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-'s {suffix} :: Used to form the plural form of nouns ending in a vowel, except schwa
-'s {suffix} :: Used to form the genitive form of proper nouns which end in certain vowels; the apostrophe actually stands for an elided vowel
-s- {interfix} :: Genitival interfix used to link elements in some compounds
-s {suffix} :: Used to form regular plurals of nouns that end in certain suffixes or syllables, such as -el, -er, -en, -em, -eur, -aar, -aard, diminutive -je, etc
-s {suffix} :: Used to form irregular plurals of many other nouns, chiefly of foreign origin
-s {suffix} [archaic, except in fixed expressions] :: Used to form the genitive case of (strong) masculine and neuter nouns
-s {suffix} :: Used to form the genitive case of proper nouns and some pronouns
-s {suffix} :: Used to form the partitive form of the adjective
-s {suffix} :: Used to form adverbs
-s {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives of characteristic from nouns
-s {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives or language names from names of nations or countries
's {prefix} :: Used in ’s ochtends, ’s morgens, ’s middags, ’s avonds, ’s nachts, ’s zomers, and ’s winters
's {prefix} :: Used in place names as a shorthand for genitive des such as ’s-Gravenhage and ’s-Hertogenbosch indicating possession or origin
's {prefix} :: Used to construct a noun phrase which indicates a genitive (quality, possession or origin)
's {adv} :: clipping of eens
s {letter} :: letter
S {letter} :: letter
saai {adj} :: boring, tedious
saai {n} {m} :: woven woollen cloth
saai {n} {m} [Brabantian] :: wool [in yarn form]
saaiheid {f} :: dullness, tediousness
saam {adv} [often, colloquial, sometimes, literary] :: together
saamhorigheid {f} [Netherlands] :: affinity, fellowship, community feeling, solidarity
saamhorigheidsgevoel {n} :: feeling of togetherness (in a community)
saampjes {adv} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: together
sabbat {m} :: Sabbath
sabbelen {vi} :: to suckle, to suck
sabel {m} :: sabre [Commonwealth], saber [US] (sword with a narrow, slightly curved blade)
sabel {m} :: sable, Martes zibellina
sabel {m} [heraldry] :: sable, the colour black
sabeldier {n} :: sable, Martes zibellina
sabelmarter {m} :: sable, Martes zibellina
Sabijn {m} :: a Sabine
Sabijns {adj} :: Sabinian, Sabine
Sabine {prop} {f} :: given name, popular in the latter half of the twentieth century
sabotage {m} :: sabotage
saboteren {vt} :: to sabotage
saboteur {m} :: saboteur
sabra {m} :: Sabra (native-born Israeli)
sacharose {f} {m} [biochemistry] :: sucrose
sachem {m} :: sachem, Native American chief
sacherijn {n} :: chagrin
sacherijnig {adj} :: bad tempered, grumpy
sachet {n} :: sachet
sacoche {f} [Belgium] :: handbag
sacraal {adj} :: holy, sacred
sacraal {adj} :: consecrated, cultic, ritual, ritualistic
sacraal {adj} [anatomy] :: sacral, pertaining to the sacrum
sacraliseren {v} :: to hallow, to sanctify
sacrament {n} [Christianity] :: sacrament
sacramenteel {adj} [Christianity] :: sacramental
sacristie {f} :: sacristy
sadistisch {adj} :: sadistic
sadomasochist {m} :: sadomasochist
safari {m} :: safari
saffiaan {n} {m} :: saffian (type of leather)
saffiaantje {noun} :: cigarette
saffie {n} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: cigarette
saffier {m} :: sapphire (transparent blue corundum, or a clear corundum of another colour)
saffier {n} :: sapphire ((blue) corundum)
saffier {n} :: sapphire (blue colour)
saffieren {adj} :: sapphire (consisting of sapphire, made of sapphire)
saffraan {m} :: saffron (spice)
saffraangeel {adj} [color] :: saffron
saflet {noun} [Brabantian] :: a blow, whack
sage {f} :: story of heraldry and valor, a saga
sago {m} :: A powdered starch obtained from certain palms used as a food thickener
sago {m} :: Any of the palms from which sago is extracted
sagopalm {m} :: sago palm, any palm or palm-like plant that produces sago
Sahidisch {prop} {n} :: Sahidic (Theban dialect of Coptic)
Sahidisch {adj} :: Sahidic
sail {n} [nautical] :: The fin or sail of a submarine
saillant {adj} :: salient
saillant {m} {n} [military] :: A salient
Saintes {prop} {n} :: A city in the southeastern French département Charente-Maritime, the former capital of the Saintonge province
Saintes {prop} {n} :: A French Catholic diocese named after the above, its see
Saintes {prop} {n} :: A French arrondissement named after the above, its capital
Saintes {prop} {n} [in the plural] :: A small French Caribbean island chain in the Leeward Islands, a dependency of Guadeloupe
Saint Kitts en Nevis {prop} :: Saint Kitts en Nevis (a <<country>> consisting of two <<islands>> in the <<r/Caribbean>>)
Saint Vincent en de Grenadines {prop} :: Saint Vincent en de Grenadines (archipelago/and/country)
sajet {n} :: combed and twined woollen yarn of short fibres
sake {m} :: sake (Japanese rice wine)
sakkerloot {interj} [archaic] :: well I never!
Saks {m} :: A Saxon
Saksen {prop} {n} :: Saxony
Saksen-Anhalt {prop} {n} :: Saxony-Anhalt
Saksisch {adj} :: Saxon
salade {f} :: salad (a food made primarily of a mixture of raw ingredients, typically vegetables)
salade {f} [archaic] :: lettuce
salade {f} :: A sallet, a salade (certain type of round helmet)
salafisme {n} :: Salafism (Sunni movement that seeks to align modern Islam with early Islam)
salafist {m} :: A Salafist, a Salafi (Sunni Muslim who seeks to align modern Islam with early Islam)
salafistisch {adj} :: Salafistic, Salafi
salamander {m} :: salamander, amphibian of the order Caudata
salami {m} :: salami
salaris {n} :: salary
saldo {n} :: balance on an account
salet {n} :: A salon, a small room where one receives guests
salet {n} [obsolete] :: An upper-class party or similar formal meeting where one socialises; often of a type traditionally organised and attended by ladies, such as a tea party
saletjonker {m} [historical] :: An eighteenth or nineteenth century dandy from the upper classes, typically with a law degree; a petit maître
salie {f} :: sage, herb of the genus Salvia
Salland {prop} {n} :: An area in the west of the Dutch province of Overijssel, including the cities of Zwolle and Deventer
Sallands {adj} :: Of, from or pertaining to Salland
Sallands {prop} {n} :: Sallands, a Low Saxon dialect spoken in the Salland region of Overijssel
sallewase {noun} [Brabantian] :: a blow, whack
salmiak {m} :: ammonium chloride, sal ammoniac
salmiak {m} :: a piece of liquorice with salmiak
salmiakdrop {f} {n} :: licorice with ammonium chloride
salmiakzout {n} :: ammonium chloride
salmonella {f} [countable, uncountable] :: salmonella, bacterium of the genus Salmonella
Salomo {prop} {m} :: Solomon (Biblical figure, historical king of Israel and Judah)
Salomon {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Salomo
Salomon {prop} {m} :: given name
Salomonseilanden {prop} {p} :: Salomonseilanden (country)
salon {m} {n} :: salon, room for receiving guests
salon {m} {n} :: pub, café or restaurant [often posh or trendy, or in a French context]
salonfähig {adj} :: salonfähig
salonpopulist {m} [derogatory] :: a person who is considered to belong to the societal elite and expresses antipolitical sentiments similar to populism
salonsocialisme {n} [usually pejorative, colloquial] :: champagne socialism
salonsocialist {m} [usually pejorative, colloquial] :: a champagne socialist, an armchair socialist (someone who professes to be a socialist but is perceived not to be genuine)
salonsocialistisch {adj} [usually pejorative, colloquial] :: champagne socialistic
salontafel {f} :: coffee table, tea table (low, relatively small table used in living rooms, parlours, etc.)
salontafeltje {noun} :: diminutive of salontafel
salp {f} :: salp, any member of the class Thaliacea
salpeter {m} {n} :: saltpetre (UK), saltpeter (US)
salpeterzuur {n} [inorganic compound] :: nitric acid
salsa {m} :: salsa (dance)
salsa {m} :: salsa (spicy tomato sauce)
saltatie {f} :: saltation
salto {m} :: somersault, flip (jump where one makes a 360° rotation)
saluut {interj} [Belgium] :: goodbye
saluutjes {interj} [Belgium] :: goodbye
saluutschot {n} :: A salute shot
salvo {n} :: salvo, volley, a series of shots
Sam {prop} {m} :: given name
Sam {prop} {f} :: given name
samarium {n} :: samarium
sambabal {m} [colloquial] :: maraca
sambal {m} [Netherlands, Belgium, chiefly uncountable] :: Sambal, a relish made from chili peppers
sambal {m} [Suriname] :: A spicy spread made of chili peppers and chicken, esp. chopped liver
samen {adv} :: together
samendrukken {vt} :: To compress, press together (e.g. into a smaller space)
samengesteld {adj} :: compound
samengesteld {adj} :: composed
samenhang {m} [topology] :: connectedness
samenhang {m} :: relation, relationship
samenhangen {v} :: to coincide, concur
samenhangend {adj} :: connected
samenhangend {adj} :: (~ met) in connection with
samenhangendheid {f} [topology] :: connectedness
samenhorigheid {f} [Belgium] :: affinity, fellowship, community feeling
samenkomen {vi} :: to come together, to meet, to assemble
samenkomst {f} :: meeting, gathering, meetup
samenkomst {f} :: junction, intersection (place where two or more things come together, esp. lines and (water)ways)
Samenland {prop} {n} :: Lapland
samenleven {v} :: to live together as partners or a family
samenleving {f} :: society
samenloop {m} :: a series of coincidences or concurrent events
samenroepen {v} :: to call together (for a meeting)
samenrotten {vi} :: to assemble with malicious intent, e.g. to conspire or to gather for a riot
samenscholen {vi} :: to gather, to assemble, to join up, usually in public
samenscholing {f} [countable] :: An assembly, a group of people gathered, usually in public
samenscholing {f} [uncountable] :: The act or process of assembling, of gathering together, usually in public
samenscholingsverbod {n} :: A ban on assembly in public spaces
samensmelten {v} :: to amalgamate (melt/blend together)
samenspannen {vi} :: to conspire [+ tegen (object) = against] [+ met (object) = with]
samenspanning {f} [formal, legal] :: conspiracy
samenspraak {f} :: consultation
samenspraak {f} [historical] :: discussion, dialogue, conversation
samenstellen {v} :: to compose, to make up, to form
samenstellen {v} :: to compile, to put together
samenstelling {f} :: composition
samenstelling {f} [grammar] :: compound word
samenstromen {vi} :: to flow in a convergent direction
samenstromen {vi} [also, figurative] :: to converge
samentrekken {v} :: to shrivel up
samentrekking {f} :: contraction
samenvallen {v} :: to coincide
samenvatten {v} :: to summarize (US); summarise (UK)
samenvatting {f} :: A summary, a digest
samenvoegen {v} :: to combine, to merge, to unite
samenwerken {v} :: to cooperate, collaborate
samenwerkend {adj} :: cooperative
samenwerking {f} :: cooperation, working together, collaboration
samenwerkingsverband {f} :: cooperation of organisations
samenzang {m} :: communal singing
samenzweerder {m} :: Conspirator
samenzweren {v} :: to conspire, plot
samenzwering {f} :: conspiracy
samenzweringstheoreticus {m} :: conspiracy theorist
Samisch {adj} :: Sami
Samniet {m} :: Samnite
Samoa {prop} {n} :: Samoa
Samoaan {m} :: A Samoan
Samoaans {prop} {n} :: Samoan
samoem {m} :: simoom
samoen {m} :: alternative form of samoem
samoerai {m} :: samurai
Samojeeds {adj} :: Samoyedic
sampan {f} :: sampan (Chinese wooden boat)
samsam {adv} :: fifty-fifty, equally, with equal shares or contributions
samsonseks {m} [Belgium] :: Parents' undisturbed sex (sexual activity) while their children are occupied by a television show or movie (e.g. Samson & Gert)
Samuel {prop} :: Samuel (Biblical figure; books of the Bible)
Samuel {prop} :: given name
Samuël {prop} [rare] :: alternative spelling of Samuel
Sanaa {prop} {n} :: Sanaa (capital city)
sanatorium {n} :: sanatorium
sanctie {f} [chiefly diplomacy] :: sanction (measure intended to encourage compliance)
sanctie {f} [law] :: sanction, approval
sanctieregime {n} :: regime of sanctions [often in either an international or a managerial context]
sandaal {f} :: sandal
Sander {prop} :: given name
's anderdaags {phrase} [Belgium] :: (on) the next day
's anderendaags {phrase} :: (on) the next day
Sanders {prop} :: surname
sandwich {m} :: sandwich
sandwichman {m} :: sandwichman
saneren {v} :: to reorganize (a business), rehabilitate (finances)
saneren {v} :: to recuperate, redevelop (e.g. a city district)
sani {m} [slang] :: thing
sanitair {adj} :: sanitary
sanitair {n} :: bathroom facilities, kitchen facilities, e.g. a sink or other equipment relating to hygiene
San Marino {prop} {n} :: San Marino (microstate)
San Marino {prop} {n} :: San Marino (capital city)
Sanne {prop} {f} :: given name, diminutive of Susanne
Sanne {prop} {m} :: given name, via Frisian, sometimes a diminutive of Sander, Alexander or from Old Norse sannr
Sanskriet {prop} {n} :: Sanskrit (Indo-Iranian language)
Sanskrit {prop} {n} :: Sanskrit
Santen {prop} {n} :: Xanten, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, near the Rhine
Santiago {prop} {n} :: Santiago (capital city)
Saoedi-Arabië {prop} {n} :: Saudi Arabia
Sao Tomé en Principe {prop} :: The West African islans state São Tomé and Príncipe, a former Portuguese colony, now the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
sap {n} :: sap (fluid in plants)
sap {n} :: juice
saponiet {n} :: saponite
sappelen {v} :: to toil, to work hard
sappig {adj} :: juicy, succulent, sappy
sappigheid {f} [uncountable] :: juiciness [quality of being juicy]
sappigheid {f} [countable, obsolete] :: humour, body fluid
sappigheid {f} [countable] :: juicy or interesting piece of information
saprijk {adj} :: juicy, succulent
Sara {prop} {f} [biblical character] :: Sarah
Sara {prop} {f} :: given name
Saraceen {m} :: Saracen
Sarah {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Sara
sarcasme {n} :: sarcasm
sarcastisch {adj} :: sarcastic
sarcofaag {m} :: sarcophagus
sarcoom {n} :: sarcoma
sarcopenia {f} :: alternative form of sarcopenie
sarcopenie {f} [pathology] :: gradual age-related loss of skeletal muscle; sarcopenia
sarder {m} :: pesterer, tormenter (one who pesters)
sarder {f} :: sard, a brownish carnelian
sardien {f} :: alternative form of sardine
Sardijn {m} :: A Sardinian person
Sardijns {adj} [rare] :: Sardinian
Sardijns {prop} {n} [rare] :: Sardinian (language)
sardine {f} :: sardine, fish of the family Clupeidae
Sardinië {prop} {n} :: Sardinië (region)
Sardinisch {adj} :: Sardinian
Sardinisch {prop} {n} :: Sardinian (language)
sardis {f} :: sard, usually a brownish carnelian
Sardisch {adj} :: Sardinian
Sardisch {prop} {n} :: Sardinian (language)
sari {m} :: sari (South Asian garment)
sarren {vt} :: to pester, to bother, to torment
sarren {vt} [archaic] :: to tease, to rib
sas {?} :: good spirit
sas {n} {f} [chiefly Belgium] :: sluice
sas {f} [historical] :: an explosive or highly flammable compound used in various explosives such as early artillery projectiles
Sas {m} :: dated form of Saks
Saskia {prop} {f} :: given name
Sassenheim {prop} {n} :: Sassenheim (town)
Sassisch {adj} :: dated form of Saksisch
Sassisch {prop} {n} :: dated form of Saksisch
satanisch {adj} :: satanic
satanisme {n} :: satanism
satansboleet {m} :: satan's bolete, Rubroboletus satanas/Boletus satanas
saté {m} :: satay
saté ajam {m} :: chicken satay
saté babi {m} :: pork satay
satelliet {m} :: satellite (natural: e.g. Phobos and Deimos)
satelliet {m} :: satellite (artificial: e.g. Sputnik)
satellietfoto {f} {m} :: satellite image
satellietschotel {f} :: satellite dish
satellietstaat {m} :: A satellite state (formally sovereign state subject to another jurisdiction)
sater {m} :: alternative spelling of satyr
Saterfries {prop} {n} :: Saterland Frisian, Saterlandic
saterspel {n} :: alternative spelling of satyrspel
satésaus {f} :: satay sauce, peanut sauce
satéstok {m} :: A bamboo or wooden skewer for satay
satijn {n} :: satin
satire {f} :: A satire
satiriek {adj} [dated] :: satirical
satirisch {adj} :: satiric, satirical
satisfactie {f} [formal] :: satisfaction
satraap {m} :: satrap (Persian provincial governor)
saturnaliën {p} :: Saturnalia
Saturnus {prop} {m} :: The Roman god Saturn
Saturnus {prop} {m} :: Saturn, the sixth planet from Earth's Sun
satyr {m} [Greek mythology, Roman mythology] :: satyr, faun
satyrspel {n} :: satyr play
saucijs {f} [often diminutive] :: A narrow sausage made of spiced mince
saucijzenbroodje {n} :: A sausage roll, a roll made of puff pastry containing spiced mince
Saudi-Arabië {prop} {n} :: Saudi Arabia, the country comprising most of the Arabian peninsula
sauna {m} :: sauna
sauna {m} [often diminutive] :: a session in a sauna
sauriër {m} :: saurian, reptile of the Sauria
saus {f} :: sauce (liquid condiment, usually of more than watery consistency)
savanne {f} {m} :: savanna
's avonds {adv} :: in the evening
sawa {m} :: rice paddy
sawaslang {f} :: Indian python, Python molurus
sax {c} :: sax, short sword, dagger
sax {m} [colloquial] :: sax, saxophone
saxofoon {m} [musical instruments] :: A saxophone, metallic wind instrument with keys
scabreus {adj} :: scabrous, sleazy, obscene, scandalous
scalair {adj} :: scalar (possessing magnitude but not direction)
scalar {m} :: scalar (quantity with only magnitude)
scalp {m} :: scalp (hair-covered skin, especially as a trophy)
scalperen {vt} :: to scalp, to remove haired skin from
scandaleus {adj} :: scandalous
scanderen {vti} :: to scan, to form a poetic metre by pronouncing out loud
scanderen {vti} :: to chant
Scandinavië {prop} {n} :: Scandinavia
scandium {n} :: scandium (chemical element)
scanner {m} :: scanner (scanning device)
scapulier {n} {n} [Roman Catholicism] :: scapular (type of cape worn by regular clergy)
scapulier {n} {n} [Roman Catholicism] :: scapular (hallowed object made of cloth worn by laity)
scenario {n} :: scenario (screenplay, plot outline)
scenario {n} :: scenario (model of events)
scène {f} :: scene, stage
scepter {m} :: sceptre
sceptisch {adj} :: skeptical, sceptical
schaaf {f} :: plane (a tool)
schaafwond {f} :: skin abrasion, excoriation
schaafwonde {f} [chiefly Belgium] :: alternative form of schaafwond
schaak {n} [game] :: chess
schaak {n} :: (position in chess) check
schaakbord {n} :: chessboard
schaakmat {n} :: checkmate
schaakmeester {m} :: chess master
schaakster {f} :: female chess player
schaakstuk {n} :: chess piece
schaaktoren {m} [chess] :: rook
schaal {f} :: shell (of an egg or a nut)
schaal {f} :: shallow bowl
schaal {f} :: scale (e.g. for measuring)
schaaldier {n} :: A crustacean, an invertebrate class of animals
schaambeen {n} :: pubis
schaamberg {m} :: mons pubis
schaambos {m} [collective] :: bush, pubic hair, netherhair
schaamdeel {n} :: genital
schaamhaar {n} [countable] :: A single pubic hair
schaamhaar {n} [collective, uncountable] :: Pubic hair, hairgrowth in the pubic region
schaamhaartje {noun} :: diminutive of schaamhaar
schaamheuvel {m} :: mons pubis
schaamlap {m} :: loincloth
schaamlip {m} :: labium
schaamluis {f} :: crab louse, pubic louse
schaampruik {f} :: merkin
schaamrood {n} :: A blush caused by shame or embarrassment
schaamspleet {f} :: vulva
schaamstreek {f} :: pubic region
schaamte {f} :: feeling of shame (uncomfortable or painful feeling)
schaamtecultuur {f} [sociology] :: culture characterised by the dominance of honour and shame in value judgements
schaamteloos {adj} :: shameless, impudent
schaamteloosheid {f} :: shamelessness, impudence
schaap {n} :: sheep (a woolly ruminant animal of the genus Ovis)
schaap {n} [figurative, derogatory or familiar] :: someone with very curly hair
schaap {n} :: sheep (unthinking follower)
schaap {n} [Christianity] :: a member of a priest's or minister's congregation
Schaap {prop} :: surname
schaapherder {m} :: alternative form of schaapsherder
schaapkameel {m} [now, uncommon] :: llama, Lama glama
schaapsherder {m} :: a sheepherder
schaapshond {m} :: sheepdog
schaapskooi {f} :: sheepfold
schaapsvlies {n} [countable, obsolete] :: amnion (interior foetal membrane)
schaar {f} :: pair of scissors
schaar {f} :: claw (e.g. of a crab)
schaar {f} :: alternative form of schare
schaars {adj} :: scarce
schaarste {f} :: scarcity
schaarverrekijker {m} :: A pair of scissor binoculars; a pair of adjustable stereoscopic binoculars consisting of two (short) periscopes
schaats {f} :: skate, ice skate
schaats {f} [archaic] :: stilt
schaatsen {v} :: to skate
schaatsenrijden {vi} [somewhat, formal] :: to ice-skate
schaatser {m} :: skater
schaatsster {f} :: (female) skater
schabouwelijk {adj} [Belgisch Nederlands] :: poor
schabrak {f} {n} :: [superseded] alternative form of sjabrak
schacht {m} :: A shaft, a pole-shaped object or part of one, e.g. a handle
schacht {m} :: A shaft, an access opening
schacht {m} [college] :: A pledge, freshman, especially if subject to hazing
schachtbok {m} :: mineshaft tower, headframe, pit frame
schachttoren {m} :: mineshaft tower, headframe, pit frame
schade {f} :: damage
schadelijk {adj} :: harmful, damaging, detrimental, pernicious, noisome
schaden {vi} :: to damage, to harm, to hurt
schadevergoeding {f} :: damages
schadevreugde {f} [uncommon] :: schadenfreude
schaduw {f} :: shade
schaduw {f} :: shadow
schaduw {f} [metonymy] :: blemish
schaduwbank {f} :: shadow bank
schaduwen {vt} :: to shadow, tail, follow closely, like a shadow
schaduwkabinet {n} :: shadow cabinet
schaduwplant {f} :: shade-dweller, shade-dwelling plant
schaduwrijk {n} :: underworld
schaduwrijk {adj} :: shadowfull
schaduwzijde {f} :: dark side, downside
schaers {adj} :: obsolete spelling of schaars
schaffen {vt} :: to procure
schaffen {vt} :: to serve up
schaften {v} :: to pause, rest, to take a break, especially so as to eat
Schagen {prop} {n} :: Schagen (town/and/municipality)
schakel {mf} :: shackle (chain shackle)
schakel {mf} :: link (chain)
schakel {mf} :: link, connection
schakel {mf} :: association, contact
schakelaar {m} :: A switch (device for directing the flow of electric currents)
schakelen {vt} :: to switch
schakelen {vi} [automotive] :: to change gear
schaken {v} :: to play chess
schaken {n} [game] :: chess
schaken {v} [archaic] :: to kidnap
schaker {m} :: A chess player
schaker {m} :: A kidnapper, particularly of women or girls
schaker {m} [obsolete] :: A robber, a bandit
schal {m} [poetic, dated] :: a resonating sound or noise
schalie {f} [geology] :: shale
schaliedak {n} :: shale roof
schaliegas {n} :: shale gas
schalk {m} :: scoundrel, rascal, tomboy
schalk {m} :: prankster, trickster
schalks {adj} :: teasing, naughty
schallen {v} :: to sound loudly
schallen {v} :: to resound, to echo
schalm {m} :: metal ring
schalm {m} :: part of a chain; a link
schalmei {f} :: shawm
schamel {adj} :: poor, impoverished
schamel {adj} :: insignificant, pitiable
schamen {vr} :: to be ashamed
schampen {vti} :: to graze
schamper {adj} :: disdainful, contemptuous
schampschot {n} :: grazing shot
schandaal {n} :: scandal
schandaalpers {f} :: yellow press
schandaleus {adj} [now, uncommon] :: scandalous
schandalig {adj} :: scandalous, shameful
schandalig {adj} :: outrageous
schanddaad {f} :: shameful deed, act of depravity
schande {f} :: shame, disgrace
schandelijk {adj} :: shameful, disgraceful, dishonourable
schandelijk {adv} :: shamefully
schandknaap {m} :: young male prostitute
schandpaal {m} :: pillory
schans {f} :: A sconce or a similar type of fortification
schans {f} :: A ramp
schans {f} :: A platform or ramp used for ski jumpers (or any similar sport) to gain elevation during their jumps
-schap {suffix} :: -ship
schap {n} :: shelf
schape {f} [archaic] :: form, shape
schapen {v} :: alternative form of scheppen
schapenboet {f} :: A barn used for storing feed for sheep and various equipment, of a type found on Texel (formerly also in the region West Friesland (region) in North Holland), often with the main entrance facing the northeast
schapenkaas {m} :: sheep milk cheese, sheep cheese
schapen met bokken verdelen {v} [idiom] :: to apply a double standard
schapenstal {m} :: sheepfold
schapenvlees {n} :: mutton
schapenvlies {n} [countable, uncountable] :: sheep's fleece (unprocessed wool of sheep)
schaper {m} :: shepherd
schapevlees {n} :: superseded spelling of schapenvlees
schapievlees {n} [slang, potentially offensive] :: alternative form of schapenvlees
schappelijk {adj} :: reasonable, fair (of people, remarks, prices etc)
schare {f} [formal, poetic] :: crowd
scharen {vt} :: to arrange, draw up, line up
scharen {vr} :: to rally [+ achter (object) = around, behind ]
scharesliep {m} :: tradesperson who sharpens knifes, axes and other tools
scharesliep {m} [pejorative] :: underdressed, peculiar person
scharlaken {n} [originally] :: a scarlet laken (woollen cloth)
scharlaken {n} [often] :: the bright-red color scarlet
scharlakenrood {n} :: the bright-red shade scarlet
scharminkel {n} [mildly, pejorative, usually of animals or children] :: scrag (someone or something scrawny)
scharnier {n} :: hinge (device for the pivoting of a door)
scharnierpen {f} {m} :: a hinge pin
scharrel {mf} [action, especially in "aan de scharrel"] :: picking up, seeking a casual sex partner
scharrel {mf} :: fuckmate, person with whom one has an irregular, noncommittal, superficial love relationship
scharrelei {n} :: free-range egg
scharreleitje {noun} :: diminutive of scharrelei
scharrelen {v} :: to mess around, to potter
scharrelen {v} :: to piece together, to gather from scattered bits and pieces
scharrelkip {f} :: free-range chicken
scharrelvee {n} [collective, uncountable] :: free-range livestock
scharren {v} :: to scrape
schat {m} :: treasure
schat {m} :: honey, darling, sweet person
schatbewaarder {m} :: treasurer
schateiland {n} :: treasure island
schateren {vi} :: to laugh loudly
schaterlach {m} :: loud laughter
schaterlachen {vi} :: to laugh loudly
schatkamer {f} :: treasury chamber, treasury vault
schatkist {f} :: treasure chest
schatkist {f} [figuratively] :: treasury; the financial means of a state, ruler or any organisation
schatlijst {f} :: inventory list
schatmeester {m} :: treasurer
schatplichtig {adj} [literally] :: tributary, obliged to pay a form of tribute
schatplichtig {adj} [figuratively] :: obliged, having some (notably moral) debt
schatrijk {adj} :: loaded, very rich
schattebout {m} :: A term of endearment: darling, precious, sweetie
schatten {noun} :: treasure
schatten {v} :: to estimate
schatten {v} :: to appraise
schattig {adj} :: cute, adorable
schatting {f} :: estimate
schatting {f} :: toll, tribute
schatzoeker {m} :: A treasure hunter
schaven {vt} :: to plane, to grate
schaven {vt} :: to smooth
schaven {vi} :: to rub roughly, over a rough surface
schavot {n} :: A scaffold where public executions or less commonly corporal punishment or other humiliating punishments took place
schavuit {m} [dated] :: rascal, rogue, crook
schede {f} :: sheath, scabbard
schede {f} :: vagina
schedel {m} :: skull
schedel {m} :: death's-head
schedel {m} :: mound's crest or crown
schedelbasis {f} :: The base of a skull, a cranial base
schedelbasisfractuur {f} :: basilar skull fracture
schedeldak {n} :: calvaria, skullcap
schedelloos {adj} :: skull-less
schedelloos {adj} :: cephalochordate, any member of the subphylum Cephalochordata
schedelloze {noun} :: cephalochordate, any member of the subphylum Cephalochordata
schedeltje {noun} :: diminutive of schedel
schedelvlies {n} :: pericranium
scheef {adj} :: crooked, not level or straight
scheef {adj} [colloquial] :: weird, not right
scheef {f} [textiles] :: shive, i.e. fragment of the woody core of flax or hemp
scheefhuren {n} [Netherlands, politics, pejorative] :: the practice of renting social housing for a rent lower than one's income legally requires
scheefhuren {v} [Netherlands, politics, pejorative] :: to rent a home for a rent that is too low according to legal income-dependent norms for pricing
scheefhuur {m} [Netherlands, politics, pejorative] :: the practice of renting social housing for a rent lower than one's income legally requires
scheefhuurder {m} [Netherlands, politics, pejorative] :: someone who rents a home (social housing) for a rent that is considered too low when compared to income
scheel {adj} :: cross-eyed, squinting
scheel {adj} :: crooked, bent, not straight
scheel {adj} [figurative sense] :: with an envious or jealous look
scheel {adj} [of a pain or painful issue] :: severe
scheel {adj} [uncommon] :: sour, tart
scheel {m} [obsolete] :: A difference
scheel {m} [obsolete] :: A dispute, difference of opinion, conflict
scheel {m} :: A skull; a death's-head
scheel {m} :: A mound's crest or crown
scheel {n} :: A lid, cover
scheel {n} :: An eyelid, cover
scheel {n} :: A measure of volume, a quarter of a 'mud', equivalent to a 'schepel'
scheel {m} [obsolete] :: A parting of the hair
scheel {m} [obsolete] :: A hairstyle of the hair
scheel {m} [obsolete] :: A plait of hair
scheel {n} :: A mesentery, membrane which keeps an intestine in place
scheen {f} [chiefly plural] :: shin
scheen {f} :: strip of wood or metal
scheenbeen {n} :: A tibia (bone of the leg)
scheenbeen {n} :: A shin, the front of a vertebrate leg beneath the knee
scheep {adv} :: aboard
scheepbouw {m} :: alternative form of scheepsbouw
scheepsanker {n} :: A ship's anchor
scheepsbel {f} :: ship's bell
scheepsbemanning {f} :: The crew of a ship
scheepsblok {n} :: A ship's block (one or multiple pulleys in a shell block)
scheepsboot {m} :: ship's boat
scheepsbouw {m} :: shipbuilding
scheepsbouwer {m} :: shipbuilder
scheepsgenoot {m} :: A shipmate, crewmate, fellow crewmember of the same ship
scheepshuid {f} :: The hull of a ship, the plating or planking of a ship
scheepsjongen {m} [nautical] :: A cabin boy, junior ship's crew member, apprentice sailor
scheepsjournaal {n} :: ship's log, logbook of a ship
scheepskameel {m} [historical] :: An external flotation device consisting of wooden tanks, used for ships, in particular large seaworthy ships, to reduce their draught
scheepskanon {n} :: naval cannon, cannon on board of a ship
scheepskok {m} :: The cook of a ship
scheepslog {n} [nautical] :: logbook of a ship
scheepsmast {m} :: mast (pole used to hold a ship's sails)
scheepsramp {f} :: A disaster involving a ship, a maritime disaster
scheepsromp {m} :: The hull of a ship
scheepsruim {n} :: cargo hold of a ship
scheepsschroef {f} :: A ship's propeller
scheepsvolk {n} :: a ship's crew [sometimes excluding officers]
scheepsvracht {f} :: The cargo of a ship
scheepsvracht {f} :: A shipload
scheepswerf {f} :: A shipyard, place and/or firm for building and/or repairing ships
scheepswrak {n} :: shipwreck
scheepvaart {f} :: shipping, navigation
scheepvaartverkeer {m} :: maritime traffic
scheer {f} :: skerry (small rocky island)
scheerapparaat {n} :: electric shaver
scheerkwast {m} :: shaving brush
scheermes {n} :: A razor, a fine knife or blade for shaving
scheermes {n} [figuratively] :: Something razor sharp, poignant etc
scheersel {n} [uncountable] :: hair that is removed during shaving or shearing
scheersel {n} [countable] :: (rare) the same, but of a specific variety of hair or fleece
scheerzeep {f} :: A shaving soap
scheet {m} [vulgar] :: fart
scheet {m} [humorous] :: a windy quantity, a bit
scheetje {noun} [colloquial, , affectionate] :: Someone or something cute
scheidbaar {adj} :: separable
scheiden {vt} :: to separate
scheiden {vi} :: to divorce
scheiding {f} :: (between objects) separation
scheiding {f} :: A divorce
scheiding {f} :: A parting, a part (hairstyle)
scheidingslijn {f} :: borderline, line of separation
scheidingstransformator {m} :: isolation transformer
scheidlijn {f} [now, uncommon] :: alternative form of scheidslijn
scheidmaal {n} [historical, dated] :: farewell meal
scheids {m} :: clipping of scheidsrechter
scheidslijn {f} :: divide, dividing line, demarcation
scheidsrechter {m} :: referee, arbiter, umpire, judge
scheikunde {f} :: chemistry
scheikundig {adj} :: chemical, relating to or applying chemistry
scheikundige {noun} :: chemist
scheit {f} :: shoat (sheep-goat hybrid)
schel {adj} :: shrill (sharp, high-pitched and piercing, especially of a sound)
Schelde {prop} :: The river Scheldt
schelden {v} :: to scold, to swear
scheldpartij {f} :: A bout or fit of using insults and profanity; [if mutual] a slanging match
scheldproza {n} :: vituperative prose
scheldwoord {n} :: insult, invective, pejorative
scheldziek {adj} [rare] :: prone to swearing
schelen {v} :: to ail (cause to suffer)
schelen {v} :: to make a difference
schelf {f} :: storage floor for hay or straw, often above a stable
schellak {m} {n} :: shellac
schellekoord {f} :: bellpull
schellen {vt} [dated] :: To peel
schellen {vi} [dated] :: To be peeled
schellen {vi} :: To ring a bell
schellen {vt} :: To summon by ringing a bell
schellen {vi} :: To make the sound of a bell
schelling {m} [historical] :: shilling
schelm {m} :: (originally) rogue, scoundrel, fiend
schelm {m} [figuratively] :: imp, prankster, rascal
schelmenliteratuur {f} :: trickster literature (genre of literature fictionalizing the doings of tricksters)
schelmenroman {m} :: trickster novel, picaresque novel ((proto)novel about tricksters)
schelmstuk {n} :: knavery, roguish act
schelp {f} {m} :: shell (e.g. of a mollusk)
schelpdier {n} [animals] :: shellfish
schelpdiertje {noun} :: diminutive of schelpdier
schelpenpaadje {noun} :: diminutive of schelpenpad
schelpenpad {n} :: A shell-covered path
schelvis {m} :: The marine fish species Melanogrammus aeglefinus (haddock)
schelvis {m} :: The fish species Sebastes norvegicus (rosefish, redfish, bergylt, Norway haddock)
schema {n} [general sense] :: visualisation, diagram
schema {n} [science] :: conceptual model
schemer {m} :: twilight
schemeractief {adj} [biology] :: crepuscular (active around twilight)
schemerdonker {n} :: twilight
schemeren {v} [impersonal, typically, of the time of day] :: to be dusky, to be in twilight
schemerig {adj} :: dim, dusky
schemering {f} :: dusk, twilight
schemerkelkje {n} [rare] :: sundowner (cocktail drunk at sundown)
schemerlicht {n} :: twilight
schemerstond {f} [archaic or poetic] :: twilight
schenden {v} :: to violate
schender {m} [now, uncommon] :: alternative form of schenner
schending {f} :: violation
schendziek {adj} [obsolete] :: violent, aggressive
schenenschopper {m} :: lit. someone who kicks the shins of another
schenenschopper {m} :: harsh and controversial critic
schenken {v} :: to give as a present, to gift
schenken {v} :: to pour from a vessel
schenker {m} [historical] :: A cupbearer, one who pours drinks for a high-ranking person
schenker {m} :: A donor, one who gives or donates
schenking {f} :: donation
schenking {f} :: grant
schennen {v} :: alternative form of schenden
schenner {m} :: violator
schennis {f} :: An active or passive case of hurting, damaging
schennis {f} :: An immoral violation of a person, obligation or rule
schennis {f} [obsolete] :: A result of the above: shame, dishonor, scandal
schennis {f} [obsolete] :: The potential to hurt or damage: danger, risk
schenziek {adj} [obsolete] :: alternative form of schendziek
schep {f} {m} :: scoop, shovel
schepel {m} {n} :: bushel, an old, variable measure of volume equal to a quarter of a mud
schepel {m} {n} :: wooden shovel for moving harvested crops
schepen {m} :: alderman
scheper {m} :: shepherd
scheper {m} [Belgium] :: sheepdog
scheppen {vt} :: to create
scheppen {vt} :: to scoop (up), to shovel (away)
scheppen {vt} :: to hit and subsequently heave up (by a vehicle at high speed)
schepper {mf} :: creator, author, inventor
schepping {f} :: an act of physical creation and/or mental creativity
schepping {f} :: its result, compare schepsel 'creature'
schepping {f} [religion] :: (e.g. Biblical) the supernatural start of all which exists
schepsel {n} :: creature, a life form (believed to be created in most religious traditions)
schepsel {n} :: wretch; vulnerable, contemptible, or miserable individual
scheren {vtr} :: to shave (reflexive pronouns are used for self-directed actions)
scheren {vt} :: to shear
scheren {v} :: to skim, fleet; to go over something really quickly
scherf {f} :: A shard
scherfje {noun} :: diminutive of scherf
schering {f} [weaving] :: warp - a set of lengthwise yarns through which the woof is woven crosswise
schering en inslag {p} [idiomatic] :: something very common or ordinary
scherm {n} :: screen, protection
scherm {n} :: awning, sunblind
scherm {n} :: display screen, monitor
scherm {n} [plant] :: umbel
schermafbeelding {f} [computing] :: screenshot
schermafdruk {m} [computing] :: screenshot
schermen {vi} :: to fence
schermen {vt} [obsolete] :: to protect, to shield
schermer {m} :: fencer
schermgezicht {n} :: someone known from television or film; a tv or film personality
schermster {f} :: female fencer
schermutseling {f} :: skirmish
scherp {adj} :: sharp, able to cut easily
scherp {adj} :: alert, on the ball
scherp {adj} :: clever, intelligent, witty
scherp {adj} :: acute, having a small angle
scherp {adj} :: in focus, clearly visible, not blurry
scherp {adj} [of food] :: hot, spicy
scherpen {vt} :: to sharpen
Scherpenzeel {prop} :: Scherpenzeel (village/and/municipality)
Scherpenzeel {prop} :: Scherpenzeel (village)
Scherpenzeel {prop} :: surname
scherper {m} [Belgium] :: pencil sharpener
scherprechter {m} :: executioner
scherpschutter {m} :: sharpshooter
scherpstellen {v} [of a camera] :: to focus, to adjust in order to bring into focus
scherpzinnig {adj} :: perspicacious
scherpzinnigheid {f} :: perspicacity
scherts {f} :: Joking, tomfoolery, silliness
scherts {f} :: A joke, a prank
schertsen {vti} :: to joke, to jest
scheten {vi} :: to fart, to waft, to trump
schets {f} :: sketch
schetsen {vt} :: to sketch
schetsen {vt} :: to describe with words
scheur {f} :: crack, fissure
scheurbuik {f} :: scurvy
scheuren {v} :: to tear (rend)
scheuren {v} [figuratively] :: to tear driving, to drive at breakneck speed
scheurjurk {f} :: A dress that is resistant to being torn
scheurmaker {m} :: One who sows or effects division; a divisive figure, seceder or schismatic
scheurpen {v} [Brabantian] :: comment and complain continuously; nag
scheut {f} :: shoot, sprout of a plant
scheut {f} :: a small amount of poured liquid
scheut {f} :: a short, sudden pain
schicht {f} [archaic] :: dart, arrow, bolt
schicht {f} :: beam of light, flash
Schiedam {prop} {n} :: Schiedam (city/and/municipality)
schielijk {adj} [dated] :: swift, quick
schielijk {adj} [dated, Southern Netherlands] :: abrupt, sudden
schier {adv} [formal] :: almost
schier {adv} [obsolete] :: quickly
schier {adj} [archaic, dialectal] :: fast, quick
schier {adj} [dialectal] :: neat, tidy, proper
schier {adj} [archaic, dialectal] :: grey, in particular light grey
schier {adj} [dialectal, especially of soil] :: infertile
schier {adj} [dialectal, of cattle] :: lean, well-shaped, not fat
schier {adj} [obsolete] :: white
schiereiland {n} :: peninsula
schiereilandje {noun} :: diminutive of schiereiland
Schiermonnikoog {prop} :: Schiermonnikoog (island)
Schiermonnikoog {prop} :: Schiermonnikoog (village/and/municipality)
schietbaan {f} :: shooting range, shooting gallery
schietbaantje {noun} :: diminutive of schietbaan
schietbout {m} [historical, obsolete] :: bar shot
schieten {vi} :: to shoot, fire
schieten {vt} :: to shoot, to kill (especially game)
schieten {vi} :: to rush, to move quickly
schieten {vi} :: to kick (a ball in ball games, especially soccer)
schietgat {n} [fortification] :: loophole, embrasure
schietgebed {n} [originally Roman Catholic] :: A jaculatory prayer, a hurried prayer said in life-threatening circumstances
schietgebedje {noun} :: diminutive of schietgebed
schietgeweer {n} [now, chiefly childish or humorous] :: A gun, a firearm
schietgraag {adj} :: trigger-happy
schietgraag {adj} [football, jargon] :: eager to shoot at goal
schietijzer {n} [poetic] :: gun
schietkraam {f} :: shooting stall, shooting gallery stall
schietlood {n} :: plummet (lead on a line), plumb, plumb bob, plumb line
schietpartij {f} :: shooting, shootout
schietschijf {f} :: shooting target (target with concentric circles used in shooting and archery training)
schietvoorraad {m} :: ammunition, munition
schietwilg {m} :: white willow, Salix alba
schiften {vi} :: to separate, to divide itself into separate layers or substances
schijf {f} :: disk
schijf {f} :: a slice
schijfrem {f} :: disc brake
schijftongkikker {m} :: painted frog, frog of the genus Discoglossus or Latonia
schijftongkikker {m} :: Mediterranean painted frog, Discoglossus pictus
schijn {m} :: A shine, glimmering
schijn {m} :: An appearance, semblance, especially when misleading
schijn {m} :: A cast (visual appearance)
schijn {m} [chiefly the diminutive] :: A small quantity/sum, a bit, pittance
schijnbaar {adj} :: ostensible, apparent
schijnbaar {adv} :: seemingly, apparently
schijnbeweging {f} :: a movement made to confuse someone, e.g. an opponent; a feint
schijnen {v} [ergative] :: to shine
schijnen {v} [copulative] :: to appear, to seem
schijngestalte {c} [astronomy] :: phase (e.g. lunar phase)
schijnheil {c} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: A sanctimonious person
schijnheil {n} [now, uncommon] :: illusory salvation
schijnheilig {adj} :: sanctimonious, hypocritical
schijnheilige {mf} :: hypocrite
schijnheiligheid {f} :: hypocrisy
schijnhert {n} :: telemetacarpal deer, deer of the subfamily Capreolinae
schijnhuwelijk {n} :: sham marriage (a marriage of convenience entered into without the intention to create a real marital relationship)
schijnproces {n} :: show trial
schijnsel {n} [light] :: radiance, glow
schijnstam {m} :: pseudostem
schijnwerper {m} :: floodlight, bright light projector
schijt {m} [vulgar] :: shit (solid excretory product evacuated from the bowel)
schijt een beer in het bos {phrase} [colloquial, mildly, vulgar] :: does a bear shit in the woods? (rhetorical question denoting a strong affirmative)
schijten {v} [vulgar] :: to shit, to poop
schijterd {m} [slang] :: coward, wuss
schijterig {adj} :: cowardly
schijtert {m} [slang] :: coward, wuss
schijt hebben aan {v} [idiomatic, vulgar] :: to be profoundly indifferent towards, to not care even a little bit, to not give a shit about
schijthuis {n} [vulgar] :: shithouse, outhouse
schijthuis {n} [vulgar, derogatory] :: term of abuse for a coward
schijtlaars {mf} [vulgar] :: term of abuse for a coward
schijtlijster {f} {m} [vulgar, pejorative] :: term of abuse for a coward
schijtluis {m} [colloquial] :: Term of abuse for a coward
schik {m} :: pleasure
schikken {vt} :: to arrange, to order
schikken {vt} :: to be convenient for (e.g. of an appointment time)
schikken {vr} :: to accommodate, to adapt [+ naar (object) = to]
schikking {f} :: arrangement, layout
schikking {f} :: compromise
schikking {f} [law] :: settlement agreement, resolution of a dispute by settlement
schiksel {m} [archaic] :: destiny, fate
schiksel {m} [obsolete] :: decision, decree
schil {f} {m} :: peel, rind, skin, bark
schil {f} {m} :: crust (soil)
schil {f} {m} :: shell (egg or mollusc)
schil {f} {m} [obsolete] :: slice
schil {f} {m} [obsolete] :: membrane covering the eye; used figuratively in the absolute plural (de schillen) for (mental) blindness
schild {n} :: shield
schild {n} :: shell, carapace, cuttlebone or scale
schild {n} [obsolete, nautical] :: A protective balustrade behind and on both sides of the bowsprit
schild {n} [dated, dialectal] :: signboard
Schild {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Scutum
schilder {m} :: painter
Schilder {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Pictor
schilderachtig {adj} :: picturesque
schilderen {vt} :: to paint
schilderij {n} {f} :: painting
schildering {f} :: mural, painting (usually meant on a wall as opposed to schilderij)
schilderkunst {f} :: the art of painting
schildersplakband {n} {m} [uncommon] :: masking tape
schilderstuk {n} :: painting
schilderwerk {n} :: A painting
schilderwerk {n} :: A paint job (that what has to be or has been painted)
schildhouder {m} [heraldry] :: supporter
schildklier {f} :: thyroid gland
schildknaap {m} :: squire, a knight's attendant and/or apprentice
schildknaap {m} [figuratively] :: acolyte, sidekick, helper
schildluis {m} :: scale insect
schildpad {f} :: tortoise, turtle; reptile of the order Testudines
schildpad {f} [dated, historical, rare] :: tortoise, cat, testudo (wheeled gallery offering protection to approaching besiegers; siege weapon)
schildpad {f} [archaic, historical, rare] :: testudo formation
schildpad {f} [obsolete, nautical] :: ship's block (one or more pulleys in a shell)
schildwacht {f} {m} :: A guard, a sentry, especially in a military or paramilitary context
schildwacht {f} {m} :: Guard duty
schildzoom {m} [heraldry] :: bordure
schillen {v} :: to peel (e.g. an apple)
schim {f} :: shadow
schim {f} :: apparition, ghost
schimmel {m} :: mould
schimmel {m} :: fungus, any member of the kingdom Fungi
schimmel {m} :: gray (lightly coloured horse with a pale base and darker marks)
Schimmel {prop} :: surname
schimmelen {vi} :: to become mouldy
schimmelkaas {m} :: any fungal cheese, such as blue cheese
Schimmelpenninck {prop} :: surname
schimmenrijk {n} :: realm of the dead, underworld
schimmenspel {n} :: A shadow play
schimmenspel {n} [figurative] :: A shady, suspicious situation or turn of events
schimmig {adj} :: shadowy, shady
schimmig {adj} :: hidden, obscure, furtive
schimmig {adj} :: untrustworthy, dodgy
schimp {m} [uncountable] :: ridicule, abuse
schimp {m} [countable] :: insult, slight
schimpen {vi} :: to abuse verbally, to be abusive
schimpen {vi} :: to verbally attack, to swear at, to scold [+ op (object)]
schimpen {vi} [obsolete] :: to mock, to be mocking
schimpscheut {f} [countable] :: insult, jab, slur
schimpschrijver {m} [historical] :: A writer of personally insulting or defamatory texts
schimpzucht {f} :: excessive desire to scoff others
schip {n} :: ship (a large, water borne vessel)
schip {n} [architecture] :: nave (the middle or body of a standard medieval church or cathedral, extending from the transepts to the principal entrances)
schipbreuk {f} :: shipwreck, shipbreach (event where a ship sinks or runs aground)
schipbreukeling {m} :: A castaway, a shipwrecked sailor or passenger
schipbreukelingetje {noun} :: diminutive of schipbreukeling
Schiphol {prop} {n} :: The airport of the city of Amsterdam, and the main international airport of the Netherlands
schipper {m} :: skipper, captain (master of a ship)
schipper {m} [dated] :: Any member of a ship's crew
schipper {m} [obsolete] :: Anyone travelling on a ship
Schipper {prop} :: surname
schist {f} {m} :: schist
schitteren {v} :: to shine, glitter
schitterend {adj} :: amazing, wonderful
schittering {f} :: glitter
schizofreen {f} :: schizophrenic
schizofreen {adj} :: schizophrenic
schizofrenie {f} :: schizophrenia
Schleck {prop} :: surname
schlemiel {m} [colloquial] :: schlemiel
schmink {m} :: face paint
schminkdoos {f} :: box for face paint
schminkdoos {f} [Brabant] :: woman who tends to excessively wear make-up
schnabbel {m} :: gig, side job, in particular a lucrative one
schnabbelen {vi} :: to do work as a gig or a side job
schnitzel {m} :: schnitzel
schoeien {v} :: to shoe
schoeisel {n} [collective] :: shoewear, footwear
schoeisel {n} [countable] :: any particular item of footwear
schoeiseltje {noun} :: diminutive of schoeisel
schoelie {m} [Southern Dutch] :: alternative form of schoelje
schoelje {m} :: crook, thug, hoodlum
schoelje {m} :: rascal, tomboy
schoen {m} :: shoe (footwear)
schoenbekooievaar {m} :: shoebill
schoenendoos {f} :: A shoebox (box for shoes)
schoener {f} :: schooner (type of boat)
schoenlapper {m} :: cobbler
schoenlapper {m} [archaic] :: butterfly
schoenlapper {m} [in particular] :: any butterfly belonging to the Nymphalinae
schoenlepel {m} :: shoehorn
schoenmaat {f} :: shoe size
schoenmaker {m} :: shoemaker (artisan who produces and repairs shoes)
schoenmakerij {f} :: the shoemaker's profession, the shoe-making sector
schoenmakerij {f} :: a business where shoes are produced, repaired and sold, a shoemaker's shop
Schoenmakers {prop} :: surname
schoenneus {m} :: front side of a shoe
schoenpoetser {m} :: shoeshiner, boots
schoensmeer {n} {f} :: shoe polish
schoenveter {m} :: A shoelace, a shoestring
schoenwinkel {m} :: shoe shop
schoenzool {f} :: The sole of a shoe
schoep {f} :: A paddle, a blade of a water wheel or similar contraption
schoer {m} {n} :: downpour, heavy rainshower
schoffel {m} :: hoe (specifically a Dutch hoe)
schoffel {m} [dialectal, northern and eastern Netherlands] :: shovel
schoffelen {vt} :: to hoe, to weed with a scuffle
schoffelen {vt} :: to weed
schoft {m} [pejorative] :: bastard, trash, a person with no moral
schoftentuig {n} [collective] :: rabble, scumbags, thugs
schok {m} :: shock
schokbreker {m} :: A shock absorber
schokdemper {m} :: shock absorber
schokgevoelig {adj} :: shock-sensitive
schokken {vi} :: To shake, shiver
schokken {vt} :: To (administer a) shock physically
schokken {vt} [figuratively] :: To shock, disturb, startle
Schokland {prop} {n} :: A former island in the Zuiderzee, now part of the Noordoostpolder, Flevoland, in the Netherlands
schoktoestand {m} :: state of shock
schol {f} :: floating plate (e.g. ice floe or tectonic plate)
schol {f} :: ice floe
schol {f} [dated] :: sod, clod, turf (lump of earth, sometimes with vegetation)
schol {m} :: European plaice, Pleuronectes platessa (a species of flatfish)
scholekster {m} [zoology] :: The bird species Haematopus ostralegus (oystercatcher)
scholen {vt} :: To school, give formal/organized training
scholier {m} :: pupil, student
scholiere {f} :: female equivalent of scholier
scholing {f} :: education (imparting skills and/or knowledge)
schollentektoniek {f} [uncommon] :: plate tectonics
schollevaar {m} :: cormorant
Scholten {prop} :: surname
scholver {m} [dated] :: cormorant
schommel {m} :: a swing
schommelen {v} :: to swing, to sway side to side
schommelen {v} :: to oscillate
schommelschip {m} :: pirate ship (larger fairground ride, single swing that can accommodate several people)
schommelstoel {m} :: rocking chair
schommelstoeltje {noun} :: diminutive of schommelstoel
schone {mf} :: A beauty, beau/belle
schone kunsten {p} :: fine arts
schone schijn {f} :: appearances
schoof {f} :: sheaf
schooien {v} [dated] :: to travel around in freedom without a plan or profession, to wander
schooien {v} :: to beg, implore, beseech
schooier {m} :: a wandering or roaming beggar; a vagabond
school {f} :: school (An educational institution that focuses completely on education, and not on, say, research)
school {f} :: a group of fish
schoolbestuur {m} :: school administration
schoolbibliotheek {f} :: A school library
schoolbord {n} :: blackboard
schoolbus {m} :: school bus
schoolbus {f} [archaic] :: A money box used for donating money to an education fund
schoolganger {m} :: schoolgoer
schoolgenoot {m} :: schoolmate (somebody who attended the same school)
schoolgenote {f} :: female schoolmate (girl or woman who attended the same school)
schoolhoofd {n} :: A headteacher, a principal, a schoolmaster or schoolmistress
schooljongen {m} :: A schoolboy, junior male pupil
schooljuf {f} :: A female schoolteacher at a kindergarten or primary school
schoolkind {n} :: schoolchild
schoolmeester {m} :: A schoolmaster, male schoolteacher
schoolmeester {m} [figuratively] :: A pedantic person
schoolmeisje {noun} :: schoolgirl
schoolplein {n} :: schoolyard
schoolradio {m} :: radio broadcasting aimed at primary and (less commonly) secondary school students for classroom use
schoolreis {f} :: school excursion, school trip
schoolslag {m} :: The swimming style breaststroke, the basic one (first) taught at European schools
schooltas {f} :: school bag
schoolvos {m} [derogatory] :: A pedant, notably a teacher who loves finding and correcting faults; an unpleasant teacher
schoolvos {m} [sometimes, derogatory] :: An experienced schoolteacher, who knows all the tricks of the trade
schoolvosserij {f} :: Pedantry, in particular when done by teachers
schoolziek {adj} [colloquial] :: feigning illness (in order to avoid having to go to school)
schoolziekte {f} [colloquial] :: feigned illness for the purposes of avoiding having to go to school
schoon {adj} [chiefly Belgium] :: beautiful
schoon {adj} [Netherlands] :: clean; cleansed
schoonbroer {m} :: [chiefly Belgium] brother-in-law
schoonbrus {mf} :: sibling-in-law (sibling's spouse or spouse's sibling)
schoondochter {f} :: daughter-in-law (wife of someone's son)
schoonheid {f} :: beauty
schoonheid {f} :: beautiful person or object
schoonheidsideaal {n} :: A beauty ideal
schoonheidssalon {m} :: A beauty salon, a beauty parlour
Schoonhoven {prop} {n} :: Schoonhoven (town)
schoonmaakster {f} :: female cleaner, female janitor
schoonmaken {v} :: to clean
schoonmaker {m} :: cleaner, janitor
schoonmoeder {f} :: mother-in-law (spouse’s mother)
schoonouder {mf} :: A parent-in-law
schoonschrift {n} :: calligraphy
schoonschrijven {vi} :: to calligraph
schoonvader {m} :: father-in-law
schoonvegen {vt} :: to sweep clean, to wipe clean
schoonwassen {v} :: to clean with a whitening agent such as bleach
schoonwassen {v} [figuratively] :: to free one from guilt, exculpate
schoonzoon {m} :: son-in-law (male partner of one's child)
schoonzus {f} :: sister-in-law (brother's wife or spouse's sister)
schoonzuster {f} :: sister-in-law (brother's wife or spouse's sister)
Schoorl {prop} {n} :: Schoorl (village)
Schoorl {prop} {n} :: surname
schoorsteen {m} :: A chimney (vertical tube or hollow column; a flue)
schoorsteen {m} :: The smokestack of a steamboat or steam locomotive
schoorsteenmantel {m} :: The mantle of the fireplace of a chimney
schoorsteenveger {m} :: chimney sweep
schoorsteenvegertje {noun} :: diminutive of schoorsteenveger
schoot {m} :: The act(ivity) of shooting
schoot {m} [metonymy] :: A shot; the projectile; the range
schoot {m} :: A vegetal shoot
schoot {m} [figuratively] :: Various movements
schoot {m} :: A shot, some liquid (especially liquor) poured in one movement
schoot {m} :: A wedge
schoot {m} :: lap, upper leg
schoot {m} [figuratively] :: Various corresponding parts of certain vestments, animals and objects
schoot {m} :: A shoot, certain ropes or chains used in sailing
schoothond {m} [literally] :: A lapdog, a canine pet which is small and/or frequently cuddled
schoothond {m} [figuratively] :: A human, (nearly) willless 'pet' or flunky
schootkind {n} :: A small child, easy to take on an adult's lap
schootkind {n} :: A child which enjoys sitting on the lap
schootkind {n} [figuratively] :: A coddled, pampered child
schootsafstand {m} :: shooting distance (distance from which one shoots or is able to shoot)
schop {f} :: A shovel, a spade, a digging tool
schop {m} :: kick, hit or strike with the leg or foot
schoppen {v} :: kick (strike with or raise the foot or leg)
schoppen {mf} [uncountable, cards] :: spades
schoppen {mf} :: a playing card of the spades suit
schor {adj} [voice] :: hoarse, husky
schor {mf} :: A plain or marsh formed by silt deposits unprotected by any dykes
schorpen {v} :: to rip open
schorpen {v} :: to saw
schorpioen {m} [zoology] :: A scorpion, an arachnid with a venomous sting of the order Scorpiones
schorpioen {m} [history] :: The scorpio, an ancient single-arm catapult
schorpioen {m} [figuratively, pejorative] :: A vicious, dangerous person; tormentor
schorpioen {m} :: Vernacular names for other species:
schorpioen {m} :: the European mole cricket, Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa
schorpioen {m} :: a certain weed; shortened from the derived term schorpioenkruid
schorpioen {m} :: A scourge, a flail with sharp ends used for flogging
Schorpioen {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations] :: Scorpius
Schorpioen {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Scorpio
schorremorrie {n} [collective, pejorative] :: scum, thugs, riffraff
schorretje {noun} :: diminutive of schor
schors {f} {m} :: Bark, (tree) surface tissue
schors {f} {m} :: Any equivalent rind on other plants
schors {f} {m} :: A similar exterior tissue or layer, peel or crust, e.g. on an organ
schors {f} {m} [figuratively] :: One's or something's appearance; a cover
schors {f} {m} [by extension] :: another rough and/or protective exterior or ice
schors {f} {m} [obsolete] :: An apron
schorsen {vt} :: to suspend, delay (an event, proceding) by inserting a pause
schorsen {vt} :: to suspend, temporarily depose / remove from office or from membership or enrolment in an organisation
schorsen {vt} :: To strip off bark
schorseneer {f} :: salsify, used for plants of the genera Tragopon and Scorzonera
schorseneer {f} :: black salsify, Scorzonera hispanica, in particular its edible root
schorsing {f} :: A suspension, interrupting a proceding
schorsing {f} :: A suspended status, notably as a sanction
schorsmolen {m} :: bark mill
schort {f} {n} :: apron (clothing)
schot {n} :: shot, act of shooting
schot {n} :: missile, projectile
schot {n} :: a divider that partitions a larger space into smaller ones (traditionally wooden planks, but could be made of any materials)
Schot {m} :: a Scot, Scotsman
schotel {f} :: dish
schotel {f} :: saucer
schotel {f} :: satellite dish
schotelantenne {f} :: satellite dish
Schotland {prop} {n} :: Scotland
schots {adj} :: messy, disorderly
schots {f} :: floe, ice floe
Schots {adj} :: Scottish
Schots {prop} {n} :: Scots (British language)
schotschrift {n} :: A hateful or libelous polemical pamphlet
Schotse {f} :: a woman from or living in Scotland; a Scotswoman
Schots-Gaelisch {prop} {n} :: Scottish Gaelic
schouder {m} :: shoulder
schouderblaadje {noun} :: diminutive of schouderblad
schouderblad {n} :: shoulderblade
schout {m} :: sheriff, bailiff
Schouten {prop} :: surname
schouw {m} :: fireplace
schouwburg {m} :: theatre (UK), theater (US)
schouwen {vt} [archaic] :: to see, watch
schouwen {vt} :: to inspect formally, as with an honor guard
schouwen {vt} :: to examine physically, as in forensics
schouwen {vt} :: to see mentally
schouwspel {n} :: show, spectacle
schouwspeler {m} :: a (male) stage actor
schouwtoneel {n} :: A theatrical scenery, the site of a spectacle
schouwtoneel {n} [figuratively] :: A scene, spectacle, a theatrical show or other sight worth watching
schraal {adj} :: poor, scanty
schraapzucht {f} :: greed
schrander {adj} :: shrewd, astute, clever
schrank {noun} :: trestle
schransen {v} :: to consume excessively, to gormandize, to glutton
schranzen {vi} :: consume excessively, to gormandize, to glutton
schrap {adj} :: bracing oneself, tense, ready for impact
schrapen {v} :: to scrape
schrapen {v} :: to rake
schraper {m} :: a scraper (tool)
schraper {m} :: a scrooge, a miser
schrappen {v} :: to cross out
schrappen {v} :: to cancel, to annul
schrap zetten {vr} :: to brace oneself
schrede {f} :: a step, stride
schreef {f} {m} :: line, stroke of the pen
schreef {f} {m} :: border (over de schreef: across the border)
schreef {f} {m} :: a decoration at the end of lines which make up letters; a serif
schreefloos {adj} :: sans serif
schreeuw {m} :: scream
schreeuwarend {m} :: lesser spotted eagle, Clanga pomarina
schreeuwen {v} :: To yell; to bellow; to shout; to talk loudly
schreeuwen {v} :: To scream; to shriek
schreeuwen {v} :: Of a colour or design: to be extremely conspicuous
schreeuwerig {adj} :: shouty, screamy (characterised by or prone to screaming)
schreeuwerig {adj} :: loud, brash, gaudy
schreeuwlelijk {m} :: loudmouth, blowhard
schreeuwlelijk {adj} :: ostentatious, garish, gaudy
schreien {v} :: to cry; to weep
schriën {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: to scream
schriën {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: to cry, to weep loudly
schrift {n} :: script
schrift {n} :: notebook
schrift {n} :: scripture
Schrift {prop} {f} :: Bible
schriftelijk {adj} :: written
schriftteken {n} [typography] :: glyph
schriftvervalsing {noun} :: forgery or unauthorised modification of official documents or of any document that is to be used for legal purposes
schrijden {v} :: to stride
schrijfberd {n} :: alternative form of schrijfbord
schrijfberd {n} [archaic] :: desk
schrijfbord {n} :: writing board
schrijfgerei {n} :: stationery, writing materials, writing implements
schrijfkunst {f} :: writing, the art of writing, the ability to write
schrijfmachine {f} :: typewriter
schrijfsel {n} :: written material [especially one of poor quality]
schrijfster {f} :: female writer
schrijftaal {f} :: written language
schrijftafel {f} :: desk
schrijfwijze {f} :: spelling
schrijfzaal {f} :: scriptorium, especially such a room in a monastery
schrijlings {adv} :: astride
schrijn {m} {n} :: shrine, a finely worked container, e.g. for a holy relic
schrijn {m} {n} :: shrine, a place of (especially religious) worship
schrijnen {v} :: to smart; to sting
schrijnwerker {m} [historical] :: cabinetmaker
schrijnwerker {m} [Brabant] :: carpenter
schrijven {vt} :: to write
schrijven {vt} :: to write (data)
schrijver {m} :: writer
schrijverschap {n} :: authorship
schrik {m} :: shock, dread
schrik {m} :: terror, menace
schrikbarend {adj} :: frightening, worrying, terrifying
schrikbeeld {n} :: Terrifying thought, bugbear
schrikbewind {n} :: reign of terror
schrikkeldag {m} :: leap day (29 February)
schrikkeljaar {n} :: A leap year, year with an added leap day, hence 366-day year, in the Gregorian calendar
schrikken {vi} :: to be startled, to get a scare
schrikken {vt} :: to quench (cool rapidly by immersion)
schrikwekkend {adj} :: frightening
schril {adj} :: shrill
schrinken {v} [uncommon, dated] :: to shrink
schrobben {vti} :: to scrub; to clean with water and a hard brush or other hard implement
schrobben {vti} [obsolete] :: to scrape, to scratch
schroef {f} {m} :: screw (fastener)
schroef {f} {m} [nautical] :: A ship's propeller
schroef {f} {m} :: An Archimedes screw
schroefdraad {m} [engineering] :: screw thread
schroefgang {m} [dated] :: helical outdent bounding a cylinder
schroefhoorngeit {f} :: markhor, screw-horn goat, Capra falconeri
schroeflijn {f} [dated] :: helix
schroeien {v} :: to singe, to scorch
schroeven {v} :: to screw, manipulate a screw
schroevendraaier {m} :: A screwdriver (tool)
schromelijk {adj} :: extreme, excessive
schromelijk {adv} :: extremely, excessively
schromen {v} :: to fear
schromen {v} :: to be bashful
schrooien {v} :: to cut to pieces, to chop
schrooien {v} :: to scrape
schroomvallig {adj} :: timid
schroomvalligheid {f} :: timidity
schroot {n} :: scrap (discarded metal, junk metal)
schrootbus {f} :: case shot, canister shot
schroothoop {m} :: junkyard, scrapheap
schub {f} :: scale (keratinous segment of certain animals' skin)
schub {f} :: pigmented, chitinous segment of butterfly wings
schub {f} :: a similarly flaky part of the exterior of plants
Schubbekutteveen {prop} {n} [Netherlands, vulgar, slang] :: Fictional backwater place, used metonymously for the backwoods; Podunk
schubdier {n} :: A pangolin, a mammal of the family Manidae
schubvlecht {f} [medicine, dated, chiefly uncountable] :: psoriasis
schuchter {adj} :: shy
schudden {v} [ergative] :: to shake, to tremble, to waver
schudden {vt} :: to shuffle (cards)
schudden {vi} :: to nod as in to express disagreement
schudding {f} :: An instance or the action of shaking, trembling
schudding {f} :: A beating, hard enough to make the victim twitch in pain; figurative, a scolding
schudding {f} :: A shake, twitch, vibration
schuier {m} [archaic, Northern Dutch, now, dialectal] :: A flat cloth brush
schuieren {vt} [dated, chiefly Northern Dutch, now, dialectal] :: to brush [usually with a flat brush]
schuif {m} :: drawer
schuif {m} :: bolt, to lock a door etc
schuif {m} :: slide, moving or moveable
schuif {m} :: shove
schuif {m} :: Something shoven; a portion of sorts
schuif {m} [slang] :: mouth
schuifdak {n} :: A retractable roof, as to cover an open-air sports field in bad weather
schuifelen {v} :: to shuffle, move slowly
schuifmaat {f} :: vernier caliper, vernier scale
schuilen {v} :: to take shelter
schuilen {v} :: to lurk
schuilgaan {vi} :: to hide
schuilkelder {m} :: A bomb shelter
schuilkeldertje {noun} :: diminutive of schuilkelder
schuilkerk {f} :: A clandestine church
schuilnaam {m} :: A pseudonym that is used to hide one's true identity. A fake identity
schuilplaats {f} :: shelter
schuim {n} :: foam, froth
schuim {n} [uncountable] :: a type of spongy sweets, made of albumen and sugar [as a countable object always diminutive]
schuim {n} :: scum, rabble, crooks
schuim {n} :: impurity, flaw, especially in (molten) metal
schuimen {vi} :: to foam, to produce foam
schuimen {vit} :: to remove foam
schuimen {vit} [figuratively] :: to remove impurities from something
schuimen {vit} [dated] :: to plunder, to rob
schuimen {vit} [uncommon] :: to rummage, to scour
schuimen {vi} [by extension] :: to wander, to roam [+ over (object) = over/object]
schuimfeest {n} :: foam party
schuimkop {m} [chiefly plural] :: The foamy crest of a wave
schuimkop {m} :: A top layer of foam on something else, especially a liquid
schuimkraag {f} :: The head or foamy layer formed by bubbles rising from beer and other carbonated beverages
schuimparty {f} :: foam party
schuimrubber {n} [chiefly uncountable] :: foam rubber
schuimspaan {f} {n} :: skimmer (sieve-like scoop; kitchen utensil)
schuimspaantje {noun} :: diminutive of schuimspaan
schuimtaal {f} [archaic, derogatory] :: A bastardised language containing many foreign elements
schuimwijn {m} [Belgium] :: sparkling wine
schuin {adj} :: slanted, slanting
schuin {adj} :: obscene
schuin {adv} :: diagonally
schuinen {v} :: to slant
schuinkruis {n} :: A Saint Andrew's cross (diagonal cross)
schuins {adv} :: diagonally
schuinsmarcheerder {m} :: lecher [generally male], one with a sexually libertine lifestyle
schuit {f} :: A boat or small ship, usually a flat-bottomed one used for inland navigation or less commonly for coastal navigation; a barge
schuiven {v} [ergative] :: to slide
schuiven {v} [ergative] :: to shove
schuiven {vt} [of actions or objects] :: to make money, to earn money [for someone]
schuiven {vt} [of tobacco or opium] :: to smoke
schuivuit {m} [now, rare] :: An owl, especially an eagle owl or horned owl
schuld {f} [finance, accounting] :: debt, account payable
schuld {f} [law, by extension] :: any obligor’s duty to perform
schuld {f} :: blame, fault (responsibility for a mishap or mistake)
schuld {f} [law] :: guilt, culpability
schuld {f} :: guilt; fault (condition of moral deficiency)
schuldbewijs {n} :: debt note
schuldcultuur {f} [sociology] :: culture characterised by the dominance of wrongdoing, guilt and conscience in value judgements
schuldeiser {m} :: creditor
schuldeiser {m} :: obligee
schuldenaar {m} :: debtor
schuldenaar {m} :: obligor
schuldenlast {f} :: debt burden, indebtedness
schuldgevoel {n} :: feeling of guilt
schuldig {adj} :: guilty
schuldige {mf} :: A guilty person, an offender, a perpetrator
schulpen {v} :: to decorate with shells or shell-shaped edges
schulpen {v} :: to become shell-shaped
schunnig {adj} :: dirty, obscene
schuren {v} [ergative] :: to grate, rub, scour, chafe
schuren {vt} :: to sand
schuren {vt} :: to bring in, notably a crop to the barn
schurft {f} {n} :: scabies
schurk {m} :: scoundrel, villain
schurkenstaat {m} [pejorative] :: rogue state
schut {n} :: A dam or lock gate
schut {n} :: A light movable partition or wall, such as a folding screen
schutkleur {f} :: camouflage
schutkleur {f} :: colour that provides camouflage
schutkring {m} [Belgium, health] :: cordon sanitaire
schutten {vt} :: to stop, to hold back
schutten {vt} :: to protect, to cover
schutten {vt} [nautical] :: to let pass through a sluice/lock
schutter {m} :: marksman, shooter
Schutter {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Sagittarius
schutterij {f} [historical] :: city guard
schuttersstuk {f} [historical] :: Group portrait of a city militia unit called a schutterij
schuttersstukken {noun} :: plural of schuttersstuk
schutterstuk {f} :: alternative spelling of schuttersstuk
schutterstukken {noun} :: alternative spelling of schuttersstukken
schuttersvis {m} :: archerfish, specifically largescale archerfish
schutting {f} :: a (usually wooden) solid, or nearly solid, barrier separating two pieces of land; fence
schuttingtaal {f} :: foul language, such as obscenities and abusive terms, four letter words such as scribbled on walls or fences
schuur {f} :: barn
schuur {f} :: shed
schuurkerk {f} :: A clandestine church disguised as a barn or shed
schuurmiddel {n} :: An abradant, an abrasive
schuurpapier {n} [countable, uncountable] :: sandpaper, abrasive paper
schuurpapiertje {noun} :: diminutive of schuurpapier
schuw {adj} [animals] :: shy of humans, wild
schuw {adj} [people] :: shy, unsociable
schuwen {vt} :: to shun, eschew
schwalbe {f} [sports] :: dive, a deliberate fall to gain advantage in the game
Schweinhund {m} :: A bastard, an arse; used as a stereotypically German insult
schwul {adj} [Limburg] :: homosexual
sclerose {f} [pathology] :: sclerosis
-scoop {suffix} :: -scope
scoorder {m} :: scorer, one who scores
scooter {m} :: scooter
scootmobiel {m} :: mobility scooter
score {m} :: score (number of points earned)
scorebord {n} :: scoreboard
scoren {vti} [sports, games] :: to score (a certain amount of points)
scoren {vt} [Netherlands, slang] :: to get, to acquire, to score, to gain
scout {m} :: A scout, a boy scout or girl scout
scout {m} [sport] :: A talent scout
scrip {m} :: scrip (share certificate)
script {n} :: script (written text of a dramatic performance)
scriptorium {n} :: scriptorium (place where manuscripts are produced)
scrofulose {f} :: scrofula, scrofulosis
scrollbalk {m} [graphical user interface] :: scroll bar
sculptuur {f} :: sculpture
Scythië {prop} {n} :: Scythia
-se {suffix} :: Suffix denoting a female inhabitant of a place
seaborgium {n} :: seaborgium
Sebastiaan {prop} :: given name
sebiet {adv} :: alternative form of subiet
seclusie {f} :: seclusion
secondant {m} [formal] :: A second, a prominent aide or assistant, chiefly one who is left in charge when a superior is absent
secondant {m} :: A second (attendant of a duel or boxing match standing in for a contestant)
secondant {m} [historical] :: A second teacher, one substituting a headteacher when necessary [chiefly used for former times when schools frequently had only one or a few teachers]
seconde {f} :: second (a unit of time)
secondje {noun} [Belgium] :: short, unspecified period of time
secreet {n} :: outhouse
secreet {n} [offensive] :: bitch
secreet {n} :: secretion, that which has been secreted
secretaire {m} :: a writing desk or more precisely a secretary desk
secretaresse {f} :: secretary (a person keeping records and handling clerical work)
secretariaat {n} :: a central office in any business or institution (or a department thereof), responsible for correspondence, making appointments, and general administrative support
secretariaat {n} :: secretariat
secretaris {m} :: secretary
secretaris {m} :: receptionist
secretaris {m} :: secretary bird
secretarisvogel {m} :: secretary bird
sectie {f} :: dissection, autopsy
sectie {f} [jargon] :: autopsy with no requirement for the consent of relatives
sectie {f} :: subdivision
sector {m} :: sector
secularisme {n} :: secularism
seculier {adj} :: secular
secundair {adj} :: secondary (succeeding first)
secundaire school {f} {m} [Belgium] :: high school
secundaire sector {m} [economy] :: secondary sector (industrial sector)
sedan {m} [automotive] :: sedan, saloon (car type)
sedentair {adj} :: sedentary (settled, not migratory)
seder {m} [Judaism] :: seder (Passover meal)
seder {m} [Judaism] :: seder (portion of the Torah or Mishnah)
sedert {prep} [formal] :: since
sediment {n} :: sediment
sedimentgesteente {n} :: sedimentary rock
seekomkommer {noun} :: sea cucumber, echinoderm of the class Holothuroidea
Sefanja {prop} :: Zephaniah (book of the Bible)
seffes {adv} [Belgium, dialectal] :: later on
segment {n} :: A segment
segmentaal {adj} [chiefly biology and medicine] :: segmental
segmenteel {adj} [uncommon, chiefly linguistics] :: alternative form of segmentaal
segmentje {noun} :: diminutive of segment
segregatie {f} :: segregation
seider {m} [Judaism] :: seder (Passover meal)
sein {n} :: signal
seinen {v} :: to signal
seismisch {adj} :: seismic (related to earthquakes, seismology or Earth vibrations)
seismograaf {m} :: A seismograph, scientific device to read and record seismic vibrations
seismologie {f} :: seismology
seismoloog {m} :: seismologist
seizoen {n} :: season
seizoensarbeider {m} :: seasonal labourer
seks {m} :: sex (sexual intercourse)
sekse {f} :: gender (behavioural characteristics)
sekservaring {f} :: sexual experience
seksindustrie {f} :: sex industry
seksisme {n} :: sexism
seksmaniak {m} [pejorative] :: sex maniac
seksobject {n} :: sex object (someone primarily depicted or treated as an object for sexual lust)
seksplaat {f} :: a piece of music played before or during sex to set or enhance the mood
seksslaaf {m} :: A sex slave (one forced into sexual work)
seksslavin {f} :: A female sex slave (woman forced into sexual work)
seksspeeltje {n} :: sex toy
sekssymbool {n} :: sex symbol
seksualiteit {f} [uncountable] :: sexuality, sexual intercourse, sexual activity
seksualiteit {f} [uncountable, countable] :: sexuality, sexual orientation
seksueel {adj} :: sexual, of or relating to sexuality in the wide sense
seksueel {adj} :: related to sex or gender
seksueel overdraagbare aandoening {f} :: sexually transmitted disease
seksuele intimidatie {f} :: sexual harassment
seksuologie {f} :: sexology (the study of sex and sexuality)
seksverslaafde {noun} :: sex addict
sekswerker {m} :: sex worker
sekswerkster {f} [uncommon] :: female sex worker
sektarisch {adj} :: sectarian
sekte {f} [religion] :: cult (socially proscribed and often novel religious group)
sekte {f} [archaic, religion] :: sect (split-off religious or philosophical group)
-sel {suffix} :: -age, -ion; Creates nouns indicating something which performs or has undergone an action, or something which results from the action
selderie {f} :: alternative form of selderij
selderij {m} :: celery (herb)
selecteren {v} :: to select
selectie {f} :: selection (the act of selecting)
selectie {f} :: selection, choice (that which has been selected)
selectiespeler {m} [sports] :: A player who is part of the main selection of a team
selectievakje {noun} [computing] :: a checkbox
seleen {n} :: selenium (chemical element)
selenium {n} :: selenium
selfie {m} :: selfie
Sels {prop} :: surname
Sem {prop} {m} :: Shem (mythological Biblical character)
Sem {prop} {m} :: given name
semantiek {f} :: semantics
semantisch {adj} :: semantic
Semiet {m} :: Semite
seminarie {n} :: A seminary
seminarist {m} [Christianity] :: A student at a seminary, usually Roman Catholic, Remonstrant or Lutheran
seminarium {n} :: A seminary
Semitisch {adj} :: Semitic
-sen {suffix} :: -son; a suffix used to form patronymic surnames
senaat {m} :: senate
senang {adj} [Netherlands] :: comfortable, at ease, pleasant
senator {m} :: senator
seneschaal {m} :: obsolete form of seneschalk
seneschael {m} :: obsolete form of seneschalk
seneschalck {m} :: obsolete spelling of seneschalk
seneschalk {m} :: seneschal (steward of a nobleman)
seneschalk {m} :: seneschal (French steward, magistrate and governor)
seniel {adj} :: senile (of, or relating to old age; having poor memory or poor mental faculties)
sensatie {f} :: sensation
sensatiebelust {adj} :: sensationalist, craving sensation
sensatieblad {n} :: tabloid
sensatiepers {f} :: yellow press
sensationeel {adj} :: sensational
sensor {m} :: sensor
sensualist {m} :: sensualist (person who believes in enjoying sensuality)
sensualist {m} :: sensualist (one who holds to the doctrine of sensualism)
sentiment {n} [countable, uncountable] :: sentiment
sentimenteel {adj} :: sentimental
Seoel {prop} {n} :: Seoel (capital city)
Seoul {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Seoel
sepaal {m} [botany] :: sepal
separatistisch {adj} :: separatist
sepia {f} {m} :: cuttlefish
sepia {n} :: the color sepia
sepia {n} :: a style of yellowish/brownish-and-black photography
sepoy {m} :: A sepoy, native soldier in the East Indies
seppuku {m} :: seppuku
september {m} :: September
seraf {m} :: seraph
seraf {m} :: uraeus-like angel
seraf {m} :: humanoid angel of the highest rank
serafijn {m} :: seraph
serafijn {m} :: uraeus-like angel
serafijn {m} :: humanoid angel of the highest rank
serafijn {m} [dated, affectionate] :: Term of endearment for a child
sereen {adj} :: serene, peaceful
serenade {f} :: serenade
serendipiteit {f} :: serendipity
sereniteit {f} :: serenity
serf {m} :: a serf (semifree peasant obliged to remain on the lord's land and to perform extensive chores for him)
serie {f} :: series
seriële poort {c} [computing] :: serial port
seriemoord {m} :: serial killing
seriemoordenaar {m} :: serial killer
serienummer {n} :: A serial number
serieus {adj} :: serious
serieus {adv} :: seriously
sering {f} :: lilac, woody plant of the genus Syringa
seroendeng {m} :: A condiment made of fried coconut flakes spiced with peanut, garlic, coriander, cumin and onion
serpent {n} {f} {m} [formal, dated] :: snake
serpent {n} {f} {m} [formal] :: serpent, serpentine dragon, large snake
serpent {n} {f} {m} :: an unpleasant, spiteful or foulmouthed person, especially used of women
serpent {f} [musical instruments] :: serpent (wind instrument)
serpentijn {m} :: serpentine, a small cannon used in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern era
serpentinespray {m} :: silly string
serre {f} [Netherlands] :: conservatory room (greenhouse or winter garden, usually as part of a house)
serre {f} [Belgium] :: greenhouse
serum {n} :: blood serum
serval {m} :: serval, Leptailurus serval
serveerder {m} [tennis] :: One who serves, a server
serveerder {m} :: A waiter
serveerster {f} :: waitress
serveren {v} :: to serve
servet {n} :: napkin, serviette
servetje {noun} :: diminutive of servet
service {f} {m} :: service
Servië {prop} {n} :: Serbia
Servië en Montenegro {prop} {n} :: Serbia and Montenegro
Serviër {prop} {m} :: Serb
Serviër {prop} {m} :: An inhabitant of Serbia, formerly in Yugoslavia
servies {n} :: service, set of dishes
Servisch {adj} :: Serbian (of the people)
Servisch {adj} :: Serbian (of the language)
Servisch {prop} {n} :: Serbian (language)
Servo-Kroatisch {prop} {n} :: Serbo-Croatian
Servo-Kroatisch {adj} :: Serbo-Croatian
sesam {m} :: sesame, Sesamum indicum
sesam {m} :: sesame, seeds
sesamolie {f} :: sesame oil
sesaté {f} [archaic] :: synonym of saté
sesquiplan {f} [dated] :: sesquiplane
sessie {f} :: session
settelen {v} :: to settle
sex {m} [proscribed] :: alternative form of seks
Sextant {prop} [constellation] :: Sextans
sexy {adj} :: sexy
Seychellen {prop} {p} :: Seychellen (country)
-sfeer {suffix} :: sphere
sfeer {f} {m} [literally, geometry] :: sphere, round object
sfeer {f} {m} :: atmosphere, mood
sfeerverlichting {f} :: atmospheric lighting, mood lighting (ambient artificial lighting)
sfeervol {adj} :: atmospheric, agreeable, charming
sferisch {adj} :: spheric, sphere-shaped
SGP {prop} :: Reformed Political Party, a conservative orthodox Protestant political party in the Netherlands
's Gravenhage {prop} {n} :: archaic spelling of 's-Gravenhage
's-Gravenhage {prop} {n} :: synonym of Den Haag
's-Gravenzande {prop} {n} :: 's-Gravenzande (town)
shag {m} :: shag (coarse shredded tobacco)
shampoo {m} :: shampoo (product for washing hair)
shanty {m} :: A shanty, a sailing song
sheddak {n} :: saw-tooth roof
sheik {m} :: sheik
's-Hertogenbosch {prop} {n} :: 's-Hertogenbosch (city/and/municipality/and/capital)
shigellose {f} [disease] :: shigellosis
shit {interj} :: shit, darn
shit {m} [slang] :: stuff
shit {m} [slang] :: trouble
Shona {prop} {n} :: Shona (African language)
shop {m} :: shop
shoppen {vi} [colloquial] :: to shop
shot {n} {m} [film, photography] :: shot (sequence of frames)
shot {n} {m} :: shot (measure/serving of alcohol)
shotglas {n} :: shot glass
shotje {noun} :: diminutive of shot
show {m} :: A show (entertainment)
showproces {n} :: show trial
showtje {noun} :: diminutive of show
shredden {v} :: to shred into smaller pieces
shredden {v} [rock music] :: to play guitar solos in the shredding style
shredder {m} :: A shredder, a machine that shreds material into smaller pieces
shredder {m} [rock music] :: A shredder, one who plays guitar solos in the shredding style
shuttle {m} :: A space shuttle
shuttle {m} :: A shuttlecock, shuttle
shuttle {m} :: A shuttle bus
si {mf} :: musical note; ti
Siberië {prop} {n} :: Siberia
Siberisch {adj} :: Siberian
Siberische tijger {m} :: A Siberian tiger, Panthera tigris altaica
sibilant {c} :: sibilant
sic {adv} :: sic (thus)
Siciliaans {adj} :: Sicilian, relating to the island Sicily, its inhabitants or their language and culture
Siciliaans {n} :: The Sicilian language (or dialect), as distinct from Italian
Siciliaans {n} :: The Sicilian chess opening starting with 1. e4 c5
Sicilië {prop} {n} :: Sicilië (island/and/region)
sidderaal {m} :: electric eel, Electrophorus electricus
sidderen {v} :: shiver, tremble, quake
siderisch {adj} :: sidereal (of or relating to the stars)
siderische dag {m} [astronomy] :: sidereal day
siderisch jaar {n} :: sidereal year
Sieme {prop} :: given name
siemens {m} :: siemens (unit of electrical conductance)
sier {m} :: decoration
sier {m} :: reception, welcome
Sier {prop} :: surname also common in Wallonia
sieraad {n} :: ornament, piece of jewellery
sieren {vt} :: to adorn, to decorate
sieren {vt} :: to befit, to be appropriate for
sieren {vt} :: to be nice of, to be decent of
sierkussen {n} :: A decorative cushion, of little or secondary practical use
sierlijk {adj} :: elegant
sierplant {f} :: ornamental plant
Sierra Leone {prop} {n} :: Sierra Leone (country)
siervaas {f} :: ornamental vase
siervaasje {noun} :: diminutive of siervaas
siervuurwerk {n} :: fireworks that primarily create visual displays (as opposed to creating mainly noise)
Sietse {prop} {m} :: given name of West Frisian origin.
Sietske {prop} {f} :: given name of West Frisian origin.
sigaar {f} :: cigar
sigarendoos {f} :: A cigar box (box for cigars)
sigarendoosje {noun} :: diminutive of sigarendoos
sigaret {f} :: cigarette
sigarettenjongen {m} :: cigarette boy, boy who sells cigarettes
signaal {n} :: signal
signalement {n} :: a description of someone's appearance, especially in relation to law enforcement; a profile
signaleren {v} :: to signal, flag
signaleren {v} :: to put (someone) down as a suspect
sijpelen {v} :: to trickle, seep
sijs {m} :: siskin, any member of the genus Spinus
sijs {m} :: specifically the Eurasian siskin, Spinus spinus as a species or any member thereof
sik {m} :: beard of a goat
sik {m} :: a goatee or soul patch
sikh {m} :: Sikh
sikkel {f} :: sickle
sikkeneurig {adj} :: peevish, grumpy
sikkepit {f} [colloquial] :: very little, next to nothing
sikker {adj} :: alternative form of sjikker
silaan {n} :: silane
silbe {f} [obsolete] :: syllable
Silezië {prop} {n} :: The Central-European region Silesia
Silezisch {adj} :: Silesian
silicium {n} :: silicon (chemical element with atomic number 14)
silt {n} [geology] :: silt
siltsteen {m} [geology] :: siltstone
simpel {adj} :: simple
Simpelveld {prop} {n} :: Simpelveld (village/and/municipality)
simpelweg {adv} :: simply
simulatie {f} :: simulation
simultaan {adj} :: simultaneous
simultaanschaak {n} :: simultaneous chess
sinaasappel {m} :: orange (fruit)
sinaasappelboom {m} :: orange tree
sinaasappelhuid {f} :: cellulitis
sinaasappelhuid {f} :: A skin afflicted by cellulitis
sinaasappelsap {n} :: orange juice
sinas {m} [Netherlands] :: orangeade, orange soda
Sindarijns {prop} {n} :: Sindarin
sinds {prep} :: since
sindsdien {adv} :: since then
singel {m} :: a body of water surrounding the inner portion of a city or a village
singel {m} :: a band passed under the belly of an animal, which holds a saddle in place; bellyband; girth
singeltje {noun} :: a single (vinyl record)
single {m} :: A single (short music record, e.g. 45 RPM vinyl with an A side and a B side; main track of such a record)
single {m} :: A single (person without a romantic partner)
single {adj} :: single (without a romantic partner)
singletje {noun} :: diminutive of single
singleton {m} :: A singleton (lone playing card)
singleton {n} :: A singleton (design pattern, class, set)
singulariteit {f} :: singularity
sinister {adj} :: sinister
sinjoor {m} [colloquial] :: A "true Antwerpian", according to various definitions
Sino-Tibetaans {adj} :: Sino-Tibetan
sint {m} :: saint
Sint {m} :: Saint
Sint {m} [de Sint] :: Sinterklaas
sintel {m} :: ember
Sinterklaas {prop} {m} :: Saint Nicholas, who (in the Low Countries and other parts of Europe) gives presents to children on December 5 or 6
sinterklaasavond {m} :: The evening with presents, which is on the day of Sinterklaas, 6 December (in Belgium) or the day before (in the Netherlands)
sinterklaaslied {n} :: Sinterklaas song
Sint-Jans-Geest {prop} {n} :: Saint-Jean-Geest, a village in Belgium
Sint Maarten {prop} {n} :: Sint Maarten (constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Sint Maarten {prop} {n} :: Saint Martin (island in the Caribbean)
Sint-Nicolaas {prop} {m} :: Saint Nicholas of Myra, patron saint of Amsterdam and of children
Sint-Nicolaas {prop} {m} :: Sinterklaas
Sint-Petersburg {prop} :: Sint-Petersburg (federal city)
Sint-Remigius-Geest {prop} {n} :: Saint-Remy-Geest, a village in Belgium
sinus {m} [trigonometry] :: sine
sinus {m} :: sinus
sinusoïdaal {adj} :: sinusoidal
sip {adj} :: sad, subdued
sirene {f} :: A siren, a dangerous nymph of Greek mythology, luring passers-by using an irresistible song
sirene {f} [figuratively] :: A seductive but dangerous female
sirene {f} :: (plural sirenes) A siren, a noisy warning device
sirocco {m} :: sirocco (wind on the Mediterranean originating from North Africa)
sirocco {m} [rare, dated] :: kiln
siroop {f} :: syrup, especialy an inviscid variety
siroop {f} :: A soft drink made from a fruit-based concentrate diluted with water; squash
siroop {f} :: The concentrate from which said soft drink is made
sisklank {m} :: sibilant (consonant)
sissen {v} :: to hiss, sizzle
sissen {v} [figuratively] :: to hiss, to express disapproval
sissende kakkerlak {f} :: (Madagascar) hissing cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa) (insect)
site {m} :: web site
site {m} :: archaeological site
site {m} [uncommon] :: construction site
sits {noun} :: chintz
Sittard {prop} {n} :: Sittard (city)
Sittard-Geleen {prop} {n} :: Sittard-Geleen (municipality)
situatie {f} :: situation, circumstance
situeren {v} :: to situate
Sitz im Leben {m} [theology] :: sociological context/setting
sixpack {n} {m} :: six pack (set of six cans or bottles)
sixpack {n} {m} :: six pack (pronounced abdominal muscles)
sixpackje {noun} :: diminutive of sixpack
Sjaak {prop} {m} :: given name
sjaal {m} :: scarf
Sjaan {prop} {f} :: given name
sjabbat {m} [Judaism] :: Sabbath
sjabbes {m} [Judaism, Ashkenazic form] :: Sabbath
sjabloon {f} {m} {n} :: template
sjabrak {f} {n} :: saddlecloth
sjacheren {v} :: to sell a pup, to swindle with substandard wares, to scam
sjacheren {v} :: to wrangle
sjagerijn {adj} :: nonstandard spelling of sacherijnig
sjagerijnig {adj} :: nonstandard spelling of sacherijnig
sjah {m} :: shah [king of Persia or Iran]
Sjakie {prop} {m} [Netherlands] :: given name
sjalot {f} :: shallot, Allium cepa var. aggregatum
sjamaan {m} :: shaman, witch doctor
sjambok {f} :: A sjambok, a long heavy whip
sjammes {m} [Judaism] :: shamash or gabbai, a sexton in a synagogue
Sjanghai {prop} :: Sjanghai (direct-administered municipality/major port city)
sjans {c} :: charisma, allure, the property of being liked (romantically/sexually) by the people around oneself
sjansen {v} [colloquial] :: to flirt
sjap {m} [colloquial, obsolete] :: jenever, gin, or a portion of gin
sjap {m} [slang, pejorative] :: a nasty, anti-social (young) male, often considered uncivilised
sjap {m} [slang, dated] :: a good egg, fine guy, trump
sjap {c} [historical] :: chop, a stamp or seal used in East Asia
sjap {m} [historical] :: shovel, spade, used in the Caribbean
sjappietouwer {m} [Netherlands, obsolete] :: sailor
sjappietouwer {m} [Netherlands, dated] :: A dock worker
sjappietouwer {m} [Netherlands, dated] :: loafer
sjappietouwer {m} [Netherlands, dated] :: nasty or deceitful person, jerk, crook
sjappietouwer {m} [Netherlands, dated] :: Someone with an unkempt appearance
sjees {f} :: chaise; a high, open (sometimes convertible), two-wheeled carriage
sjekel {m} [biblical] :: shekel, ancient Israelite unit of weight
sjekel {m} :: shekel, ancient Judean monetary unit
sjekel {m} :: shekel, modern Israeli monetary unit
sjekkie {n} :: roll-your-own cigarette
sjezen {vi} :: to drive or ride fast
sjezen {vi} :: to run fast
sjiek {adj} :: chic
sjiiet {m} [Islam] :: A Shi'a Muslim, a Shiite
sjiisme {n} [Islam] :: Shi'a Islam, Shi'ism
sjiitisch {adj} :: Shiite, Shiitic (pertaining to Shia Islam)
sjikker {adj} :: drunk, loaded, intoxicated
sjikse {f} :: shiksa
sjmoes {f} :: alternative form of smoes
sjmoezen {v} :: alternative form of smoezen
sjocheet {m} :: Jewish butcher. One that makes meat kosher
sjoe {m} [Belgium] :: darling [also as form of address]
sjoege {m} :: comprehension, understanding
sjoege {m} :: reaction, response
sjoel {f} {m} [Judaism] :: A (usually Ashkenazic) synagogue
sjoelbak {m} :: The board upon which sjoelen, a Dutch variety of shuffleboard, is played
sjoelen {n} :: A variety of shuffleboard played in the Netherlands
sjoelen {v} :: To play shuffleboard (Dutch variety)
sjoemelen {vi} :: to cheat, to manipulate
sjoemelsoftware {m} :: software that skews test results
sjofar {m} [Judaism] :: shofar
sjofeet {m} [Judaism] :: biblical judge (premonarchic leader of the Israelites)
sjofel {adj} :: shabby, poor
sjofeur {m} :: eye dialect of chauffeur
sjokken {v} :: trudge
sjokola {m} :: eye dialect of chocola
sjoof {m} [Bargoens, archaic] :: alternative form of zoof
sjorren {v} :: to drag
Sjos {prop} [colloquial] :: a given name
sjouchet {m} :: shochet
sjouwen {v} :: to carry (a heavy object or load), tote
sjuderans {m} :: eye dialect of jus d'orange
sjwa {mf} :: schwa
ska {m} [music] :: ska
skai {n} :: leatherette
skate {m} :: inline skate
skateboard {n} :: skateboard
skateboarden {vi} :: to skateboard
skateboarder {m} :: A skateboarder
skaten {vi} :: to skate (especially with in-line skates or a skateboard)
skeeler {m} :: skate, in-line skate [originally one with five wheels, but soon also used for four-wheel in-line skates]
skeeleraar {m} :: An in-line skater
skeeleren {vi} :: to skate on in-line skates
skeer {adj} [slang] :: broke
skeer {adj} [slang] :: cheap
skelet {n} :: skeleton (support structure of an organism; ensemble of animal bones)
skelet {n} [figurative] :: frame, skeleton (supporting frame of an inanimate or non-animal object or entity)
skeletspier {f} :: skeletal muscle
sketch {m} :: sketch, skit (short comic work)
skeurmaker {noun} :: One who sows or effects division; a divisive figure, seceder or schismatic
ski {m} :: a ski
skiën {v} :: to ski (to move on skis)
skiër {m} :: A skier, someone who practices skiing
skiester {f} :: female skier
ski-instructeur {m} :: ski instructor
ski-instructrice {f} :: female ski instructor
skilift {m} :: ski lift
skimmen {vti} :: to skim, to read quickly and superficially
skimmen {vt} :: to skim, to surreptiously and fraudently scan a payment card
skin {mf} :: Skin (computing)
skin {mf} :: Short for skinhead
skinhead {m} :: A skinhead
skink {m} :: A skink, any lizard of the family Scincidae
skitta {?} [slang, vulgar] :: shit, crap
skivakantie {f} :: ski holiday
skotoe {m} [slang] :: police
skottelbraai {m} :: South African grill and wok
skunk {m} :: skunk, weed with a high level of THC
skypen {vt} [computing] :: to skype (make a Skype call)
sla {f} :: lettuce
sla {f} [now especially diminutive] :: salad
slaaf {m} :: [male or indeterminate] slave
Slaaf {m} :: Slav
slaafje {n} :: The diminutive of slaaf (slave)
slaafje {n} [figuratively] :: A flunky, slavish follower etc
slaafs {adj} :: slavish, obsequious, subservient
slaafs {adj} :: slavish, unthinking, uncritically following orders or examples
slaafs {adj} [uncommon] :: pertaining to slaves or slavery
slaag {c} :: a beating
slaan {vt} :: to hit, to slap
slaan {vt} :: to beat, overcome
slaan {vt} :: to strike
slaan {vi} :: to pulse, beat
slaan {vt} :: to surround with
slaan {vi} :: to suddenly start along (of movement), to turn
slaan {vt} [chess] :: to take one of your opponent's pieces
slaan op {vt} :: to refer to, to mean, to have to do with
slaap {m} :: sleep
slaap {m} :: sleepiness
slaap {m} :: temple
slaapbank {mf} :: sofa-bed
slaapbol {m} :: opium poppy, Papaver somniferum
slaapbol {m} :: the seedbox of the opium poppy
slaapbol {m} :: any of several narcotic drugs made from the opium poppy
slaapdronken {adj} :: drowsy, dazy, half asleep
slaapfeest {n} :: slumber party
slaapgebrek {n} :: sleep deprivation, lack of sleep
slaapkamer {f} :: bedroom
slaapkop {m} :: a sleepy or lazy person, a sleepyhead
slaapkop {m} :: unclear head [as when just woken up]
slaaplied {n} [chiefly diminutive] :: A lullaby
slaapmiddel {n} :: a somnifacient (such as sleeping pills)
slaapmuts {f} :: nightcap (headwear)
slaapmuts {f} [mostly in diminutive] :: nightcap (beverage)
slaappil {f} :: sleeping pill, soporific pill
slaapstand {m} [chiefly singular] :: sleep mode
slaapverwekkend {adj} :: soporific, inducing sleep
slaapverwekkend {adj} :: soporific, incredibly boring
slaapwandelen {v} :: to sleepwalk
slaapwel {interj} [chiefly Belgium] :: good night, sleep well
slaapzaal {f} :: dormitory (room where multiple people can sleep)
slaapzak {m} :: sleeping bag
slaapzand {n} :: rheum crusts around the eyes, sleepy sand
slaapzand {n} [fiction] :: the sleepy sand thrown in people's eyes by the Sandman
slaapzucht {f} :: (physical) narcolepsy
slaapzucht {f} :: (mental) lethargy
slaatje {noun} :: small salad
Slaats {prop} :: surname
slab {f} [also very common in the diminutive] :: bib
slabak {m} :: a salad bowl (a bowl used to hold lettuce and other salad ingredients)
slabak {f} {m} :: someone who slacks off
slabakken {v} :: to slack (off)
slacht {c} :: slaughter
slachten {vt} :: to slaughter
slachter {m} :: slaughterer
slachterij {f} :: slaughterhouse
slachthuis {n} :: abattoir, slaughterhouse
slachtoffer {n} :: victim
slachtoffer {n} [dated, religion] :: sacrificial victim, usually an animal
slachtofferrol {mf} :: the position of a victim of (perceived) injustice
slag {m} :: blow, knock, strike
slag {m} :: beat, stroke, pulsation
slag {m} :: battle
slag {m} [baseball] :: strike, hit
slag {n} :: kind, type, sort
slag {n} :: parcel, plot, premise (stretch of land)
slagader {c} :: artery
slagbal {n} :: A sport similar to baseball and softball that is played on a smaller, according to the official rules hexagonal, field with either a flat bat or a small cylindrical bat and in which runners receive an out when the ball is put on the home plate
slagboom {m} [transport] :: boom barrier, boom gate
slagen {v} :: to succeed (obtaining what was desired)
slagen {v} :: to pass a test
slager {m} :: butcher (one who prepares and sells meat and meat products)
slager {m} [obsolete] :: killer, slayer, murderer
slagerij {f} :: butcher's shop
slaginstrument {n} [music] :: percussion instrument
slagkracht {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: clout, strength, power
slagroom {m} :: whipped cream
slagroomspuit {f} :: cream spray (for whipped cream)
slagroomtaart {noun} :: cream pie
slagschaduw {f} :: shadow, umbra (dark regions of a shadow)
slagschip {n} :: battleship
slagtand {m} :: tusk, a large tooth extending outside the mouth, as on an elephant, fit as a weapon
slagtand {m} :: a boar's razor
slagvaardig {adj} :: alert, ready for battle
slagveld {n} [military] :: battlefield
slagveld {n} [figurative] :: carnage, disaster area
slagwapen {n} :: A melee weapon with which one slashes or chops (as opposed to stabbing)
slagwerk {n} [uncountable, music] :: percussion
slagzij {n} :: tilt
slagzij maken {v} [nautical] :: to heel
slagzin {m} :: slogan
slagzwaard {n} :: longsword
slak {f} {m} :: snail, slug (any gastropod)
slak {f} :: slag (the impurities which result and are separated out when melting a metal or refining it from its ore)
slak {f} :: hard, molten leftovers of burnt coal and other solid fuels
slaken {v} :: to utter (a sound, word or cry), especially a sigh; to heave; to fetch
slakkengang {m} :: A snail's pace, a very slow pace
slakkenhuis {n} :: snail shell
slakkenhuis {n} :: cochlea (cavity of the inner ear)
slakkenhuisje {noun} :: diminutive of slakkenhuis
slampamper {m} [pejorative] :: A lazy, decadent, often gluttonous, man
's lands {phrase} :: the country's; of the country; in the country
slang {f} :: snake, squamate of the suborder Serpentes
slang {f} :: hose (flexible tube)
slang {n} :: language outside the conventional register specific to a social group, slang
Slang {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Serpens
slangenarend {m} :: short-toed snake eagle, Circaetus gallicus
Slangendrager {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations] :: Ophiuchus
slangengif {n} :: snake venom (poison that a serpent administers through its fangs)
slangengift {n} :: dated form of slangengif
slangenkuil {m} :: snake pit (pit full of snakes, pit inhabited by snakes)
slangenkuil {m} :: snake pit (treacherous, hostile place)
slangenmens {m} {n} :: contortionist (acrobat whose body can be contorted into unusual postures)
slangster {f} :: A brittle star, an echinoderm of the class Ophiuroidea
slangsterretje {noun} :: diminutive of slangster
slank {adj} :: slender, slim
slanke klaproos {f} [slightly, dated] :: blind eyes, long-headed poppy Papaver dubium
slanken {vi} [obsolete] :: to become slim
slaolie {f} :: salad oil
slaoliestijl {m} [Netherlands, chiefly derogatory] :: art nouveau
slap {adj} :: slack
slap {adj} :: weak
slapeloosheid {f} :: insomnia
slapen {v} :: to sleep
slapen als een roos {vi} [simile] :: to be fast asleep
slapende rekening {f} [banking] :: An inactive or dormant account
slapende vulkaan {m} :: dormant volcano
slapenstijd {m} [archaic] :: bedtime
slaper {m} :: A sleeper, one who sleeps
slaper {m} :: A dyke that doesn't function as a water barrier but is capable of acting as a reserve barrier
slaperig {adj} :: sleepy, tending to go to sleep
slapheid {f} :: indolence
slapjanus {m} [derogatory] :: weakling
slapte {f} :: slackness
slasaus {f} :: A salad dressing, often resembling inviscid mayonnaise
slavenaard {m} :: a servile disposition/character
slavenarbeid {m} :: slave labour
slavenhandel {m} :: slave trade
slavenhandelaar {m} :: slave trader
slavenkolonie {f} :: slave colony
slavenmarkt {m} :: A slave market
slavenschip {n} :: A slave ship, a slaver
slavenziel {f} :: a servile disposition/character
slavernij {f} :: slavery
slavernij {f} :: oppression, submission, bondage
slavin {f} :: female slave
Slavisch {adj} :: Slavic
Slavische {f} :: female Slav (person of Slavic origins)
slavist {m} :: Slavist
slavistiek {f} :: Slavic studies, Slavistics, study of the Slavic languages and the culture of the Slavic peoples
Slavonië {prop} {n} :: Slavonia
slecht {adj} :: bad
slecht {adj} [dialectal, obsolete] :: ordinary, simple, common, mean
slechte {noun} :: bad person
slechte {noun} [fiction, in the plural] :: the bad guys
slechten {vt} :: to smoothe, to even out
slechten {vt} :: to remove, to make disappear
slechterik {m} [childish] :: baddie, bad guy
slechtgehumeurd {adj} :: in a bad mood
slechts {adv} :: only, just
slechtstschrijvend {adj} :: Worst-writing. Describing the worst of several writers
slechtvalk {m} :: peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus)
slechtziend {adj} :: Having poor vision, visually impaired
slechtziende {noun} :: A visually impaired person
slede {f} :: dated form of slee
sledehond {m} :: A sled dog
sledetocht {m} :: sleigh ride or sleigh trip
slee {f} :: sled, sleigh, wheelless vehicle which glides on land or ice
slee {f} [colloquial] :: A large/prestigious car
slee {m} :: The spiny shrub sloe, Prunus spinosa
slee {m} :: Its stony fruit
slee {adj} :: stiff, cramped
slee {adj} :: blunt
slee {adj} :: sour
sleeën {v} :: to sleigh
sleep {m} :: (the act of) dragging, towing
sleep {m} :: train, the part of wedding gown that drags behind the bride
sleepboot {m} :: tugboat
sleephopperzuiger {m} :: trailing suction hopper dredger
sleepkabel {m} :: towline
sleepnet {n} :: trawl, dragnet
sleepnetbevoegdheid {f} :: the authority to engage in the mass collection of digital data in a certain area regardless of the identity of the sender or the recipient
sleeptoon {m} [Limburgish phonology] :: long level tone
sleeptouw {m} :: towline
sleepwagen {m} :: tow truck
sleepwet {prop} {f} [Netherlands, politics] :: Nickname of the Wet op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten 2017, a revision of the Wet op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten 2002
Sleeswijk-Holstein {prop} {n} :: Schleswig-Holstein
sleet {c} [chiefly Belgium] :: wear
sleets {adj} :: extremely worn and weathered
sleeuw {adj} :: alternative form of slee
sleg {f} :: wooden sledgehammer
slenk {f} [geology] :: graben
slenk {f} [geography] :: small meandering salt-water inlet: creek
slenk {f} :: naturally-formed trench filled with water
slenteren {v} :: to saunter, to stroll
slepen {v} :: to drag, to tow
slepen {v} :: to slide
slet {f} :: slut
slet {f} [archaic, dialectal] :: rag, cloth
sletterig {adj} :: slutty, whorish
sletvrees {f} :: the shame or sense of guilt a woman experiences for having sexual desires, the fear in a woman of being judged for having such desires
sleuf {f} :: slit (narrow cut or opening; a slot)
sleuf {f} :: any long, narrow opening: trench, etc
sleufmachine {f} :: disc cutter (handheld power tool, similar in construction to an angle grinder, but with different type of disc at business end)
sleufmachine {f} :: wall chaser (handheld power tool)
sleur {f} :: rut; rote; groove (mechanical routine)
sleuren {vt} :: to pull, to drag, to tow [usually in a careless or unrefined manner]
sleurgeloof {n} [derogatory] :: A religion practised as a dull traditional routine
sleurhut {f} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: caravan
sleutel {m} :: A key
sleutel {m} :: A wrench, a spanner
sleutel {m} [music] :: A clef
sleutelbaard {m} :: key bit
sleutelbeen {n} :: collarbone
sleutelen {v} :: to tinker, repair
sleutelfiguur {f} :: key figure, crucial character or person
sleutelgaatje {noun} :: diminutive of sleutelgat
sleutelgat {n} :: A keyhole
sleutelhanger {m} :: keychain
sleutelkind {n} :: latch-key child
sleutelkoord {f} {n} :: lanyard
sleutelrol {m} :: key role, crucial role
sleutelroman {m} :: A novel about real-life people and events (though possibly with altered names)
slib {n} :: silt, mud or earth deposit
slib {n} :: sediment
sliert {m} :: wisp, ribbon, string, tendril, strand (long, narrow, flaccid object)
sliert {m} :: line [e.g. of people], row, chain
sliertje {noun} :: diminutive of sliert
slijk {n} :: mud
slijk der aarde {n} :: See: nl slijk der aarde
slijk der aarde {n} :: money, filthy lucre
slijkgeus {m} [obsolete, Protestantism, pejorative] :: Gomarist
slijm {m} {n} :: slime
slijm {m} {n} :: mucus (particularly phlegm)
slijmbal {m} :: A slimeball, sycophant, reprehensible person
slijmbal {m} [rare] :: A ball of slime
slijmen {v} :: To suck up to a person
slijmerig {adj} :: slimy, mucous
slijmvlies {n} :: mucous membrane
slijmzwam {f} :: slime mould
slijpen {v} :: to sharpen
slijpen {v} :: to grind (a lens e.g.)
slijper {m} :: agent noun of slijpen; sharpener
slijptol {m} :: A cutter grinder, a power grinder
slijtage {f} :: wear (as in "wear and tear")
slijten {v} :: to tear
slijten {v} :: to wear down
slijten {v} :: to sell
slijter {m} :: a liquor store owner
slijterij {f} :: liquor store
slijtplek {f} :: A wear, a damaged spot
slijtplekje {noun} :: diminutive of slijtplek
slikken {v} :: to swallow
slim {adj} :: intelligent, bright
slim {adj} :: clever, smart
slim {adj} [now, dialectal, Eastern Dutch] :: wrong, incorrect, bad
slimheid {f} :: cleverness, smartness, ingenuity
slimheid {f} [obsolete] :: wrongness
slingen {v} [dated] :: to sling
slingen {v} [dated] :: to wind, to coil
slinger {m} :: A garland, a line with party flags or similar decoration
slinger {m} [physics] :: A pendulum
slinger {m} :: A sling (projectile weapon)
slingeraap {m} :: spider monkey, monkey of the genus Ateles
slingeraapje {noun} :: diminutive of slingeraap
slingeren {v} :: to sway, to swerve
slingeren {v} :: to fling, to sling
slingeren {v} [nautical] :: to roll
slingerklok {f} {m} :: pendulum clock
slingerpaadje {noun} :: diminutive of slingerpad
slingerpad {n} :: A winding path
slingerplant {f} [botany] :: twiner; bine (twining plant)
slingerplantje {noun} :: diminutive of slingerplant
slingeruurwerk {n} :: pendulum clock
Slingeruurwerk {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Horologium
slinken {vi} :: to shrink, to lessen, to decrease
slip {f} :: A pair of briefs, a short type of undershorts which covers the buttocks but nothing below
slip {f} [by extension, for women] :: A pair of knickers, any female underpants
slip {f} :: tail, part of an upper garment hanging below the waist
slip {m} :: skid, an act or instance of slipping
slippen {vi} :: To slide, slip, lose one's traction
slippendrager {m} [figurative] :: subservient person
slippendrager {m} :: One who carries a slip; pallbearer, [more strictly] one who carries a winding sheet at one of the corners
slissen {vt} [obsolete] :: to end, to put a stop to
slissen {vt} [obsolete] :: to decide (a conflict)
slissen {vt} [obsolete] :: to extinguish (a fire)
slissen {vi} :: to lisp
slobberen {vi} :: to slurp, to drink audibly
slobberen {vi} :: to misfit, to hang loose
slobberig {adj} :: unkempt, grubby
slobberig {adj} :: baggy, roomy (said of clothes)
slobkous {f} :: gaiter, spat
slobkousbij {f} :: yellow-loosestrife bee, Macropis europaea
slobkousbij {f} :: any bee of the genus Macropis
slobkousbijtje {noun} :: diminutive of slobkousbij
slochter {m} :: alternative form of slufter
sloddervos {m} :: A messy, untidy person, a sloven or slattern; someone who doesn't keep their home tidy
sloeber {m} :: pitiable person
sloeber {m} :: kind-hearted, loyal person, often somewhat big and slow
sloeber {m} :: naughty child; rascal
sloep {f} :: A small boat, with oars and historically often with a mast
sloep {f} :: A rowing boat or small motorboat carried on a ship
sloep {f} [historical] :: A sloop
sloerie {f} [pejorative] :: slut, tramp (insult for a woman, relating to promiscuity)
slof {m} :: house or bedroom slipper (shoe)
sloffen {v} :: to trudge, shuffle
slok {m} :: draught, sip, gulp
slokdarm {m} :: gullet, oesophagus
slokken {v} :: to swallow gluttonously
slokop {m} :: a glutton, a pig
slome duikelaar {m} [pejorative] :: a slow-witted person, dullard, dolt
slons {f} :: slob, frump
sloof {f} :: apron, especially an artisan's or food worker's apron
sloof {f} :: A hard-working woman doing domestic work; e.g. a maid or housewife
sloom {adj} :: sluggish, lifeless
sloop {f} {n} :: pillowcase, pillowslip
sloop {m} :: demolition
sloophuis {n} :: A house that has been designated for demolition
sloopwerk {n} :: demolition work, demolition job
sloot {f} :: ditch, trench
slootjespringen {vi} :: to jump over a ditch, especially as a children's game
slootwater {n} :: ditchwater
slootwater {n} [colloquial] :: any weak or watery drink; swill
slop {n} :: a bad situation
slop {n} :: run-down house, shanty
slopen {v} :: to demolish
sloping {f} :: demolition, the act or process of demolishing
slopingswerk {n} :: demolition work, demolition job
slopje {noun} :: alleyway
sloppenwijk {f} :: shantytown, slum
slordig {adj} :: sloppy, careless
slordig {adj} :: undisciplined, haphazard
slordig {adj} :: unkempt, untidy, slovenly
slordigheid {f} :: inaccuracy
slordigheid {f} :: sloppiness
slot {n} :: lock (something used for fastening)
slot {n} :: castle
slot {n} :: end, conclusion
Sloten {prop} {n} :: Sloten (town)
Sloten {prop} {n} :: Sloten (village)
slotgracht {f} {m} :: moat
slotpleidooi {n} [legal] :: closing argument (in a court case)
slottoren {m} :: donjon, keep
Sloveens {adj} :: Slovene, Slovenian
Sloveens {prop} {n} :: Slovene (language)
Slovenië {prop} {n} :: Slovenia
Slowaaks {adj} :: Slovak, Slovakian
Slowaaks {prop} {n} :: Slovak (language)
Slowakije {prop} {n} :: Slovakia
slowen {v} :: to slow dance
slufter {m} :: tidal dune inlet (coastal valley located behind (former) dunes where sea water can enter at exceptionally high tides)
sluier {m} :: A veil
sluierbewolking {f} :: A cloud cover consisting of thin, low-hanging clouds
sluieren {vt} :: to veil, to cover with a veil
sluik {adj} [of hair] :: straight, smooth
sluikhandel {m} :: smuggling, illicit trade
sluikreclame {f} [uncountable] :: surreptitious advertising (e.g. product placement)
sluikreclame {f} [countable] :: surreptitious advertisement
sluikstort {n} {m} [Belgium] :: An illegal garbage dump
sluikstorten {v} [Belgium] :: To dispose of waste illegally
sluimeren {v} :: to slumber
sluipen {vi} :: to sneak, to move stealthily
sluiper {m} :: One who sneaks; a sneak
sluipmoordenaar {m} :: assassin, furtive murderer
sluipmoordenaar {m} [figurative] :: anything lethal that is hard to detect
sluiproute {m} :: shortcut (a shorter and faster way to a place)
sluipschutter {m} :: sniper
sluipverkeer {n} :: traffic that engages in cut-through driving
sluipweg {m} :: a bypass, a faster alternate route
sluipwesp {f} :: parasitoid wasp
sluis {f} :: sluice, lock
sluiten {vti} :: to close
sluiten {vt} :: to make, to affirm (a pact, friendship etc.)
sluiter {m} :: One who closes, notably any person who closes up, locks or guards something/somewhere; especially:
sluiter {m} :: a jailer
sluiter {m} :: a doorkeeper
sluiter {m} :: a gatekeeper
sluiter {m} :: a cellar keeper
sluiter {m} :: The camera part shutter
sluiter {m} :: A brake shoe
sluitertijd {mf} :: shutter speed, exposure time
sluiting {f} :: closure
sluiting {f} :: lock
sluitrede {f} :: A syllogism (inference from premises)
sluitstuk {n} :: stop
sluitstuk {n} :: final part, tail end, finale
sluizen {v} :: to sluice, to manipulate a sluice gate so as to either restrict or allow waterflow
Sluizen {prop} {n} :: Sluizen, a borough of Tongeren, Belgium
Sluizen {prop} {n} :: L'Écluse, a village in Belgium
slukes {interj} [Belgium] :: goodbye
slungel {m} :: a tall thin and somewhat clumsy person
slungelachtig {adj} :: clumsy
slurf {mf} :: trunk (extended nasal organ of certain animals, like the elephant)
slurf {mf} [colloquial] :: penis, dick
slurf {mf} [aviation] :: jet bridge
slurf {mf} :: obsolete form of slurp
slurfdier {n} :: An animal of the order Proboscidea
slurp {mf} :: a gulp that involves slurping noises
slurp {mf} :: a slurping noise, especially when drinking or eating
slurp {mf} [archaic, dialectal] :: alternative form of slurf
slurpen {v} :: to slurp
slurven {v} :: alternative form of slurpen
sluw {adj} :: sly, cunning
sluwheid {f} :: cunning
sm {n} :: sadomasochism
sma {f} [Netherlands, slang] :: woman, girl
sma {f} [Netherlands, slang] :: darling, babe
smaad {m} :: vilification, slandering
smaadrede {f} :: A libellous expression, including any types of discourse from brief insults to lengthy harangues
smaak {m} :: taste, sense of taste
smaak {m} :: taste, decorum
smaakvol {adj} :: tasteful
smaakzin {m} :: sense of taste
smachten {vi} :: to yearn [+ naar (object) = after/for], to pine [+ naar (object) = for]
smadelijk {adj} :: slanderous, dishonourable
smaden {v} [formal] :: to vilify, defame
smak {c} :: crash, blow, smack
smakelijk {adj} :: tasty, delicious
smakelijk {interj} [colloquial] :: enjoy your meal, bon appétit
smakelijk eten {interj} :: enjoy your meal, bon appétit
smakeloos {adj} :: tasteless (said of food and drink)
smakeloos {adj} [figuratively] :: obscene, vulgar, tasteless
smaken {vi} :: to taste
smaken {vi} :: to taste good, to be likable in taste
smaken {vt} :: to experience; to enjoy
smakken {v} :: to smack, to crash hard
smakken {v} :: to make noise while eating
smal {adj} :: narrow
smalband {m} [telecommunications] :: narrowband, a narrow band of frequencies
smaldeel {n} [nautical] :: squadron or naval division (group of ships, belonging to a fleet or flotilla)
smaldeel {n} :: subdivision of an organisation or body
smalen {v} :: to scorn (to display contempt)
smalend {adj} :: scornful
smalend {adv} :: scornfully, pejoratively
smalle weegbree {f} :: ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata)
Smallingerland {prop} :: Smallingerland (municipality)
smalneusaap {m} :: catarrhine, any member of the parvorder Catarrhini
smalspoor {n} :: narrow gauge railway
smalspoortrein {m} :: narrow gauge train
smaragd {m} :: emerald
smaragden {adj} :: emerald
smart {f} :: pain, sorrow, grief
smartegeld {n} :: Financial compensation for immaterial damages
smartelijk {adj} :: painful, grievous, hurtful, causing pain
smartelijk {adj} :: doleful, sorrowful, experiencing hurt or grief
smartelijk {adj} :: intensely longing
smartengeld {n} :: equitable remedy
smartphone {m} :: smartphone
smeden {v} :: to forge, hammer into shape
smeden {v} [figuratively] :: to make (a plan), plot
smederij {f} :: smithy, smithery (location)
smeedblok {n} :: anvil
smeedijzer {n} :: wrought iron
smeekbede {f} :: entreaty, supplication
smeer {m} {n} :: smear, a fat substance
smeer {m} [Brabant] :: blow, whack
Smeerenburg {prop} :: A former whaling outpost, built in the 17th century by the Dutch on Amsterdam Island in northwest Spitsbergen, Norway
smeergeld {n} :: graft, bribe
smeerkaas {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: cheese spread
smeerlap {m} [pejorative, generic insult] :: asshole, bastard
smeerlap {m} [pejorative] :: dirtbag, pervert
smeerlap {m} [pejorative] :: a gross person
smeerolie {f} :: motor oil
smeerpoets {mf} :: dirty or gross person, dirty fellow
smeersel {n} [pharmacy] :: An ointment, a balm; a liquid emulsion
smeerseltje {noun} :: diminutive of smeersel
Smeets {prop} :: surname
smegma {n} :: smegma
smeir {m} [Brabantian] :: alternative form of smeer
smeken {v} :: to beg, implore, urge
smelt {m} :: a quantity of molten material
smelten {vi} :: to melt
smelten {vt} :: to melt
smelten {vt} :: to smelt
smeltkroes {m} :: crucible, melting pot
smeltkroes {m} [figurative] :: melting pot (place where heterogeneous things are mixed)
smeltkroes {m} [figurative, dated] :: crucible (difficult or painful experience that refines)
smeltkunde {f} [obsolete] :: metallurgy [sometimes called “alchemy” or “chemistry” in references]
smeltkunst {f} [obsolete] :: metallurgy [often called “alchemy” in references]
smeltpunt {n} :: melting point
smeltwater {n} :: meltwater
smeltzout {n} :: emulsifying salt
smeren {vt} :: to smear, to rub a substance
smeren {vt} [by extension, of bread-like foods] :: to make, to butter
smeren {vt} :: to grease, to oil, etc. (to make run more smoothly)
smeren {vt} :: to corrupt, to pay off, to bribe
smerig {adj} :: dirty, filthy, grubby
smeris {m} [pejorative, Bargoens, Netherlands] :: cop, pig, police officer
smet {mf} :: a stain, a blemish
smet {mf} [figuratively] :: an imperfection, a stain on something otherwise clean and pure
smet {mf} [obsolete] :: infection
Smets {prop} :: surname
smetstof {f} :: A germ, a pathogen
smetten {vt} :: to dirty, to foul
smetten {vt} :: to defile
smetten {vt} [obsolete] :: to infect
smetvrees {f} :: mysophobia, germophobia
smeuïg {adj} :: smoothable, bendable
smeuïg {adj} [cooking] :: spreadable
smeuïg {adj} :: racy, exciting, titillating
smeuïg {adj} [language] :: expressive use of language, in order to sound funny or interesting
smeulen {v} :: to smoulder
smid {m} :: smith
Smid {prop} :: surname
's middags {adv} :: in the afternoon
smidse {f} :: forge, smithy (workshop of a smith)
smiecht {m} [pejorative, dated] :: a rat, sneak, bastard
smijdig {adj} :: supple, flexible
smijdig {adj} :: malleable, pliable
smijten {v} :: to fling or hurl, to throw forcefully
smikkel {m} [colloquial] :: face, mouth
smikkelen {v} :: to feast (on), to eat (delectable food)
Smilde {prop} {n} :: Smilde (village)
smiley {m} :: smiley
Smit {prop} :: surname
Smits {prop} :: surname
smoel {m} [colloquial] :: mouth
smoel {m} [colloquial] :: look, appearance
smoes {m} :: excuse, pretext
smoesje {noun} :: diminutive of smoes
smoezelig {adj} :: untidy, grimy, unkempt
smoezen {v} :: to talk softly, murmur, whisper
smog {m} :: smog
smoken {v} [slang] :: to smoke, especially weed or hash
smoking {m} :: smoking jacket, black tie, dinner jacket, tuxedo
smokkel {m} :: smuggling
smokkelaar {m} :: smuggler
smokkelen {vt} :: to smuggle, to transport contraband
smokkelen {vi} [colloquial] :: to cut corners, to use a shortcut
smokkelnest {n} :: smugglers' nest
smombie {m} :: smombie, smartphone zombie (walking smartphone user who is oblivious to the surrounding world)
smoothie {m} :: A smoothie
smoren {vt} :: to smother, to suffocate, to deprive of oxygen
smoren {vt} :: to muffle, to repress, to diminish, to die out
smoren {vit} :: to braise
smoren {v} [colloquial, Belgium] :: to smoke weed
's morgens {adv} :: in the morning
smoske {noun} :: club sandwich prepared with any kind of sauce
smossen {v} [Brabantian] :: spill, make a mess
smots {f} :: spilled old rag
smots {f} :: mop
smots {f} :: slut
smous {m} [ethnic slur, offensive] :: Jew
smous {m} :: A small breed of terrier with a light to dark beige fur, native to the Netherlands
smoushond {m} :: synonym of smous
smout {n} :: melted and solidified animal fat
smout {n} :: any type of melted and solidified fat
smout {n} [rare] :: any type of oil
smout {n} :: type of melted and solidified lard, often sweetened with sugar or another additive, used as bread spread
smoutebol {m} [Belgium] :: an oliebol-like treat, deep-fried in lard
smoutebol {m} [Belgium] :: an oliebol
smoutenbol {m} :: common misspelling of smoutebol
sms {m} :: SMS, a service for sending text messages on a cellular telephone system
sms {m} :: a text message, an SMS message
sms'en {vt} :: to send a/as text message (to ...)
smuigen {v} [obsolete] :: to eat secretly, to snack in secrecy
smuilen {v} [archaic] :: to smile
smullen {v} :: to eat quickly, to feast [+ van (object) = on]
smulpaap {m} :: glutton, gourmand
smurf {m} [comics, fictional character] :: smurf
smurfen {vit} :: to smurf
smurfendebat {n} [Netherlands, politics, neologism] :: A debate between the leaders of small political parties
smurrie {m} :: sludge, gunk, mud
snaaien {vti} [colloquial] :: to snack
snaaien {vti} [colloquial] :: to snag, to knick
snaak {m} :: joker, prankster
snaak {m} :: (jokingly) boy, young man
snaaks {adj} :: mischievously funny, pranksterish
snaar {f} [music] :: string
snaar {f} [physics] :: string
snaarinstrument {n} [music] :: string instrument
snaartheoreticus {m} :: string theorist
snaartheorie {f} [physics] :: string theory
's nachts {adv} :: during the night, in the night, at night
snack {m} :: snack
snackbar {m} :: snack bar
snacken {v} :: to snack
snackmuur {f} [Netherlands] :: snack dispenser built into a wall
snakken {v} :: to open the mouth greedily
snakken {v} :: to strongly desire, to crave [+ naar (object) = for]
snaphaan {m} [historical] :: silver coin from Guelders
snaphaan {m} [historical] :: early type of flintlock
snaphaan {m} [obsolete] :: any type of flintlock
snaphaan {m} [obsolete] :: gun, rifle
snappen {v} :: to get, to understand
snappen {v} :: to catch in the act
snauwen {vit} :: to snap, to sneer, to snarl
snavel {m} :: beak
snavel {m} [derogatory] :: mouth
snaveldier {n} :: monotreme
sneaken {v} :: to move inconspicuously
sneaker {m} :: sneaker
snebbe {f} :: beak
snebbe {f} [nautical] :: sharp prow; [also] rostrum
snede {f} {m} :: cut, section
snee {mf} :: cut (an opening resulting from cutting)
snee {mf} :: slice (a piece cut off from a whole)
sneedhamer {m} :: swage
sneer {m} :: snide remark
sneeuw {f} :: snow (frozen precipitation)
sneeuw {f} :: snow, static, noise (on a display screen)
sneeuw {f} [slang] :: cocaine
sneeuwachtig {adj} :: snowlike, resembling snow
sneeuwanker {n} [mountaineering] :: ice anchor
sneeuwbal {m} :: snowball, ball of snow
sneeuwballen {v} :: to throw snowballs
sneeuwballengevecht {n} :: snowball fight
sneeuwband {m} :: snow tire (soft-rubber winter tire)
sneeuwbank {f} :: snowdrift
sneeuwbeer {m} [uncommon, archaic] :: polar bear
sneeuwbes {f} :: snowberry
sneeuwblind {adj} :: snowblind, blindness caused by overexposure to UV light because of reflection by snow
sneeuwblindheid {f} :: snow blindness
sneeuwbol {m} :: snow globe
sneeuwbom {f} :: A period or instance of heavy snowfall
sneeuwbom {f} [dated] :: (large) snowball
sneeuwbril {m} :: A pair of snow goggles
sneeuwbui {f} :: bout of snow, (period of) snowfall, (mild) snowstorm (meteorological phenomenon of continuous snowfall over a certain period)
sneeuwdek {n} :: snow cover
sneeuwdrift {f} :: snowdrift
sneeuwduin {f} :: snowdrift
sneeuwen {v} :: to snow
sneeuwen {adj} :: snowy, consisting of snow
sneeuwen {adj} :: snow white, being the colour of snow
sneeuwengel {m} :: snow angel
sneeuwerig {adj} :: snowy
sneeuwfrees {m} :: rotary snow plough, rotary snow plow
sneeuwgans {f} :: snow goose, Chen caerulescens (individually or as a species)
sneeuwgeit {f} :: mountain goat, Oreamnos americanus (either an individual or the entire species)
sneeuwgrens {f} :: snow line
sneeuwhaas {m} :: snow hare, mountain hare, Lepus timidus
sneeuwhoen {n} :: Any grouses of the genus Lagopus
sneeuwhoos {f} :: snow tornado
sneeuwhut {m} :: igloo
sneeuwig {adj} [now, uncommon] :: snowy
sneeuwkanon {n} :: snowgun, snow cannon
sneeuwketting {f} :: tyre chain, tire chain, snow chain
sneeuwkleed {n} :: snow cover
sneeuwklok {f} [chiefly diminutive] :: snowdrop, flower of the genus Galanthus
sneeuwklokje {noun} :: diminutive of sneeuwklok
sneeuwkristal {n} :: snow crystal
sneeuwkroon {f} :: a snow cover on a mountain
sneeuwlandschap {n} :: snowscape, snowy landscape
sneeuwlawine {f} :: avalanche, snowslide
sneeuwleeuw {m} :: snow lion (Tibetan religious and cultural icon)
sneeuwloos {adj} :: snowless, without snow
sneeuwluipaard {m} {n} :: snow leopard, snow panther, Uncia uncia
sneeuwman {m} :: snowman, figure made of snow
sneeuwmug {f} :: a certain species of snow fly, Chionea belgica
sneeuwmug {f} :: any snow fly, any insect of the genus Chionea
sneeuwmuis {f} :: snow vole, Chionomys nivalis
sneeuwpanter {m} :: snow panther, snow leopard, Uncia uncia
sneeuwploeg {mf} :: snow plough, snow plow
sneeuwpop {f} {m} :: snowman (figure made of snow)
sneeuwpudding {m} :: a white pudding made of semolina or cornflour, milk, vanilla and sugar
sneeuwschep {f} {m} :: snow shovel
sneeuwschoen {m} :: snowshoe
sneeuwschuiver {m} :: snow plough
sneeuwscooter {m} :: snowmobile
sneeuwstorm {m} :: snowstorm
sneeuwuil {mf} :: snowy owl, Bubo scandiacus
sneeuwval {m} :: snowfall
sneeuwvlo {f} :: snow flea, Boreus hyemalis
sneeuwvlok {f} :: snowflake
sneeuwvrouw {f} :: female snowman, female figure made of snow
sneeuwwit {adj} :: snow-white (colour)
sneeuwwit {n} :: snow (colour)
Sneeuwwitje {prop} {n} :: Snow White
Sneeuwwitje {n} :: A shandy; a cocktail made with beer and lemonade (often 7 Up)
sneeuwwoestijn {f} :: snow desert (snow-covered area with little precipitation)
Sneijder {prop} :: surname
snek {c} :: drakkar, Viking longship
snel {adj} :: fast, quick, rapid
snelheid {f} :: speed, velocity
snelheidsmeter {m} :: speedometer
snelkookpan {f} :: pressure cooker
snelkookrijst {f} {m} :: precooked or pre-steamed rice
snelkoppeling {f} [computing] :: shortcut
snellen {v} :: to rush
snelschrift {n} :: shorthand, stenography
snelschrift {n} [uncommon] :: pamphlet
snelspanner {m} [cycling] :: quick release lever
sneltoets {c} :: hotkey, keyboard shortcut
sneltrein {m} :: express train
snelverband {n} :: A bandage that can be applied quickly
snelverkeer {n} :: fast traffic, usually motorised traffic
snelweg {m} :: freeway, highway, motorway
snert- {prefix} :: stupid, damned, shit
snert {m} :: pea soup
snert {m} :: nonsense
snert {m} :: goopy mess, gunk
snertnimf {f} [Netherlands, historical, nautical] :: A woman who begged for leftovers from ships
snertvent {m} :: A tosser, an objectionable male
sneu {adj} :: pitiful, pathetic, sad
sneu {adj} :: disappointed
sneu {adv} :: pitiful, pathetic, sad
sneu {adv} :: disappointed
sneu {f} [fishing] :: any of the branch lines with baited hooks off a longline ("beug"); snood, gangion
sneuvelen {vi} :: to die in battle
sneuvelen {vi} [figuratively] :: to perish, to disappear
sneuvelen {v} [ergative] :: to break
sneven {v} :: to die in battle
sneven {v} [figurative] :: to cease to exist
sniezen {v} [rare] :: alternative form of niezen
snijbiet {c} :: chard (Beta vulgaris var. cicla)
snijbonenmolen {m} :: A bean slicer; a kitchen implement for cutting long beans into pieces by means of rotating blades
snijboon {f} :: A flat bean, a long variety of Phaseolus vulgaris, with flat pods and fully matured seeds
snijden {vi} :: to cut
snijden {vt} :: to cut off (in traffic)
snijkoek {m} :: A type of spiced cake without succade commonly consumed in the Low Countries
snijplank {f} :: chopping board, cutting board
snijpunt {n} [geometry] :: point of simple crossing between two curves - i.e. point of intersection but not of tangency
snijwerk {n} [countable] :: A carved object
snijwerk {n} [uncountable, uncommon] :: Work that involves cutting or carving
snik {m} :: A sob, a weep with a convulsive gasp
snikheet {adj} :: [chiefly of the weather] smoldering hot
snikkel {m} [slang, vulgar] :: penis
snikken {vi} :: to sob
snip {f} :: A snipe or woodcock, thin-beaked bird of the genera Gallinago, Scolopax, Lymnocryptes, Limnodromus and Coenocorypha
snip {f} [colloquial, Netherlands] :: A 100 guilders banknote
snipper {c} :: a shred, a snippet
snipperen {vt} :: to cut food into small pieces
snob {m} :: snob
snoeien {vti} :: to prune
snoeier {m} :: A pruner; one who prunes
snoeimes {n} :: A pair of pruning shears
snoeimesje {noun} :: diminutive of snoeimes
snoeisel {n} [uncountable] :: pieces of plant material that are removed during pruning
snoeisel {n} [countable] :: The same of a specific variety of plant
snoek {m} :: pike (any fish of the genus Esox)
snoek {m} :: pike, Northern pike, Esox lucius
snoekbaars {m} :: zander (fish)
snoep {m} {n} [uncountable] :: sweets, candy
snoepen {v} :: to eat sweets or other tasty foods
snoepen {v} :: to snack, to eat between meals
snoepgoed {n} :: candy (in general), confectionery
snoepie {n} [colloquial, Hollandic] :: alternative form of snoepje
snoepje {n} :: a sweet, a piece of candy
snoepje {n} [slang] :: a pill of ecstasy or, more broadly, any drug in pill form
snoepreep {m} :: candy bar
snoepreis {f} [chiefly diminutive] :: A junket, a pleasure trip
snoepreis {f} [chiefly diminutive, obsolete] :: An extramarital tryst
snoer {n} :: a cord, cable
snoer {n} :: a necklace (especially one formed by stringing a number of objects, such as beads, together)
snoer {f} [derogatory] :: hooker, slut
snoer {f} [obsolete] :: daughter-in-law
snoeren {v} :: to lace, string
snoeren {vt} [figuratively] :: to shut up
snoes {c} [affectionate] :: sweetheart, darling
snoeshaan {m} :: unusual or weird person
snoet {m} [affectionate] :: The face, especially mouth and nose, of a human or some animals
snoet {m} [uncommon] :: synonym of snuit
snoetje {noun} :: diminutive of snoet
snoeven {vi} :: to brag, to boast
snoezelen {v} :: to practice snoezelen
snoezig {adj} :: adorable, dinky, lovely
snoge {f} [Judaism] :: a (usually Sephardic) synagogue
snol {f} [pejorative] :: slut, whore, promiscuous woman
snol {f} [obsolete] :: babe, lover
snollen {noun} [Brabantian] :: search through something, often surreptitiously
snood {adj} :: villanous and criminal
snooker {m} :: snooker
snor {f} :: moustache
snor {m} :: Savi's warbler (Locustella luscinioides)
snorfiets {f} :: moped, limited to 25 km/h speed
snorhaar {n} [countable] :: A whisker of certain non-human mammals, such as those of cats and rodents
snorhaar {n} [countable] :: A moustache hair; [uncountable] moustache hair
snorkel {m} :: snorkel (swimming gear, breathing tube)
snorkel {m} :: submarine snorkel, snort
snorkelaar {m} :: A snorkeller
snorkelen {vi} :: To snorkel, to dive using a snorkel
snorren {v} :: to produce certain buzzy sounds, notably to hum, roar, purr, whirr
snorren {v} :: to snoop
snorren {v} :: to catch (in the act)
snorren {v} :: to ply for hire, notably in cab-fare
snor zitten {vi} [impersonal] :: to be all right, to be okay, to go well
snossel {f} [Brabantian] :: snacks, candy
snossel {f} [Brabantian] :: left-overs, small parts or items
snosselen {v} [Brabantian] :: snack; eat candy
snot {n} :: snot, nasal mucus
snotaap {m} :: snot, contemptible brat
snotneus {m} :: snotty nose, often symptomatic of a cold
snotneus {m} [metonymy, pejorative] :: brat, whippersnapper, rather helpless/irresponsible youngster
snotneus {m} :: a specific kind of oil lamp
snotolf {m} :: lumpsucker, lumpfish, Cyclopterus lumpus
snotolf {m} [obsolete] :: dirtbag, gross person
snottebel {f} [mainly childish] :: snot, especially that is visible on someone's nose
snotvalling {f} :: cold with prominent runny nose
snouwen {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: alternative form of snuwen
snuf {f} :: smell, odor
snuf {f} :: snuff, sniffle
snuffelen {v} :: to snuffle
snuffelen {v} [by extension] :: to search for something haphazardly
snuffelhond {m} :: detection dog, sniffer dog
snuffelvliegtuig {n} :: sniffer plane
snuffen {v} :: to snuff
snufferd {m} :: nose
snufje {n} :: diminutive of snuf: little smell
snufje {n} :: diminutive of snuf: little snuff
snufje {n} :: a small amount of tobacco, esp. one that can be snuffed in one instance
snufje {n} :: (by extension) a tiny amount, a teeny bit, a pinch
snufje {n} :: a novelty, something new
snugger {adj} :: smart
snuifdoos {f} [historical] :: snuffbox
snuiftabak {m} :: snuff (tobacco)
snuiftabakje {n} :: a portion of snuff
snuit {m} :: A snout, a muzzle
snuit {m} :: (by analogy, mainly human) A face, a facial expression
snuiten {vt} [of noses] :: to blow one's nose
snuiten {vt} :: to trim a candle's wick
snuiten {vt} [archaic] :: to swindle, cheat out of money
snuiter {m} :: snuffer
snuiter {m} :: type of scissors used for extinguishing candles
snuiter {m} :: conical extinguisher
snuiter {m} [by extension] :: (curious) fellow, chap, [often] a strange chap
snuitkever {m} :: weevil
snuiven {v} :: to sniff
snuiver {m} :: One who sniffs (smells, fragrances) or insufflates (tobacco, cocaine, etc.)
snuiver {m} :: An exhaust or ventilation duct
snuiver {m} [obsolete] :: A small chimney
snuiver {m} [nautical] :: A submarine snorkel, a snort [UK]
snuiver {m} [historical] :: A small room or small outbuilding for cooking, separate from the kitchen
snuiverbedrijf {n} :: The act of sailing using a submarine snorkel
snuiveren {vi} [nautical, of submarines] :: to sail at periscope depth by means of a snorkel
snuivermast {m} [nautical] :: Retractable mast containing and encasing a submarine snort [UK] or snorkel [US]
snuivervaart {f} :: The act of sailing using a submarine snorkel
snurken {vi} :: to snore
snutten {vt} [Brabantian] :: to blow (one's nose)
snuwen {v} [archaic, dialectal] :: to snow
snuyt {m} :: archaic spelling of snuit
soa {f} :: acronym of seksueel overdraagbare aandoening
soap {f} :: soap opera, soap
sober {adj} :: simple, plain, austere
's ochtends {adv} :: in the morning
sociaal {adj} :: social
sociaaldemocraat {m} :: social democrat
sociaaldemocratie {f} [uncountable] :: social democracy (centre-left ideology)
sociaaldemocratie {f} [countable] :: social democracy (society with a social democratic welfare state)
sociaaldemocratisch {adj} [politics] :: social democratic
sociale media {p} :: social media
socialisme {n} :: socialism (left ideology)
socialisme {n} [Marxism] :: socialism (stage in historical materialist grand schemes)
socialist {m} :: socialist
socialistenvreter {m} :: A ferocious anti-socialist
socialisties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of socialistisch
socialistisch {adj} :: socialist
social media {p} :: social media
sociëteit {f} :: society (a group of people who meet from time to time to engage in a common interest)
sociolect {n} :: sociolect
sociolinguïstisch {adj} :: sociolinguistic
sociologe {f} :: female sociologist
sociologie {f} :: sociology
socioloog {m} :: sociologist
Socrates {prop} {m} :: Socrates
sodemieter {m} :: sodomite, bugger
sodemieter {m} [as part of a denial] :: damn, bugger [often in denials with verb indicating concern, interest or care]
sodomiet {m} [derogatory, offensive] :: A sodomite, a man who penetrates another man anally or [more generally] any male homosexual
soebatten {vi} [Netherlands] :: to beg persistently
soebatten {vi} [Netherlands] :: to grovel, to beg sycophantically
Soedan {prop} {n} :: Sudan
Soedanees {m} :: a Sudanese person, an inhabitant of Sudan
Soedanees {adj} :: Sudanese
soefi {m} [Islam] :: Sufi
Soenda {prop} {n} :: Sunda (region and historic kingdom in West Java)
Soendaland {prop} {n} :: Sundaland (biogeographical region)
Soendaland {prop} {n} [archaic] :: Sunda (region and historic kingdom in West Java)
Soendanees {m} :: Sundanese person
Soendanees {prop} {n} :: Sundanese, the Sundanese language
Soendanees {adj} :: Sundanese; pertaining to Sunda, the Sundanese people or the Sundanese language
soenniet {m} [Islam] :: A Sunni Muslim, a Sunnite
soennisme {n} [Islam] :: Sunni Islam, Sunnism
soennitisch {adj} [Islam] :: Sunni, Sunnite
soep {f} {m} :: soup
soepel {adj} :: supple, flexible
soepel {adj} [figuratively] :: pliable, flexible (e.g. personality)
soepelheid {f} :: flexibility, suppleness
soepjurk {f} [often, derogatory] :: A loose-fitting dress, often considered inelegant; occasionally used as a disparaging term for robes that are not dresses, such as cassocks or djellabas
soepjurk {f} [derogatory] :: A person, usually a woman, wearing such a dress
soepkip {f} :: boiling fowl
soepkip {f} [pejorative, Netherlands] :: dumbass, loser, sucker
soeplepel {m} :: soupspoon
soepschildpad {f} :: green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas
soepstengel {m} :: A breadstick
soepvlees {noun} :: piece of meat that gets boiled with a soup dish to add flavor to the latter - this meat generally gets eaten cold afterwards; boneless beef shank
soera {f} :: surah, chapter of the Qur'an
soes {c} :: choux pastry
soesje {noun} :: diminutive of soes
Soest {prop} :: Soest (town/and/municipality)
Soete {prop} :: surname
soeverein {adj} :: sovereign
soevereiniteit {f} :: sovereignty
soezen {v} :: to doze, to drowse, to nap
sof {m} [slang] :: bummer, disappointment
sof {m} [slang, uncommon] :: a nobody, a failure of a person
sofa {m} [chiefly Belgium] :: A couch, a sofa
softijs {n} :: soft ice cream, soft serve
softijsje {noun} :: A serving of soft ice cream
software {m} :: software (encoded computer instructions)
soigneur {noun} [sports profession] :: A non-competing member of a team whose role is to provide support for the athletes, possibly including (psychological) and medical care as well as supplies
soja {f} :: soy
sojaboon {f} :: soybean
sojakaas {m} :: tofu
sojakoek {m} [chiefly uncountable, countable] :: tempeh
sojakoek {m} [agriculture, countable] :: soy press cake, used as animal feed
sojamelk {f} :: soy milk
sojaolie {f} :: soybean oil
sojasaus {f} :: soy sauce
sojascheut {m} [Belgium] :: mung bean sprout
sok {f} {m} :: sock
sokkel {m} :: pedestal, base
sokpop {f} {m} :: sock puppet
sol {f} [music, Belgium] :: sol, the fifth step in the solfège scale of C, preceded by fa and followed by la
soldaat {m} :: soldier, private
soldaatje {noun} :: A term for certain beetles or beetle larvae of the family Cantharidae
soldaat maken {vt} [idiom] :: to (fully) consume a serving of food or drinks
soldatenkist {f} :: combat boot, army boot
soldatenleven {n} :: The life of a soldier, a soldier's life
soldeerbout {m} :: A soldering iron
soldeerboutje {noun} :: diminutive of soldeerbout
solden {p} [Belgium] :: sale (a period of reduced prices)
solderen {vt} :: to solder
solderen {vt} [Belgium] :: to reduce in price
soldij {f} :: remuneration paid to a soldier
solidair {adj} :: solidary
solipsisme {n} :: solipsism
sollen {v} :: to throw back and forth (of a ball)
sollen {v} :: to play, to mess
sollicitatie {f} :: job application
solliciteren {vt} :: to apply for a job
solliciteren {vt} [idiom] :: just asking for
som {f} :: sum
soma {noun} [sometimes offensive, slang, ] :: a Somalian
Somalië {prop} {n} :: Somalia
Somaliër {m} :: a Somali (someone from Somalia)
Somalisch {prop} {n} :: Somali
Somalische {f} :: female Somali
somatotrofine {n} [hormone] :: somatotropin
somber {adj} :: somber (US), sombre (Commonwealth)
somberen {v} :: to be a pessimist, to express a somber opinion
sommeren {v} :: to sum up, to add up
sommeren {v} :: to demand, to dun (a payment)
sommige {determiner} :: some
sommigen {determiner} :: some people
soms {adv} :: sometimes
soms {adv} [in questions] :: maybe, perhaps
somtijds {adv} [Southern Dutch] :: sometimes
somwijlen {adv} [Southern Dutch] :: sometimes
sonar {m} :: sonar
sonarhut {f} :: sonar room on a ship
sonarvis {m} [rare] :: tow fish of a sonar system (towed sonar vessel)
sonate {f} :: sonata
sonatina {f} :: alternative form of sonatine
sonatine {f} :: sonatina
sonde {mf} :: probe
sonde {mf} :: feeding tube [medical equipment]
sonderen {vt} :: to probe, to measure or examine with a probe
sonderen {vt} [figurative] :: to probe, to question or investigate
song {m} :: song
songfestival {n} :: song contest
songtekst {m} :: lyrics
songwriter {m} :: songwriter
sonnet {n} :: sonnet
sonnettenbakker {m} [pejorative] :: sonnet poet [sonnets were deprecated by art elites during most of the 20th century]
sonnettenkrans {m} :: A crown of sonnets
Sont {prop} {m} :: the Sound (strait that separates Zealand from Scania)
soof {m} [Bargoens, archaic] :: alternative form of zoof
-soom {suffix} :: -some (3)
soort {n} :: sort, kind
soort {f} [biology, taxonomy] :: species
soorteigen {adj} :: specific to or typical for a given species; natural
soortelijk {adj} :: specific
soortelijk {adj} [biology] :: characteristic of a species
soortelijk {adj} [physics, chiefly in fixed phrases] :: characteristic of a type of matter (e.g. element)
soortenrijkdom {mf} :: biodiversity, diversity in species
soortgelijk {adj} :: similar
soortgenoot {m} :: An organism belonging to the same species [in usage sometimes translatable as congener]
soortgenoot {m} [figurative] :: An object of the same type or category
soortnaam {m} :: common noun
soos {f} [colloquial] :: club, society
sop {n} :: water with soap, usually for washing
sop {n} :: the sea in terms of somebody who will sail on it
soporatief {adj} :: soporific
soporatief {adj} [figuratively] :: boring, dry
soporatief {n} :: a soporific
soporeus {adj} :: soporific
sopraan {f} [music] :: The soprano, the highest of the four traditional voice registers, even above alto
sopraan {f} :: A soprano or treble, singer or instrument with such natural register
Sorbisch {adj} :: Sorbian, belonging or relating to the Sorbian people
Sorbisch {adj} :: Sorbian, in or relating to the Sorbian language
Sorbisch {prop} {n} :: The Sorbian (West Slavic) language
sores {p} :: tsuris; misery, worry
sorgo {noun} :: sorghum
sorry {interj} :: sorry (expressing regret)
sorry {interj} :: sorry, pardon, excuse me
sorrycultuur {f} [chiefly politics] :: a culture of apologising for errors without these errors resulting in any substantial negative sanctions
sorteren {v} :: to sort
sortering {f} :: sorting, categorizing, ordering
sortering {f} :: collection, assortment
sos {m} [derogatory, Belgium] :: socialist
sos {m} [slang, Netherlands] :: cocaine
SOSCASTOA {noun} [trigonometry] :: SOHCAHTOA; sinus is overstaande gedeeld door schuine, cosinus is aanliggende gedeeld door schuine, tangens is overstaande gedeeld door aanliggende
souffleren {vit} [theatre] :: to prompt
souffleur {m} [theatre] :: A prompter
souffleuse {f} :: female equivalent of souffleur
soulmate {m} :: soulmate
soutane {f} [Southern Dutch, Roman Catholicism] :: cassock
souteneur {m} :: pimp, souteneur
souterrain {n} :: basement, cellar
souvenir {n} :: souvenir
Sovjet-Unie {prop} {f} :: Soviet Union
sovnarchoz {m} [historical] :: sovnarkhoz
sowieso {adv} :: anyhow, in any case, anyway
sowieso {adv} :: necessarily, in all cases
SP {prop} {f} :: initialism of Socialistische Partij; the Socialist Party, a left-wing democratic socialist party in the Netherlands
sp.a {prop} {f} [Belgium, politics] :: Abbreviation of Socialistische Partij Anders ("Socialist Party Differently"), a socialist political party of Flanders
spa {m} :: spade
spa {m} :: mineral water
spa {adj} [obsolete] :: late
Spa {prop} :: Spa: A town located in the Belgian province of Liège, famous for its springs
spaak {f} :: A spoke, part between the center and outer rim of a wheel etc
spaak {f} :: A boom or handle
spaakbeen {n} :: A radius, either of two major bones in upper - and lower arm
spaakbeenslagader {f} :: radial artery
spaan {f} [uncountable] :: chip, shaving [of wood or metal]
spaan {f} :: spatula
spaanderplaat {f} :: particleboard, chipboard
spaanplaat {f} :: chipboard, particle board
spaanplaatschroef {f} :: chipboard screw
spaanplaten {adj} :: Made of chipboard
Spaans {adj} :: Spanish
Spaans {prop} {n} :: Spanish (language)
Spaans {adv} [archaic outside fixed phrases] :: callously, savagely, cruelly
Spaanse {f} :: female Spanish person
Spaanse griep {f} :: Spanish influenza
Spaanse kraag {m} :: paraphimosis
Spaanse lynx {m} :: Iberian lynx, Lynx pardinus
Spaanse opening {f} :: Ruy Lopez (chess opening)
Spaanse peper {m} :: A chili pepper; a spicy pepper of the genus Capsicum
Spaans pepertje {n} :: diminutive of Spaanse peper
spaarbank {f} :: savings bank
spaarbankboekje {noun} :: a savings book (only used in the diminutive form)
spaarboekje {noun} :: a savings book (only used in the diminutive form)
spaarder {m} [literally] :: A saver, who makes/own savings
spaarder {m} [finance] :: The holder of a savings account
spaargeld {n} :: One's savings
spaarlamp {c} :: compact fluorescent lamp
spaarpot {m} :: piggy bank [not necessarily pig-shaped]
spaarpot {m} [figuatively] :: an amount of money to keep close at hand for emergencies [usually in the diminutive]
spaarrekening {f} :: savings account
spaarvarken {n} :: piggy bank, pig-shaped container to save change in
spaarzaam {adj} :: sparing, frugal, thrifty
spaarzaam {adv} :: sparingly, frugally, thriftly
spaarzaamheid {f} :: frugality
spaarzegel {m} :: A saving-stamp, carrying a percentage of a savings coupon
spaarzegel {m} :: A stamp used as proof that an installment was deposited in a financial scheme to save up
spaat {n} {f} :: spar
spa blauw {m} :: still mineral water (not sparkling)
spaceshuttle {m} :: A space shuttle
spadassijn {m} [rare, obsolete] :: spadassin
spadassin {m} [rare, obsolete] :: alternative spelling of spadassijn
spade {m} :: spade
spade {adj} [archaic] :: late
spaghettivreter {m} [pejorative, ethnic slur] :: dago, wop, greaseball (person of Italian descent)
spaghettiwestern {m} :: A western made by Italians
spa groen {m} :: fizzy lemonade
spahi {m} :: A spahi
spalk {f} :: splint (supportive and immobilising device)
spam {m} :: spam (undesired electronic content)
spammen {v} [computing] :: to spam
spammer {m} :: A spammer
span {n} :: A span, a team (pair or larger team of draught animals)
span {n} :: A cart or instrument with a team of draught animals
span {n} :: A romantic pair, couple
spanbroek {f} :: a pair of tights or a pair of tight trousers
Spanbroek {prop} {n} :: Spanbroek (town)
spandoek {m} :: banner
spandoekje {noun} :: diminutive of spandoek
Spanjaard {m} :: A Spaniard, person belonging to or descended from the (Romance) people of Spain
Spanje {prop} {n} :: Spanje (country)
spanjoletsluiting {f} :: espagnolette
spanjool {m} [pejorative] :: Spaniard
spannen {v} :: to strain, to put tension on
spannen {v} :: to stretch
spannend {adj} :: tensive
spannend {adj} :: exciting
spanning {f} :: tension
spanning {f} :: voltage
spanningsbron {f} [electronics] :: voltage source
spanningsmeter {m} :: voltmeter, voltage meter
spar {m} :: spruce; certain tree of the family Pinaceae, especially of the genus Picea, but also used for trees of the genera Abies, Tsuga and Pseudotsuga
sparen {vt} :: to spare
sparen {vt} :: to save up
spa rood {m} :: sparking mineral water
Spartaan {m} :: a Spartan
Spartaan {m} :: a strong, hardy person; a spartan
Spartaans {adj} :: Spartan
Spartaans {adj} :: spartan (austere and manly)
spartelen {v} :: to flounce, to flounder (to flop around)
spartelen {v} :: to squirm, writhe
spasticiteit {f} :: spasticity
spat {m} [obsolete] :: blowgun
spat {m} :: spot, speckle, stain
spatader {m} :: A varicose vein
spatadertje {noun} :: diminutive of spatader
spatel {mf} :: spatula
spatie {f} [typography] :: space
spatie {f} :: spacebar
spatiebalk {m} :: space bar
spatten {v} :: to splatter, splash
spawater {n} :: mineral water
specerij {f} :: spice
Specerij-eilanden {prop} {p} [historical] :: The Moluccas
specht {m} :: woodpecker, bird of the family Picidae
speciaal {adj} :: special
speciaal {adj} [undeclined, postposited] :: served with mayonnaise (or a similar sauce), curry ketchup and chopped onions
speciaal {adv} :: specially, especially, particularly
speciaalbier {n} [uncountable] :: Beer of any other kind than lager
speciaalbier {n} [countable] :: A glass, bottle or can of the above beverage
speciaal onderwijs {n} :: special education
speciaal-studie {f} :: obsolete spelling of speciaalstudie
speciaalstudie {f} :: specialised study, investigation of a specific subject
special {m} :: A special broadcast episode
specialiseren {vr} :: to specialise oneself
specialist {m} :: specialist
specialiteit {f} :: specialty
specialiteit van het huis {f} :: [gastronomy] signature dish
specialiteit van het huis {f} :: signature move, special skill
specie {f} :: mortar (in sense of mixture of lime or cement, sand and water)
specificeren {v} :: to specify
specifiek {adj} :: specific
specifiek {adv} :: specifically
spectaculair {adj} :: spectacular
spectro- {prefix} :: spectro-
spectrofotometer {m} :: spectrophotometer
spectrograaf {m} [astronomy] :: spectrograph
spectrografie {f} :: spectrography
spectrometer {m} :: spectrometer
spectroscoop {m} :: spectroscope
spectroscopie {f} :: spectroscopy
spectrum {n} :: spectrum
speculaas {n} :: speculoos
speculant {m} :: speculator
speculatie {f} :: speculation, conjecture
speculatie {f} :: financial speculation
speculatiebouw {m} [Netherlands, historical] :: speculative construction of slum housing
speculeren {vi} :: to imagine, to guess
speech {m} :: speech, oration (oral monologic address of some length)
speechen {vi} :: to hold a speech, to have an address
speedboot {f} {m} :: A speedboat
speedbootje {noun} :: diminutive of speedboot
speeksel {n} :: saliva, spit(tle)
speekselklier {f} :: salivary gland
speelbaar {adj} :: playable
speelbaar {adj} :: performable
speelbal {m} [figurative] :: A helpless victim of external forces
speelbal {m} [chiefly diminutive] :: A ball used for playing, especially one belonging to a pet
speelballetje {noun} :: diminutive of speelbal
speeldoos {f} :: musical box
speelfilm {m} :: A live-action film (as opposed to a tekenfilm, an animated movie)
speelgoed {n} [collective] :: toys
speelhal {f} {m} [gaming] :: arcade, amusement arcade
speelhol {n} :: illegal casino, gambling den
speelhol {n} [uncommon] :: a secluded area where children can play
speelhuis {n} :: casino, playhouse
speelhuis {n} [obsolete] :: seedy pub, similar to a sleazy cabaret or nightclub
speelhuis {n} [now chiefly diminutive] :: pavilion, summerhouse, gazebo
speelkaart {f} :: a playing card
speels {adj} :: casual, relaxed
speels {adj} :: playful
speelschuld {f} :: gambling debt
speelsheid {f} :: playfulness, friskiness
speelstad {f} {m} :: host city (for a championship)
speelstad {f} {m} :: playground built as a small town
speelster {f} :: a female player (of a game or musical instrument)
speelstuk {n} :: man (piece in board games)
speeltje {noun} :: a toy, a plaything
speeltje {noun} [obsolete] :: a game, a play
speeltje {noun} [obsolete] :: a theatre play
speeltuig {n} :: playground equipment
speeltuig {n} [now less common] :: toy
speeltuig {n} [music, dated] :: musical instrument
speeltuigje {noun} :: diminutive of speeltuig
speeltuin {m} :: A children's playground
speelvogel {m} [Belgium] :: a person with a very playful nature
speelvogel {m} [archaic] :: bower bird, bird of the family Ptilonorhynchidae
speelzucht {f} :: eagerness or desire to gamble, often pathologically
speen {f} :: A teat, a nipple
speen {f} :: A dummy, a pacifier
speen {f} :: A nozzle for bottle-feeding
speen {f} [archaic] :: A hemorrhoid
speer {f} :: spear
speer {f} :: javelin
speerhaai {m} :: spiny dogfish, spurdog, Squalus acanthias
speerpunt {m} :: spearhead (point of a spear)
speerpunt {m} :: main point of discussion or policy
speerwerper {m} :: A javelin thrower, a spear thrower
spek {n} {m} [chiefly uncountable] :: bacon
spek {n} {m} [confectionary, usually in the diminutive] :: marshmallow
spek {n} {m} [derogatory, slang, historical] :: a Spaniard, especially during the Eighty Years' War
spekbuik {m} :: a belly with an excess of subcutaneous fat; a potbelly
spekglad {adj} :: very slippery
spekken {v} :: to lard
spekken {v} :: to supply, provide
spekken {v} :: to complete, fill in
spekkoek {m} :: Indonesian layer cake, spekkoek
spekkoper {m} [colloquial] :: A lucky or successful person, someone who has it made
spekkoper {m} [archaic] :: A merchant in bacon
speknek {m} :: a fat, blubbery neck
speknek {m} [pejorative] :: a person with a fat, blubbery neck
spektakel {n} :: spectacle
spel {n} :: game
spel {n} :: playing (e.g. of a musical instrument)
spelbord {n} :: A game board, a playing board
spelcomputer {mf} :: video game console
speld {f} :: A pin (fastening device)
speld {f} :: A brooch
speldje {noun} :: pin (jewellery), brooch (jewellery)
speldje {noun} :: diminitive of speld
spelen {vi} :: to play
spelen {vt} :: to play (a game)
spelen {vti} :: to play (a musical instrument)
spelen {vt} :: to play (a role)
spelenderwijs {adv} :: playfully, through play
speleoloog {m} :: speleologist
speler {m} :: a player, someone who plays a game
speler {m} :: a player, someone who plays a musical instrument
speler {m} :: a device to play music
spelevaren {vi} :: to sail as a recreational activity
spelevaren {vi} [obsolete] :: to ride as a recreational activity
spelfout {f} {m} :: spelling mistake, misspelling
spelleider {m} :: game host, game moderator, game master
spellen {v} :: to spell
spelling {f} :: spelling
spellingsfout {f} :: A spelling error, a spelling mistake
spellingvariant {m} :: A variant spelling
spelonk {f} [literary] :: grotto
spelonk {f} [Brabantian] :: bad, dank, poorly-lit housing
spelt {f} :: spelt (grain)
Spencer {prop} :: given name
spenderen {vt} :: to spend
spenen {vt} :: to wean
sperma {n} [biology] :: sperm, semen (fluid animal seed)
spermabank {mf} :: A sperm bank
spermatofoor {m} :: spermatophore
sperren {v} :: to bar, inhibit
speruur {n} :: curfew
speruur {n} :: curfew hour
spervuur {n} [uncountable, military] :: Crossfire to suppress an enemy
spervuur {n} [countable, military] :: A barrage of suppressive crossfire
spervuur {n} [countable, figurative] :: A barrage of words
sperwer {m} :: sparrow hawk, Accipiter nisus
sperwer {m} :: various other birds of prey of the genus Accipiter
sperwergrasmus {f} :: barred warbler (Sylvia communis)
sperzieboon {f} :: A variety of green bean, Phaseolus vulgaris, with seeds that have not fully matured
spetter {m} :: A splatter, splash or drop (of a fluid)
spetter {m} [teenage slang] :: An attractive man, a hottie
spetteren {v} :: to splatter, splash (especially water)
speurder {m} :: detective, (crime) investigator
speuren {vi} :: to search thoroughly
speurtocht {f} :: search, quest, hunt
spie {f} :: pin
spieden {vt} [rare] :: to watch, to observe
spieden {vt} [rare] :: to spy on
spiegel {m} :: mirror
spiegel {m} :: stern of a ship
spiegel {m} :: level (amount of a substance)
spiegelbeeld {n} :: mirror image
spiegelbeeld {n} [by extension] :: opposite
spiegelei {n} :: fried egg sunny side up
spiegelglad {adj} :: very slippery
spiegeling {f} [geometry] :: reflection
spiegelreflexcamera {f} :: single-lens reflex camera
spieken {v} :: to cheat, to crib [at a test or game]
spier {f} :: muscle (contractile tissue)
spier {f} [archaic] :: blade (of a plant)
spier {f} [archaic] :: blade of grass
spier {f} :: spar (pole)
spier {n} :: [dated] the collective of muscles
spier {n} [obsolete] :: poultry, white meat, the whitish meat of fowl
spierbundel {m} :: a bundle of skeletal muscle fibers; a muscle fascicle
spierbundel {m} :: a very muscular person; a beefcake
spierkracht {f} {m} :: muscle power
spierkrachtvliegtuig {n} [now, historical] :: human-powered aeroplane
spiernaakt {adj} :: stark naked, completely naked (so the muscles show through the bare skin)
spierverlies {n} :: sarcopenia
spierversterken {v} :: to strengthen one's muscles
spierversterken {n} :: muscle strengthening
spierversterking {f} :: anything that strengthens the muscle; muscle strengthening
spierversterking {f} :: an exercise that strengthens the muscle; strength training
spierwit {adj} :: white as a sheet
spies {f} :: spike, long spear, pike
spies {f} :: skewer
spieshert {n} [archaic] :: A brocket or male deer calf; a one- or two-year old stag or buck with immature, hornlike antlers [definitions vary]
spieshert {n} :: A brocket deer, deer of the genus Mazama
spietsen {v} :: to impale
spijbelaar {m} :: one who skips school or work; a truant
spijbelen {v} :: to play truant, cut class, skip class, [UK] bunk
Spijkenisse {prop} {n} :: Spijkenisse (town)
spijker {m} :: nail (metal fastener)
spijker {m} :: granary
spijkerbed {n} :: bed of nails
spijkerbom {f} :: nail bomb
spijkerbroek {f} [Netherlands] :: A pair of jeans
spijkeren {vt} :: to nail
spijkerschrift {n} :: cuneiform
spijkerstof {n} :: denim
spijl {f} :: bar (on a fence)
spijs {f} {m} :: foodstuff in general
spijs {f} {m} [by extension] :: almond paste; almond paste surrogate
spijskaart {f} :: menu (card) [usually a physical copy]
spijsolie {f} :: vegetable oil
spijsvertering {f} :: digestion
spijsverteringskanaal {n} :: digestive tract
spijt {c} :: regret
spijten {vt} :: to cause regret to, to cause to be sorry
spijten {v} [impersonal] :: to regret, to be sorry
spijtig {adj} :: pitiful, regrettable
spikkel {m} :: speckle, fleck
spiksplinter {adj} :: spick-and-span
spiksplinternieuw {adj} :: brand new
spil {f} :: an axis
spil {f} :: a key figure
spillen {vt} :: to waste, to spend vainly or profligately
spillen {vt} [dated] :: to spend, to use
spillen {vt} :: to spill
spilziek {adj} :: wasteful, profligate
spilzucht {f} :: profligacy
spin {f} :: spider, member of the order Araneae
spin {m} [physics] :: particle spin
spin {m} :: political spin, media spin
spinazie {m} :: spinach (a particular edible plant, Spinacia oleracea)
spindel {m} :: a rod used for spinning and winding natural fibres; a spindle
spindel {m} :: a central pillar around which a staircase spirals; a newel
spindel {m} :: an upright bar for holding CDs or DVDs by skewering
spindeltrap {m} :: spiral staircase
spindoctor {m} :: spin doctor
spinhuis {n} [historical] :: A place of confinement where inmates, usually women, were forced to spin threads
spinhuis {n} [historical, rare] :: A room or building used for spinning threads, not belonging to a penal or mental institution
spinnekob {f} :: spider
spinnekop {f} :: spider
spinnen {v} :: to spin: make yarn by twisting and winding fibres together
spinnen {v} :: to purr
spinnen {v} :: to tell stories, fib, lie
spinnendoder {m} :: spider wasp, any member of the Pompilidae
spinnenkopmolen {m} :: hollow post mill
spinnenweb {n} :: A spiderweb
spinner {m} :: a spinner: someone who makes yarn from loose fibers
spinneweb {n} :: superseded spelling of spinnenweb
spinnewebje {noun} :: diminutive of spinneweb
spinnewiel {n} :: spinning wheel
spinnijdig {adj} :: angry, livid, furious
spinster {f} :: a female spinner
spintepel {m} :: spinneret
spion {m} :: spy, person who secretly gathers information
spion {m} :: a dog breed for the partridge hunt
spionage {f} :: espionage, spying
spionagevliegtuig {n} :: An espionage airplane, a spy plane
spioneren {vi} :: to spy, to perform espionage
spionne {f} :: female spy, a woman who secretly gathers information
spiraal {f} [geometry] :: A spiral
spiraal {f} [chiefly diminutive, medicine] :: An intrauterine device, a IUD
spiraalstelsel {n} [astronomy] :: spiral galaxy
spiraaltje {noun} :: diminutive of spiraal
spiraalvormig {adj} :: spiral, spiral-shaped
spiritisme {prop} {n} :: spiritism
spiritualiteit {f} :: spirituality
spiritueel {adj} :: spiritual
spiritus {m} :: methylated spirit
spiritus {m} [orthography] :: A kind of diacritic used on Ancient Greek vowels to indicate aspiration or lack thereof. See spiritus asper and spiritus lenis
spit {n} :: A skewer
spitje {noun} :: diminutive of spit
spits {adj} :: pointed
spits {n} :: a pointed tip
spits {f} :: A top, a peak, a pinnacle or an apex
spits {f} [architecture] :: A spire
spits {f} [sports] :: A striker (both the position and the player), often referring to the centre forward
spits {f} [military] :: A frontline battalion, a front subdivision of a vanguard
spits {mf} :: rush hour
Spitsbergen {prop} {n} :: Svalbard (the archipelago)
Spitsbergen {prop} {n} :: Spitsbergen (the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago)
spitsen {vt} :: to focus
spitsmuis {f} :: shrew, laurasiatherian of the family Soricidae
spitsroede {f} :: switch, thin rod, used for punishment
spitssnuitdolfijn {m} :: beaked whale, toothed whale of the family Ziphiidae
spitsstrook {f} :: A lane or shoulder on a road, esp. a highway, that is open to traffic during rush hour
spitsuur {n} :: peak hour, rush hour
spitsvondig {adj} :: shrewd, clever, streetwise
spitsvondigheid {f} :: shrewdness, cleverness
spleet {f} :: crack, cleft, split
spleet {f} :: fissure, slit
spleet {f} [childish, especially, in the diminutive] :: vagina
spleet {f} [vulgar] :: anus
spleetoog {n} [derogatory] :: slit-eye, slant-eye
spleetoog {n} [ethnic slur, derogatory] :: A person of Chinese or Far Eastern descent; Chink, gook, slope
spleettrommel {f} {m} :: slit drum
splenectomie {f} [surgery] :: splenectomy
splijten {v} :: to split
splijtzwam {f} {m} [figurative] :: cause of controversy or division
splijtzwam {f} {m} [dated] :: bacterium
splinternieuw {adj} :: brand new
splitsen {v} :: split (divide along a more or less straight line)
splitsing {f} :: bifurcation, splitting
splitten {v} :: to divide, to break up
spoed {m} :: speed
spoed {m} :: hurry, haste
spoed {m} :: thread pitch
spoedeisend {adj} :: urgent
spoedgeval {f} {m} :: an emergency
spoedig {adj} :: imminent, arriving or occurring soon, soon
spoedig {adj} :: speedy
spoedig {adv} :: soon
spoel {f} :: spool
spoel {f} [electronics] :: inductor
spoelbak {m} :: sink
spoelbak {m} :: case for a spool in a loom
spoelen {vt} :: to rinse, to wash up
spoelen {vt} :: to flush
spoelen {vi} :: to stream, to wash, to flow
spoelen {vt} [of a tape] :: to wind
spoelkeuken {f} :: dishwashing kitchen
spog {n} :: dated form of spuug
spoken {vi} :: to haunt
spokerij {f} :: haunting, spookiness, haunt (activity by ghosts)
spokerij {f} [uncommon, now, chiefly pejorative] :: magic, magical stuff, mumbo jumbo, superstition
spoliëren {vt} [formal] :: to plunder, to spoliate, to despoil
spon {f} :: A bung
spon {f} [obsolete] :: A bunghole
spondee {m} :: spondee
spongat {n} :: A bunghole
spons {f} :: sponge
sponsdier {n} :: sponge, any member of the phylum Porifera
sponsor {mf} :: sponsor
sponsoren {v} :: to sponsor
spontaan {adj} :: spontaneous
spontaan {adv} :: spontaneously
spontane generatie {f} [historical] :: spontaneous generation
spook {n} :: phantom, ghost
spook {n} :: horror, terror
spook {n} :: an annoying and intolerable woman
spookachtig {adj} :: eerie, spooky, ghastly
spookdier {n} [chiefly diminutive] :: tarsier, primate of the family Tarsiidae
spookdier {n} :: ghost animal (undead, spectral animal)
spookdorp {n} :: ghost village (desolate village)
spookhuis {n} :: haunted house (both for rides in fairgrounds or amusement parks and houses said to be haunted according to superstition)
spookrijder {m} :: wrong-way driver, ghost driver; a person who drives on the wrong side of the road, into oncoming traffic
spookrijdertje {noun} :: diminutive of spookrijder
spookschip {n} :: ghost ship
spookstad {f} :: ghost town
spooktrein {m} :: ghost train
spookverhaal {n} :: ghost story
spookwoord {n} :: ghost word (non-existent word in dictionaries or other reference works)
spoor {n} :: track
spoor {n} :: railway track
spoor {n} :: trace
spoor {n} :: spoor
spoor {n} :: lead, trail, clue
spoor {f} :: spur
spoor {f} :: spore
Spoor {prop} :: surname
spoorbrug {f} :: railway bridge
spoorbruggetje {noun} :: diminutive of spoorbrug
spoorfiets {f} :: rail bicycle (pedal-powered vehicle travelling over railway tracks)
spoorlijn {f} :: A railway line
spoorloos {adj} :: trackless, without a trace
spoorrail {n} [chiefly plural] :: rail track
spoorslags {adv} :: rapidly, hurriedly, quickly
spoortunnel {m} :: railway tunnel
spoorweg {m} :: railway
spoorwegnet {n} :: railway network
spoorwegovergang {m} [rail transport] :: level crossing
sporadisch {adj} :: sporadic (rare and scattered in occurrence)
sporangium {n} [botany] :: sporangium
sporen {vt} :: to spur
sporen {vi} [Netherlands] :: to agree, to align
sporen {vi} [Netherlands] :: to be sane
sporen {vi} :: to travel by rail
sporendoos {f} [botany] :: sporangium
sport {f} [countable] :: A sport; [uncountable] sports
sport {f} :: rung, step on a ladder
sportauto {m} :: sports car
sportbeha {m} :: alternative spelling of sport-bh
sport-bh {m} :: A sports bra
sporten {v} :: to play a sport
sporter {m} :: one who plays a sport (habitually)
sporthal {f} :: A sports hall, a gym hall
sportief {adj} :: sporty, pertaining or partial to sports
sportief {adj} :: sportsmanlike, fair
sportjournalistiek {f} :: sports journalism
sportjournalistiek {adj} :: pertaining to sports journalism
sportman {m} :: sportsman
sportprent {f} [historical, art] :: An English picture depicting a sports' event, often a fox hunt or a horse race
sportschoen {m} :: athletic shoe, sneaker, runner
sportskiër {m} :: sport skier
sportvereniging {f} :: sports club
sportvrouw {f} :: sportswoman
sportwinkel {m} :: sports shop
spot {m} :: mockery
spot {m} :: spot; a spotlight
spot {m} :: spot; a brief segment on television
spotprent {f} :: caricature, cartoon (image mocking someone or something)
spotschrift {n} :: satirical text, written satire
spotten {vi} :: to mock, deride
spotten {vt} :: to spot (vehicles, such as trains or airplanes)
spouwen {v} :: to spit
spouwen {v} :: to vomit
spouwen {vt} [dated] :: to split, cleave
spouwer {m} :: spitter, spouter
spouwer {m} :: puker, vomiter
spraak {f} :: speech
spraak {f} [archaic] :: language
spraakgebrek {n} :: speech disorder
spraakkunst {f} :: grammar (rules for speaking and writing a language)
spraakleer {f} :: grammar (structure of language rules)
spraakleer {f} [countable] :: grammar (grammar book)
spraakverwarring {f} :: terminological mix-up
spraakwaterval {m} :: A waterfall of words; a (virtual) monologue in which one says many things with little pause
spraakzaam {adj} :: talkative (tending to talk or speak freely or often), talksome
Sprachbund {m} [linguistics] :: sprachbund
sprakeloos {adj} :: speechless
sprake van zijn {phrase} [idiomatic] :: it is said that, it may be so that; (negated) there is no way that, it must not be so that
sprake van zijn {phrase} [idiomatic] :: it is a case of ..., there is ... involved
spray {m} :: spray (liquid commercial product sold in a spray container)
spreekbeurt {f} [education] :: presentation given a student in class, lecture as a school project
spreekbuis {f} [obsolete, literally] :: voicepipe, speaking tube
spreekbuis {f} [figuratively] :: interpreter, spokesperson
spreekgestoelte {n} :: a podium
spreekkamer {f} :: A doctor's office, a surgery, a consulting room, a consultation room
spreekkoor {n} :: A chant shouted by the audience at sports matches and at performances
spreekstalmeester {m} :: ringmaster of a circus
spreektaal {f} :: vernacular (everyday/colloquial speech), spoken language, everyday language
spreektalig {adj} :: vernacular, colloquial, pertaining to spoken language
spreekt hier iemand Engels {phrase} :: does anyone here speak English?
spreekt u Engels {phrase} [formal] :: do you speak English?
spreekuur {n} :: consulting hour
spreekwijze {f} :: expression (colloquialism or idiom)
spreekwoord {n} :: saying, proverb
spreekwoordelijk {adj} :: proverbial
spreekwoordenboek {n} :: dictionary of proverbs
spreeuw {mf} :: The common starling, Sturnus vulgaris, individually or specifically
spreeuw {mf} :: A starling, passerine bird of the family Sturnidae
spreeuwenkist {f} [Netherlands, colloquial, uncommon] :: A contraption that makes sounds [used for radios, loudspeakers, televisions and certain musical instruments such as pianos, organs and accordeons]
sprei {f} :: bedcover, bedspread
spreiden {v} :: to spread
spreiding {f} :: dispersal
spreidloopgeweer {n} :: blunderbuss
spreken {vti} :: to speak
sprekend {adv} :: strongly resembling, a spitting image of, a dead ringer of
spreker {m} :: One who speaks; speaker
spreker {m} :: Orator; lecturer
spreng {m} [dialectal] :: small spring, especially the source of a creek
spreuk {f} :: saying, proverb
spreuk {f} :: sentence
spreuk {f} :: conjuration, incantation
spreuk {f} :: spell
Spreuken {prop} {c} :: Proverbs (book of the Hebrew Bible)
spriet {m} [botany] :: long, narrow shoot from a plant; blade (of grass or corn), sprig
spriet {m} [nautical] :: sprit
spriet {m} :: antenna
springbok {m} :: springbok
springen {vi} :: to jump, to leap
springen {vi} :: to explode, to shatter
springmes {n} :: flick knife, switchblade
springpak {n} :: jumpsuit
springplank {f} :: springboard
springplank {f} [figuratively] :: something that serves as a medium for someone to achieve a higher goal; a bootstrap
springschans {c} :: a platform or ramp used for ski jumpers to gain height during their jumps
springstier {m} :: A stud bull
springstof {f} [countable, uncountable] :: explosive, explosive material
springtij {n} :: spring tide
springveer {f} :: spring
springveren {adj} :: Containing springs
sprinkhaan {m} :: locust, grasshopper, insect of the suborder Caelifera or infraorder Acrididea
sprinkhanenplaag {f} :: locust plague, locust infestation
sprinkhanenzwerm {m} :: locust swam
sprint {m} :: sprint
sprinten {vi} :: to sprint
sproeien {v} :: to spray
sproeier {m} :: sprinkler
sproet {f} [chiefly plural] :: A freckle
sproetje {noun} :: diminutive of sproet
sprokkelen {vti} :: To glean. To harvest what has been left
sprokkelen {vti} :: To gather small stuff without paying for it
sprokkelen {vi} :: To cheat (in competitions)
sprong {m} :: jump, leap
sprookje {n} :: fairy tale
sprookje {n} :: a usually old, allegorical short story
sprookje {n} :: story presented as true that is not believable
sprookje {n} :: dream come true (very desirable life)
sprookspreker {m} [historical] :: minstrel, itinerant medieval storyteller who recited tales and poetry
sprot {m} :: sprat: small herringlike fish
spruit {f} [botany] :: A sprout, shoot, a branch-like part of a plant which grows from the rest
spruit {f} :: A child, seen as a parent's offspring, usually said of a minor
spruit {f} [construction] :: A style or beam which rests on another
spruit {f} :: A branch of a plumbing pipe, rope etc
spruit {f} [geography] :: A small river, river branch, especially used in South African toponyms
spruiten {v} :: to sprout
spruiten {v} :: to spring/come out (of)
spruitje {noun} :: [commonly used in the plural form] A Brussels sprout, a variant of Brassica oleracea of the gemmifera group
spruitkool {f} [often, collective] :: Brussels sprout(s)
spruitkool {f} :: A plant of the gemmifera group of Brassica oleracea varieties, that produces Brussels sprouts
spugen {v} :: to spit
spugen {v} [euphemistic] :: to vomit
spuien {v} :: to spew out, to discharge
spuigat {noun} :: scupper
spuit {f} :: spout
spuit {f} :: needle, syringe
spuit {f} :: injection, jab
spuit {f} [euphemistic, usually diminutive] :: euthanasia [particularly in relation to animals, usage in relation to humans may be considered crass]
spuit {f} [dated] :: gun, rifle
spuitbus {f} {m} :: spray can
spuit elf {f} [Netherlands] :: a nobody who is late in commenting or catching up, often one whose comment is ignorant or irrelevant
spuitelf {f} :: alternative spelling of spuit elf
spuit elf geeft ook modder {phrase} [Netherlands, derogatory] :: Indicating that a nobody (an irrelevant person) has given a belated, often irrelevant or ignorant, comment
spuiten {v} :: to squirt, to spout
spuiten {v} :: to inject
spuitgast {m} :: A firefighter, especially a man, who operates a firehose
spuitje {noun} :: diminutive of spuit
spuitserpentine {f} :: silly string
spuitwater {n} :: carbonated water, soda water
spul {n} :: stuff
spul {n} :: junk
spullenbaas {m} :: proprietor of a fairground ride
spurt {m} :: spurt (short sudden energetic effort), especially in running or cycling
spurten {vi} :: to spurt, to sprint
spuug {n} :: spit, spawl
spuuglelijk {adj} :: hideous, extremely ugly
spuw {n} :: alternative form of spuug
spuwen {v} :: to spit
spuwer {m} :: spitter, spouter
spuwster {f} :: female spitter, spouter
Sranantongo {prop} {n} :: Sranan Tongo
Sranan Tongo {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Sranantongo
Srebrenica {prop} {n} :: Srebrenica (town)
Sri Lanka {prop} {n} :: Sri Lanka (an island and a country)
SS'er {m} :: SS member
-st {suffix} :: appended to the stem of a verb, this suffix yields a verbal noun; it is similar in function to the Dutch suffix -ing
-st {suffix} :: appended to an adjective this suffix forms the superlative
St. {noun} :: abbreviation of Sint St
staaf {m} :: A bar, rod (solid metal object)
staaf {m} :: A rod cell (in the retina)
staafkerk {f} :: stave church
staafmixer {m} :: an immersion blender
staakt-het-vuren {n} :: ceasefire
staal {n} :: steel
staal {n} :: sample
staalblauw {adj} :: blue-grey
staalkaart {f} :: sampling card (sheet with samples or examples)
staan {vi} :: to stand, to be upright
staan {vi} :: to be, to be placed or located
staan {v} [auxiliary, with te] :: Forms a continuous aspect. Although it carries an implication of standing, this is vague and is not strictly required or emphasized
staan {vi} :: to say, to be written, to be said (to be indicated in written form)
staan {vi} :: to suit, fit, befit (of clothing)
staande achtervork {c} :: The seatstays of a bicycle
staande ovatie {f} :: standing ovation
staander {m} :: support beam
staander {m} :: standard, stand (vertical support of any kind)
staanderkerk {f} [rare] :: stave church
staart {m} :: tail
staartbeen {n} :: tailbone
staartman {m} [obsolete, historical, pejorative] :: Englishman
staartploeg {mf} :: stilted plough, plow with (a) stilt(s)
staartploeg {mf} :: team that trails in the rankings
staartster {f} :: comet
staartstuk {n} :: tailpiece (e.g. of a violin or an airplane)
Staart van de Slang {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Serpens Cauda
staartvin {f} :: tailfin
staartvin {f} [aviation] :: tailfin (of an aircraft)
staartvinnig {adj} :: having tailfins
staat {m} :: state, condition
staat {m} :: state (political entity)
staathuishoudkunde {f} [somewhat dated] :: political economy
staatkunde {f} :: knowledge or competence in governance or politics, esp. at a national level; statecraft
staatkunde {f} :: political philosophy, political theory, policy
staatkundig {adj} :: political
staatkundig {adv} :: politically
Staats {adj} [historical] :: Pertaining to the Dutch Republic
Staats {adj} [historical] :: Pertaining to the States-General of the Dutch Republic
Staats {adj} [historical] :: Pertaining to the republican faction of the Dutch Republic
staatsbegrafenis {f} :: state funeral
staatsbestel {n} :: constitutional structure, regime, polity
Staatsbewind {prop} {n} [historical] :: the executive of the Batavian Republic from 1801 to 1805
staatsbezoek {n} :: A state visit
staatsburger {m} :: citizen (of a country)
staatsgeheim {n} :: state secret
staatsgreep {m} :: coup d'état, stroke of state
staatsgrijper {m} [rare] :: A putschist
staatshoofd {n} :: head of state
staatsingrijpen {n} :: state intervention, government intervention
staatskerk {f} :: state church
staatsman {m} :: statesman
staatsmijn {f} :: state mine, mine operated by the state
staatsschuld {f} :: national debt
staatssecretaris {m} [politics] :: junior minister, deputy minister
staatsterreur {f} :: state terror
staatsvijand {m} :: enemy of the state
staatszender {m} :: state television channel
staatzucht {f} :: fierce or even obsessive drive to achieve status
stabiel {adj} :: stable, (relatively) unchanging
stabiel {adj} :: soundly balanced
stabiel {adj} :: reliable
stabij {m} :: A long-haired breed of dog originating from Friesland, historically used as retriever, pointer, hound, watchdog and cart-dog
stabiliseren {v} :: to stabilize
stabiliteit {f} :: stability
stacaravan {m} :: mobile home, trailer
stad {mf} :: city, town
stad {mf} :: the town/city centre
staden {v} :: alternative form of steden
stadhouder {m} [historical] :: stadtholder (chief magistrate of the Dutch Republic)
stadhuis {n} :: town hall, city hall
stadion {n} [sports] :: stadium, arena
stadium {n} :: A stadium
stadium {n} :: A stage; a phase
stadje {noun} :: diminutive of stad
stadjer {f} {m} :: An inhabitant of the city of Groningen, the Netherlands
stadsarrest {n} [historical] :: prohibition on leaving a city, as a punishment or precaution
stadsbestuur {m} :: city administration
stadsbewoner {m} :: inhabitant of a city
stadsbus {m} :: city bus
stadscentrum {n} :: city center
stadsdeel {n} :: (general) part of a city
stadsdeel {n} :: (specific) a city district unique to the Netherlands, similar to the deelgemeente in Belgium and quartier in France
stadsgas {n} :: town gas, coal gas
stadsgezicht {n} :: city view, cityscape
Stadskanaal {prop} {n} :: Stadskanaal (city/and/municipality)
stadskern {m} :: A city centre
stadskind {n} :: city child: child that comes from the city
stadsmuur {f} :: city wall
stadsneger {m} [Suriname] :: A Surinamese creole person descending from plantation slaves who didn't escape slavery, generally from the Paramaribo area
stadspoort {f} :: city gate
stadsrand {m} :: The (often suburban) outskirts of a city
stadsrecht {n} :: [also in the plural] town privileges, city rights
stadsstrand {n} :: An urban beach, often an artificial beach
stadstaat {m} :: city state
stadsuitleg {m} [historical] :: the expansion of a city outside its previous walls
stadsvernieuwing {f} :: urban renewal
stadsverwarming {f} [in cities] :: district heating
stadswijk {f} :: A city quarter
stadwaarts {adv} :: towards the city
staf {c} :: staff (stick)
stafchef {m} [military] :: A chief of staff
stafofficier {m} :: staff officer
stage {m} :: probation, induction
stage {m} :: apprenticeship
stage {m} :: internship
stagflatie {f} :: stagflation
stagiair {m} :: trainee
stagiair {m} :: intern
stagiaire {f} :: trainee
stagiaire {f} :: intern
stagnatie {f} :: stagnation
stagneren {v} :: to stagnate
staken {vi} :: to strike, go on a strike
staken {vt} :: to suspend, to cease
staken {vt} :: to support (a plant) with stakes
staker {m} :: a striker, someone who goes on strike
staking {f} :: strike (work stoppage)
staking {f} :: cessation, delay, the act of ending or delaying something
staking {f} :: deadlock, tie in voting
stakker {m} :: pitiable person
stal {m} :: stable, a place to keep hoofed animals
stal {m} :: stall, notably as a vending place on a market
stal {m} [rare] :: marked period of time
stal {m} [rare] :: thin pole
stal {m} [rare] :: leg of a piece of furniture
stalen {adj} :: steel, made of steel
stalen ros {n} [colloquial] :: bicycle
stalinisme {n} :: Stalinism
stalinisties {adj} [obsolete] :: nonstandard spelling of stalinistisch
stalinistisch {adj} :: Stalinist
stalinorgel {n} :: A Katyusha (Soviet artillery multiple rocket launcher)
Stalinorgel {n} :: superseded spelling of stalinorgel
staljongen {m} :: stable-boy, boy or junior employee working in a stable
stalken {vt} :: to stalk (to follow and harass someone)
stalker {m} :: A stalker (person who secretly follows someone, sometimes with unlawful intentions)
stalking {f} :: stalking (act or crime of following and harassing someone)
stalknecht {m} :: stablehand, hostler, employee working in a stable
stallen {v} :: to put an animal in a stable
stallen {v} :: to park (any human-powered vehicle, such as a bicycle)
stallen {v} :: to put aside, lodge, retire
stalles {p} [theatre, architecture] :: The stalls in a theatre
stalling {f} :: A place where gear can be stored, or where vehicles (especially bicycles) can be parked
stalmeester {m} :: stablemaster, equerry
stalmeid {f} :: stable girl
stalmeisje {noun} :: diminutive of stalmeid
stam {m} :: trunk of a tree
stam {m} [linguistics] :: stem
stam {m} :: tribe, clan
stam {m} [biology, taxonomy] :: phylum
stamboek {n} :: ancestry book, [breeding] pedigree book
stamboom {m} :: A family tree, genealogical stemma
stamcel {f} :: stem cell
stamdag {m} :: tribal gathering day
stamelen {v} :: to stammer, stutter
stamgast {m} :: patron, regular customer, especially to a pub
stamgenoot {m} :: A fellow tribesman, member of the same tribe
stamhoofd {n} :: A tribal chief or leader
stamkroeg {f} :: a local bar
stamland {n} :: land of origin
stammen {vi} :: to descend
stammen {vi} :: to derive
stammenbewustzijn {n} :: tribal consciousness, tribal awareness (salience of tribal identity)
stamoudste {m} :: A tribal elder, senior tribesman by age and/or rank, typically member of a tribal council which may counsel or even supervise the tribal chief(s)
stampen {v} :: to stamp, to press
stampen {v} :: to stomp with the feet
stampen {v} [nautical] :: to pitch
stamper {m} :: pistil (reproductive organ of certain plants)
stamper {m} :: pestle (stick used for crushing and grinding)
stampij {f} :: uproar, dissension, discord, concern
stamppot {m} :: A dish of mash and vegetables, often with bacon or other meat and served with gravy
stampvoeten {v} :: to stamp/stomp with the feet, often in rage or frustration
stampvol {adj} :: packed, crowded (filled to capacity)
stamvader {m} :: A male ancestor of a family, a family's founding father
stamverwant {m} :: Someone of related origin
stamverwant {m} :: [tribal contexts] Someone of the same tribe
stamverwant {adj} :: related, germane in descent
stamverwant {adj} :: [tribal contexts] of the same tribe
stamvorm {m} [biology] :: progenitor, ancestor
stamvorm {m} [grammar] :: stem
stand {m} :: posture, position, bearing
stand {m} :: rank, standing, station; class
stand {m} :: score (of a game, match)
stand {m} :: stand (small building or booth)
standaard {adj} :: standard
standaard {adv} :: by default
standaard {m} :: standard, norm
standaard {m} :: standard unit
standaard {m} :: a banner, a standard
standaard {m} :: a stand, support (e.g. to keep a bicycle standing upright)
standaardafwijking {f} :: standard deviation
standaarddeviatie {f} :: standard deviation
standaardmolen {m} :: alternative form of standerdmolen
standaardtaal {f} :: standard language
standaardwerk {n} :: standard work
standaardwerkje {noun} :: diminutive of standaardwerk
standbeeld {n} :: statue
standenvergadering {f} [historical] :: A representative assembly of the social estates
standerdkorenmolen {m} :: A post mill used for milling grain
standerdmolen {m} :: A post mill
standje {noun} :: sexual position
standje {noun} :: a scolding
standplaats {m} :: stand (a designated spot where someone or something may stand or wait, e.g. for a bus)
standpunt {n} :: standpoint; point of view
standrechtelijk {adj} :: summary (pertaining to immediate delivery of a verdict, esp. of an execution, usually under martial law)
standrechtelijk {adv} :: summarily
standvastig {adj} :: strong, steadfast, steady
standvis {m} :: sedentary fish (fish of a non-migratory population)
standvogel {m} :: sedentary bird (bird of a non-migratory population)
standwild {n} [collective] :: sedentary wild animals (wild animals of a non-migratory population)
stang {m} :: bar
stangen {vt} [colloquial] :: to tease, to bait, to pester
stank {m} :: stench
stank voor dank {noun} :: ungratefulness
stap {m} :: step
stapel {m} :: pile
stapel {m} [archaic] :: basis, foundation, pedestal
stapel {m} [historical, trade] :: stockpile, stock
stapel {m} [lutherie] :: sound post
stapel {m} [obsolete, dialectal] :: cricket (or alternatively, grasshopper)
stapelbed {n} :: bunkbed
stapelen {vt} :: to pile, to stack
stapelen {vi} [particularly of secondary and tertiary education, Netherlands] :: to complete multiple tracks/variants of education at the same educational level [i.e. at secondary or tertiary education]
stapelgek {adj} :: Completely mad, totally crazy
stapelgek {adj} :: Completely besotten, infatuated
stapelmeervoud {n} :: double plural
Staphorst {prop} {n} :: Staphorst (village)
stappen {v} :: to march
stappen {v} :: to step
stappen {v} [Netherlands] :: to go out (for a drink)
stappen {v} [chiefly Belgium] :: to walk
stappenteller {m} :: A pedometer (device that counts the amount of steps walked)
stapsgewijs {adv} :: stepwise, step-by-step
stapsgewijs {adj} :: stepwise, step-by-step
star {adj} :: stiff, frozen
star {adj} :: rigid
staren {vi} :: to gaze, stare
start {m} :: start
startbaan {f} {m} :: runway
starten {v} :: to start
starter {m} :: starter, one who starts; in particular
starter {m} :: first-time home buyer
starter {m} :: start-up
startpijn {f} :: joint pain that occurs after a period of rest or inactivity and wears off again after a period of activity, often associated with arthrosis and other joint maladies
startpunt {n} :: starting point
startsein {n} :: A starting signal
stase {f} :: stasis, inactive state, as of a bodily liquid arrested in its flow
stase {f} [Brabantian] :: train station
statenbond {m} :: a political union or alliance of independent states or political organizations; a confederation
Stateneiland {prop} {n} :: Isla de los Estados
Stateneiland {prop} {n} [now, uncommon] :: Staten Island
Staten-Generaal {p} :: States General, the bicameral parliament of the Netherlands
Staten-Generaal {p} [historical] :: States General, the legislative assembly consisting of representatives from the provincial assemblies of the Dutch Republic, or earlier, of the Low Countries
Staten-Generaal {p} [historical] :: A similar arrangement in France during the Ancien Regime
statie {f} [chiefly Belgium] :: train station
statief {n} :: A tripod serving as an optic - or other device's three-legged stand or mount
statig {adj} :: stately, solemn, ceremonious, stern
station {n} :: station (place for vehicles to stop)
stationering {f} :: stationing (the putting in place to perform military duty)
stationsgebouw {n} :: station building
stationsroman {m} :: A light novel without literary ambition, strictly for entertainment, usually romantic and/or adventurous, often chosen as a pastime by travelers
statisch {adj} :: static, stationary, concerning a motionless state or object in equilibrium
statisch {adj} :: concerning statics, statical
statisch {adj} :: invariable, constant, immobile
status {m} :: status (all senses)
status {m} :: medical file
status quo {m} :: status quo
statussymbool {n} :: status symbol
statuszucht {f} :: fierce or even obsessive drive to achieve status
statutair {adj} :: statutory
statuur {f} {n} [chiefly singular] :: stature, size
statuut {n} :: statute, legislation, regulation; written collection of laws or rules
statuut {n} :: statute; written rule or principle, especially of a society or other institution
statuut {n} [Belgium] :: legal status, legal position
statuut {n} [Netherlands] :: ordinance, law
staurogram {n} [historical, Christianity] :: staurogram (ligature and symbol of the cross)
Stavoren {prop} {n} :: Stavoren (town)
stayeren {v} [sports] :: ride behind pacemaker
stayeren {v} :: ride or run a long distance
-ste {suffix} :: Forms ordinal numbers from cardinal numbers
steak {m} :: steak
stedelijk {adj} :: urban, civic
stedeling {m} :: city-dweller, citizen (person who lives in a city)
steden {vt} [obsolete] :: to place
steden {vt} [obsolete] :: to hold in place
stedewaarts {adv} :: towards the city
stedewaarts {adj} :: towards the city
steeds {adv} :: always, continually, all the time, every time, each time
steeds {adv} :: increasingly, more and more, ever (+ comparative)
steeds weer {adv} :: over and over again, repeatedly
steeg {f} :: An alleyway; a lane [between walls, fencing, etc.]; a bystreet
steegje {noun} :: diminutive of steeg
steek {m} :: a prick (insect bite), a stab, a thrust
steek {m} :: a knot
steek {m} :: a stitch
steek {m} :: a bicorne or tricorn; a cornered hat
steek houden {vi} [idiom] :: to be valid, to be coherent
steekincident {n} :: A stabbing incident
steekkaart {f} :: file card
steekkar {f} :: hand truck
steekpalm {m} :: holly (Ilex aquifolium)
steekpalm {m} [obsolete] :: certain plants of the genus Ruscus
steekpalm {f} :: European box, boxwood, Buxus sempervirens
steekpartij {f} :: a fight with knives or other bladed weapons
steekpenning {m} :: A bribe, corrupt payment to buy an illegitimate favor (usually used in the plural form)
steekproef {f} :: sample (statistics)
steekspel {n} [historical] :: joust (chivalric contest where two contestants tried to knock their opponent of his horse with a lance)
steekspel {n} [chiefly historical] :: tiltting at the ring (equestrian contest where a contestant tried to pierce a ring with a lance)
steekwagen {m} :: hand truck
steel {m} :: stem (of a plant)
steel {m} :: handle (of a broom, a pan)
steelpan {f} :: deep pan or pot with a handle
steelpan {m} :: steelpan, steel drum
steels {adj} :: furtive, secretive
steelzucht {f} :: kleptomania
steen {m} :: stone (small rock)
steen {m} [uncountable] :: stone (hard substance)
Steen {prop} :: surname
steenachtig {adj} :: stony, stonelike
steenarend {m} :: golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos
steenberg {m} [Netherlands] :: spoil heap (mound made up of rubble from mining excavations)
steenbok {m} :: An ibex, rock goat (wild mountain goat)
Steenbok {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations] :: Capricornus
Steenbok {prop} {m} [astrology] :: Capricorn
Steenbokskeerkring {prop} {m} [geography] :: Tropic of Capricorn
steeneik {m} :: holm oak
steenezel {m} [derogatory] :: ass, stupid person, especially one who won't learn
steenezel {m} [obsolete, Suriname] :: common donkey
steenfruit {n} [collective] :: stone fruit, drupes
steengoed {adj} [colloquial] :: damn good, unsurpassably good
steengoed {n} :: pottery
steengoed {n} :: stoneware, particularly German stoneware that is baked at high temperatures and originated in the fourteenth century
steengroeve {f} :: stone quarry
steengruis {n} :: debris, small crushed rocks
steenhouwer {m} :: stonemason
steenkolenengels {n} :: Dunglish
steenkolengas {n} :: coal gas
steenkolenveld {n} :: coal field
steenkool {f} :: coal
steenkoud {adj} :: ice-cold, very cold
steenmarter {m} :: beech marten, Martes foina
steenmot {f} [Northern Dutch, mostly used in the east and north of the Netherlands] :: woodlouse, isopod
steenolie {f} [rare] :: petroleum, rock oil
steenpapier {n} :: a type of paper manufactured from calcium carbonate mixed with a high density polyethylene bonding agent; stone paper
steenpuist {f} :: carbuncle
steenrijk {adj} :: filthy rich
steenslag {m} :: crushed stone
steentijd {m} :: Stone Age
steentijdperk {n} :: Stone Age
steentijdvak {n} [dated] :: Stone Age
steenuil {mf} :: little owl, Athene noctua
steenvrucht {f} :: stone fruit, drupe
Steenwijk {prop} {n} :: Steenwijk (town)
steenwortel {m} [obsolete] :: common polypody, Polypodium vulgare; chiefly in relation to its rhizome
steenzout {n} [mineral] :: halite, sodium chloride
Stefan {prop} :: given name
Stefanus {prop} [biblical character] :: Stephen the protomartyr
steiger {m} :: a jetty; a small, often wooden landing for boats or small ships
steiger {m} :: scaffolding
steigeren {v} [mounts] :: to prance, to rear
Steijn {prop} :: surname
steil {adj} :: steep
steil {adj} :: (of hair) straight, not curly
Stein {prop} {n} :: Stein (village/and/municipality)
stek {m} :: spot, place, home
stek {m} :: cutting, a leaf, stem, branch, or root removed from a plant and cultivated to grow a new plant
stek {m} [Southern Dutch] :: alternative form of stok
stekeblind {adj} [simile] :: blind as a bat, blind as a mole
stekel {m} :: prickle (small, sharp pointed object, such as a thorn)
stekel {m} :: spine (rigid, pointed surface protuberance or needle-like structure on an animal, shell, or plant)
stekel {adj} :: rabid (affected with rabies)
stekelbrem {f} [chiefly uncountable] :: needle furze, pettywhin, Genista anglica
stekelhuidige {noun} :: echinoderm, any member of the phylum Echinodermata
stekelig {adj} :: spiny, prickly, bristly (having pins, barbs, thorns, etc.)
stekelrog {m} :: thornback ray, Raja clavata
stekelvarken {n} :: A porcupine, large rodent of the families Erethizontidae and Hystricidae
steken {vt} :: to prick, sting
steken {vt} :: to stab, thrust (with a sharp instrument such as a dagger)
steken {vt} :: to insert, put in
steken laten vallen {v} [idiomatic] :: to make mistakes
stekker {m} :: plug (e.g. electrical)
stekker {m} :: jack (e.g. telephone jack)
stekkerdoos {f} :: multiple socket; power strip
stel {n} :: couple, pair
stel {n} :: group, set, collection
stel {n} [colloquial] :: a couple (of), a few
stelen {vt} :: to steal
stelkunde {f} :: algebra
Stella {prop} {f} :: given name
stellen {vt} :: to position; place
stellen {vt} :: to state, to put forward (a question or problem)
stellen {vr} :: to take one's stand
stellen {vt} [chemistry] :: to standardize a solution by titration
stellende trap {m} [grammar] :: positive degree
stellig {adj} :: certain
stelling {f} :: position, configuration
stelling {f} :: thesis, contention
stelling {f} :: sentence
stelling {f} :: theorem
stelling {f} :: scaffold
stellingenoorlog {m} :: war of position, positional war
stellingmolen {m} :: A tall smock mill with at least one gallery
stellingname {f} :: the act of taking a position (i.e. a military position or an opinion)
stelling van Pythagoras {prop} {f} :: Pythagorean theorem
stelregel {m} :: A principle
stelsel {n} :: system (collection of organized items)
stelsel {n} [mathematics] :: system (a set of equations)
stelselmatig {adj} :: systematic
stelselmatig {adv} :: systematically
steltkluut {m} :: The black-winged stilt, Himantopus himantopus
steltkluut {m} :: Any other stilt of the genus Himantopus
stem {f} :: voice, sound made by the mouth using airflow
stem {f} :: the ability to speak
stem {f} :: vote
stem {f} [obsolete] :: word
stem {f} [phonetics] :: voice, property formed by vibration of the vocal cords
stemband {m} [chiefly plural] :: vocal cord
stembiljet {n} :: ballot
stembus {f} :: ballot box
stembusakkoord {n} :: electoral agreement among political parties about a policy or a few related policies
stembusgang {m} :: election (the action of voting in an election)
stemcomputer {m} :: voting computer
stemfie {m} :: A self-portrait photographed in a polling booth
stemgeluid {n} :: tone of voice
stemgerechtigde {mf} :: (eligible) voter
stemhok {n} [literally and figuratively] :: voting booth
stemknop {m} :: peg (e.g. of a violin, used for tuning a string)
stemmen {vit} [sometimes] :: to vote
stemmen {vt} :: to tune (to the right pitch)
stemmen {vt} :: to bring into a certain mood
stemmen {vi} [obsolete] :: to agree
stemmer {m} :: tuner: someone who tunes a musical instrument
stemmer {m} :: voter: someone who is eligible to vote in an election
stemmetje {noun} :: diminutive of stem
stemming {f} :: mood, atmosphere
stemming {f} :: vote, ballot (act or instance of voting)
stemming {f} [music] :: tuning, intonation
stemming maken {vi} [idiom, often with "tegen"] :: to agitate, to incite people [against something]
stemmingmaken {v} :: alternative form of stemming maken
stemmingmakerij {f} :: agitation, the activity of arousing public sentiment, rabblerousing
stempel {m} {n} :: stamp, die, seal (of wax)
stempel {m} {n} :: stamp, postmark (of ink)
stempel {m} {n} [figuratively] :: any kind of mark or sign of influence
stempel {m} {n} [botany] :: stigma
stempelen {vt} :: to stamp
stempelen {vi} :: to collect state benefits
stemplichtig {adj} :: required to vote
stemrecht {n} :: the right to vote, suffrage
stemvee {n} [collective, pejorative] :: voters considered to be easily manipulable
stemvee {n} [collective, pejorative] :: parliamentarians perceived as anonymous, merely serving to boost the party ranks in votes
stemwijzer {m} :: voting application
stenen {adj} :: stonen, made of stone
stengel {m} :: stalk
stengelui {m} :: spring onion, scallion (Allium fistulosum); particularly when cultivated for its stem, similar to a leek
stenig {adj} :: stony, stonelike
steniging {f} :: stoning
stennis {m} :: uproar, commotion
steno- {prefix} :: steno-
steno {n} {m} :: shorthand
stenograaf {m} :: stenographer: shorthand writer
stenografie {f} :: stenography
step {f} :: kick scooter
step {f} [dated] :: A mounting bracket on a bicycle
steppe {f} :: steppe
steppearend {m} :: steppe eagle, Aquila nipalensis
steppenhoen {n} :: Any bird of the genus Syrrhaptes
steppenroller {m} :: tumbleweed
steppevos {m} :: corsac fox, steppe fox (Vulpes corsac)
-ster {suffix} :: feminine noun of -er
ster {mf} :: star
ster {mf} [historical, otherwise archaic] :: any luminous astronomical or meteorological phenomenon
ster {mf} :: star (person)
ster {mf} :: one who excels in something
ster {mf} :: celebrity
ster {mf} [television] :: short advertisement
steradiaal {m} [geometry] :: steradian
sterallure {f} [chiefly plural, derogatory] :: the pretentiousness of a celebrity
steranijs {m} :: star anise
stercatalogus {m} :: star catalogue
stereotyperen {vt} :: to stereotype
stereotyperen {vt} [now, rare] :: to print from a stereotype
stereotypering {f} :: The act of stereotyping, conforming views about an individual to generalised opinions on groups
stereotypering {f} :: A stereotype
stereotypering {f} [archaic] :: The act of forcefully conforming something to one's views or image [generally not of opinions or tropes]
sterfbed {n} [chiefly singular] :: deathbed
sterfdag {m} :: date of death, dying day
sterfelijk {adj} :: mortal (susceptible to death)
sterfgeval {n} :: A fatality, the occurrence of someone's death
sterfjaar {n} :: year of a person's death
sterfte {f} :: death, dying
sterfte {f} :: mortality
sterfte {f} [now chiefly in compounds] :: mass death
sterftecijfer {n} :: mortality rate
steriliteit {f} :: sterility (the condition of being sterile)
sterk {adj} :: strong, having physical strength
sterk {adj} :: concentrated, strong, powerful in taste
sterk {adj} :: implausible, improbable
sterk {adj} [Germanic grammar] :: strong, pertaining to strong verbs
sterk {adj} [Germanic grammar] :: strong, pertaining to strong nouns, strong declension
Sterk {prop} :: surname
sterke drank {m} :: superseded spelling of sterkedrank
sterkedrank {m} :: liquor, spirit(s)
sterkedrank {m} [Belgium] :: distilled beverage
sterkedrank {m} [Netherlands] :: beverage with 15%+ alcohol content
sterken {v} :: to fortify
sterken {v} [figuratively] :: to encourage, to give strength to
sterker nog {adv} :: but more than that; not that alone; even more strikingly; even more importantly; worse still; better still
sterkhouder {m} :: (of people) a (male) mainstay
sterkte {interj} :: Expression used to wish someone the strength to persevere whatever hardship they are experiencing
sterkte {interj} :: good luck
sterkte {f} :: strength of materials or of optic devices such as lenses of mirrors
stern {m} :: tern
sterrenbeeld {n} [astronomy] :: constellation
sterrenbeeld {n} [astrology] :: astrological sign
sterrendag {m} [astronomy] :: stellar day
sterrendom {n} :: stardom, celebrity status
sterrenhoop {m} [astronomy] :: star cluster
sterrenkijker {m} :: An astronomical telescope
sterrenkijker {m} [dated] :: One who looks at the stars, a stargazer
sterrenkind {n} [endearing] :: stillborn child
sterrenkunde {f} :: astronomy
sterrenkundige {mf} :: astronomer
sterrenregen {m} :: A meteor shower, an instance of many shooting stars falling within a short timespan
sterrenschot {n} :: star jelly, star shot
sterrenstelsel {n} [astronomy] :: galaxy
sterrenstof {n} :: stardust
sterrenstof {n} :: cosmic dust
sterrenstof {n} [slang] :: cocaine, coke
sterrenwacht {f} :: observatory
sterrenwichelaar {m} :: astrologer
sterrenwichelarij {f} :: astrology
sterrenzwerm {m} [astronomy, now, uncommon] :: star cluster
sterretje {noun} :: asterisk (*)
sterretje {noun} :: sparkler
sterretjestuin {m} :: (part of a) cemetary where stillborn children are buried
sterveling {m} :: mortal
stervelinge {f} :: mortal
sterven {v} :: to die
stethoscoop {m} :: stethoscope
steun {m} :: support
steun {m} [military] :: backup
steun {m} [colloquial] :: dole, unemployment benefit
steunbeer {m} [architecture] :: buttress
steunen {vt} :: to support, keep up, back up, assist
steunen {vi} :: to rest, be based or founded on
steunen {vi} :: to moan, groan
steunfonds {n} :: A support fund: fund to give material of immaterial support to certain groups
steunfonds {n} :: A support fund of the European Monetary Union, used to bail out the debtors of countries with unsustainable debts
steunfort {n} :: A small fortress or fortification functioning as an outwork to defend a larger fortification
steunkous {f} :: compression stocking
steunpakket {n} :: An aid package, a support package; often referring to funds or measures provided by political actors in support of something (usually businesses)
steuntrekker {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: someone who receives unemployment benefits
steur {m} :: sturgeon
stevel {m} :: boot
steven {m} :: the part of a ship's deck that stretches along the entire length of the keel including the bow and the stern
Steven {prop} :: given name
stevenen {v} :: to steeve, to project upward
stevenen {v} :: to bear down
Stevens {prop} :: surname
stevig {adj} :: firm, sturdy
stevig {adj} :: sizeable, considerable
stevig {adv} :: firmly
stevigheid {f} :: firmness
stevigheid {f} :: virtue
steward {m} [aviation] :: steward, male flight attendant
stewardess {f} :: stewardess, air hostess
stibium {n} :: antimony
sticht {n} :: bishopric
sticht {n} [dated] :: monastery
sticht {n} [obsolete] :: building, edifice
Sticht {prop} {n} [historical] :: Bishopric of Utrecht, consisting of Utrecht, Overijssel and Drenthe
Sticht {prop} {n} :: the province or formerly the lordship of Utrecht
stichtelijk {adj} :: devoted, pious
stichten {v} :: to found, establish
stichten {v} :: to cause, allow to occur
stichten {v} :: to preach
stichter {m} :: founder
stichting {f} :: foundation
Stichts {adj} :: Pertaining to the Bishopric of Utrecht
sticker {m} :: sticker (adhesive decal)
stickie {n} :: A marihuana cigarette [generally smaller than a joint]
stief- {prefix} :: step-; a prefix indicating the individual being referred to is related through the marriage of a parent
stiefbroer {m} :: The son of one's stepparent who is not the son of either of one's biological parents
stiefbrus {mf} :: stepsibling
stiefdochter {f} :: stepdaughter
stiefelen {v} :: to walk
stiefkind {n} :: stepchild
stiefkind {n} [figuratively] :: someone or something that is not treated fairly (the diminutive form is often used)
stiefmoeder {f} :: stepmother
stiefouder {m} :: A stepparent
stiefvader {m} :: stepfather, stepdad
stiefzoon {m} :: stepson
stiefzus {f} :: stepsister
stiekem {adv} :: secretly
stiekem {adj} :: secret
stiel {m} :: A métier, professional/expert skills
stiel {m} :: A profession, job
stielman {m} :: skilled specialised professional, especially artisan or technician
stier {m} :: bull; a male of certain mammals, in particular bovines
Stier {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Taurus
stierengevecht {n} :: bullfight
stierenrennen {n} [bullfighting] :: bull run, running of the bulls
stierenvechten {n} :: bullfighting
stierenvechter {m} :: one who engages in bullfighting; a toreador or bullfighter
stierenvechtster {f} :: A female bullfighter
stierman {m} :: A lamassu
stierman {m} :: alternative form of stuurman
stift {f} :: graphite core of a pencil
stift {f} :: a felt-tip pen, a marker
stift {f} :: a chip (in football)
stiften {v} :: To draw or apply colour using a stift
stiften {v} :: To chip (in football)
stigmatisatie {f} [Christianity] :: stigmatisation, the appearance of stigmata
stigmatisatie {f} [rare, nonstandard] :: stigmatisation, the act or process of stigmatising
stigmatiseren {vt} [Christianity] :: to mark with the stigmata
stigmatiseren {vt} [by extension] :: to stigmatise/stigmatize (to consider or label as shameful)
stijf {adj} :: stiff, rigid
stijf {adj} :: formalistic, posh
stijfheid {f} :: stiffness
stijfsel {n} :: The laundry stiffener starch
stijfsel {n} :: Any stiffening additive, especially for putting up wallpaper
stijgbeugel {m} :: stirrup
stijgen {vi} :: to climb, to go up, to rise
stijgen {vi} :: to ascend
stijging {f} :: ascent
stijging {f} :: increase
stijgwind {m} :: lift, updraught, updraft
stijl {m} :: style, fashion
stijl {m} [botany] :: style of a pistil
stijl {m} :: a bar on a metal fence
stijl {m} :: the vertical part of the metal or concrete support frame that surrounds a window or a door
stijlfiguur {f} {m} :: figure of speech
stijlfout {f} :: style error, stylistic error (as opposed to a spelling error)
stijlmiddel {n} :: figure of speech
stijlvol {adj} :: stylish
Stijn {prop} {m} :: given name
stijve {noun} [slang] :: stiffy, hard-on, an erect phallus; hence, an erection
stik {interj} [Netherlands] :: drat, darn; Used as an expression of frustration, if something doesn't work out as expected. It is a rather innocent, child-friendly curse
stikkapot {noun} [Belgium] :: very tired, exhausted; knackered, dead tired
stikken {vi} :: to choke, suffocate
stikken {vt} [archaic] :: to suffocate, to cause problems with breathing
stikken {v} [impersonal] :: to teem [+ van (object) = with] (to have an abundance of)
stikken {v} :: to stitch
stikstof {f} [chemistry] :: nitrogen
stil {adj} :: still, not moving
stil {adj} :: quiet, silent
stilaan {adv} :: slowly, gradually
stiletto {f} :: stiletto
stilistisch {adj} :: stylistic
stille {mf} :: silent person, who rarely speaks
stille {mf} :: undercover agent (male only)
Stille Oceaan {prop} {m} :: the Pacific Ocean (the world's largest body of water)
stilletjes {adv} :: diminutive of stil; silently, stealthily
stilleven {n} :: still-life (painting or other image of arranged inanimate or dead objects, sometimes displaying living animals as well)
stilstaan {v} :: to stand still, to not move
stilstaan {v} :: to stagnate
stilstaan {v} :: to realise, to pay attention [+ bij (object) = to]
stilstand {m} :: standstill, stop, stoppage, cessation
stilte {f} :: silence
stilvallen {v} :: to fall silent
stilvallen {v} :: to come to a standstill, to stop moving
stilzwijgen {n} :: complete silence, absence of speaking or other communication
stilzwijgen {vi} :: to be completely silent, to be taciturn
stimulans {m} :: stimulus, incentive
stimulatie {f} :: stimulation
stimuleren {vti} :: to stimulate
stinkbom {f} :: stinkbomb
stinkdas {m} :: A stink badger, mephitine of the genus Mydaus
stinkdier {n} :: skunk, any member of the family Mephitidae
stinken {v} :: to stink
stinkmarter {m} [uncommon] :: European polecat, Mustela putorius
stinkrob {m} :: ringed seal, Pusa hispida
stinkvogel {m} [chiefly Suriname] :: black vulture, Coragyps atratus
stinkvogel {m} [Suriname] :: hoatzin, Opisthocomus hoazin
stins {f} [historical] :: A fortified stone house or tower, a keep
stinzenplant {f} :: A cultivated plant originating from more southern regions that was historically grown in gardens and farms
stip {f} {m} :: dot
stip {f} {m} :: freshwater ick: a disease that affects (aquarium) fish (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis)
stippel {c} :: A dot, dash, speck
stippelmot {f} :: An ermine moth, moth of the family Yponomeutidae
stippelmotje {noun} :: diminutive of stippelmot
stipt {adj} :: precise, exact
stipt {adj} :: punctual
stiptheid {f} :: punctuality
stock {m} :: stock, goods in supply
stock {m} :: basic capital
stock {m} :: shares (equity)
Stockholm {prop} {n} :: Stockholm (capital city)
stoe {f} :: alternative form of stouw
stoefen {v} :: to brag, to boast, to show off
stoeien {v} :: To fight in a playful way
stoeien {v} :: To romp
stoel {m} :: A chair, a piece of furniture used for sitting, normally portable and having four legs
stoel {m} :: [hence)] Any seat, from stool to throne; a dais
stoel {m} :: The base on which something rests, e.g. platform; something fixed on it, notably a workbench
stoel {m} :: A place of residence, headquarters, powerbase
stoel {m} [botany] :: A receptacle, stool, a type of stump
stoel {m} [obsolete] :: A confessional chair
stoel {m} [obsolete, uncountable] :: Fecal stool
stoel {m} [obsolete] :: A toadstool, a mushroom
stoelen {v} :: (used with the preposition op 'on' and an indirect object) To rest, be based/ founded, on something (such as an argumentation)
stoelen {vi} [botany] :: To form into a stool (stump)
stoelendans {m} :: musical chairs
stoelgang {m} :: One's stool, fecal discharge
stoelpoot {m} :: A leg of a chair
stoeltje {noun} :: diminutive of stoel
stoeltjeslift {m} :: A chairlift
stoep {f} :: pavement, footpath, sidewalk
stoep {f} :: stoop, platform before a (major) door into a building, doorstep
stoephoer {f} [vulgar, pejorative, offensive] :: A highly pejorative term for a woman
stoephoer {f} [vulgar, uncommon] :: street whore (a prostitute who operates in public areas)
stoepier {m} :: Someone employed to stand near the entrance of a venue or attraction in order to entice people to enter
stoepkrijt {n} :: sidewalk chalk
stoepkrijten {vit} :: to draw or write in sidewalk chalk
stoeprand {m} :: A kerb, the edge of a pavement
stoer {adj} :: firm, robust, sturdy
stoer {adj} :: tough, cool
stoer {interj} :: cool, nice
stoet {m} :: procession
stoet {f} [Northeastern] :: bread
stoeterij {f} :: horse ranch, stud (farm where horses are kept for breeding)
stoethaspel {m} [derogatory] :: A clumsy person; a galoot, klutz, butterfingers
stof {n} :: dust
stof {f} :: matter, material
stof {f} :: substance
stof {f} :: fabric
stof {f} :: curriculum
Stofberg {prop} :: surname
stofdoek {m} :: A duster, a dust cloth
stofduivel {m} :: dust devil
stoffeerder {m} :: upholsterer
stoffelijk {adj} :: material
stoffelijk overschot {noun} :: corpse
stoffen {vt} :: to dust, to remove dust from
stoffen {adj} :: fabric (made of fabric)
stoffer {m} :: duster, often used in combination with a dustpan
stofferen {v} :: to upholster
stoffig {adj} :: dusty
stofhoos {f} :: dust devil
stofkam {m} :: a very fine-toothed comb
stoflong {f} :: pneumoconiosis
stofmasker {n} :: A dust mask
stofstorm {m} :: dust storm
stofvrij {adj} :: dustfree
stofwisseling {f} :: metabolism (complete set of chemical reactions that occur in living cells)
stofwisselingsziekte {f} :: A metabolic disease
stofwolk {f} :: A dust cloud
stofwolkje {noun} :: diminutive of stofwolk
stofzuigen {vit} :: to vacuum-clean, clean with a vacuum cleaner
stofzuiger {m} :: vacuum cleaner, hoover
stofzuiger {m} [archaic] :: A stationary industrial device that removes dust and other particles
stofzuigeren {v} [uncommon] :: to vacuum-clean
stofzuigerslang {f} :: vacuum cleaner hose
stoichiometrie {f} :: stoichiometry; the study and calculation of quantitative (measurable) relationships of the reactants and products in chemical reactions
stoïcijn {m} :: A stoic, an adherent of stoicism
stoïcijns {adj} :: stoic, unaffected by pain or emotion, unemotional
stoïcijns {adj} :: stoic, pertaining to stoicism
stoïcisme {n} :: stoicism
stok {m} :: stick, natural (wood) or artificial
stok {m} :: cane
stok {m} [card games] :: deck, stock (set of playing cards)
stok {m} [dated] :: stock, supply
stokaas {n} :: larva of the caddis fly; [collectively] larvae of the caddisfly
stokanker {n} :: stock anchor, stocked anchor (anchor with a stock)
stokbewaarder {m} [archaic] :: A jailer, notably one which carries a cane‐like instrument to prod or discipline prisoners, as usual in Antiquity and feudal era
stokbrood {n} :: baguette (elongated French type of bread)
stokebrand {m} :: agitator, instigator of unrest
stoken {vt} :: to poke, stoke
stoken {vt} :: to light, to start (fire)
stoken {vt} [figuratively] :: to stir up, to enflame (problems, emotions)
stoker {m} :: stoker, one who stokes fuel
stoker {m} :: agitator, one who sows division or discord
stokhaver {c} :: A caning, load of blows with a stick or similar implement
stokje {noun} [sports] :: baton (in a relay race)
stokje {noun} [chiefly plural] :: chopstick
stokoud {adj} :: very old, ancient
stokslag {m} :: A cane stroke or hit with another type of stick, such as hickory or even a clubber
stokstaartje {noun} :: meerkat
stokstijf {adj} [literally] :: as stiff as a stick
stokstijf {adj} :: stock-still, immobile
stokstijf {adj} [figuratively] :: immovable, stubborn, tenacious
stokvis {m} :: stockfish
stokwachter {m} [rare] :: jailor, warden
stol {m} :: stollen
Stoli {noun} [slang] :: Stolichnaya vodka
Stolk {prop} :: surname
stollen {vi} :: to coagulate, to solidify, to congeal
stollen {vt} :: to coagulate, to solidify
stolling {f} :: freezing
stolling {f} :: coagulation
stollingsgesteente {n} [geology] :: igneous rock
stolp {f} :: cover
stolp {f} :: bell jar
stolpboerderij {f} :: Haubarg, a byre-dwelling farm
stom {adj} :: mute, unable to speak, as medical condition or species-determined
stom {adj} :: speechless; soundless, silent
stom {adj} :: wordless, non-verbal
stom {adj} :: mentally dulling, soul-killing
stom {adj} :: stupid, dumb
stom {adj} :: foolish, senseless, piteous
stom {adj} :: in compounds essentially reinforcing the sense
stoma {m} [botany] :: stoma, One of the tiny pores in the epidermis of a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor pass
stomdronken {adj} :: pissed drunk, sodden, blottoed
stomen {vi} :: to be propelled by steam, to move while powered by a steam engine
stomen {vt} :: to steam, to cook by means of steam
stomen {vt} :: to steam, to clean by means of steam
stomerij {f} :: dry cleaner
stomme film {m} :: silent film
stommeling {m} :: A dumb-ass, dunce, duffer, stupid person
stommerd {m} [chiefly childish] :: A dumbo, a stupid person, a stupid-head