {noun} :: alcoholic (a person addicted to alcohol)
алкоголь {noun} :: ethanol, ethyl alcohol
алкоголь {noun} :: alcohol
алкоголь {noun} :: alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, booze
алкогольное отравление {noun} :: alcohol poisoning
алкогольный {adj} :: alcoholic
алконавт {noun} [humorous] :: alkie, drunkard
Алла {prop} :: given name
аллатив {noun} :: allative
аллативный {adj} [linguistics] :: allative
аллативный падеж {noun} [grammar] :: allative case (case used to indicate movement onto, or to the adjacency of something)
Аллах {prop} :: Allah (God, in Islam)
Аллахабад {prop} :: Аллахабад (city)
Аллах акбар {interj} [Islam] :: Allahu akbar, Allah akbar (Muslim takbir - proclamation)
Аллаху акбар {interj} [Islam] :: Allahu akbar, Allah akbar (Muslim takbir - proclamation)
аллегорически {adv} :: allegorically
аллегорический {adj} :: allegorical
аллегория {noun} :: allegory
аллель {noun} :: allele
аллерген {noun} :: allergen
аллергический {adj} :: allergic
аллергичный {adj} :: allergic
аллергия {noun} :: allergy
аллея {noun} :: alley, path (in a park)
аллигатор {noun} :: alligator
аллилуйя {interj} :: hallelujah
аллилуйя {noun} [music] :: hallelujah (a choral composition incorporating hallelujah in its text)
аллитерация {noun} :: alliteration
алло {interj} [telephone] :: hello!
аллод {noun} :: allodium
аллонж {noun} :: allonge (attachment to negotiable instrument)
аллотропия {noun} :: allotropy
аллофон {noun} :: allophone
аллювиальный {adj} :: alluvial
аллювий {noun} :: alluvium, alluvion, wash
аллюзия {noun} :: allusion (indirect reference, hint)
аллюр {noun} :: pace, gait
Алма-Ата {prop} :: Алма-Ата (the old Soviet-era name of modern-day Almaty, the largest <<city>> in <<c/Kazakhstan>>)
алмаз {noun} :: diamond
алмаз {noun} :: glass cutter, glazier's diamond
алмазный {adj} [relational] :: diamond
Алматы {prop} {m inan} :: Алматы (the largest <<city>> in <<c/Kazakhstan>>, formerly Alma-Ata)
Алмере {prop} {m inan} :: Алмере (city)
алопеция {noun} :: alopecia (deficiency of the hair)
алоэ {n inan} [plant] :: aloe
алпразолам {noun} :: alprazolam (drug)
Алтай {prop} :: Алтай (mountain range); see Altai Mountains
Алтай {prop} :: Алтай (republic)
Алтай {prop} :: Алтай (krai)
Алтай {prop} :: Алтай (prefecture)
Алтай {prop} :: Алтай (city)
Алтай {prop} :: Алтай (town)
Алтай {prop} :: Алтай (capital city)
алтайский {adj} [relational] :: Altay (referring to the Altay region or its people)
Алтайский край {prop} :: Алтайский край (krai)
алтарь {noun} :: altar
алунит {noun} :: alunite
алфавит {noun} :: alphabet
алфавит {noun} [dated] :: dictionary
алфавитный {adj} :: alphabetic, alphabetical
алфавитный порядок {noun} :: alphabetical order
Алфред {prop} :: alternative form of Альфред, alternative form of Альфред: given name
алхимик {noun} :: alchemist
алхимия {noun} :: alchemy
алчность {noun} :: greed, greediness, avidity, cupidity
алчный {adj} :: greedy
алый {adj} :: crimson, scarlet, vermilion
алый {adj} :: reddish, blood-red, ruby-colored
алыча {noun} :: cherry plum (the fruit)
-аль {suffix} :: alternative form of -ель
альбаака {noun} :: basil, sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum)
альбатрос {noun} :: albatross
альбедо {n inan} :: albedo
Альберт {prop} :: given name
Альберта {prop} :: Альберта (province)
Альберта {prop} :: given name
Альбина {prop} :: given name
альбинизм {noun} :: albinism (lack of melanin pigmentation)
альбинос {noun} :: albino
альбиноска {noun} :: female albino (one congenitally lacking melanin)
Альбион {prop} :: Альбион (country)
Альбирео {prop} {f} :: Albireo (star in the constellation of Cygnus)
альбом {noun} :: album
Альбукерке {prop} {m inan} :: Альбукерке (city)
Альвис {prop} :: Alvíssmál (tenth book of the Poetic Edda)
Альдебаран {prop} :: Aldebaran (star in the constellation of Taurus)
альдегид {noun} [chemistry] :: aldehyde (organic compound of the general formula R·CHO)
Аль-Джазира {prop} :: Al Jazeera (Arabic-language television channel)
Аль-Каида {prop} :: al-Qaeda
альков {noun} :: alcove, oriel
альма-матер {f inan} :: alma mater
альманах {noun} :: literary miscellany, anthology
альманах {noun} :: almanac (book or table listing astronomical, nautical or other events for the year)
альмандин {noun} :: almandine
Альметьевск {prop} :: Альметьевск (city)
-альный {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives from verbs, especially those in -ать
альпага {n anim} :: alternative form of альпака
альпака {m anim} {f anim} :: alpaca
альпака {n inan} :: alpaca hair, textile
альпийская галка {noun} :: alpine chough
альпийский {adj} :: alpine
альпийский рог {noun} :: alphorn (musical instrument)
альпинизм {noun} :: mountaineering
альпинист {noun} :: mountaineer
Альпы {prop} :: Альпы (mountain range)
Альпы Верхнего Прованса {prop} :: Альпы Верхнего Прованса (department)
альт {noun} :: alto (voice)
альт {noun} :: viola (stringed instrument)
альтернатива {noun} :: alternative (a situation which allows a choice between two or more possibilities)
альтернативная медицина {noun} :: alternative medicine (any of various medical methods and practices used in place of conventional medicine)
альтернативный {adj} :: alternative (relating to a choice)
альтер эго {n inan} :: alter ego (alternate personality or persona)
альтиметр {noun} :: altimeter
альтруизм {noun} :: altruism
альтруист {noun} :: altruist
альтруистический {adj} :: altruistic
альтруистка {noun} :: female altruist
альфа {noun} :: alpha
альфа и омега {noun} :: alpha and omega (the first and the last)
альфа-лучи {noun} :: alpha rays
альфа-самец {noun} :: alpha male (dominant male in a group of animals)
альфа-спираль {noun} :: alpha helix (secondary structure found in many proteins)
Альфа Центавра {prop} {f} :: Alpha Centauri (brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus)
альфа-частица {noun} :: alpha particle (positively charged nucleus)
альфвеновская волна {noun} :: Alfvén wave (a hydromagnetic shear wave in a charged plasma)
Альфред {prop} :: given name
Альцгеймер {noun} [colloquial] :: Alzheimer's disease (mental disorder from brain tissue changes)
альянс {noun} :: alliance (state of being allied)
алюминиевый {adj} [relational] :: aluminium/aluminum (metal)
алюминий {noun} :: aluminium/aluminum
Аля {prop} :: given name
Аляска {prop} :: Аляска (state)
Амазония {prop} :: Амазония (geographic region)
амазонка {noun} [mythology] :: Amazon
амазонка {noun} :: (equestrian) horsewoman
амазонка {noun} :: (dress) riding habit
Амазонка {prop} :: Амазонка (major river)
амазонский {adj} [relational] :: Amazon (referring to the Amazon River or Amazon basin)
амазонский {adj} [relational] :: Amazon (referring to the Amazons of Greek mythology)
аманат {noun} [historical, rare] :: amanaty, Native American hostages taken by Russian colonists
амарант {noun} [botany] :: amaranth (herb)
амарантовый {adj} [relational] :: amaranth
амарантовый цвет {noun} :: amaranth (color/dye)
амаретто {n inan} :: amaretto
амбал {noun} [slang] :: strong, healthy man
амбал {noun} [dated, dialectal] :: Persian longshoreman working in Caspian Sea and lower Volga ports
амбал {noun} [dated, dialectal] :: loader, unskilled worker
амбар {noun} :: barn, granary, warehouse, storehouse
амбарный {adj} [relational] :: granary, barn
амбивалентность {noun} :: ambivalence
амбивалентный {adj} [literary] :: ambivalent
амбиграмма {noun} :: ambigram
амбициозно {adv} :: ambitiously
амбициозный {adj} :: self-conceited, proud, vain, arrogant, pretentious, showy
амбициозный {adj} :: ambitious, aspiring, emulous
амбиция {noun} :: self-conceit, pride, vanity, arrogance
амбиция {noun} :: (plural) pretensions, claims ( to ), ambitions
амбиция {noun} :: ambition
амблиопия {noun} :: amblyopia
амбра {noun} :: ambergris
амбразура {noun} :: embrasure
амброзия {noun} :: ambrosia (food of gods or delicious foods)
амброзия {noun} :: ambrosia, hogweed, ragweed, richweed
амбулаторный {adj} :: ambulatory
амвон {noun} :: pulpit, ambo (raised platform)
аменорея {noun} :: amenorrhoea (lack of a menstrual period)
Америка {prop} :: Америка (two <<continents>>, North America and South America)
Америка {prop} :: Америка (the United States of America, a <<country>> in <<cont/North America>>)
американец {noun} :: male American (citizen, resident)
американизация {noun} :: Americanisation (assimilation)
американизм {noun} :: Americanism (linguistic feature)
американка {noun} :: American woman (female citizen, resident)
американка {noun} :: а sort of high-wheeled sulky, first presented in Russia in 1889 by American sportsmen
американка {noun} :: free pyramid (American pyramid), a variant of billiards
американка {noun} :: a sort of jobbing press
американская индианка {noun} :: American Indian (a member of some indigenous peoples of the Americas)
американская мечта {noun} :: American Dream
американская негритянка {noun} :: female Afro-American (a resident of the United States who is of African heritage)
американские горки {noun} :: rollercoaster (amusement ride)
американский {adj} :: American
американский бульдог {noun} :: American Bulldog
американский индеец {noun} :: American Indian (a member of some indigenous peoples of the Americas)
американский негр {noun} :: Afro-American (a resident of the United States who is of African heritage)
американский футбол {noun} :: American football
американский язык жестов {noun} :: American Sign Language
Американское Самоа {prop} :: Американское Самоа (archipelago/and/overseas territory)
америкомания {noun} :: Americophilia (an affection for, or interest in things related to the United States)
америкофилия {noun} [rare] :: Americophilia (an affection for, or interest in things related to the United States)
америкофобия {noun} :: Americophobia (a fear of the United States of America and/or its culture)
америций {noun} :: americium
аметист {noun} :: amethyst
амёба {noun} [biology] :: amoeba (a genus of unicellular protozoa)
амёбный {adj} :: amoebic
амилаза {noun} :: amylase
амин {noun} [chemistry] :: amine
аминокислота {noun} [organic chemistry, biochemistry] :: amino acid
аминокислотный {adj} [relational, chemistry] :: amino acid
аминь {interj} :: amen
амиодарон {noun} :: amiodarone (medicine used against arrhythmia)
амитриптилин {noun} :: amitriptyline (drug)
Амман {prop} :: Амман (capital city)
аммиак {noun} :: ammonia
аммоний {noun} [chemistry] :: ammonium
аммоний {noun} [chemistry] :: ammonium carbonate
амнезия {noun} :: amnesia
амнистия {noun} :: amnesty
амнистия {noun} :: free pardon, let-off
амнистия {noun} :: act of grace
амоксициллин {noun} :: amoxicillin (antibiotic)
аморальный {adj} :: amoral
аморальный {adj} :: immoral
амортизатор {noun} :: (device to absorb shocks) shock absorber, cushion, dashpot
амортизация {noun} [economics] :: depreciation, amortization (process of distributing asset cost)
амортизация {noun} :: shock absorption, cushioning
амортизация {noun} [electronics] :: dampening
амортизация {noun} :: buffer action
аморфный {adj} :: amorphous
Амос {prop} :: given name
ампер {noun} :: ampere
ампер-виток {noun} :: ampere-turn
амперметр {noun} :: ammeter
амперсанд {noun} :: ampersand
ампер-час {noun} :: ampere-hour
ампир {noun} :: Empire style
амплитуда {noun} :: amplitude (maximum absolute value)
амплитудная модуляция {noun} :: amplitude modulation (method of sending information)
амплитудный {adj} [relational] :: amplitude
амплуа {n inan} :: type, theatrical character, line, (figuratively) part, role
ампула {noun} :: ampoule
ампутация {noun} :: amputation
ампутировать {v both} :: to amputate
Амритсар {prop} :: Амритсар (city)
амслен {noun} :: American Sign Language (language that uses hands, facial expressions, and other bodily behavior to communicate)
Амстердам {prop} :: Амстердам (capital city)
Амстердам {prop} :: Амстердам (city)
амстердамец {noun} :: Amsterdamer, resident of Amsterdam
Амударья {prop} :: Амударья (major river)
Аму-Дарья {prop} :: Аму-Дарья (major river)
амузия {noun} :: amusia
амулет {noun} :: amulet, charm
амуниция {noun} :: military equipment, accouterments
амур {noun} :: cupid (representation of the god Cupid as a boy with a bow and arrow)
амур {noun} [figurative] :: handsome boy
амур {noun} [plural only, dated, colloquial] :: love affairs
амур {noun} :: amur (carp-like fish)
Амур {prop} :: Амур (river)
Амур {prop} :: Cupid (God of love)
амурец {noun} :: inhabitant of Amursk or Amur Oblast
амурный {adj} :: amorous
Амурск {prop} :: Амурск (town)
Амурская {prop} :: Амурская (river)
Амурская область {prop} :: Амурская область (oblast)
амурский {adj} [relational] :: Amur
амуры {noun} [colloquial] :: love affair
амусго {m inan} :: Amuzgo (indigenous language of Mexico)
амфетамин {noun} :: amphetamine
амфибия {noun} [zoology] :: amphibian
амфибия {noun} [transport] :: amphibian
амфибол {noun} :: amphibole
амфибрахий {noun} :: amphibrach
амфипростиль {noun} :: amphiprostyle
амфитеатр {noun} :: amphitheatre
амфора {noun} :: amphora
амхарский {adj} :: Amharic
амхарский {noun} :: Amharic (language)
Амьен {prop} :: Амьен (city/and/commune/capital)
анабасис {noun} :: anabasis (military march up-country)
анабиоз {noun} :: anabiosis
анаболизм {noun} :: anabolism
анаболик {noun} :: anabolic steroid
анаграмма {noun} :: anagram
анадромный {adj} :: anadromous
Анадырь {prop} :: Анадырь (town/administrative center)
анаконда {noun} :: anaconda
анакруза {noun} :: anacrusis
Анаксагор {prop} :: Anaxagoras
Анаксарх {prop} :: Anaxarchus
Анаксимандр {prop} :: Anaximander
Анаксимен {prop} :: Anaximenes
анал {noun} [colloquial] :: anal sex (sex involving the anus)
аналемма {noun} :: analemma
анализ {noun} :: analysis
анализатор {noun} :: analyzer
анализировать {v impf} :: to analyse
аналитик {noun} :: analyst
аналитика {noun} :: analytics
аналитически {adv} :: analytically
аналитический {adj} :: analytic
аналог {noun} :: analogue
аналогично {adv} :: in a similar / like manner, in much the same way / manner / fashion (as), similarly / analogously (to)
аналогичный {adj} :: analogous, similar
аналогия {noun} :: analogy
аналоговый {adj} :: analog (represented by a continuously variable physical quantity)
аналой {noun} :: lectern (in church)
анальгетик {noun} :: analgesic
анальгетический {adj} :: analgesic
анальное отверстие {noun} :: anus, anal opening (lower opening of the digestive tract)
анальный {adj} :: anal
анальный плавник {noun} :: anal fin (fin on the underside of a fish)
анальный секс {noun} :: anal sex
анальщик {noun} [vulgar] :: buttfucker, bummer
анамнез {noun} :: anamnesis
ананас {noun} :: pineapple (fruit or plant)
Анапа {prop} :: Анапа (town)
анапест {noun} :: anapest
анархизм {noun} :: anarchism
анархист {noun} :: anarchist
анархистский {adj} :: anarchistic
анархически {adv} :: anarchically
анархический {adj} :: anarchic, anarchical
анархический {adj} :: chaotic, without law or order
анархия {noun} :: anarchy
анархо- {prefix} :: anarcho- (denoting anarchy or anarchism)
Анастасия {prop} :: given name
Анатолий {prop} :: given name
анатолийский {adj} :: Anatolian
Анатолия {prop} :: given name
Анатолия {prop} :: Анатолия (region)
анатом {noun} :: anatomist
анатомирование {noun} :: anatomy, dissection
анатомировать {v both} [medicine] :: to dissect, to anatomize
анатомический {adj} :: anatomical
анатомия {noun} :: anatomy
анафема {noun} :: anathema, excommunication
анафема {noun} [colloquial] :: scolding word
анафилаксия {noun} :: anaphylaxis (severe and rapid systemic allergic reaction to an allergen)
анафилактический {adj} :: anaphylactic
анафилактический шок {noun} :: anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction)
анафора {noun} :: anaphora
Анахита {prop} :: Anahita (old Iranian goddess)
анахорет {noun} :: anchorite
анахронизм {noun} :: anachronism
анахронический {adj} :: anachronistic
анахроничный {adj} :: anachronistic
анаша {noun} :: (a type of) cannabis, hemp; marijuana, hashish
АНБ {prop} {n inan} :: initialism of Агентство национальной безопасности: NSA, National Security Agency (US)
ангажирование {noun} :: retainer
ангажировать {v both} [dated, formal] :: to engage; to book (an actor, a speaker)
ангар {noun} :: hangar
Ангара {prop} :: Ангара (river)
ангел {noun} :: angel
ангел {noun} :: an innocent
ангел {noun} :: dear, darling
Ангела {prop} :: given name
ангелика {noun} :: angelica
Ангелина {prop} :: given name
ангелок {noun} [colloquial] :: diminutive of ангел: little angel
ангелок {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of ангел
ангелок {noun} [colloquial, figurative] :: little angel, little darling (child with a sweet disposition)
ангелочек {noun} [colloquial] :: endearing form of ангелок: dear little angel
ангелочек {noun} [colloquial, figurative] :: little angel, little darling (child with a sweet disposition)
ангел смерти {noun} :: angel of death (a personification of death)
ангел-хранитель {noun} :: guardian angel (spirit)
ангельский {adj} :: angelic
Ангилья {prop} :: Ангилья (overseas territory)
ангина {noun} [pathology] :: tonsillitis (an (inflammatory) infection of the throat)
ангиома {noun} [oncology, disease] :: angioma
Ангкор-Ват {prop} :: Angkor Wat (Cambodian temple complex)
англ {noun} :: Angle
англизация {noun} :: anglicisation/anglicization (process of anglicising)
англизировать {v both} :: to anglicise (make English)
англизироваться {v both} :: to be anglicised (become English)
английская булавка {noun} :: safety pin [lit.: English pin]
английски {adv} :: only used in по-английски
английский {adj} :: English
английский {noun} :: English language (short for английский язык)
английский рожок {noun} :: cor anglais, English horn (musical instrument related to the oboe)
английский язык {noun} :: English (the English language)
англиканство {noun} :: Anglicanism (beliefs and practices of the Anglican Church)
англистика {noun} [humanities] :: English studies
англицизация {noun} :: anglicisation/anglicization (process of anglicising)
англицизм {noun} :: anglicism
англичанин {noun} :: Englishman, English people
англичанка {noun} :: Englishwoman, English woman
Англия {prop} :: Англия (constituent country)
Англия {prop} [colloquial] :: Great Britain
англо- {prefix} :: Anglo- (relating to England or English)
англо-американский {adj} :: Anglo-American (of relating to England and USA)
англоговорящий {adj} :: Anglophone (English-speaking)
англо-норманка {noun} :: female Anglo-Norman (Norman who settled in England)
англо-норманн {noun} :: Anglo-Norman (Norman who settled in England)
англо-норманнский {adj} :: Anglo-Norman (relating to the Norman rule of England)
англосакс {noun} :: Anglo-Saxon
англосаксонский {adj} :: Anglo-Saxon (related to the Anglo-Saxon peoples or language)
англосфера {noun} :: Anglosphere (set of anglophone countries)
англофил {noun} :: anglophile
англофоб {noun} :: anglophobe
англофобия {noun} :: Anglophobia
англоязычный {adj} :: Anglophone (English-speaking)
Ангола {prop} :: Ангола (country)
анголец {noun} :: Angolan (citizen, resident)
анголка {noun} :: Angolan female (person from Angola or of Angolan descent)
ангольский {adj} :: Angolan
Анграпа {prop} :: Анграпа (river)
Анграппа {prop} [rare] :: Анграппа (river)
ангстрем {noun} :: angstrom (a very small unit of length, 10-10 m)
Андалусия {prop} :: Андалусия (autonomous community)
Андаманские и Никобарские острова {prop} :: Андаманские и Никобарские острова (union territory)
Андаманские острова {prop} :: Андаманские острова (archipelago)
андаманский {adj} :: Andaman
андеграунд {noun} :: underground (artistic or social movement)
Анджела {prop} :: given name
Андорра {prop} :: Андорра (country)
Андорра-ла-Велья {prop} :: Андорра-ла-Велья (capital city)
Андорра-ла-Вьеха {prop} :: Андорра-ла-Вьеха (capital city)
Андреев {adj} :: Andrei's, Andrew's
Андрей {prop} :: given name
Андриан {prop} :: given name
андроген {noun} :: androgen
андрогенный {adj} [relational] :: androgen; androgenic
андроид {noun} :: android
Андромеда {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Andromeda
Андромеда {prop} [constellation] :: the constellation Andromeda
Андромеда {prop} [astronomy] :: the Andromeda Galaxy
андрофобия {noun} :: androphobia
Андхра-Прадеш {prop} :: Андхра-Прадеш (state)
Анды {prop} :: Анды (mountain range)
аневризма {noun} :: aneurysm
анекдот {noun} :: joke, anecdote, funny story
анекдот {noun} :: funny thing
анемичный {adj} :: anemic
анемия {noun} :: anemia
анемон {noun} :: anemone
аненербе {n inan} :: Ahnenerbe
анероид {noun} :: aneroid
анестезиолог {noun} [medicine] :: anaesthetist
анестезирование {noun} :: anesthetizing
анестезия {noun} :: anesthesia (loss of bodily sensation)
анестетик {noun} :: anesthetic
а не то {phrase} [colloquial] :: or, or else (as an alternative; also used as a threat)
Анжела {prop} :: given name
Анжелика {prop} :: given name
Анжу {prop} {n inan} :: Анжу (historical province)
-ание {suffix} :: -tion, -ence, -ance, -ity, etc. (suffix used to form abstract nouns from verbs; added especially to verbs ending in -ать)
аниец {noun} :: resident or native of the Ani region of Armenia (around Aniavan and Maralik)
аниец {noun} [historical] :: resident or native of the Kingdom of Ani (Bagratuni Kingdom of Armenia in the Middle Ages)
анизотропия {noun} :: anisotropy
анилин {noun} :: aniline
анилингус {noun} :: anilingus
анилинкция {noun} :: anilingus (form of oral sex)
аниматор {noun} :: animator
анимация {noun} :: animation (causing images to appear to move)
аниме {n inan} [anime] :: anime
анимешник {noun} [anime] :: otaku
анимэ {n inan} :: alternative form of аниме anime
анион {noun} [physics] :: anion
анис {noun} :: anise
Анисия {prop} :: given name
-анка {suffix} :: alternative form of -янка [used after hushing consonants (ш ж ч щ) and ц]
Анкара {prop} :: Анкара (capital city)
анкер {noun} :: part of a clockwork, ensuring uniformity of its stroke, a type of escapement
анкер {noun} :: old measure of volume, used for wine, brandy and oil
анкер {noun} :: fastener for fixing of structures and equipment
анкер {noun} :: a device that serves to transmit the pull out forces from building structures to the ground layer
анкер {noun} :: a device with known coordinates, the coordinates of which are determined relative to markers used in positioning systems
анкер {noun} :: truss rod (metal rod inside the neck of a guitar)
анкета {noun} :: questionnaire, form
анкетирование {noun} :: surveying, questioning [collection of information through a survey or questionnaire]
анкетировать {v both} :: to survey (to collect information through a survey or questionnaire)
анкетный {adj} [relational] :: questionnaire, form
анкилоз {noun} :: ankylosis
анклав {noun} :: enclave
Анкоридж {prop} :: Анкоридж (city)
анкх {noun} :: ankh (cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top)
Анна {prop} :: given name
Анна {prop} :: Alpha (A in the ICAO spelling alphabet)
анналы {noun} :: annals
Аннам {prop} :: Аннам (country)
аннексировать {v both} [politics] :: to annex (a territory)
аннексия {noun} :: annexation (the act of annexing)
аннигиляция {noun} [physics] :: annihilation
аннотация {noun} :: annotation (comment added to a text)
аннотирование {noun} :: annotation (process of writing a comment or commentary)
аннулировать {v both} :: to annul, to cancel, to nullify
аннулировать {v both} :: to abrogate, to rescind, to repeal, to revoke, to abolish
аноа {m anim} :: anoa
анод {noun} [physics] :: anode
анодный {adj} :: anodic
-аной {suffix} :: alternative form of -яной [used after hushing consonants (ш ж ч щ) and ц]
аномалия {noun} :: anomaly
аномально {adv} :: anomalously, abnormally (in an abnormal manner)
аномальный {adj} :: anomalous
анон {noun} [Internet slang] :: anon, short for аноним
аноним {noun} :: anonymous, especially anonymous author
анонимка {noun} [pejorative] :: anonymous letter
анонимно {adv} :: anonymously
анонимность {noun} :: anonymity
анонимный {adj} :: anonymous
анонс {noun} :: announcement, notice, advertisement
анонсировать {v both} [literary] :: to announce
анорак {noun} :: parka (long jacket)
анорексия {noun} :: anorexia, anorexia nervosa
анофелес {noun} :: anopheles
ансамбль {noun} :: ensemble [various senses]
антагонизм {noun} :: antagonism
антагонист {noun} :: antagonist
Анталья {prop} :: Анталья (capital city)
Антананариву {prop} {m inan} :: Антананариву (capital city)
Антарктида {prop} :: Антарктида (continent)
Антарктика {prop} :: Антарктика (region)
антарктический {adj} :: Antarctic
Антарктический океан {prop} :: Антарктический океан (ocean)
антенна {noun} :: aerial, antenna
антенна {noun} [biology] :: antenna
анти- {prefix} :: anti-
антиамериканизм {noun} :: anti-Americanism (the fear or dislike of the United States or American people, policies, culture or government)
антиамериканский {adj} :: anti-American
антибиотик {noun} [medicine] :: antibiotic
антибиотический {adj} :: antibiotic
антивещество {noun} :: antimatter
антивирус {noun} :: antivirus
антивирусный {adj} :: antiviral
антивоенный {adj} :: anti-war
антигельминтный {adj} :: anthelmintic
антиген {noun} :: antigen
антигенный {adj} [relational] :: antigen; antigenic
антигерой {noun} :: antihero (protagonist who proceeds in an unheroic manner)
антигистамин {noun} :: antihistamine
Антигуа и Барбуда {prop} :: Антигуа и Барбуда (country)
антидепрессант {noun} :: antidepressant
антидот {noun} :: antidote
антиквар {noun} :: antiquarian
антиквариат {noun} :: valuable antique goods such as old maps and books
антиквариат {noun} :: trade in antiques
антикварк {noun} :: antiquark
антикварный {adj} :: antique, ancient
антиклерикализм {noun} :: anticlericalism
антикоагулянт {noun} :: anticoagulant (substance)
антикоммунизм {noun} :: anticommunism
антиконституционно {adv} :: anticonstitutionally
Антиливан {prop} :: Антиливан (mountain range)
антилопа {noun} :: antelope (any of several African mammals of the family Bovidae)
антилопа-гну {noun} :: gnu, wildebeest
антиматерия {noun} :: antimatter (matter composed of antiparticles)
антимонопольный {adj} :: antitrust, antimonopoly
антинародный {adj} :: antinational, antipopular
антиномист {noun} :: antinomian (one who believes that faith alone determines salvation)
антиномистка {noun} :: antinomian (one who believes that faith alone determines salvation)
антиобщественный {adj} :: antisocial
Антиох {prop} :: Antiochus (one of the thirteen kings)
антиохиец {noun} :: Antiochian
антиохийка {noun} :: Antiochian (female)
антиохийский {adj} :: Antiochian (of or pertaining to ancient Antioch)
Антиохия {prop} :: Антиохия (<<ancient>> Greek <<city>> on the <<riv:Suf/Orontes>>, in modern <<c/Turkey>>)
антипатия {noun} :: antipathy (contrariety or opposition in feeling)
антипод {noun} :: antipode
антиподный {adj} :: antipodean (situated at opposite sides of the Earth)
антипсихотик {noun} :: antipsychotic (any of a group of drugs used to treat psychosis)
антироссийский {adj} :: anti-Russian
антисанитарный {adj} :: unsanitary, counter to sanitary standards
антисемит {noun} :: anti-Semite
антисемитизм {noun} :: anti-Semitism
антисемитка {noun} :: female anti-Semite
антисемитский {adj} :: anti-Semitic (exhibiting anti-Semitism)
антисоветский {adj} :: anti-Soviet
антисоветчик {noun} [pejorative] :: antisovietist (dissident, opponent of Soviet Russia)
антитеза {noun} :: antithesis
антитезис {noun} :: antithesis (proposition that is opposite to other proposition)
антитеизм {noun} :: antitheism (active opposition to theism)
антитело {noun} [medicine] :: antibody (protein that binds to a specific antigen)
антитерроризм {noun} :: antiterrorism (activity aiming at opposing terrorism)
антитеррористический {adj} :: antiterrorist
антитромбоцитарный {adj} :: antiplatelet (destroying blood platelets)
антифашизм {noun} [politics] :: antifascism
антифашист {noun} :: antifascist
антифашистка {noun} :: female antifascist (person opposed to fascism)
антифашистский {adj} :: antifascist
антифибринолитический {adj} :: antifibrinolytic (serving to inhibit fibrinolysis)
антихрист {noun} :: antichrist (someone that works against the teachings of Christ)
Антихрист {prop} :: Antichrist
антициклон {noun} [weather] :: anticyclone
антицыганизм {noun} :: antigypsyism (prejudice or hostility against Romani people)
античастица {noun} [physics] :: antiparticle
античность {noun} :: antiquity
античный {adj} :: antique, ancient, classical
антология {noun} :: anthology (collection of literary works)
Антон {prop} :: given name
Антон {prop} :: Alpha (A in the ICAO spelling alphabet)
антоним {noun} :: antonym
антонимия {noun} :: antonymy (semantic relation between antonyms)
Антонина {prop} :: given name
Антонов {adj} :: Anton's, Anthony's
антракт {noun} :: interval; intermission
антракт {noun} :: interlude, entr'acte
антрацит {noun} :: anthracite (form of carbon)
антреприза {noun} :: private entertainment company [of the theater, circus, etc.]
антреприза {noun} [dated] :: beginning, venture
антресоли {noun} :: attic
антресоли {noun} :: mezzanine
антресоль {noun} [usually plural] :: attic
антресоль {noun} [usually plural] :: mezzanine
антропогенный {adj} :: anthropogenic
антрополог {noun} :: anthropologist
антропологический {adj} :: anthropological
антропология {noun} :: anthropology
антропоморфизм {noun} :: anthropomorphism
антропоморфный {adj} :: anthropomorphic
антропоним {noun} :: anthroponym
антропонимика {noun} :: anthroponymy
антропохория {noun} :: anthropochory (the dispersal of seeds, spores, or fruit by humans)
антураж {noun} :: entourage (retinue of attendants, associates or followers)
Анубис {prop} :: Anubis (Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld)
анус {noun} [anatomy] :: anus
анусвара {noun} :: anusvara (diacritic)
анфилада {noun} [architecture, military] :: enfilade
анфилада {noun} [figurative] :: successively alternating series of events
Анфиса {prop} :: given name
анх {noun} :: ankh (cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top)
Анхела {prop} :: given name
анчар {noun} [botanical] :: upas [Antiaris]
анчоус {noun} :: anchovy
анчутка {m anim} [mythology] :: little devil, imp (in East Slavic mythology, an evil spirit or imp, one of the most ancient names of the devil)
аншлаг {noun} :: the "sold out" notice, full house (e.g. on a theatre performance, etc.)
аншлюс {noun} :: Anschluss (the annexation of Austria into Germany in 1938 or an analogy)
-аный {suffix} :: Suffix used to form passive-participle-like adjectives from verbs in -ать
-анье {suffix} :: alternative form of -ание: -tion, -ence, -ance, -ity, etc. (suffix used to form abstract nouns from verbs; added especially to nouns ending in -ать)
Аньхой {prop} :: Аньхой (province)
Аньхуй {prop} :: alternative spelling of Аньхой; Аньхуй (province)
Аньхуэй {prop} :: alternative spelling of Аньхой; Аньхуэй (province)
Аньшань {prop} :: Аньшань (prefecture-level city)
анэструс {noun} :: anestrus (sexual respite in between breeding periods)
Аня {prop} :: given name
АО {n inan} :: JSC, joint-stock company
АО {f inan} :: autonomous oblast
АО {m inan} :: autonomous okrug
Аомори {prop} {m inan} :: Аомори (capital city)
Аомори {prop} {f inan} :: Аомори (prefecture)
Аомынь {prop} :: Аомынь (city/and/special administrative region)
Аомэнь {prop} :: Аомэнь (city/and/special administrative region)
аорист {noun} [grammar] :: aorist, aorist aspect
аористный {adj} :: aorist (relating to the aorist aspect or aorist tense in verbs)
аорта {noun} [anatomy] :: aorta
аортально-почечный {adj} :: renal-aortic (relating to the place of origin of the renal arteries from the abdominal aorta)
аортальный {adj} :: aortal, aortic
ападана {noun} :: apadana (a large hypostyle hall in ancient Persian palaces)
Апаран {prop} :: Апаран (town)
апартамент {noun} [usually plural] :: apartment
апартеид {noun} :: apartheid (policy of racial separation in South Africa)
апатеизм {noun} :: apatheism (apathy concerning the existence of God)
апатит {noun} :: apatite (type of mineral)
апатично {adv} :: apathetically
апатичный {adj} :: apathetic (void of feeling)
апатия {noun} :: apathy, indifference
апатрид {noun} :: A stateless person, apatride
апач {noun} :: Apache (person)
апачи {m anim} :: Apache (language)
апачи {m anim} :: Apache (people)
апачи {m anim} :: Apache (person)
Апачи {prop} {m inan} :: Апачи (town)
апачка {noun} :: female Apache
апгрейд {noun} :: upgrade (an improved component or replacement item)
апдейт {noun} [computing, media] :: update (action of making something up to date)
апеллирование {noun} :: appealing
апеллировать {v both} [law] :: to appeal (to)
апеллировать {v both} :: to address, to appeal (to)
апеллировать {v both} :: to make reference (to)
апеллировать {v both} :: to appeal '(to)
апелляционный {adj} :: appellate
апелляция {noun} :: appeal (application for the removal of a cause to a superior judge for reexamination)
апельсин {noun} :: orange tree
апельсин {noun} :: orange (fruit)
апельсиновое дерево {noun} :: orange (tree)
апельсиновый {adj} [relational] :: orange
апельсиновый {adj} [color] :: bright orange, Indian orange
апельсиновый сок {noun} :: orange juice
Апеннинский полуостров {prop} :: Апеннинский полуостров (peninsula)
Апеннины {prop} :: Апеннины (mountain range)
аперитив {noun} :: appetizer, apéritif
апертура {noun} :: aperture (something which restricts the diameter of the light path through one plane in an optical system)
Апиа {prop} {m inan} :: Апиа (capital city)
апикальный {adj} [linguistics] :: apical
аплет {noun} :: nonstandard spelling of апплет
апликант {noun} :: applicant (one who applies)
апликантка {noun} :: female applicant (one who applies)
аплодировать {v impf} :: to applaud, to cheer, to clap
аплодисменты {noun} :: applause, clapping, cheers
апломб {noun} [formerly] :: aplomb, self-confidence
апломб {noun} :: excessive confidence, arrogance
апломб {noun} [ballet] :: aplomb
апогей {noun} :: apogee
апограф {noun} :: apograph (perfect copy)
апокалипсис {noun} :: apocalypse
апокопа {noun} :: apocope (loss or omission of a sound or syllable from the end of a word)
апокриф {noun} :: apocryphal work
аполитичность {noun} :: apoliticism, apoliticality
аполитичный {adj} :: apolitical
аполлон {noun} :: Apollo (a very handsome young man)
аполлон {noun} :: apollo butterfly
Аполлон {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Apollo
апологет {noun} :: apologist
апологетика {noun} :: apologetics
апология {noun} [literary] :: apologia, apology (formal, written defense of a position or belief)
апоптоз {noun} :: apoptosis
апория {noun} :: aporia
апостериори {adv} :: a posteriori (in a manner that deduces theories from facts)
апостериорный {adj} :: a posteriori (involving deduction of theories from facts)
апостиль {noun} :: apostille (a special sign)
апостильб {noun} :: apostilb (unit of luminance)
апостол {noun} :: apostle
апостольский {adj} :: apostolic
апостроф {noun} [orthography] :: apostrophe (the character )
апофеоз {noun} :: apotheosis (a glorified example or ideal; the apex or pinnacle (of a concept or belief))
апофиз {noun} :: apophysis (outgrowth)
апофиза {noun} :: apophysis (branch)
Аппалачи {prop} :: Аппалачи (mountain range)
аппарат {noun} :: apparatus, instrument, device
аппарат {noun} :: camera
аппарат {noun} [politics] :: apparat, State organ, the machinery of state bureaucratic administration
аппарат Морзе {noun} :: Morse transmitter
аппаратное обеспечение {noun} [computing] :: hardware
аппаратный {adj} [relational] :: device, apparatus, hardware
аппаратный {adj} [relational] :: staff, personnel
аппаратный {adj} :: hardware-controlled
аппаратура {noun} :: apparatus, equipment, gear (assortment of tools or instruments)
аппаратчик {noun} :: operator of a mechanical device (apparatus)
аппаратчик {noun} :: person in charge of an apparatus
аппаратчик {noun} [politics, slang] :: apparatchik, loyal member of a Communist apparat (State organ), bureaucrat
аппаратчица {noun} :: female operator of a mechanical device (apparatus)
аппаратчица {noun} :: female person in charge of an apparatus
аппаратчица {noun} [politics, slang] :: female apparatchik, loyal member of a Communist apparat (State organ), bureaucrat
аппендикс {noun} :: appendix (vermiform appendix)
аппендицит {noun} [disease] :: appendicitis
аппендэктомия {noun} :: appendectomy (surgical procedure)
апперкот {noun} :: uppercut (in boxing)
аппетит {noun} :: appetite
аппетитный {adj} :: appetizing
аппетитный {adj} [colloquial] :: attractive, seductive [of a woman]
аппетит приходит во время еды {phrase} :: appetite comes with eating
апплет {noun} [computing] :: applet (a small program module that runs under the control of a larger application)
аппликант {noun} :: applicant (one who applies)
аппликантка {noun} :: female applicant (one who applies)
аппликация {noun} :: applique, appliqué (decorative design)
аппойнтмент {noun} [colloquial] :: appointment (arrangement for a meeting; an engagement)
апраксия {noun} :: apraxia (disorder of motor planning)
апрель {noun} :: April
апрельский {adj} [relational] :: April
априори {adv} :: a priori
априорный {adj} :: a priori
апробация {noun} :: approval, approbation
апробировать {v both} :: to approve
апробировать {v both} :: to test
апсель {noun} [nautical] :: upsail
апсида {noun} :: apse, apsis, exedra
аптека {noun} :: pharmacy, chemist's, drugstore
аптекарь {noun} :: pharmacist, chemist, druggist
аптечка {noun} :: first-aid box; medicine chest
аптечка {noun} :: diminutive of аптека: small pharmacy
аптечка {noun} :: endearing form of аптека
аптечный {adj} [relational] :: pharmacy, chemist's, drugstore
апчхи {interj} :: achoo (the sound of a sneeze)
апшеронец {noun} :: male inhabitant of Apsheronsk or Apsheronsky District
апшеронка {noun} :: female inhabitant of Apsheronsk or Apsheronsky District
Апшеронский полуостров {prop} :: Апшеронский полуостров (peninsula)
ар {noun} :: are, measurement of area(100 sq. m.)
ар {n inan} :: R, r (English letter)
ара {m anim} [bird] :: macaw
араб {noun} :: Arab (person)
арабеск {noun} :: arabesque
арабеска {noun} :: arabesque (ornament)
арабизация {noun} :: Arabisation/Arabization (process of arabising)
арабизировать {v both} :: to Arabize (to make Arab)
арабистика {noun} :: Arabic studies
арабица {f} :: Arabic script
арабка {noun} :: a female Arab, a female Arabian
арабофобия {noun} :: Arabophobia (the fear, hate or dislike of Arabs)
Арабская весна {prop} :: Arab Spring (movement)
Арабская Республика Египет {prop} :: Арабская Республика Египет (country)
арабская цифра {noun} :: Arabic numeral (any of the ten symbols from 0 through 9)
арабский {adj} :: Arabic, Arabian
арабский {adj} :: Arab
Аравийский полуостров {prop} :: Аравийский полуостров (peninsula)
Аравийское море {noun} :: Аравийское море (sea)
аравитянин {noun} [archaic] :: Arab
Аравия {prop} :: Аравия (peninsula)
Арагацотн {prop} :: Арагацотн (province)
Арагви {prop} {f} :: Арагви (river)
Арагон {prop} :: Арагон (autonomous community)
арак {noun} :: arrack
Аракава {prop} :: Аракава (one of 23 <<special wards>> of <<pref/Tokyo>>, <<c/Japan>>)
Аракс {prop} :: Аракс (river)
Аральское море {prop} :: Аральское море (former lake)
арамеец {noun} :: Aramaean (person)
арамей {noun} :: Aramaean (people)
арамейка {noun} :: Aramaean female (person)
арамейский {adj} :: Aramaic
аранжировать {v both} [music] :: to arrange (to adapt an existing composition for presentation)
аранжировка {noun} [music] :: arrangement
арап {noun} [obsolete] :: Negro
Арарат {prop} :: Арарат (mountain)
Арарат {prop} :: Арарат (province)
Арарат {prop} :: Арарат (city)
Арарат {prop} :: Арарат (village)
арахидоновая кислота {noun} :: arachidonic acid
арахидоновый {adj} :: arachidonic
арахис {noun} :: peanut, goober
арахнофобия {noun} :: arachnophobia (an abnormal or irrational fear of spiders)
Арахосия {prop} :: Арахосия (<<ancient>> Achaemenid and Seleucid <<satrapy>>)
арба {noun} :: araba (a horse- or bullock-drawn cart with two large wheels)
арбалет {noun} [weapons] :: crossbow (mechanized weapon based on the bow), ballista
арбатский {adj} [relational] :: Arbat (historic street in Moscow)
арбитр {noun} [legal] :: arbiter, arbitrator (to resolve controversy)
арбитр {noun} [sports] :: referee, umpire
арбитраж {noun} :: arbitration
арбитражный {adj} [relational] :: arbitration; arbitral
арборетум {noun} :: arboretum (place of many varieties of trees)
арбуз {noun} :: watermelon
арбуз {noun} [slang] :: milliard, billion
аргандова лампа {noun} :: Argand lamp (a lamp with a circular hollow wick and glass chimney)
Аргау {prop} {m inan} :: Аргау (canton)
Аргентина {prop} :: Аргентина (country)
аргентинец {noun} :: Argentinian (person from Argentina)
аргентинка {noun} :: female Argentinian (person from Argentina)
аргентинский {adj} :: Argentinian (relating to Argentina)
аргентум {noun} :: silver (element)
аргинин {noun} :: arginine
АРГК {f inan} :: initialism of артиллерия резерва главного командования
арго {n inan} [linguistics] :: argot, slang (secret language of thieves, tramps and vagabonds)
Арго {prop} {m inan} :: Argo (mythical ship)
аргон {noun} :: argon
аргонавт {noun} :: argonaut
Аргос {prop} :: Аргос (city)
аргумент {noun} :: argument, reason (fact or statement used to support a proposition)
аргумент {noun} [mathematics, programming] :: argument
аргументация {noun} :: argumentation, reasoning
аргументирование {noun} :: argumentation
аргументировать {v both} [literary] :: to argue, to justify, to motivate
Аргус {prop} :: Argus (giant with hundred eyes)
Арденны {prop} :: Арденны (<<forest>> and mountainous <<region>> in <<c/France>>, <<c/Belgium>>, <<c/Germany>> and <<c/Luxembourg>>)
Арденны {prop} :: Арденны (department)
Ардеш {prop} :: Ардеш (department)
Ардеш {prop} :: Ардеш (river)
ареал {noun} :: areal, geographic range
арена {noun} :: arena
аренби {m inan} [music] :: contemporary R&B
аренда {noun} :: lease, rent
аренда {noun} :: leasehold
арендатор {noun} :: tenant (one who pays a fee in return for the use of land, etc.)
арендный {adj} [relational] :: rent
арендный {adj} [relational] :: rental
арендовать {v both} :: to lease; to rent
ареола {noun} :: areola (circle around the nipple)
Арес {prop} [Greek god] :: Ares
арест {noun} :: arrest
арестант {noun} :: arrestee, prisoner, jailbird (a person who is under arrest)
арестантка {noun} :: female arrestee, prisoner, jailbird (a person who is under arrest)
арестантский {adj} [relational] :: convict, prisoner; convict's, prisoner's
арестованный {adj} :: arrested, apprehended
арестованный {noun} :: arrestee (a person who is under arrest)
арестовать {v pf} :: to arrest
арестовывать {v impf} :: to arrest
Ареццо {prop} {f inan} :: Ареццо (province)
Ареццо {prop} {m inan} :: Ареццо (city/capital)
Ариана {prop} :: Ариана (ancient region)
арианин {noun} :: Arian
арианский {adj} :: Arian
ариец {noun} :: Aryan
Аризона {prop} :: Аризона (state)
арийка {noun} :: Aryan woman (in Nazism: a member of an alleged master race comprising non-Jewish Caucasians)
Арика {prop} :: Арика (city)
Ариман {prop} [religion] :: Ahriman (the Zoroastrian equivalent of the Devil)
Ариндж {prop} :: Ариндж (village)
аристарх {noun} [archaic] :: Aristarch
аристократ {noun} :: male aristocrat
аристократизм {noun} :: (imagined) aristocratic behavior (subtlety, nobility, elegance, etc.)
аристократический {adj} :: aristocratic
аристократичный {adj} :: aristocratic
аристократичный {adj} [ironic] :: grand
аристократия {noun} :: aristocracy, nobility
аристократка {noun} :: female aristocrat
аристотелизм {noun} :: Aristotelianism
Аристотель {prop} :: Aristotle
Аристофан {prop} :: Aristophanes
аритмия {noun} [medical] :: arrhythmia
арифметика {noun} :: arithmetic
арифметическая прогрессия {noun} :: arithmetic progression (sequence)
арифметический {adj} :: arithmetic, arithmetical
Ариэль {prop} {f} :: given name
ария {noun} [music] :: aria
арка {noun} :: arch, archway, arc
аркада {noun} :: arcade
Аркадий {prop} :: given name
Аркадия {prop} :: Аркадия (ancient region)
Аркадия {prop} :: Аркадия (regional unit)
аркан {noun} :: lasso, lariat
аркан {noun} :: noose
Арканзас {prop} :: Арканзас (state)
аркебуза {noun} :: harquebus
Арктика {prop} :: Арктика (region)
арктический {adj} :: Arctic
арктический беляк {noun} :: arctic hare
Армавир {prop} :: Армавир (ancient city/and/historical capital)
Армавир {prop} :: Армавир (province)
Армавир {prop} :: Армавир (town/capital)
Армавир {prop} :: Армавир (village)
Армавир {prop} :: Армавир (city)
Армагеддон {prop} :: Armageddon
армада {noun} :: armada
арматура {noun} :: fittings
арматура {noun} :: armature
арматура {noun} :: steel-concrete reinforcement, rebar
армеец {noun} [colloquial] :: soldier, serviceman
армеец {noun} [historical, pre-Revolutionary Russia] :: army officer or infantryman
армейский {adj} [relational] :: army
арменист {noun} :: Armenologist (one who engages in Armenology)
арменистика {noun} :: Armenology (field of study of the Armenian history, language, religion and culture)
Армения {prop} :: Армения (country)
арменовед {noun} :: Armenologist (one who engages in Armenology)
арменоведение {noun} :: Armenology (field of study of the Armenian history, language, religion and culture)
арменоведческий {adj} :: Armenological (relating to Armenology)
арменология {noun} :: Armenology (field of study of the Armenian history, language, religion and culture)
армия {noun} :: army, armed forces (the complete military organization of a nation, including land, sea and air forces)
армия {noun} :: army (specifically the land-based forces of a nation's military)
Армия Соединённых Штатов Америки {prop} :: United States Army
армрестлинг {noun} :: arm wrestling (a strength sport with two participants)
армянин {noun} :: Armenian (citizen, resident, or of heritage)
армянка {noun} :: female Armenian (citizen, resident, or of heritage)
армянофил {noun} :: Armenophile (someone with unusual admiration or partiality for the Armenian people, its culture, language or history)
армянофилия {noun} :: Armenophilia (unusual admiration or partiality for the Armenian people, its culture, language or history)
армянофоб {noun} :: Armenophobe (a person having a fear, dislike of, hatred or aversion to the Armenians, Republic of Armenia and the Armenian culture)
армянофобия {noun} :: Armenophobia (the fear, dislike of, hatred or aversion to the Armenians, Republic of Armenia and the Armenian culture)
Армянская апостольская церковь {prop} :: Armenian Apostolic Church
Армянская ССР {prop} :: Армянская ССР (former republic)
армянский {adj} :: Armenian
Армянское нагорье {prop} :: Армянское нагорье (plateau)
арность {noun} :: arity (number of arguments)
аромат {noun} :: aroma, fragrance, scent, perfume
ароматизатор {noun} :: aroma compound, odorant
ароматизатор {noun} :: air freshener, deodorizer
ароматизатор {noun} :: flavoring (food)
ароматизатор {noun} :: attractant
ароматический {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aromatic, euodic
ароматический {adj} :: fragrant, scented
ароматный {adj} :: aromatic, fragrant
аромун {noun} :: Aromanian (person)
аромунка {noun} :: Aromanian female (person)
аромунский {adj} :: Aromanian
аромунский {noun} :: Aromanian (language)
Арон {prop} :: given name
арпеджио {n inan} [music] :: arpeggio (notes of a chord played individually)
Арран {prop} :: Арран (island)
арсенал {noun} [military] :: arsenal
арсеникум {noun} :: arsenic (chemical element)
Арсеньев {prop} :: Арсеньев (town)
Артаксеркс {prop} :: Artaxerxes
Арташат {prop} :: Арташат (town/capital)
арт-дилер {noun} :: art dealer (someone who buys and sells paintings and/or sculptures)
арт-директор {noun} :: art director
артель {noun} :: an artel: a worker or peasant cooperative
Артемида {prop} :: Artemis (Greek goddess)
артериальный {adj} :: arterial
артерия {noun} :: artery
артерия {noun} :: through-passage
артефакт {noun} :: artifact (archaeological object)
артефакт {noun} :: visual artifact, distortion
Артём {prop} :: given name
Артик {prop} :: Артик (town)
артикль {noun} [grammar] :: article (part of speech)
артикул {noun} :: nomenclature article, code number
артикуляция {noun} :: articulation
артиллерийская подготовка {noun} :: artillery preparation
артиллерийский {adj} [relational] :: artillery
артиллерийский огонь {noun} :: artillery fire
артиллерист {noun} :: artilleryman
артиллерия {noun} :: artillery
Артина {prop} :: given name
артист {noun} :: artist, actor, performer
артистизм {noun} :: artistic skills, artistry
артистический {adj} :: artistic
артистичный {adj} :: artistic
артистка {noun} :: artist (female)
артишок {noun} :: artichoke
артобстрел {noun} :: heavy artillery bombardment
артрит {noun} :: arthritis
Артур {prop} :: given name
Аруба {prop} :: Аруба (island/and/constituent country)
арумын {noun} :: Aromanian (person)
арумынка {noun} :: Aromanian female (person)
арумынский {adj} :: Aromanian
арумынский {noun} :: Aromanian (language)
Аруначал-Прадеш {prop} :: Аруначал-Прадеш (state)
арфа {noun} :: harp
архаизм {noun} :: archaism
архаический {adj} [literary] :: archaic
архаичный {adj} :: archaic (old-fashioned or antiquated)
архангел {noun} :: archangel
Архангельск {prop} :: Архангельск (seaport city/administrative center), also known as Archangel
архангельский {adj} [relational] :: Arkhangelsk
архангельский {adj} [religion] :: archangelic
архат {noun} :: arhat
археолог {noun} :: archaeologist (someone who is skilled, professes or practices archaeology)
археологический {adj} :: archaeological (relating to the science or research of archaeology)
археология {noun} :: archaeology
археоптерикс {noun} :: archeopteryx (ancient bird)
архетип {noun} :: archetype
архи- {prefix} :: archi-, arch- (chief, highest, most extreme)
архив {noun} :: archive
архивариус {noun} :: archivist, recorder, registrar
архиватор {noun} :: archiver
архивирование {noun} :: archiving
архивировать {v impf} :: to archive
архивный {adj} [relational] :: archive, archival
архиепископ {noun} :: archbishop
архиепископство {noun} :: archbishopric (jurisdiction of an archbishop)
архиерей {noun} :: bishop (Orthodox church)
архиерейский {adj} [relational, religion] :: bishop; bishop's
архимандрит {noun} :: archimandrite
Архимед {prop} :: Archimedes (an ancient Greek mathematician)
архимедов {adj} :: Archimedes'; Archimedean
архипелаг {noun} :: archipelago
архитектор {noun} :: architect
архитектура {noun} :: architecture
архитектурный {adj} :: architectural, architectonic
архитрав {noun} :: architrave (the lowest part of an entablature)
архонт {noun} :: archon
арча {noun} :: juniper (various Juniperus spp.)
арчинский {adj} :: Archi
арчинский {noun} :: Archi (language)
Аршава {prop} [obsolete] :: Аршава (capital city)
аршин {noun} :: arshin
аршин {noun} :: yardstick (standard to which other measurements or comparisons are judged)
-арь {suffix} :: Suffix added to nouns, verbs and adjectives to form masculine agent nouns, sometimes inanimate: -er, -or
Арьеж {prop} :: Арьеж (department)
Арьеж {prop} :: Арьеж (river)
арьергард {noun} [military] :: rearguard
ас {noun} :: ace (expert)
асаи {f inan} {n inan} :: açai (South American palms of the genus Euterpe)
асана {noun} :: asana, yoga position
Асахикава {prop} {f inan} :: Асахикава (city)
асбест {noun} :: asbestos
асбестовый {adj} [relational] :: asbestos
АСЕАН {prop} :: ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
а сейчас {adv} :: now, and now, but now (beginning a sentence or phrase to indicate a change or contrast from the foregoing)
асексуальность {noun} :: asexuality
асексуальный {adj} :: asexual (having no interest in sex)
асептический {adj} :: aseptic (free of microbes)
Асибецу {prop} {m inan} :: Асибецу (city)
асимметричный {adj} :: asymmetric, asymmetrical
асимметрия {noun} :: asymmetry
асимптота {noun} [mathematics] :: asymptote (a straight line which a curve approaches arbitrarily closely)
асимптотический {adj} :: asymptotic
асиндетон {noun} :: asyndeton
асинхронно {adv} :: asynchronously (in an asynchronous manner)
асинхронный {adj} :: asynchronous (not synchronous)
аскеза {noun} :: asceticism
аскет {noun} :: ascetic
аскетизм {noun} :: asceticism
аскетический {adj} :: ascetic
аскетично {adv} :: ascetically
аскетичный {adj} :: ascetic (related to Ascetics)
Асклепий {prop} :: Asclepius (Greek god of medicine and healing)
аскорбиновая кислота {noun} :: ascorbic acid
Асмара {prop} :: Асмара (capital city)
Асмодей {prop} :: Asmodeus (the prince of demons in the Book of Tobit)
Асмэра {prop} :: Асмэра (capital city)
аспект {noun} :: aspect, perspective
аспирант {noun} :: postgraduate, graduate student (a person continuing to study after completing a degree)
аспирантка {noun} :: female postgraduate, graduate student (a person continuing to study after completing a degree)
аспирантура {noun} :: graduate school (a school that awards advanced degrees)
аспирантура {noun} :: graduate study
аспирация {noun} :: aspiration (burst of air that follows the release of some consonants)
аспирин {noun} :: aspirin
аспирировать {v both} :: to aspirate
аспления {noun} [pathology] :: asplenia (absence of normal spleen function)
Ассам {prop} :: Ассам (state)
ассамблея {noun} :: assembly (a congregation of people in one place for a purpose, particularly a ball)
ассамблея {noun} :: assembly (a legislative body)
ассамский {adj} :: Assamese
ассемблер {noun} [programming] :: assembler
ассемблер {noun} [programming] :: assembly language
ассигнация {noun} [dated or historical] :: banknote (particularly, paper money in Russia from 1769 to 1849 and in France during the French Revolution)
ассигнация {noun} [finance] :: payment order
ассигнование {noun} :: assignment, allocation, allotment, appropriation
ассигновать {v both} :: to assign, to appropriate
ассигновать {v both} :: to allocate, to allot
ассигновать {v both} :: to ear-mark, to budget
ассимилировать {v both} :: to assimilate
ассимиляция {noun} :: assimilation
ассириец {noun} :: Assyrian
ассирийка {noun} :: female Assyrian (a person who resided in the ancient region on the Upper Tigris river)
ассирийский {adj} :: Assyrian (related to Assyria, ancient region on the Upper Tigris river)
ассирийский {noun} :: Assyrian (language)
Ассирия {prop} :: Ассирия (<<historical>> Semitic Akkadian <<kingdom>> in <<r/Mesopotamia>>)
ассириянин {noun} [historical] :: Assyrian (a citizen of an ancient nation and empire, including the northern half of Mesopotamia, with capital city of Nineveh)
ассистент {noun} :: assistant
ассистентка {noun} :: female assistant
ассистировать {v impf} :: to assist (help)
ассонанс {noun} :: assonance (repetition of similar or identical vowel sounds)
ассортимент {noun} :: assortment, range
ассортимент {noun} :: assortiment
ассоциативный {adj} [psychology, mathematics, philosophy, computing, etc.] :: associative
ассоциация {noun} :: association (group of persons associated for a common purpose)
ассоциировать {v both} :: to associate
ассоциироваться {v both} :: to associate (with), to form an association (with)
ассоциироваться {v both} :: to be associated (with), to bring up an association (with)
Астана {prop} :: Астана (former name of Nur-Sultan, the <<capital city>> of <<c/Kazakhstan>>)
астат {noun} :: astatine
астатин {noun} [dated] :: astatine
астения {noun} :: asthenia
астеризм {noun} :: asterism
Астерикс {prop} :: Asterix (fictional Gaulish warrior)
астериск {noun} :: asterisk (symbol used to highlight words or sentences)
астероид {noun} :: asteroid
астероид {noun} :: minor planet
астигматизм {noun} :: astigmatism (defect of a lens)
астма {noun} :: asthma (chronic respiratory disease)
астра {noun} :: aster (plant)
астральный {adj} :: astral (relating to or resembling the stars)
астральный {adj} :: astral (relating to a supposed supersensible substance)
астраханский {adj} [relational] :: Astrakhan
астраханский {adj} :: from Astrakhan
Астрахань {prop} :: Астрахань (city/administrative center)
астробиология {noun} :: astrobiology (exobiology)
астроблема {noun} :: astrobleme (pit-like structure created by an impacting meteoroid, asteroid or comet)
астроида {noun} :: astroid
астролог {noun} :: astrologer
астрология {noun} :: astrology
астролябия {noun} :: astrolabe
астронавт {noun} :: astronaut (usually of American astronauts)
астроном {noun} :: astronomer
астрономическая единица {noun} :: astronomical unit
астрономический {adj} :: astronomical
астрономия {noun} :: astronomy
астрофизика {noun} :: astrophysics
астрофизический {adj} :: astrophysical
астурийский {adj} :: Asturian (relating to Asturias in Spain)
Астурия {prop} :: Астурия (autonomous community/and/province)
Астхик {prop} {f} :: Astghik (Armenian goddess)
-астый {suffix} :: adjective-forming suffix, added to nouns (especially body parts), indicating having the property of that noun to a large extent
Асунсьон {prop} :: Асунсьон (capital city)
асура {noun} :: Asura (in Hinduism)
асфальт {noun} :: asphalt
асфальтировать {v impf} :: to asphalt
асфальтовый {adj} [relational] :: asphalt
асфальтовый {adj} [color] :: asphalt grey, stone grey
асфиксия {noun} :: asphyxia (condition with extreme decrease of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide)
асы {noun} :: Æsir (the principal Norse gods)
асьенто {n inan} [historical] :: asiento
ат {noun} [numismatics] :: att (Lao coin)
атавизм {noun} :: atavism
атавистический {adj} :: atavistic (of the recurrence of a trait after an absence of generations)
атака {noun} :: attack, assault
а также {conj} :: as well as (and in addition)
атаковать {v both} :: to attack, to charge, to assault
атаксия {noun} :: ataxia
атакующий {noun} :: attacker (someone who attacks someone or something)
атаман {noun} :: ataman [Cossack chieftain]
атаман {noun} :: gang-leader, robber chief
атараксия {noun} :: ataraxia
Атари {prop} {f} :: Atari (video game company or system)
атаял {m anim} {f anim} :: Atayal (person or people)
атаяльский {adj} :: Atayal (relating to the Atayal people)
атаяльский {noun} :: Atayal (language)
атеизм {noun} [religion] :: atheism
атеист {noun} :: atheist
атеистический {adj} :: atheistic
атеистка {noun} :: female atheist (woman who rejects belief in the existence of deities)
ателье {n inan} :: studio, atelier
ателье {n inan} :: atelier, dressmaking and tailoring establishment
атеофобия {noun} :: atheophobia (fear or hatred of atheists)
атерома {noun} :: atheroma (abnormal fatty deposit)
атеросклероз {noun} [medicine] :: atherosclerosis
Аткинсон {prop} {m anim} {f anim} :: Atkinson (transliteration of the English surname)
атлант {noun} [anatomy] :: atlas (uppermost vertebra of the neck)
атлант {noun} [architecture] :: telamon, atlantes
Атлант {prop} [Greek god] :: Atlas
Атланта {prop} :: Атланта (city)
Атлантида {noun} :: Атлантида (<<mythical>> lost <<island>> and <<mythical continent>>)
атлантический {adj} :: Atlantic
Атлантический океан {noun} :: Атлантический океан (ocean)
атлас {noun} :: atlas
атлас {noun} :: satin
атласный {adj} [relational] :: atlas
атласный {adj} [relational] :: satin; satiny
атлет {noun} :: athlete (a person who actively participates in physical sports, possibly highly skilled in sports)
атлетика {noun} :: athletics
атлетка {noun} :: female athlete (a person who actively participates in physical sports, possibly highly skilled in sports)
атмосфера {noun} :: atmosphere
атмосферное давление {noun} :: atmospheric pressure
атмосферный {adj} :: atmospheric, aerial
а то {conj} :: otherwise
а то {phrase} [colloquial] :: or else (as an alternative)
а то {phrase} [colloquial] :: of course, you bet
атолл {noun} :: atoll
атом {noun} :: atom
атомизм {noun} :: atomism
атомная бомба {noun} :: atom bomb, atomic bomb
атомная масса {noun} :: atomic mass
атомная энергия {noun} :: atomic energy
атомное число {noun} :: atomic number (number of protons)
атомный {adj} [relational] :: atom; atomic
атомный {adj} :: nuclear
атомный номер {noun} :: atomic number (number of protons)
атомоксетин {noun} :: atomoxetine (drug)
атомоход {noun} :: atomic-powered vessel
атония {noun} [medical] :: atony
-атор {suffix} :: Suffix used to form agent nouns (both animate and inanimate) from verbs in -ировать, -ировать and -овать: -ator, -er
АТР {prop} {m inan} :: initialism of азиатско-тихоокеанский регион: APR (Asia Pacific Region)
атрибут {noun} :: attribute
атрибут {noun} :: modifier, property
атрибутив {noun} :: attributive (a word or phrase that modifies a noun and is part of the noun's noun phrase)
атрибутивный {adj} :: attributive
атрибутика {noun} :: set of attributes
атрий {noun} :: atrium (square hall lit from above)
атриум {noun} :: atrium (square hall lit from above)
Атропатена {prop} [historical] :: Atropatene (ancient kingdom)
атропин {noun} :: atropine (alkaloid extracted from the plant deadly nightshade)
атрофия {noun} :: atrophy
атташе {m anim} :: attaché
аттестат {noun} :: certificate, testimonial; allotment note
аттестация {noun} :: certification, attestation, certification procedure
аттестовать {v both} :: to certify
аттестовать {v both} :: to recommend
аттестовать {v both} :: to rate, to evaluate (someone's) knowledge [usually on a specific topic for a specific period]
аттик {noun} :: Attic (style); a type of decorative wall
Аттика {prop} :: Аттика (historical region)
Аттика {prop} :: Аттика (administrative region)
аттитюд {noun} :: attitude
аттометр {noun} :: attometre (10-18 metres)
аттракцион {noun} :: attraction, side-show
аттракция {noun} [special, psychology, linguistics, rare] :: attraction
-атый {suffix} :: Suffix used to form adjectives from nouns, meaning "having X"
-ать {suffix} :: The infinitive suffix for many verbs. Usually indicates an imperfective verb
-ать {suffix} :: Used in place of -ять after the hushing sibilants ш щ ч ж and after жд, when used to derive imperfective verbs from (normally but not always prefixed) perfective class 4 verbs (in -ить) following one of т д с з ш щ ч ж. Always stressed. Triggers iotation of the final stem consonant, although it's unpredictable whether the iotation of т results in ч or щ, and whether the iotation of д results in ж or жд. Very occasionally found with class 5 verbs in -еть
-ать {suffix} :: Used to derive imperfective verbs from certain classes of prefixed perfective verbs, where the stem ends in a non-palatal consonant, e.g. class 3 (-нуть), class 6 (some -ать, particularly where the present tense does not end in -аю), class 7 (-ть after a consonant and -ти), class 8 (-чь). Always stressed (which may be the only difference between the perfective and imperfective forms, esp. for class 6 perfectives). It is added to the underlying stem, minus the infinitive suffix. In some cases, the underlying stem is not apparent in the infinitive. In such a case, the stem may appear in the present tense (in class 7 verbs such as напасть, underlying stem напад- visible in present 1st singular нападу, or in class 8 verbs such as отсечь, underlying stem отсек- visible in present 1st singular отсеку) or may not (in class 3 verbs in -нуть, e.g. покинуть, underlying stem покид-)
-ать {suffix} :: Occasionally, irregularly used to derive imperfective verbs from (normally but not always prefixed) perfective class 4 (-ить) and class 5 (some -еть) verbs where the stem ends in a paired palatal consonant. Always stressed. Does not trigger iotation
-ать {suffix} :: Used in place of -еть after the hushing sibilants ш щ ч ж, when used to derive class-5 imperfective verbs from nouns, especially onomatopoeic verbs. Probably no longer productive
атэдзи {m inan} :: ateji (kanji used phonetically)
АТЭС {prop} {n inan} :: APEC, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
ау {interj} :: hello? (is anyone there?)
аудиенция {noun} :: audience (a formal meeting)
аудио- {prefix} :: audio (of or relating to audible sound)
аудиовизуальный {adj} :: audiovisual (containing both aural and visual elements)
аудиокнига {noun} :: audiobook (a recording, usually made available for sale, of a reading of the full text or of an abridgement of a book)
аудиолог {noun} :: audiologist
аудиология {noun} :: audiology (study of hearing and hearing defects)
аудиоплёнка {noun} :: audiotape (magnetic tape that stores analog sound)
аудирование {noun} :: listening, listening comprehension, audition (skill or ability for nonnatives of a language of perceiving the spoken language)
аудит {noun} :: audit (judicial examination)
аудитор {noun} :: auditor
аудитория {noun} :: auditorium
аудитория {noun} :: audience
аудиторский {adj} [relational] :: audit
аудиторский {adj} :: auditor's
ауйяма {noun} :: ahuyama (Cucurbita maxima), a winter squash of the West Indies similar to butternut or Hubbard
аукать {v impf} :: to yell/shout out (for help) by shouting "ау" (halloo!)
аукцион {noun} :: auction
аукционный {adj} [relational] :: auction
Аукштайтия {prop} :: Аукштайтия (ethnographic region)
аул {noun} :: aul (a type of village in the Caucasus or Central Asia)
аура {noun} :: aura (the distinctive atmosphere or quality associated with someone or something)
Аурангабад {prop} :: Аурангабад (city)
аусвайс {noun} [historical] :: an ID, a document issued by German authorities, e.g. during the occupation of a large area of the Soviet Union during World War II
аусвайс {noun} [humorous or Germany] :: any passport; any ID
аускультация {noun} :: auscultation (diagnosis by stethoscope or similar auditory device)
аутентичность {noun} :: authenticity (the quality of being genuine or not corrupted from the original)
аутентичный {adj} :: authentic
аутизм {noun} :: autism (abnormal self-absorption)
аутинг {noun} :: outing (public revelation of homosexuality)
аутист {noun} :: autist (person with autism)
аутогинефилия {noun} :: autogynephilia (male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the image or thought of himself as a woman)
аутодафе {n inan} :: auto da fe (public announcement of the sentences imposed by the Inquisition on supposed heretics; public execution by burning at the stake)
аутопсия {noun} :: autopsy (a dissection performed on a cadaver)
аутотомия {noun} :: autotomy (invertebrate self-defense mechanism)
аутсайдер {noun} :: outsider
аутсайдер {noun} [politics, sports] :: underdog
аутсайдер {noun} :: person or team in the last place; loser
аутсорсинг {noun} :: outsourcing (transfer business)
ауч {interj} [neologism] :: ouch (expression of one's own physical pain)
Аушвиц {prop} :: Auschwitz (concentration camp)
Аушвиц {prop} :: Аушвиц (city)
афазия {noun} :: aphasia
афалина {noun} :: bottlenose dolphin
Афанасий {prop} :: given name
афарский {adj} :: Afar
афарский {noun} :: Afar (language)
афган {noun} :: Afghan Hound
афганец {noun} :: Afghan (person from Afghanistan)
афганец {noun} :: Afghan (breed of dog)
афганец {noun} :: (in the former Soviet Union) A veteran of the 1979-89 Soviet-Afghan War
афгани {m inan} [numismatics] :: afghani (currency of Afghanistan)
Афганистан {prop} :: Афганистан (country)
афганка {noun} :: Afghan girl, Afghan woman
афганка {noun} :: Afghan bitch, female Afghan hound
афганка {noun} :: afganka (uniform of the Russian Airborne Troops, or VDV)
афганка {noun} :: Afghani (a strain of cannabis)
афганка {noun} :: Afghani (a soft, dark type of hashish)
афганская борзая {noun} :: Afghan hound
афганский {adj} :: Afghan, Afghani
афганский {noun} :: Pashto language
афелий {noun} :: aphelion
афера {noun} :: speculation, fraud, shady deal
аферист {noun} :: swindler, trickster, rook
Афина {prop} [Greek god] :: Athena
афинский {adj} :: Athenian (relating to Athens, Greece)
Афины {prop} :: Афины (capital city)
афинянин {noun} :: Athenian (an inhabitant, resident, or citizen of Athens, Greece)
афинянка {noun} :: Athenian female (an inhabitant, resident, or citizen of Athens, Greece)
афиша {noun} :: bill, poster, placard
афишировать {v impf} :: to advertise
афишировать {v impf} :: to flaunt; to make noticeable
афишная тумба {noun} :: Morris column
афоризм {noun} :: aphorism
афористичный {adj} :: aphoristic
афразийский {adj} :: Afro-Asiatic (a language family)
Африка {prop} :: Африка (continent)
африкаанс {noun} :: Afrikaans language
африкандер {noun} :: Afrikaner (member of ethnic group)
африканер {noun} :: Afrikaner (member of ethnic group)
африканец {noun} :: African (person)
африканист {noun} :: Africanist
африканистка {noun} :: female Africanist (a specialist in African studies)
африканка {noun} :: African girl or woman
африканский {adj} :: African
Африканский Рог {prop} :: Африканский Рог (peninsula)
африканский слон {noun} :: African elephant (Loxodonta africana or Loxodonta cyclotis found in Africa)
Африканский союз {prop} :: African Union (multinational organisation)
афро- {prefix} :: Afro- (African)
афро {n inan} :: afro (hairstyle)
афро-американец {noun} :: archaic spelling of афроамериканец
афроамериканец {noun} :: Afro-American (a resident of the United States who is of African heritage)
афро-американка {noun} :: archaic spelling of афроамериканка
афроамериканка {noun} :: Afro-American woman or girl (a resident of the United States who is of African heritage)
афродизиак {noun} :: aphrodisiac (food or drug)
Афродита {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Aphrodite
афрофобия {noun} :: Afrophobia (the fear, hate or dislike of Africans)
афта {noun} :: aphthous ulcer (ulcer in the mouth caused by break in mucous membrane)
афтершок {noun} :: aftershock (earthquake that follows in the same vicinity as another)
афтозный {adj} :: aphthous (relating to aphtha)
аффект {noun} [law] :: temporary insanity, irresistible impulse
аффект {noun} [psychology] :: affect (feeling in response to a stimulus)
аффективный {adj} [psychology] :: affective
аффикс {noun} [grammar] :: affix
аффинитет {noun} [chemistry, medicine] :: affinity
аффинный {adj} :: affine (relating to transformations that preserve parallel lines and finite points)
аффриката {noun} [phonetics] :: affricate (a sound produced using a combination of a plosive and a fricative)
ах {interj} :: ah!, oh!
ах {noun} :: ah (an instance of the interjection ах)
Ахав {prop} :: Ahab (biblical king of Israel)
ахать {v impf} :: to exclaim, to gasp, to sigh
Ахелой {prop} :: Ахелой (river)
Ахемен {prop} :: Achaemenes (the founder of the Achaemenid dynasty)
Ахеменид {noun} :: Achaemenid (a member of the dynasty which ruled the Persian empire c. 550–330 BCE)
ахеменидский {adj} :: Achaemenid (relating to the dynasty which ruled the Persian empire c. 550–330 BCE)
Ахерон {prop} :: Ахерон (river)
Ахилл {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Achilles
Ахиллес {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Achilles
ахиллесова пята {noun} :: Achilles heel (vulnerability in an otherwise strong situation)
ахиллово сухожилие {noun} [anatomy] :: Achilles' tendon
ахинея {noun} [colloquial] :: drivel
Ахмадабад {prop} :: Ахмадабад (city)
ахнуть {v pf} :: to exclaim, to gasp, to sigh
ахроматизм {noun} :: achromatism (achromatopia)
Ахтала {prop} :: Ахтала (town)
Ахура-Мазда {prop} {m anim} :: Ahura Mazda (the one God of Zoroaster)
ацетат {noun} :: acetate
ацетилен {noun} :: acetylene
ацетон {noun} :: acetone (the organic compound (CH3)2CO)
ацетон {noun} :: nail polish remover
ацинус {noun} :: acinus (one of the granular masses which constitute a racemose or compound gland)
-ация {suffix} :: -ation
ацтек {noun} :: Aztec
ацтекский {adj} :: Aztec
-ач {suffix} :: Usually denoting occupation or agent
аш {n inan} :: The Roman letter H, h (aitch)
ашанти {m inan} {f anim} :: Ashanti
Ашанти {prop} {m inan} :: Ашанти (one of 16 <<administrative regions>> of <<c/Ghana>>)
Ашгабат {prop} :: Ашгабат (capital city)
Аштарак {prop} :: Аштарак (town)
ашуг {noun} :: ashugh
Ашхабад {prop} :: Ашхабад (capital city)
Аэлита {prop} :: given name
аэро- {prefix} :: aero-, air (referring to air or (usually) aircraft)
аэробика {noun} :: aerobics
аэробиология {noun} :: aerobiology (the study of the dispersion of airborne biological materials)
аэробный {adj} :: aerobic
Аэробус {prop} :: Airbus (a European aircraft manufacturer)
аэровокзал {noun} :: airport terminal
аэрограмма {noun} :: aerogram, aerogramme
аэродинамика {noun} :: aerodynamics
аэродинамический {adj} :: aerodynamic
аэродром {noun} :: airfield, aerodrome, airdrome
аэрозоль {noun} :: aerosol
аэрозоль {noun} :: spray
аэрозольный {adj} [relational] :: aerosol
аэрозольный баллон {noun} :: aerosol can (pressurized canister)
аэролит {noun} [astronomy] :: aerolite, aerolith
аэрология {noun} :: aerology (branch of meteorology)
аэрометр {noun} :: aerometer (instrument used to measure mass and density of gases)
аэронавигационный {adj} [relational] :: aeronavigation, navigation
аэронавигационный огонь {noun} :: navigation light (airplane)
аэронавигация {noun} :: air navigation
аэронавтика {noun} :: aeronautics (mechanics and science of aircraft)
аэроплан {noun} [dated or humorous] :: aeroplane, airplane
аэропорт {noun} :: airport
аэростат {noun} :: balloon, aerostat
Аэрофлот {prop} :: Aeroflot airlines
аэрошоу {n inan} :: air show (a public display of stunt flying, aerobatics, and historical aircraft)
аэроэкспресс {noun} :: express train to airport
АЭС {f inan} :: nuclear power station
-ающий {suffix} :: -ing, -ent, -ive (present participle active: "which is ...-ing")
-ающийся {suffix} :: -ing, -ent, -ive [active reflexive present participle: "which is ...-ing"]
аятолла {m anim} [Islam] :: ayatollah