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-a {suffix} :: Suffix indicating the third-person singular past historic of -er verbs
a- {prefix} :: A prefix forming words, especially verbs, that denote entering a state, making progress toward a goal, or the like
a- {prefix} :: a-, non-, -less
a {letter} :: letter
a {mf} :: a, letter: a
a {pron} [Quebec, colloquial] :: alternative form of elle
a {symbol} :: are (100 square metres)
a+ {interj} [text messaging, internet slang, abbreviation] :: alternative form of à plus. cu; ttyl
A {letter} :: letter
à + {interj} :: alternative form of à plus
à {letter} :: A with grave accent, a letter used in French mostly to distinguish some homographs and in transliteration
à {prep} :: to [destination]
à {prep} :: to (until)
à {prep} :: on the, to [some directions]
à {prep} :: at [said of a particular time]
à {prep} :: at, in, on [said of a particular place]
à {prep} :: of (belonging to)
à {prep} :: till, until [used in farewells]
à {prep} [cuisine] :: cooked in or with
à {prep} :: Used to make compound nouns to state what something is used for
à {prep} [before an infinitive] :: to [used to express something not completed]
à {prep} :: Used to describe a part of something, often translated into English as a compound adjective
à {prep} :: by
à {prep} :: or, to [used to express an approximate number]
à {prep} :: Used to indicate the recipient of certain phrasal verb
à {prep} :: with
â {letter} :: A with circumflex, a letter used in French spelling, originally representing the sound /ɑ/
 {letter} :: The letter A with a circumflex
aa {m} [geology, often, attributive] :: The surface of an aa lava flow
AA {prop} {mp} :: abbreviation of Alcooliques Anonymes
aâda {f} [Algeria] :: custom, tradition
aalandais {adj} :: alternative form of alandais
aalandais {m} :: The dialect of Swedish spoken in Åland
Aalandais {m} :: A person from Åland; an Ålander
Aalandaise {f} :: feminine noun of Aalandais
Aalborg {prop} :: Aalborg (capital city)
aalénien {adj} [geology, paleontology] :: Aalenian
Aalénien {prop} {m} [geology, paleontology] :: The Aalenian period
Aar {prop} :: The Aar river
Aarau {prop} :: Aarau (town/and/municipality/non-city capital)
Aaron {prop} :: Aaron (biblical figure)
Aaron {prop} :: given name
aaronais {adj} :: Of or from Saint-Aaron (Côtes-d'Armor)
aaronique {adj} :: Aaronic
Aast {prop} :: Aast (small village)
aastais {adj} :: Of or from Aast
ababouiné {adj} [nautical, archaic, dialectal] :: Said of a boat stopped by water's stillness; becalmed
abaca {m} :: a banana tree, the abaca
abaca {m} :: Manilla hemp
abacost {m} [Africa, chiefly historical] :: abacost
abactériémique {adj} [pathology] :: abacteremic
abactérien {adj} :: abacterial
abacule {m} [arts and architecture] :: a mosaic tessera; tessella; abaculus
abader {vt} [dialectal, Southern France] :: to allow out; to remove the restrains on
abader {vp} [dialectal, Southern France] :: to escape, get out, run away, figuratively take off
abaïer {v} :: alternative form of abayer
Abainville {prop} :: Abainville (small village)
abainvillois {adj} :: Of or from Abainville
abaissable {adj} :: Which can be lowered
abaissant {adj} [dated] :: Rendering morally inferior; degrading, demeaning
abaissant {adj} :: lowering
abaisse {f} [cooking] :: A piece of dough that has been flattened, usually with a rolling pin
abaissé {adj} [heraldry] :: abased, lowered
abaissé {adj} [heraldry] :: disclosed
abaisse-langue {m} :: a tongue depressor
abaissement {m} :: Action of moving or pushing something in a downward direction; a lowering
abaissement {m} :: State resulting from having moved down
abaissement {m} :: Action of lowering a value; reduction
abaissement {m} :: Action of lowering oneself morally; abasement
abaissement {m} [dated] :: State of something or someone which has lost all pride; abasement
abaissement {m} [archaic] :: Action of rendering or becoming less powerful
abaisser {vt} [literally] :: To lower; to reduce; to bring down
abaisser {vrt} :: To come or go down; to descend
abaisser {vrt} [figuratively] :: To humble oneself, demean oneself, stoop; abase, degrade, humiliate
abaisseur {adj} [anatomy] :: Said of a muscle that lowers a body part
abaisseur {adj} [engineering] :: Which reduces or lowers a force like tension or pressure
abaisseur {m} [anatomy] :: A muscle or similar body part that moves something downward; a depressor
abajoue {f} [anatomy, zoology] :: A pouch in the cheek of some animals, usually used to carry food; a cheek pouch
abajoue {f} [slang] :: A flabby face or cheek
abaler {v} :: To bring down
abaliénation {f} [obsolete] :: abalienation
abaliéner {v} :: To abalienate
abaloger {v} :: To bring down
abalone {m} [gastronomy, uncommon] :: The abalone
abalourdir {vt} :: to make dull and stupid
Abancourt {prop} :: Any of several places in France
abancourtois {adj} :: Of or from Abancourt
abandon {m} :: surrender
abandon {m} :: abandonment
abandon {m} [uncountable] :: complete neglect
abandonnable {adj} :: abandonable
abandonnataire {adj} [legal] :: Which benefits from another party giving up something
abandonnataire {mf} [legal] :: A natural or moral person who benefits from another party giving up something
abandonnateur {adj} [legal] :: Which gives up something
abandonnateur {m} [legal] :: A natural or moral person who gives up something
abandonné {adj} :: given up, abandoned
abandonné {m} :: abandonee, one who is abandoned
abandonnement {m} [dated] :: The act of giving up or surrendering when faced with something
abandonnement {m} [dated] :: Moral neglect
abandonnement {m} [dated] :: The act of abandoning; abandonment
abandonnement {m} [dated] :: The state resulting of such an act
abandonnement {m} [legal] :: The transfer of goods or other values in a situation of indivision that allow all owners to receive their share
abandonnément {adv} [obsolete] :: with abandon, without any reserve
abandonner {v} :: to give up
abandonner {v} :: to abandon, forsake
abandonneur {adj} [uncommon] :: Which abandons or gives up
abandonneur {m} [uncommon] :: Somebody who abandons or gives up
abandonneuse {f} :: feminine noun of abandonneur
abandonnique {adj} [psychology] :: Suffering from, related to or typical of abandonment anxiety
abandon scolaire {m} :: The action of dropping out of school, usually secondary education
abandouner {v} :: alternative form of abandonner
abaque {m} [historical] :: An abacus for counting
abaque {m} [architecture] :: The abacus of a column
abaque {m} [mathematics] :: A nomogram
abarticulaire {adj} [medicine] :: Having to do with the tissues near an articulation; juxta-articular
à bas {adv} :: down, downwards
à bas {adv} [figuratively] :: down with, away with
à bas bruit {adv} :: without noise
à base de {prep} :: made up of; made out of
abasie {f} :: abasia
abasourdi {adj} :: Astonished; dumbfounded
abasourdi {adj} :: Stunned or dazed by a loud sound
abasourdir {v} :: to dumbfound; to baffle; to astonish
abasourdir {v} :: to stun or daze with a loud sound
abasourdissant {adj} :: astonishing; bewildering; dumbfounding
abasourdissant {adj} :: which stuns or overwhelms by its loudness
abasourdissement {m} [rare] :: bewilderment; stupefaction
abasourdissement {m} [rare] :: a state of dazedness caused by an overwhelmingly loud sound
à bas sa tête {interj} [archaic] :: off with someone's head
abasside {adj} :: dated form of abbasside
abat {m} :: giblet
abatant {m} :: alternative spelling of abattant
abâtardi {adj} :: Having suffered change; defiled; bastardized
abâtardir {v} :: to cause something's qualities or defining characteristics to degenerate; to defile or degrade; to bastardize
abâtardir {vp} :: To degrade; to degenerate; to become bastardized
abâtardissement {m} :: bastardization
abat-chauvée {f} :: pulled wool of low quality, generally detached from the animal's skin by a lime treatment
abatée {f} :: alternative spelling of abattée
abat-jour {m} :: lampshade
abat-jour {m} [dated] :: eyeshade
abat-jour {m} [architecture] :: skylight
à bâtons rompus {adv} :: desultorily, in a disorganised fashion
à bâtons rompus {adj} :: free-flowing, open, meandering, rambling
abats {mp} [plurale tantum] :: offal, giblets
abattable {adj} :: slaughterable
abattage {m} :: slaughter or butchering for meat
abattage {m} :: felling or cutting down of [trees]
abattage {m} :: destruction, demolition of (a wall)
abattant {adj} :: flat and articulated so it can move from a horizontal to a vertical position
abattant {m} :: a lid or flap which can move from a horizontal to a vertical position
abattant {m} :: a toilet lid
abattant {m} [rare] :: any sort of flap
abattée {f} [nautical] :: A movement of the boat that brings it closer to tailwind
abattée {f} [aeronautics] :: A sudden nosedive of an aircraft due to a speed loss
abattée {f} [paragliding] :: A movement of the wing that brings it down toward the front of the pilot at a more or less pronounced angle
abattement {m} :: A diminution of physical or moral strength; dejection; exhaustion; despondency
abattement {m} [finance or legal] :: A type of allowance or tax deduction
abattement {m} [business, rare] :: A discount
abattement {m} :: obsolete form of abattage
abatteur {m} :: someone who fells; who knocks something down
abatteur {m} :: a boaster
abatteuse {f} :: (forestry) harvester
abattis {m} :: rubble
abattis {m} [Canada] :: An area that has been cleared of trees, but not yet of their stumps
abattis {m} [cooking, plurale tantum] :: giblets
abattis {m} [military] :: abatis
abattis {m} [dated, slang, plurale tantum] :: limbs
abattoir {m} :: slaughterhouse; abattoir
abattre {v} :: to butcher; to slaughter for meat
abattre {v} :: to shoot dead
abattre {v} :: to cut down (a tree)
abattre {v} :: to destroy or demolish (a wall)
abattre {vr} :: to fall down, especially of tall things, such as trees
abattre {vp} :: to descend upon with violence or furor
abattre {vp} [of lightning] :: to strike
abattre son jeu {v} [figuratively] :: to tip one's hand (to reveal one's intentions)
abattu {adj} :: dejected, dispirited, demoralized
abatture {f} [archaic] :: alternative form of abattage
abattures {fp} :: The traces left by a deer in bushes, ferns and other tall grasses
abat-vent {m} :: chimney cowl
abat-vent {m} :: louver boarding (of window, opening), abat-vent
abat-vent {m} [agriculture] :: wind screen
abat-voix {m} :: abatvoix
abaxial {adj} :: abaxial
abaya {f} :: abaya
abayer {v} :: archaic spelling of aboyer
abaza {m} :: Abaza (language)
Abbaretz {prop} :: Abbaretz (village)
abbarois {adj} :: Of or from Abbaretz
abbasside {adj} :: Related to the Abbassid dynasty or empire
abbatial {adj} :: abbatial
abbatial {m} :: The quarters of the abbot and monks within an abbey
abbatiale {f} :: An abbey church
abbatiat {m} [uncommon, chiefly Roman Catholic] :: abbacy
abbaye {f} :: abbey
abbé {m} :: an abbot, the head of an abbey
abbé {m} [dated] :: a title or honorific given to priests in general
Abbecourt {prop} :: Abbecourt (small village)
Abbécourt {prop} :: Abbécourt (small village)
abbecourtois {adj} :: Of or from Abbecourt
abbécourtois {adj} :: Of or from Abbécourt
abbenanais {adj} :: Of or from Abbenans
Abbenans {prop} :: A small vilage in the Doubs department
abbesse {f} :: abbess (female abbot)
Abbeville {prop} :: Abbeville (town)
Abbéville-lès-Conflans {prop} :: Abbéville-lès-Conflans (small village)
abbevillien {adj} [archaeology] :: Abbevillian
Abbevillien {prop} {m} [archaeology] :: The Abbevillian period
abbevillois {adj} :: From or related to the Northern French city of Abbeville
Abbevillois {m} :: Someone from the French city of Abbeville
abbévillois {adj} :: Of or from Abbéville-lès-Conflans
Abbevilloise {f} :: feminine noun of Abbevillois
abbévilloise {adj} :: feminine singular of abbévillois
Abby {prop} {f} [rare] :: given name
abc {m} :: ABC, basics, fundamentals, rudiments
abcédation {f} [pathology] :: abscess
abcéder {vip} [medicine] :: To form into an abscess; to abscess
abcédographie {f} [medicine] :: A radiography of an abscess
abcès {m} :: An abscess
Abdallah {prop} :: Abdallah
Abdias {prop} {m} :: Obadiah [biblical character]
abdicataire {adj} :: Which has abdicated
abdicatif {adj} :: abdicative
abdication {f} :: abdication
abdiquer {vit} :: To abdicate (one's powers)
abdiquer {vi} [formal] :: To give up; to abandon
abdo {m} [colloquial, rare in the singular] :: ab (abdominal muscle)
abdo {m} [colloquial] :: crunch (abdominal exercise)
abdomen {m} :: abdomen
abdominal {adj} :: abdominal; of the abdomen
abdominaux {mp} [collective] :: the abdominal muscles; the abdominals
abdominaux {mp} [plurale tantum] :: sit-up
abdos {mp} :: abs (abdominal muscles)
abdos {mp} :: situps
Abdoul {prop} {m} :: given name
Abdoulaye {prop} {m} :: given name, widely used in Islamic West Africa
Abdoulla {prop} :: given name
abducteur {m} [anatomy] :: abductor (muscle)
abducteur {adj} [anatomy, physiology] :: related to abductor muscles and their movement; abductive
abductif {adj} [logic, computing] :: abductive
abduction {f} [physiology] :: Abductive movement; abduction
abduction {f} [logic, computing] :: Abductive reasoning; abduction
Abeau {prop} {m} :: given name, a very rare variant of Abel
a beau mentir qui vient de loin {proverb} :: long ways, long lies
abécédaire {adj} [obsolete] :: alphabetical
abécédaire {m} :: An alphabet primer
abée {f} [chiefly historical] :: the sluice gate, sluice or flume to a water wheel
abeilardiser {v} :: to castrate
abeille {f} :: bee, honeybee
abeille {f} [figuratively] :: a writer whose style is considered pure like honey
abeillé {adj} [heraldry] :: Marked with bees
abeille à miel {f} :: honey bee
abeille charpentière {f} :: carpenter bee
abeille mère {f} [dated] :: queen bee
abeille ouvrière {f} [zoology] :: worker bee
abeiller {adj} [uncommon] :: Relative to bees and their keeping
abeiller {m} [archaic] :: A beehive for bee keeping
abeiller {m} [archaic] :: A beekeeper
abeiller {m} [archaic] :: A bee-eater
abeillier {m} [archaic] :: alternative form of abeiller ("beehive")
Abel {prop} :: Abel [biblical character]
Abel {prop} :: given name
Abélard {prop} :: The French philosopher and theologian Abelard
Abélard {prop} [rare] :: given name
abelia {m} [rare] :: alternative form of abélia
abélia {m} :: A shrub member of Abelia
Abélia {prop} {f} [rare] :: given name
abélianiser {v} [maths] :: To abelianize
abélie {f} :: alternative form of abélia
abélien {adj} [mathematics] :: abelian
abélien {adj} [Roman Catholicism, historical] :: Abelian
Abelin {prop} {m} :: given name,from a diminutive form of Abel
Abelin {prop} {m} :: surname
abéliser {v} :: to charm [all senses]
abélite {mf} :: Abelian (member of a sect living like Abel)
à belles dents {adv} :: voraciously
à belles dents {adv} [figuratively] :: readily, enthusiastically, to the full, with both hands
Abelone {prop} {f} [extremely, rare] :: given name
abélonien {m} :: Abelian (member of a sect living like Abel)
abénaquis {adj} :: Abenaki
abénaquis {m} :: Abenaki (language)
Abénaquis {m} :: an Abenaki Native American
Abénaquise {f} :: feminine noun of Abénaquis
aber {m} [geography] :: A ria, especially one in Brittany
Aberdeen {prop} {f} :: Aberdeen (city)
aberdonien {adj} :: Aberdonian
Aberdonien {m} :: Aberdonian
Aberdonienne {f} :: feminine noun of Aberdonien
abérier {v} :: To shelter
abérier {v} :: To cover
aberrance {f} [statistics] :: character of what is aberrant
aberrance {f} [uncommon] :: an aberration or anomaly
aberrant {adj} :: aberrant, abnormal or anomalous
aberrant {adj} [sciences] :: which is impossible according to the norms or rules
aberration {f} :: aberration
aberration {f} :: the state of being aberrant
aberration {f} [astronomy] :: aberration
aberration {f} [optics] :: aberration
aberration {f} [physiology] :: aberration or mutation
aberrer {vi} [very, rare] :: To make a mistake; to wander in one's judgement
aberrer {vt} [very, rare] :: To skew; to render inexact or aberrant
aberrer {vi} [obsolete] :: To lose oneself or deviate from a straight path
abessif {adj} [linguistics] :: Abessive
abessif {m} [linguistics] :: abessive, abessive case
abêtifier {v} :: to make dumb, stupid
abêtifier {vr} :: to become dumb, stupid
abêtir {vit} [ergative] :: to dumb down, render dumb, dim-witted; to deaden the mind of
abêtir {vr} [ergative] :: to become dim-witted and foolish
abêtissant {adj} :: Slowly rendering dumb, foolish, dim-witted
abêtissement {m} :: Process or result of slowly rendering dim-witted and foolish
abeurver {v} :: alternative form of abreuver
abhorrer {v} :: to abominate, to abhor, to loathe
Abidjan {prop} :: Abidjan (the de facto <<capital>> and largest <<city>> of <<c/Ivory Coast>>)
abidjanais {adj} :: From, of, or relating to Abidjan; Abidjanese
Abidjanais {m} :: Somebody from Abidjan, an Abidjanese
Abidjanaise {f} :: feminine noun of Abidjanais
à bientôt {interj} :: see you soon, see you later, laters (an informal farewell wish)
abies {m} [archaic] :: A fir tree
abiétacée {f} [botany, historical] :: A member of the Pinaceae plant family
abiétacées {fp} [botany] :: the Pinaceae plant family
abiéticole {adj} [biology] :: abieticolous
abiétin {adj} [very, rare] :: Related or similar to fir trees
abiétiné {adj} :: That resembles fir trees
abigeat {m} [legal, archaic] :: alternative form of abigéat
abigéat {m} [legal, historical] :: abigeat
abime {m} :: alternative form of abîme
abîme {m} [traditional spelling] :: abyss, chasm
abîme {m} [traditional spelling] :: bottom of a chasm or valley
abîme {m} [traditional spelling, literary] :: infiniteness of thought
abîme {m} [traditional spelling, literary] :: superlative used with various abstraction and qualities; the climax or acme
abîme {m} [traditional spelling, literary] :: hell
abîme {m} [traditional spelling, heraldry] :: abyss of a shield, fess point
abîme de science {m} [literary, figuratively] :: a fount of knowledge (a very knowledgeable person)
abimer {v} :: alternative form of abîmer
abîmer {v} :: to damage
abîmer {vp} [formal] :: To fall down or sink and disappear in a hole, depth, abyss
abîmer {vp} [formal] :: To become absorbed in something (thought, action...)
abîmer {v} [rare or archaic] :: To throw down in a hole, depth etc
abiogenèse {f} [biology] :: abiogenesis
abiotique {adj} [ecology] :: abiotic
abiotiquement {adv} :: abiotically
abisser {v} :: To damage, destroy
abisser {v} :: To overthrow
Abitibi {prop} :: Abitibi
abitibien {adj} :: From, or related to the Abitibi region of Quebec; Abitibian
Abitibien {m} :: Someone from Abitibi; an Abitibian
Abitibienne {f} :: feminine noun of Abitibien
abjadique {adj} :: abjadic
abject {adj} [literary] :: Worthy of utmost contempt or disgust; vile; despicable
abject {adj} [literary, obsolete] :: Of the lowest social position
abjectement {adv} [literary] :: in manner worthy of absolute contempt or disgust
abjection {f} [literary] :: something that is worthy of utter contempt
abjurateur {adj} [formal] :: alternative form of abjuratoire
abjurateur {m} [formal] :: Someone who has committed abjuration
abjuration {f} [formal] :: The action of abjurer
abjuratoire {adj} [formal or legal] :: Related to the action of abjurer
abjurer {vit} [very, formal] :: To renounce or abandon solemnly; to abjure
abjurer {vit} [religion] :: To formally renounce one's religious belief; to apostatise
abjurer {v} [obsolete] :: To reject by oath someone's authority
abkhaze {adj} :: Related or belonging to the Abkhaz ethnic group, or their language
abkhaze {adj} :: Related to or from Abkhazia, regardless of ethnicity
abkhaze {m} :: The Abkhaz language
Abkhaze {mf} :: An ethnic Abkhaz person
Abkhaze {mf} :: Someone from Abkhazia regardless of ethnicity
Abkhazie {prop} {f} :: Abkhazia
abkhazien {adj} :: Related to or from Abkhazia
Abkhazien {m} :: A person from Abkhazia regardless of ethnicity
Abkhazienne {f} :: feminine noun of Abkhazien
ablactation {f} [medicine] :: Interruption in secretion of breast milk, usually caused by a hormonal imbalance
ablactation {f} [medicine, archaic] :: The weaning of a child
ablastine {f} [immunology] :: ablastin
ablatable {adj} :: ablatable
ablater {vt} [medicine, rare] :: To perform ablation of; to ablate
ablater {v} [engineering] :: To progressively remove (usually in small amounts) due to an ablation process
ablatif {adj} :: Related to or causing ablation
ablatif {adj} [engineering, sciences] :: Conceived to resist a process of ablation
ablatif {adj} [linguistics, rare] :: Related to or in the ablative case
ablatif {m} [linguistics, uncountable] :: ablative, ablative case
ablatif {m} [linguistics, countable] :: A word or expression in the ablative case
ablatif absolu {m} [grammar] :: ablative absolute
ablation {f} :: The often forceful removal (physical or otherwise) or abolition of something
ablation {f} [medicine] :: ablation
ablation {f} [sciences] :: ablation
-able {suffix} :: -able
able {m} :: a vernacular name of the common bleak (usually called ablette)
able {m} :: a vernacular name of the sunbleak or moderlieschen, also called able de Heckel
able {m} [rare] :: a vernacular name of any of some other related fishes in the genus Alburnus (Cyprinidae)
ablégat {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: ablegate
abléphare {m} [zoology] :: A skink of the genus Ablepharus
ablépharie {f} [medicine] :: ablepharia
ableret {m} [fishing] :: a square lift net attached to the end of a perch and used for fishing bleaks ad similar small fishes
ablette {f} :: (common) bleak (Alburnus alburnus)
ablier {m} [fishing] :: synonym of ableret
à bloc {adv} [cycling] :: flat out; riding as hard as possible
abluer {v} [obsolete] :: To wash
ablution {f} [Western Christianity] :: Ritual rinsing of the priest's hand; ablution
ablution {f} [rare] :: A washing, especially ritual
ablutionner {v} :: To ablute, wash
ablutions {fp} :: the washing of the body, particularly a ritual one; an ablution
abnégation {f} :: selflessness, self-sacrifice
abnégation {f} :: denial, abnegation
abnégué {adj} :: abnegated
abnéguer {v} :: To abnegate
aboi {m} [archaic] :: The bark of a dog
aboiement {m} :: bark (sound made by a dog)
abois {mp} [hunting] :: The last stage of coursing where the dogs are closing in on the game, and their cries at that time
aboiteau {m} [Canada, Acadia] :: A dike built for land reclamation
aboiteau {m} [Canada, Acadia] :: The sluice in a dike that allows water out at low tide, but blocks its entry at high tide
aboler {v} :: alternative form of abolir
abolir {vt} :: to abolish
abolissable {adj} :: abolishable
abolissement {m} [obsolete] :: An abolition, abolishment, abrogation
abolitif {adj} [legal, uncommon] :: Abolishing; involving the abolition of something
abolition {f} :: abolition
abolitioniste {adj} :: alternative form of abolitionniste
abolitioniste {mf} :: alternative form of abolitionniste
abolitionnisme {m} :: abolitionism
abolitionniste {adj} [historical] :: abolitionist
abolitionniste {mf} [historical] :: abolitionist
aboméen {adj} :: From or having to do with the Beninese city of Abomey
Aboméen {m} :: A person from Abomey; Abomean, Abomeyan
Aboméenne {f} :: feminine noun of Aboméen
Abomey {prop} :: Abomey (capital city)
Abomey {prop} [dated] :: Abomey (former name of Benin, a <<country>> in <<r/West Africa>>)
abomiffreux {adj} :: abominable and repulsive
abominable {adj} :: Absolutely loathsome; abominable
abominable {adj} :: Exceedingly bad or ugly; abominable
abominable homme des neiges {m} :: abominable snowman (manlike or apelike animal said to exist in the Himalayas)
abominablement {adv} :: Unbearably; insufferably
abominablement {adv} :: Exceedingly badly or poorly
abominablement {adv} [rare] :: Abominably
abomination {f} :: Something vile and abominable; an abomination
abomination {f} [chiefly religion] :: Revulsion, abomination, disgust
abominer {v} [literary] :: To hold in abomination; to detest, abhor, execrate
à bon chat, bon rat {proverb} :: An attacker and an attackee grow stronger from finding new ways to outwit each other
abondamment {adv} :: abundantly, copiously
abondance {f} :: A large amount; a plethora or profusion
abondance {f} :: Wealth of goods, abundance; opulence, prosperity
abondance {f} [sciences] :: abundance
abondance de biens ne nuit pas {proverb} :: plenty is no plague, you can never have too much of a good thing
abondant {adj} :: abundant
abondantissime {adj} :: superlative of abondant: Very or most abundant
abondement {m} [Europe, finance] :: Additional financing provided by a second party to funds amassed by a first party, such as by an employer to a retirement fund
abonder {v} :: to be found in large amounts; to abound
abonder {vt} :: to abound; to teem; to be swarming or overflowing with [object marked with en, rarely de]
abonder {vt} [Europe, finance] :: to contribute financing to
abonder dans le sens {v} :: to agree profusely with, to express the same opinions as
à bon entendeur salut {interj} :: word to the wise
à bon entendeur, salut {interj} :: alternative spelling of à bon entendeur salut
à bon escient {adv} :: wisely, using one's best judgement
abonné {adj} :: Regularly affected by; plagued or dogged with
abonné {m} :: subscriber
abonné {m} [masculine only] :: A household for the purpose of utility delivery
abonné {m} :: season ticket holder
abonnée {f} :: feminine noun of abonné
abonnement {m} :: subscription
abonner {v} [ditransitive] :: To subscribe somebody to a service; to take a subscription for
abonner {vr} :: To subscribe to a service or publication
abonner {v} [rare] :: To become accustomed to or a regular of
abonnir {vt} [absolutive or reflexive, usually, inanimate, strongly dated] :: to improve; to render or become better
abonnissement {m} [rare, agriculture] :: Improvement or amelioration of the soil or of wine
à bon vin point d'enseigne {proverb} :: good wine needs no bush
à bon vin, point d'enseigne {proverb} :: alternative spelling of à bon vin point d'enseigne
abord {m} [literary] :: The manner with which one acts in the presence of another person or persons, especially in a first encounter
abord {m} [rare] :: The surroundings of a place
abord {m} [archaic] :: Arrival or accessibility by water
à bord {adj} :: aboard, on board
abordable {adj} :: Not overly costly; affordable
abordable {adj} :: approachable
abordable {adj} [uncommon] :: accessible
abordable {adj} [archaic, nautical] :: Said of a boat that is easy to attack
abordage {m} :: The assault on a ship
abordage {m} [nautical] :: collision, allision
aborder {vt} :: To deal with; to tackle; to approach a problem, situation or topic
aborder {vt} :: To approach or meet somebody
aborder {vt} [of vehicles] :: To place side to side
aborder {vt} [chiefly nautical] :: To reach, especially with a boat
aborder {vt} [originally, nautical, literary, rare] :: To attack, especially a boat
abordeur {adj} [rare] :: Placing itself side to side to another vehicle
abordeur {adj} [nautical, chiefly historical] :: Performing an attack on a boat
abords {mp} :: the surroundings
aborigène {adj} :: Of or relating to Indigenous Australians
aborigène {adj} [dated] :: aboriginal, indigenous
aborigène {mf} [very, dated] :: A generally primitive native from the land
Aborigène {mf} :: An Indigenous Australian
abornement {m} [chiefly France, legal] :: Determination of the precise limits of a piece of land or a border
aborner {v} [literary, rare, inanimate] :: to constitute the limit or boundary of
aborner {v} [historical, animate] :: to add boundary stones or marks to
abortif {adj} :: Abortive; unavailing; futile
abortif {adj} [medicine] :: Capable of causing abortion when absorbed
abortif {adj} [botany] :: Abortive, fruitless; sterile
abortif {m} [medicine] :: An abortifacient
abot {m} [agriculture] :: a horse hobble
aboteau {m} [France, dialectal, chiefly historical] :: A levee or dam used in the draining of marshes
aboteau {m} [Canada, rare] :: alternative form of aboiteau
Abou {prop} :: surname
Abou {prop} :: given name
abouchement {m} [archaic] :: The act of aboucher
à bouche que veux-tu {adv} [figuratively] :: eagerly, ardently (of kisses etc.)
aboucher {v} [archaic] :: to put or get in contact or communication
aboucher {v} [archaic] :: to touch via an opening
aboucher {vp} [obsolete] :: to put the mouth close to
aboucher {v} [obsolete] :: to talk with
Abou Dabi {prop} :: Abou Dabi (emirate)
Abou Dabi {prop} :: Abou Dabi (capital city)
aboudabien {adj} :: Abu Dhabian (of or from Abu Dhabi)
Abou Dhabi {prop} :: alternative form of Abou Dabi
aboudhabien {adj} :: Abu Dhabian (of or from Abu Dhabi)
abougri {adj} :: synonym of trapu
Aboukir {prop} :: Aboukir, a village and bay in Egypt site of two iconic battles of the French military
abouler {vi} [dialectal] :: to roll along a surface
abouler {vip} [Europe, dated slang] :: to rush or hurry over
abouler {vt} [Europe, slang] :: to hand over or give money or goods; to pay
aboulie {m} [medicine] :: aboulia
aboulique {adj} [medicine] :: Related to or affected by aboulia; aboulic
aboulique {mf} [medicine] :: A person affected by aboulia
Abou Simbel {prop} :: The archeological site of Abu Simbel
about {m} [technical] :: The extremity of a metallic or wooden element or piece
à bout {adv} [colloquial] :: to the limit, without any room for manoeuvre
à bout de {prep} :: out of, short of
à bout de forces {adj} :: exhausted
à bout de nerfs {adj} [colloquial] :: at the end of one's tether, at the end of one's rope, at one's wit's end
à bout de souffle {adj} :: breathless, out of breath
aboutement {m} :: abutment, jointing
abouter {v} :: to join, link, attach or tie together by their extremities
abouter {v} :: to align end-to-end; to abut
aboutir {vt} [literally, with à] :: to lead to, to end up in, to reach
aboutir {vt} [figuratively, with à] :: to lead to, to have the consequence of
aboutir {vi} :: to reach a conclusion, to succeed
aboutir {vi} :: to touch by one end
aboutissant {m} :: outcome
aboutissement {m} :: The end or conclusion of a process
aboutissement {m} :: A result or outcome, usually a positive one
à bout portant {adv} :: at point-blank range, point blank
aboyant {adj} :: barking
aboyer {vi} [of a dog] :: to bark
aboyer {vi} :: to scream at or inveigh against somebody
aboyer {vt} [usually, pejorative] :: to scream or yell in short bouts; to bark
aboyeur {adj} [uncommon] :: Which barks or makes a sound like barking
aboyeur {m} [slightly dated] :: Someone whose job or involves crying out at people
aboyeur {m} [literary] :: Someone who yells a lot at someone else, who heckles, or criticize violently in speech or writing
abracadabra {interj} :: abracadabra
abracadabra {m} :: An unspecified magical formula
abracadabra {m} [historical] :: A mystical word from kabbalism
abracadabrant {adj} :: ludicrous, preposterous
abracadabrantesque {adj} :: Totally ludicrous
abracadabrantesquement {adv} :: Totally ludicrously
abracadabresque {adj} :: alternative form of abracadabrantesque
abrachiocéphale {adj} [pathology] :: abrachiocephalic, abrachiocephalous
Abraham {prop} {m} [Biblical character] :: Abraham
Abraham {prop} {m} :: given name
abrahamique {adj} :: Abrahamitic (relating to the patriarch Abraham)
abrahamiste {adj} :: Abrahamitic
abraser {vt} [technical] :: to abrade
abrasif {adj} :: Able to abrade a surface when scrubbed against it; abrasive
abrasif {m} :: A usually granular abrasive substance used to polish or clean a surface
abrasimètre {m} [manufacturing] :: A device for measuring abrasion
abrasin {m} :: One of two species of East Asian trees in the genus Vernicia (Euphorbiaceae) who produce an oil used to make varnishes and paints
abrasion {f} :: abrasion
abrasivité {f} :: abrasiveness, abrasivity
à bras-le-corps {adv} :: bodily
à bras-le-corps {adv} [figuratively] :: head-on
à bras ouverts {adv} [idiomatic] :: with open arms
à bras raccourcis {adv} [figuratively] :: violently, ferociously, with fists flying
abraxas {m} [gnosticism, historical] :: abraxas
abréactif {adj} [psychoanalysis] :: Having to do with abreaction; abreactive
abréaction {f} [psychoanalysis] :: abreaction
abréagir {vit} [psychoanalysis] :: To undergo abreaction; to abreact
abrégé {m} :: A summarized synopsis or précis of a longer work
abrégé {m} :: A small book or written work summarizing the major points of a general topic
abrégement {m} :: shortening, abridgement
abrégément {adv} :: abridgedly
abrègement {m} :: alternative form of abrégement
abréger {v} :: to shorten in duration
abréger {v} :: to shorten (in textual length) or summarize, to abridge
abréger {v} :: to abbreviate
abreuvage {m} [archaic] :: alternative form of abreuvement
abreuvement {m} [uncommon] :: Action of abreuver
abreuver {v} [literary] :: to water (cattle, fields etc.), give water to (a person)
abreuver {vp} [literary] :: to drink
abreuver {v} [de, .figuratively] :: to shower (someone) in
abreuvoir {m} :: a watering hole or place for animals
abreuvoir {m} [Canada, proscribed] :: a drinking fountain
abréviateur {m} :: abbreviator; one who shortens
abréviatif {adj} :: abbreviative
abréviatif {adj} :: Making use of or relating to abbreviations
abréviation {f} :: abbreviation (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)
abréviativement {adv} :: abbreviatively
abréviativement {adv} :: abbreviatedly
abrévier {v} [archaic] :: To abbreviate
abri {m} :: a shelter or refuge against the elements or physical danger
abri anti-aérien {m} :: bomb shelter; air-raid shelter
abri anti-atomique {m} :: fallout shelter
abribus {m} :: bus shelter
abricot {m} :: apricot (fruit)
abricot {m} :: apricot (color)
abricot {m} [colloquial] :: vulva, vagina, female genitalia
abricot {adj} :: apricot (color)
abricoté {m} :: sugared apricot
abricoté {adj} :: Similar or relating to apricots
abricoté {adj} [cooking] :: Including apricots as an ingredient
abricoter {vt} :: to glaze (a cake etc) with a thin layer of apricot preserve dissolved in water
abricotier {m} :: apricot tree
abricotine {f} :: A Swiss brandy made from apricots
à bride abattue {adv} :: at full speed, at full throttle, hell-for-leather, flat out
abrier {v} [dialectal] :: to cover with a bedcover; to tuck in
abrier {v} [archaic or dialectal] :: alternative form of abriter
abri fiscal {m} [Canada] :: tax shelter
abrine {f} :: abrin
abri sous roche {m} [archaeology] :: A rock shelter
abri-sous-roche {m} :: rock shelter
abriter {v} :: to shelter, to harbour
abriter {vri} [s'abriter] :: to take cover; to shelter
abrivent {m} [agriculture] :: windbreak
abrogateur {adj} :: abrogative
abrogateur {m} :: abrogator
abrogatif {adj} :: abrogative
abrogation {f} :: abrogation
abrogatoire {adj} :: alternative form of abrogatif
abrogeable {adj} [chiefly legal] :: repealable; rescindable
abroger {v} :: to rescind, to repeal, to annul
abroutir {vt} [agriculture, obsolete] :: To eat the young shoots of or off
à brûle-pourpoint {adv} :: point-blank, very straightforwardly or bluntly
abrupt {adj} :: Extremely steep, near vertical
abrupt {adj} :: Curt and abrupt
abrupt {adj} :: Done or said forwardly and without caution to avoid shocking
abruptement {adv} :: abruptly
abrute {adj} [botany] :: abrupt
abruti {adj} :: Whose physical or mental capacities have been impaired by tiredness or another factor; dazed
abruti {adj} [chiefly Europe, colloquial] :: Moronic, idiotic
abruti {m} [chiefly Europe, colloquial] :: Moron, idiot, fool
abrutie {f} :: feminine noun of abruti
abrutir {vt} :: To render idiotic; to turn into idiots
abrutir {vit} :: To blunt or deaden the mind
abrutir {vt} :: To overwhelm, to devastate
abrutir {v} [literary] :: To return to a brutish or bestial state
abrutissant {adj} [formal] :: exhausting
abrutissant {adj} [formal] :: mind-numbing
abrutissement {m} :: the process or action of rendering stupid and idiotic
abrutissime {adj} :: superlative of abruti: Very, or most stupid
abruzzais {adj} :: From or related to the Abruzzo region
Abruzzais {m} :: A person from the Abruzzo
Abruzzaise {f} :: feminine noun of Abruzzais
Abruzzes {prop} {fp} [plurale tantum] :: Abruzzes (region)
Abruzzes {prop} {fp} [plurale tantum] :: A mountain chain in the Apennines
ABS {m} [automotive] :: initialism of système de freinage antiblocage
Absalom {prop} :: Absalom [biblical character]
Absalon {prop} :: Absalom
absalonien {adj} [literary] :: Having opulent hair
abscisse {f} [mathematics] :: The x coordinate in Cartesian coordinates; abscissa
abscission {f} [botany] :: abscission
absconder {v} :: obsolete form of abscondre
abscondre {v} [obsolete] :: To hide; to dissimulate
abscons {adj} [literary, pejorative] :: So abstruse as to prevent comprehension entirely
absconser {v} :: obsolete form of abscondre
absence {f} :: absence (state of being absent or withdrawn)
absent {adj} :: absent
absent {adj} :: absent-minded
absent {m} :: absentee; missing person
absentéisme {m} :: absenteeism
absentéisme {m} :: lack, absence
absentéisme {m} :: abstention, nonparticipation (from a vote, etc.)
absentéiste {adj} :: absentee (attributive)
absenter {vr} :: to leave; to absent oneself
absent le chat, les souris dansent {proverb} [idiomatic] :: when the cat's away the mice will play
absidal {adj} :: apsidal
abside {f} [architecture] :: apse
absidial {adj} :: alternative form of absidal
absinthe {f} :: wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)
absinthe {f} :: absinthe
absinthé {adj} :: Containing absinth or wormwood
absinthique {adj} :: Containing wormwood
absinthisme {m} :: absinthism
absolu {adj} :: absolute
absolument {adv} :: absolutely; totally; completely
absoluteur {adj} :: absolving
absoluteur {f} :: absolver
absolution {f} :: absolution (from sins or wrongs)
absolution {f} [legal] :: acquittal, absolution
absolutiser {v} :: absolutize
absolutisme {m} :: absolutism
absolutiste {mf} :: absolutist
absolutiste {adj} :: absolutist, absolutistic (absolutistical)
absolutoire {adj} :: absolutory (relating to absolution)
absorbabilité {f} :: absorbability
absorbable {adj} :: absorbable
absorbance {f} :: the fact of being absorbent
absorbant {adj} :: absorbant
absorbant {m} :: absorber, absorbant; something that absorbs
absorber {v} :: to absorb
absorbeur {m} :: absorber
absorbeuse {f} :: feminine noun of absorbeur
absorption {f} :: absorption
absorptivité {f} :: absorptivity
absoudre {v} :: to absolve
absous {adj} :: absolved [past participle of absoudre]
absoute {f} :: absolution (song for the dead)
abstème {adj} [Quebec, legal, historical] :: refusing to receive communion in Church under the species of wine
abstème {adj} [rare] :: abstaining from alcohol; abstemious; teetotal
abstenir {vp} :: to abstain
abstention {f} :: abstention
abstentionnisme {m} :: abstentionism
abstentionniste {m} :: abstentionist
abstersif {adj} :: abstergent
abstersif {m} :: abstergent (a substance used in cleansing)
abstinence {f} :: abstinence (act or practice of abstaining)
abstinence {f} :: abstinence (specifically act or practice of abstaining from alcohol)
abstinence {f} :: abstinence (specifically act or practice of abstaining from sexual relations)
abstinent {adj} :: abstinent, teetotal
abstinent {m} :: abstinent, teetotaler / teetotaller
abstracteur {m} :: abstracter
abstracteuse {f} :: feminine singular of abstracteur
abstractif {adj} :: abstractive
abstraction {f} :: abstraction
abstractionnisme {m} :: abstractionism
abstractionniste {adj} :: abstractionist (related to abstract art)
abstractivement {adv} :: abstractively
abstraire {v} [very, rare] :: to abstract (to separate; to remove; to take away)
abstrait {adj} :: abstract
abstraitement {adv} :: abstractly
abstrus {adj} [literary, pejorative] :: abstruse
absurde {adj} :: absurd (contrary to reason or propriety)
absurdement {adv} :: absurdly
absurdité {f} :: absurdity
absurdité {f} :: nonsense (meaningless words)
abugida {m} :: abugida
abu-markub {m} [used in Africa, notably in Sudan] :: shoebill
abus {m} :: abuse (improper usage)
abus d'autorité {m} :: abuse of authority
abus de confiance {m} [law] :: breach of trust; con game; embezzlement
abus de langage {m} [grammar] :: malapropism (humorous or not)
abus de pouvoir {m} :: abuse of power
abuser {v} :: to mislead
abuser {v} [followed by the preposition de] :: to take advantage of somebody (especially sexually)
abuser {v} :: to abuse (use improperly)
abuser {vi} [slang] :: to go too far
abuseur {m} :: abuser
abuseuse {f} :: feminine noun of abuseur
abusif {adj} :: abusive
abusivement {adv} :: abusively
abus sexuel {m} :: sexual abuse
abyme {m} [archaic] :: alternative form of abîme
abyssal {adj} :: abyssal
abysse {m} :: abyss
abysse {m} :: deep sea
abyssin {adj} :: Abyssinian
abyssin {m} :: Abyssinian (cat)
Abyssinie {prop} {f} :: Abyssinia (former name of Ethiopia)
abyssinien {adj} :: Abyssinian
abyssinien {m} :: Abyssinian (cat)
abyssopélagique {adj} :: abyssopelagic
AC45 {f} [sports] :: AC45 (America's Cup class)
AC72 {f} [sports] :: AC72 (America's Cup class developed for the 2013 America's Cup)
AC90 {n} :: AC90
acabit {m} :: kind, type, sort
acacia {m} :: acacia
académicien {m} :: academician (member of an academy)
académicienne {f} :: feminine noun of académicien
académie {f} :: academy (learned society)
Académie française {prop} {f} :: The French Academy: an academy dedicated to the perfection of the French language and standards of usage, founded in the 17th century
académique {mf} :: academic
académique {adj} :: academic
académiquement {adv} :: academically
académisable {adj} :: Able to be admitted to the Académie française
académiser {v} :: to academicize
académisme {f} :: academicism
académiste {mf} :: A scholar at an academy
académiste {mf} :: An academician
académiste {mf} [dated] :: [pejorative] A member of the Académie française
Acadie {prop} {f} :: Rendering of the Ancient and mythical Acadia
Acadie {prop} {f} :: The name of a French Northern American colony, part of Nouvelle France (New France), comprising the present Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia (French Nouvelle Écosse) and New Brunswick (French Nouveau Brunswick, split off) and Cape Breton Island (French Île du Cap-Breton, split off but ultimately (re)integrated into Nova Scotia)
acadien {adj} :: Acadian (of or pertaining to Acadia)
Acadien {m} :: Acadian (a native of Acadia)
Acadienne {f} :: feminine noun of Acadien
acafalé {adj} [Switzerland] :: long, extended
acagnarder {v} :: to become lazy
açaï {m} :: acai
acajou {m} :: cashew tree; also, its fruit
acajou {m} :: mahogany tree; also, its timber
ACAL {prop} :: acronym of Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine
à califourchon {adv} :: astride, straddling
acalifourchonné {adj} :: straddled
acalorique {adj} :: acaloric
acanthe {f} :: acanthus, bear's breeches (any of various species of plants in the genus Acanthus of the Acanthaceae)
acanthe {f} :: alternative form of feuille d'acanthe
acanthite {f} [mineral] :: acanthite
acanthocéphale {m} :: acanthocephalan
acanthopode {adj} [botany] :: acanthopodous
acanthure {m} :: A fish of the genus Acanthurus, from the Acanthuridae family
acantoïde {adj} :: acanthoid
a capella {adj} :: alternative spelling of a cappella
a capella {adv} :: alternative spelling of a cappella
a cappella {adj} [music] :: a cappella
a cappella {adv} [music] :: a cappella
acapsulé {adj} :: acapsular
acapulcoïte {f} [mineral] :: acapulcoite
acardiaque {adj} :: acardiac
acariâtre {adj} :: cantankerous, ill-tempered, shrewish
acariâtreté {f} :: shrewishness
acarien {m} [zoology] :: mite (an arachnid)
acarologie {f} :: acarology
acarologique {adj} :: acarological
acarophobie {f} :: acarophobia
acarpe {adj} [botany] :: acarpous
acastilleur {m} [nautical] :: ship's chandler
acatalecte {adj} :: synonym of acatalectique
acatalectique {adj} :: acatalectic
acatalepsie {f} :: acatalepsy
acataleptique {adj} :: acataleptic
acatène {adj} :: chainless
acathésique {adj} :: alternative form of acathisique
acathisie {f} :: alternative form of akathisie
acathisique {adj} :: akathisic
acatholique {adj} :: acatholic
acaule {adj} [botany] :: acaulous
acausal {adj} :: acausal
à cause de {prep} :: because of
à cause que {conj} [obsolete or proscribed and very, colloquial] :: because
ACC {prop} {f} [Senegal, politics] :: abbreviation of Alliance pour la conscience citoyenne
ACC {m} [organic chemistry] :: abbreviation of aminocyclopropane carboxylique
accablant {adj} :: overwhelming
accablé {adj} :: stricken
accablé {adj} :: afflicted
accablement {m} :: consternation, overwhelming despondency
accabler {v} :: to devastate, overwhelm
accabler {v} [of testimony, etc.] :: to condemn (someone)
accadien {adj} :: alternative spelling of akkadien
accadien {m} :: alternative spelling of akkadien
accalmie {f} :: lull
accalmie {f} :: reprieve (period of calm)
accalminé {adj} [nautical] :: becalmed
accalmir {vr} [of the sea] :: to lull
accaparement {m} :: monopolization, cornering (of a market)
accaparement {m} :: acquisition, occupation, grabbing
accaparer {v} :: to monopolize, to corner
accaparer {v} :: to occupy, to grab, to aquire (often with force or money)
accaparer {v} :: to engross, to preoccupy
accapareur {m} :: hoarder
accapareur {m} :: monopolist
accapareuse {f} :: hoarder (female)
accastillage {m} [nautical] :: superstructure
accastillage {m} :: hardware
accastiller {v} [nautical] :: to fit out (originally to provide the fore- and aft- castles)
accédant {m} :: accessor
accédante {f} :: feminine singular of accédant
accéder {v} :: to reach (a place)
accéder {v} :: to obtain, to achieve, to reach (a goal)
accéder {v} :: to grant (permission)
accéder {v} :: to access (information)
accelerando {adv} :: accelerando
accélérateur {adj} :: accelerative
accélérateur {m} :: accelerator, gas pedal
accélérateur {m} [physics] :: accelerator
accélération {f} [countable and uncountable] :: acceleration
accélérer {v} [ergative] :: to accelerate
accélérographe {m} :: accelerometer
accélérographe {m} :: accelerograph
accéléromètre {m} [physics] :: accelerometer
accent {m} :: accent, manner or tone of speech
accent {m} [linguistics] :: an accent symbol
accent {m} [linguistics] :: accent, stress
accent {m} [music] :: strain, section
accent aigu {m} :: acute accent
accent circonflexe {m} :: circumflex (diacritic)
accent grave {m} :: grave accent
accentuation {f} :: stressing, accenting
accentué {adj} :: pronounced, marked, accented
accentuel {adj} :: accentual
accentuer {v} :: to accentuate (emphasize)
accentuer {v} :: to intensify
accentuer {v} :: to accent (put an accent on a letter or symbol etc.)
acceptabilité {f} :: acceptability
acceptable {adj} :: acceptable
acceptant {adj} :: acceptant
acceptatif {adj} :: acceptative
acceptation {f} :: acceptance
acceptation {f} :: approval
accepter {vt} :: to accept
accepteur {m} [banking] :: acceptor
acception {f} :: meaning, sense (of a word), acceptation
accès {m} :: access
accès {m} [medicine] :: attack, sudden fit
accesseur {m} [object-oriented] :: accessor
accessibilité {f} :: accessibility
accessible {adj} [of a place, information, etc.] :: accessible, attainable, obtainable, available
accessible {adj} [of a price] :: affordable
accessible {adj} [of a person] :: approachable
accession {f} :: accession (to throne)
accession {f} [legal] :: accession
accessit {m} [school] :: ≈ merit certificate
accessoire {m} :: accessory
accessoire {m} [theater] :: prop
accessoire {adj} :: accessory (having a supplementary function)
accessoirement {adv} :: accessorily
accessoirisation {f} :: accessorization
accessoirisé {adj} :: accessorized (with)
accessoiriser {vt} :: to accessorize (with)
accessoiriste {mf} [film cast] :: a props assistant
accident {m} :: accident
accidentable {adj} :: damageable
accidentalité {f} :: accidentality
accidentalité {f} :: accident frequency (especially the statistics of road accidents at specific locations)
accident de décompression {m} :: caisson disease, decompression sickness
accident de parcours {m} :: mishap, setback
accident de travail {m} :: work accident, work-related accident, workplace accident, occupational accident, industrial accident
accident du travail {m} :: alternative form of accident de travail
accidenté {adj} :: eventful (story)
accidentel {adj} :: accidental (happening by chance)
accidentellement {adv} :: accidentally (unexpectedly, unintentionally)
accidenter {vt} :: to damage; to hurt (in an accident)
accidentogène {adj} :: hazardous
accidentogène {adj} :: accident-prone
accidentologie {f} :: accidentology
accidentologue {mf} :: accidentologist
accident vasculaire cérébral {m} [medicine] :: stroke
accipitrin {adj} :: accipitrine
accise {f} :: excise, excise tax
accisien {adj} :: excise (attributive)
accisien {m} :: exciseman
acclamatif {adj} :: acclamative
acclamation {f} :: acclamation
acclamer {v} :: to acclaim, applaud (to shout applause)
acclimatable {adj} :: acclimatable
acclimatation {f} :: acclimatization
acclimaté {adj} :: acclimatized
acclimatement {m} :: acclimatization
acclimater {v} :: to acclimatize (get used to a new climate)
accointance {f} :: companionship
accointance {f} [usually in plural] :: amorous relations
accointer {v} :: to get to know, acquaint oneself with
accolade {f} :: curly bracket (brace)
accolade {f} [historical] :: accolade (knights)
accolade {f} :: embrace
accolé {adj} :: bracketed
accolement {m} :: apposition
accoler {v} :: to place side by side
accoler {v} [typography] :: to bracket together
accombant {adj} [botany] :: accumbant
accommodant {adj} :: accommodating; conciliatory
accommodat {m} [biology] :: acquired characteristics
accommodateur {adj} :: accommodatory
accommodation {f} :: accommodation
accommodement {m} :: settlement, arrangement
accommoder {v} :: to accommodate
accompagnateur {m} :: accompanier; co-(something)
accompagnateur {m} [music] :: accompanist
accompagnatrice {f} :: female equivalent of accompagnateur
accompagnement {m} :: accompaniment
accompagnement {m} :: side dish
accompagner {vt} :: to accompany, to escort
accompli {adj} :: achieved, accomplished, perfect
accompli {adj} :: finished, done
accomplir {v} :: to accomplish
accomplir {v} :: to achieve
accomplissement {m} :: accomplishment, achievement, fulfillment
accon {m} :: alternative form of acon
acconage {m} :: alternative form of aconage
acconier {m} :: alternative form of aconier
acconière {f} :: feminine singular of acconier
accord {m} :: chord
accord {m} :: agreement
accord {m} :: permission, consent
accordable {adj} :: accordable
accordailles {fp} [archaic] :: betrothal (mutual promise)
accordé {adj} [grammar] :: agreeing, which agrees with its subject
accordement {m} :: granting
accordement {m} :: agreement
accordement {m} :: tuning
accordéon {m} [musical instruments] :: accordion
accordéonesque {adj} :: accordionesque
accordéoniste {mf} :: accordionist
accorder {vt} :: to grant (something to someone)
accorder {v} :: to link to, to be related to
accorder {vr} [grammar] :: to make agree
accorder {v} [music] :: to tune, to tune up
accorder {v} [sports] :: to award (a free kick, a penalty, a foul, etc.)
accorder ses violons {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to reach an agreement, to settle on something, to agree; to reconcile one's stories, to get one's stories straight, to sing the same tune
accordeur {m} [music] :: tuner (device that shows the deviation of the played pitch from the desired pitch)
accordiste {mf} [politics] :: A member of an accord
accordoir {m} :: tuning wrench
accord parfait {m} [music] :: tonic chord
accore {m} :: shore, prop, strut
accore {adj} :: sheer (very steep)
accorer {v} :: to shore up
accorné {adj} [heraldry] :: horned
accort {adj} :: cheerful, accommodating; comely
accortement {adv} :: accordingly, accordantly
accostable {adj} :: approachable (of a person)
accostable {adj} [nautical] :: dockable (at which you can land a boat)
accostage {m} :: docking, coming alongside
accoster {vi} [nautical] :: to come ashore
accoster {vt} :: to lay something next to another object
accoster {vt} [by extension, slightly pejorative] :: to approach someone; to interrupt someone (especially a stranger, in the street)
accot {m} :: fireproof shim used to keep items vertical during firing
accot {m} :: mulch
accotement {m} :: hard shoulder, shoulder
accotement non stabilisé {m} :: soft shoulder
accotement stabilisé {m} :: hard shoulder
accoter {vr} :: to lean
accoter {vt} :: to support, to rest (on)
accoter {v} [Québec, colloquial] :: to equal
accotoir {m} :: armrest
accouchement {m} :: delivery (act of giving birth)
accoucher {vi} [ergative] :: to give birth (de to), to go into labour
accoucher {vt} [ergative] :: to deliver (a baby)
accoucheur {m} :: midwife (male)
accoucheur {m} :: obstetrician
accoucheuse {f} :: midwife
accoudement {m} :: The action of leaning on ones elbows
accoudement {m} :: A neck and neck situation
accouder {vr} :: to rest, lean (on one's elbows)
accoudoir {m} :: armrest
accouer {v} :: to harness horses one behind another
accouplable {adj} :: matchable, connectable
accouplable {adj} [zoology] :: That will mate
accouplement {m} :: coupling, mating
accouplement {m} [mechanics] :: coupling
accoupler {vi} :: to pair up, go together, get into a couple (of two things, to become one)
accoupler {vt} :: to unite, put together, join (of two things, to cause to become one)
accoupler {vt} [of animals] :: to mate
accourcir {v} [archaic] :: to shorten
accourcissement {m} :: shortening
accourir {vi} :: to rush up, run up, hurry (à, vers to)
accoutré {adj} :: attired, dressed (in a particular manner)
accoutrement {m} [obsolete] :: (elaborate) outfit
accoutrement {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: getup
accoutrer {v} :: to accouter
accoutumance {f} :: habit, custom
accoutumance {f} [medical] :: addiction, dependence, acquired tolerance
accoutumé {adj} :: accustomed
accoutumer {vt} :: to accustom, get (someone) used (à, à faire)
accoutumer {vr} :: to get used to (à)
accouvage {m} :: incubation (of eggs) and subsequent hatching of chicks (in a hatchery)
accréditation {f} :: accreditation
accréditer {v} :: accredit
accréditeur {adj} :: accrediting
accréditif {m} :: letter of credit
accrémentitiel {adj} :: accrementitial
accrémentition {f} :: accrementition
accrescent {adj} [botany] :: accrescent
accrétion {f} :: accretion (growth by natural means)
accrétionnaire {adj} :: accretionary
accro {adj} [slang] :: hooked: addicted, unable to resist
accro {mf} [slang] :: addict
accrobranche {f} :: A type of adventure park involving ropes or cables suspended through trees
accroc {m} :: tear, rip
accroc {m} :: glitch
accroc {m} :: breach, infringement
accrochage {m} :: collision, bump
accrochage {m} :: clash
accroche {f} [journalism] :: lead-in (attention-grabbing beginning to an article, advertisement etc.)
accroche-coeur {m} :: kiss curl
accrocher {vt} :: To hook, hook up (attach with a hook)
accrocher {vt} :: To pick up, become attached to
accrocher {vt} :: To pick up, to come to learn (e.g. a skill)
accrocher {vt} :: To get, get hold of, obtain something
accrocher {vt} :: To hang up (the phone) (end a telephone conversation)
accrocher {vr} :: To get hooked, get addicted
accrocher {vr} :: to cling onto, hold on to
accrocher {vr} :: to collide, bump into one another
accrocheur {adj} :: catchy
accrocheur {adj} :: attention-grabbing
accroire {v} :: to believe (something false)
accroissable {adj} :: increasable
accroissant {adj} :: increasing, expanding, widening
accroissement {m} :: growth
accroitre {v} :: alternative form of accroître
accroître {vt} :: to increase
accroître {vr} [s'accroître] :: to increase
accroupir {vr} :: to crouch, squat
accroupir {vr} [rare, literary] :: to debase oneself (morally)
accroupir {vt} [rare] :: to make someone or something crouch or squat
accroupissement {m} :: squat, squatting (body position)
accrue {f} :: dry land created by draining
accu {m} :: accumulator, battery
accueil {m} :: reception, hospitality
accueil {m} :: acceptance
accueil {m} [computing] :: home page (of a website)
accueillable {adj} :: accommodatable
accueillant {adj} :: welcoming, accommodating
accueillir {v} :: to welcome, to accommodate
acculé {adj} :: cornered
acculé {adj} :: forced (à faire to do)
acculer {v} :: to corner someone, to prevent retreat or escape
acculturation {f} :: acculturation
acculturer {vr} [usually or passive] :: acculture
accumobile {f} :: electric vehicle (powered by an accumulator (rechargeable battery))
accumulateur {m} :: accumulator, battery
accumulation {f} :: accumulation (action of accumulating)
accumulation {f} :: accumulation (result of accumulating)
accumulatrice {f} :: accumulator (thing that accumulates something)
accumulé {adj} :: accumulated
accumuler {v} :: to accumulate
accusataire {adj} :: accusatory
accusateur {adj} :: accusing, accusatory
accusateur {m} :: accuser, prosecutor
accusatif {m} [grammar] :: accusative, accusative case
accusatif absolu {m} [grammar] :: accusative absolute
accusation {f} :: accusation
accusatoire {adj} [legal] :: accusatory
accusé de réception {m} :: receipt, acknowledgment of receipt
accuser {vt} :: to accuse
accuser {vt} :: to find fault with
accuser {vi} [formal] :: to show; to reveal
accuser {v} :: (when used with ~ réception) to acknowledge receipt of something
accuser le coup {v} [colloquial] :: to be visibly shaken, to be visibly affected
ace {m} [tennis] :: ace
-acé {suffix} [uncommon, sciences] :: A suffix forming adjectives; -aceous
acébutolol {m} [organic compound] :: acebutolol
acédie {f} :: acedia
-acée {suffix} [botany] :: Suffix replacing -acées when designating a single member of a plant family
-acées {suffix} [taxonomy] :: -aceae
à ce jour {adv} :: to this day, to date, so far, thus far
acellulaire {adj} :: acellular
acémète {adj} :: acoemetic
acénaphtène {m} [organic compound] :: acenaphthene
acénaphtènequinone {m} [organic compound] :: acenaphthoquinone
acénaphtylène {m} [organic compound] :: acenaphthylene
acène {m} [organic chemistry] :: acene
acénocoumarol {m} [organic compound] :: acenocoumarol
acentré {adj} :: acentric
acentré {adj} :: uncentralized
acéphale {adj} [zoology] :: acephalous, headless
acéphale {adj} [of an organisation] :: headless, leaderless
acéphale {mf} :: acephal, acephalan
acéphalobrache {adj} [pathology] :: synonym of abrachiocéphale
acéphalopode {adj} :: acephalopodic, acephalopodous
acéphalothore {adj} :: acephalothoracic
à ce propos {adv} :: about that, on this point, on this subject
à ce que je sache {adv} [colloquial] :: as far as I know, as far as I can tell, to the best of my knowledge
à ce que l'on dit {adv} :: alternative form of à ce qu'on dit
à ce qu'on dit {adv} [colloquial] :: apparently, from what I hear, they say (that), rumour has it (that)
acéracé {adj} [botany] :: That resembles maple (or other plant of the genus Acer)
acérain {adj} :: steely
acerbe {adj} :: acerb (bitter to the taste)
acerbe {adj} :: harsh
acerbité {f} :: acerbity
acéré {adj} [of iron] :: hardened with steel
acéré {adj} :: sharp, keen
acérer {v} :: To sharpen (a point)
acéricole {adj} :: maple production (attributive)
acériculture {f} :: maple production
acérola {m} :: acerola (fruit)
acescence {f} :: acescence
acescent {adj} :: souring
à ce stade {adv} :: at this point, at this stage
à ce sujet {adv} :: about that, on this point, on this subject
acétabuliforme {adj} :: acetabuliform
acétal {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetal
acétaldéhyde {m} [organic compound] :: acetaldehyde
acétalisation {f} [organic chemistry] :: acetalization
acétaliser {v} [organic chemistry] :: To acetalize
acétamide {m} [organic compound] :: acetamide
acétate {m} :: acetate (salt or ester of acetic acid)
acétate {m} :: acetate (transparent sheet)
acété {adj} :: sour
acété {adj} :: acidic
à cet effet {adv} :: to this end, to that end (therefore)
acéteux {adj} :: vinegary
acétification {f} :: acetification
acétifier {v} :: to acetify
acétimètre {m} :: acetimeter
acétique {adj} :: acetic
acéto- {prefix} [organic chemistry] :: aceto-
acétoacétate {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetoacetate
acétoacétique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: acetoacetic
acétoacétyl {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetoacetyl
acétoarsénite {m} :: acetoarsenite
acétobacter {m} :: acetobacter
acétoïne {f} [organic compound] :: acetoin
acétolactate {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetolactate
acétolactique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: acetolactic
acétomètre {m} :: acetometer
acétone {f} [organic compound] :: acetone
acétonémie {f} [pathology] :: acetonemia
acétonitrile {m} [organic compound] :: acetonitrile
acétonurie {f} [pathology] :: acetonuria
acétopropylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: acetopropylic
à cette heure {adv} :: now, immediately, at once
acétyl {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetyl
acétylaminophénol {m} [organic compound] :: acetylaminophenol
acétylation {f} [organic chemistry] :: acetylation
acétylcholine {f} [organic compound] :: acetylcholine
acétylé {adj} :: acetylated
acétylène {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetylene
acétylénique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: acetylenic
acétyler {vt} [organic chemistry] :: to acetylate
acétylglucosamine {f} [organic compound] :: acetylglucosamine
acétylméthylcarbinol {m} [organic compound] :: acetylmethylcarbinol
acétylsalicylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: acetylsalicylic
acétylure {m} [organic chemistry] :: acetylide
ACEUM {prop} :: USMCA; abbreviation of Accord Canada-États-Unis-Mexique
ACÉUM {prop} :: alternative form of ACEUM
Achab {prop} :: Ahab [biblical character]
à chacun son goût {phrase} :: to each his own
Achaïe {prop} :: Achaea
achaine {m} :: alternative form of akène
achalandage {m} :: clientele, patronage, business
achalandage {m} [accounting] :: goodwill
achalandé {adj} :: busy (of a shop etc)
achalander {vt} :: to supply with clientele
achalandeur {m} :: pimp
achalandeuse {f} :: feminine singular of achalandeur
achalasie {f} [pathology] :: achalasia
achaler {v} [Canada] :: To annoy, harass, badger
à chaque jour suffit sa peine {proverb} :: Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof
achard {m} [cooking] :: achar, (Indian) pickle
à charge de revanche {adv} [colloquial] :: but I owe you one, but I hope I can return the favour someday, provided you let me return the favour some time
acharisme {m} [Islam] :: Ash'arism
acharné {adj} :: fierce; relentless
acharnement {m} :: fury
acharnement {m} :: stubbornness
acharnement {m} :: ruthlessness
acharnement thérapeutique {m} [idiomatic, medicine] :: Providing medical care to keep patients alive when there is no hope that it will benefit or cure them
acharner {v} [après, contre, sur] :: to incite; to sic
acharner {v} [après, contre, sur, .pronominal] :: to hound, to fiercely attack
acharner {v} [après, contre, sur, .pronominal, .figuratively] :: to slave away, persevere
acharner {v} [à, .pronominal, .figuratively] :: to attach oneself excessively
achat {m} :: buy, purchase
à chaud {prep} [figuratively] :: immediately, spontaneously, in the heat of the moment, off the cuff, without allowing things to cool off, without thinking
ache {f} :: celery (plant)
ache {m} :: aitch, letter: h
achéen {adj} :: Achaean
acheiropoïète {adj} [art] :: acheiropoietic
achéménide {adj} :: Achaemenid
acheminement {m} :: delivery, transporting
acheminer {vt} :: To transport; send (off)
acheminer {vr} :: To head (towards); head for; make one's way (to)
Achéron {prop} {m} :: Acheron
achetable {adj} :: buyable
acheter {v} :: to purchase; buy
acheter chat en poche {v} [idiomatic] :: to purchase without seeing the object in question; to buy on trust; to be sold a pig in a poke
acheteur {m} :: buyer, purchaser (person who makes purchases)
acheteuse {f} :: feminine noun of acheteur
acheuléen {adj} [archaeology] :: Acheulean
à cheval {adv} :: by horse; on horseback; riding
à cheval donné on ne regarde pas la bride {proverb} :: don't look a gift horse in the mouth
à cheval donné on ne regarde pas les dents {proverb} :: don't look a gift horse in the mouth
à cheval sur {prep} :: overlapping, on both sides of
achevé d'imprimer {m} :: a colophon, printer notice at the end or beginning of a publication, not actually part of the author's manuscript but concerning the physical edition
achèvement {m} :: completion, conclusion, finish
achever {vt} :: to finish, to complete
achever {vt} :: to finish off (someone who is already incapacitated)
achever {vr} [s'achever] :: to finish
à chier {adj} [vulgar] :: lousy, shit, shitty, crappy
à chier {adv} [vulgar] :: extremely, very
achigan {m} [Canada] :: bass (fish)
achiléen {adj} :: Achillean
Achille {prop} [Greek mythology] :: Achilles
Achille {prop} :: given name of Ancient Greek origin
achillée {f} :: yarrow (any of several pungent Eurasian herbs, of the genus Achillea)
achilletalonesque {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of Achille Talon
achilletalonnesque {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of Achille Talon
achkenaze {adj} :: alternative form of ashkénaze
achkénaze {adj} :: alternative form of ashkénaze
acholi {m} :: Acholi (people, language)
acholi {adj} :: Acholi (attributive)
achondroplasie {f} :: achondroplasia (the genetic disorder)
achondroplasique {adj} :: achondroplastic
achoppement {m} :: stumble; trip
achopper {vi} :: to stumble (on a stone)
achopper {vi} [figurative] :: to hit a snag, find oneself up against something, to make a mistake, fail
achopper {vr} :: to hit a snag, to make a mistake
achour {m} [Islam] :: ushr, a tax paid to a sultan (especially in Morocco)
achour {m} :: an Algerian government tax (in French colonial times)
Achoura {prop} {f} [Islam] :: Ashura
achromat {m} :: achromat
achromaticité {f} :: achromaticity
achromatique {adj} :: achromatic
achromatiser {v} :: To achromatize
achromatisme {m} :: achromatism (achromatopia)
achromatope {adj} :: achromatopsic
achromatopsie {f} :: achromatopsia
achromatopsique {adj} :: achromatopsic
achrome {adj} :: colourless
achromie {f} [pathology] :: vitiligo
achromique {adj} :: achromic
achronique {adj} :: achronic (all senses)
achylie {f} [pathology] :: achylia
aciculaire {adj} :: acicular
aciculaire {adj} :: aciculiform
aciculiforme {adj} [botany] :: aciculiform
acide {adj} :: acid, acidic, sour, tart
acide {adj} [chemistry] :: acid, acidic
acide {m} [chemistry] :: acid
acide {m} [slang] :: LSD (acid)
acide abiétique {m} :: abietic acid
acide acétique {m} [organic compound] :: acetic acid
acide acétylsalicylique {m} :: acetylsalicylic acid (acetate ester of salicylic acid; aspirin)
acide adénylique {m} [organic compound] :: adenylic acid
acide aminé {m} :: amino acid
acide anisique {m} [organic compound] :: anisic acid
acide antimonique {m} [inorganic compound] :: antimonic acid
acide arachique {m} [organic compound] :: arachidic acid
acide ascorbique {m} [chemistry] :: ascorbic acid
acide azotique {m} [obsolete, inorganic compound] :: acide nitrique
acide benzoïque {m} :: benzoic acid
acide bombique {m} [organic compound] :: bombic acid
acide bombycique {m} [organic compound] :: bombycic acid
acide brassique {m} [fatty acid] :: brassic acid
acide bromhydrique {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrobromic acid
acide bromique {m} [inorganic compound] :: bromic acid
acide caprique {m} [fatty acid] :: capric acid
acide caproïque {m} [fatty acid] :: caproic acid
acide caprylique {m} [fatty acid] :: caprylic acid
acide carboxylique {m} [organic chemistry] :: carboxylic acid
acide carminique {m} [organic compound] :: carminic acid
acide catalpique {m} [organic compound] :: catalpic acid
acide cérotique {m} [organic compound] :: cerotic acid
acide cétylique {m} [fatty aid] :: cetylic acid
acide chaulmoogrique {m} [fatty acid] :: chaulmoogric acid
acide chlorhydrique {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrochloric acid
acide chlorique {m} [chemistry] :: chloric acid
acide chloroformique {m} [organic compound] :: chloroformic acid
acide cholique {m} [organic compound] :: cholic acid
acide citrique {m} :: citric acid
acide clupanodonique {m} [fatty acid] :: clupanodonic acid
acide crépénynique {m} [fatty acid] :: crepenynic acid
acide croconique {m} [organic compound] :: croconic acid
acide crotonique {m} [organic compound] :: crotonic acid
acide cyanique {m} [inorganic compound] :: cyanic acid
acide cyanurique {m} [organic compound] :: cyanuric acid
acide désoxyribonucléique {m} [genetics, biochemistry] :: deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA
acide diénoïque {m} [organic chemistry] :: dienoic acid
acide dithionique {m} [inorganic compound] :: dithionic acid
acide docosahexaénoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: docosahexaenoic acid
acide docosénoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: docosenoic acid
acide dotriacontanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: dotriacontanoic acid
acide éicosanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: eicosanoic acid
acide eicosatriénoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: eicosatrienoic acid
acide eicosénoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: eicosenoic acid
acide élaïdique {m} [fatty acid] :: elaidic acid
acide éléostéarique {m} [fatty acid] :: eleostearic acid
acide érucique {m} [fatty acid] :: erucic acid
acide esculique {m} [organic compound] :: esculic acid
acide éthionique {m} [organic compound] :: ethionic acid
acide férulique {m} [organic compound] :: ferulic acid
acide filicique {m} [organic compound] :: filicic acid
acide fluoborique {m} [inorganic compound] :: fluoboric acid
acide fluorhydrique {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrofluoric acid
acide folique {m} :: folic acid
acide fulminique {m} [inorganic compound] :: fulminic acid
acide gadoléique {m} [fatty acid] :: gadoleic acid
acide gallique {m} [organic compound] :: gallic acid
acide glaucique {m} [organic compound] :: glaucic acid
acide glutarique {m} [organic compound] :: glutaric acid
acide glycérique {m} [organic compound] :: glyceric acid
acide glycérophosphorique {m} [organic compound] :: glycerophosphoric acid
acide glycocholique {m} [organic compound] :: glycocholic acid
acide gondoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: gondoic acid
acide gorlique {m} [fatty acid] :: gorlic acid
acide hénéicosanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: heneicosanoic acid
acide hentriacontanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: hentriacontanoic acid
acide heptacosanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: heptacosanoic acid
acide hexacosanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: hexacosanoic acid
acide hexaeïcosanoïque {m} :: synonym of acide hexacosanoïque
acide hexaénoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: hexaenoic acid
acide hexanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: hexanoic acid
acide hexatriacontanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: hexatriacontanoic acid
acide hippurique {m} [organic compound] :: hippuric acid
acide hircique {m} [fatty acid] :: hircic acid
acide hydnocarpique {m} [organic compound] :: hydnocarpic acid
acide hydrazoïque {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrazoic acid
acide hydriodique {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydriodic acid
acide hydroferrocyanique {m} :: hydroferrocyanic acid
acide hydrosulfureux {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrosulfurous acid
acide hydrosulfurique {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrosulfuric acid
acide hyperiodique {m} [inorganic compound] :: periodic acid
acide hypoazoteux {m} [inorganic compound] :: hyponitrous acid
acide hypoazotique {m} :: hyponitric acid
acide hyponitreux {m} [inorganic compound] :: hyponitrous acid
acide hypophosphoreux {f} [inorganic compound] :: hypophosphorous acid
acide hypophosphorique {m} [inorganic compound] :: hypophosphoric acid
acide hyposulfureux {m} [inorganic compound] :: hyposulfurous acid
acide icosanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: eicosanoic acid
acide icosénoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: eicosenoic acid
acide idonique {m} [organic compound] :: idonic acid
acide indigotique {m} [organic compound] :: indigotic acid
acide iodhydrique {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydroiodic acid
acide isopalmitique {m} [fatty acid] :: isopalmitic acid
acide itaconique {m} [organic compound] :: itaconic acid
acide jalapique {m} [organic compound] :: jalapic acid
acide kinovique {m} [organic compound] :: kinovic acid, quinovic acid
acide lacéroïque {m} [organic compound] :: lacceroic acid
acide lactobacillique {m} [organic compound] :: lactobacillic acid
acide lactucique {m} [organic compound] :: lactucic acid
acide leucique {m} [organic compound] :: leucic acid
acide lichénique {m} [organic compound] :: lichenic acid
acide lignocérique {m} [fatty acid] :: lignoceric acid
acide limonoïque {m} [organic compound] :: limonoic acid
acide linolénique {m} [organic compound] :: linolenic acid
acide malique {m} [organic compound] :: malic acid
acide malvalique {m} [organic compound] :: malvalic acid
acide margaritique {m} [fatty acid] :: margaritic acid
acide méconique {m} [organic compound] :: meconic acid
acide mélassique {m} [organic compound] :: melassic acid
acide mélissique {m} [fatty acid] :: melissic acid
acide ménisperminique {m} [organic compound] :: menispermic acid
acide métapectique {m} :: metapectic acid
acide métaphosphorique {m} [inorganic compound] :: metaphosphoric acid
acide métastannique {m} [inorganic compound] :: metastannic acid
acide méthionique {m} [organic compound] :: methionic acid
acide monothionique {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: monothionic acid
acide montanique {m} [fatty acid] :: montanic acid
acide moringique {m} [organic compound] :: moringic acid
acide moroctique {m} [fatty acid] :: moroctic acid
acide moroxylique {m} [organic compound] :: moroxylic acid
acide muriatique {m} [obsolete, inorganic compound] :: muriatic acid
acide myristoléique {m} [fatty acid] :: myristoleic acid
acide myronique {m} [organic compound] :: myronic acid
acide naphtalénique {m} [organic compound] :: naphthalenic acid
acide narcotinique {m} [organic compound] :: narcotinic acid
acide nervonique {m} [fatty acid] :: nervonic acid
acide nitranilique {m} [organic compound] :: nitranilic acid
acide nitrique {m} [inorganic compound] :: nitric acid
acide nucléique {m} [biochemistry] :: nucleic acid
acide octacosanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: octacosanoic acid
acide octadécatriénoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: octadecatrienoic acid
acide octadécylique {m} [fatty acid] :: octadecylic acid
acide octanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: octanoic acid
acide opianique {m} [organic compound] :: opianic acid
acide orthophosphorique {m} [inorganic compound] :: orthophosphoric acid
acide osmique {m} [inorganic compound] :: osmic acid
acide oxalhydrique {m} [obsolete, organic compound] :: synonym of acide tartrique
acide oxalovinique {m} [obsolete, organic compound] :: oxalovinic acid
acide oxamique {m} [organic compound] :: oxamic acid
acide palmitoléique {m} [fatty acid] :: palmitoleic acid
acide parabanique {m} :: parabanic acid
acide paralactique {m} [organic compound] :: paralactic acid
acide paullinique {m} [fatty acid] :: paullinic acid
acide pectosique {m} [organic compound] :: pectosic acid
acide pentathionique {m} [inorganic compound] :: pentathionic acid
acide pentatriacontanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: pentatriacontanoic acid
acide permanganique {m} [inorganic compound] :: permanganic acid
acide perrhénique {m} [inorganic compound] :: perrhenic acid
acide pertechnétique {m} [inorganic compound] :: pertechnetic acid
acide pétrosélinique {m} [fatty acid] :: petroselinic acid
acide phaséolique {m} [organic compound] :: phaseolic acid
acide phosphoglycérique {m} [organic compound] :: phosphoglyceric acid
acide phytanique {m} [organic compound] :: phytanic acid
acide phytomonique {m} [organic compound] :: phytomonic acid
acide picrique {m} [organic compound] :: picric acid
acide pimarique {m} [organic compound] :: pimaric acid
acide pinique {m} [organic compound] :: pinic acid
acide pinoléique {m} [fatty acid] :: pinoleic acid
acide pinolénique {m} [fatty acid] :: pinolenic acid
acide pneumique {m} [organic compound] :: pneumic acid
acide pristanique {m} [organic compound] :: pristanic acid
acide punicique {m} [fatty acid] :: punicic acid
acide purpurique {m} [organic compound] :: purpuric acid
acide pyrophosphorique {m} [inorganic compound] :: pyrophosphoric acid
acide pyrotartrique {m} [organic compound] :: pyrotartaric acid
acide pyruvique {m} [organic compound] :: pyruvic acid
acide quinique {m} [organic compound] :: quinic acid
acide rhizocarpique {m} [organic compound] :: rhizocarpic acid
acide ribonucléique {m} :: ribonucleic acid (derivative of DNA, used in the transcription of genetic material)
acide ricinique {m} [fatty acid] :: ricinic acid
acide ricinoléique {m} [fatty acid] :: ricinoleic acid
acide ricinostéarique {m} [fatty acid] :: ricinostearic acid
acide rosolique {m} [organic compound] :: rosolic acid
acide ruménique {m} [fatty acid] :: rumenic acid
acide salicyleux {m} [organic compound] :: salicylous acid
acide sapiénique {m} [fatty acid] :: sapienic acid
acide sébacique {m} [organic compound] :: sebacic acid
acide silicique {m} [inorganic compound] :: silicic acid
acide sorbique {m} [organic compound] :: sorbic acid
acide stéaridonique {m} [organic compound] :: stearidonic acid
acide stéarique {m} [fatty acid] :: stearic acid
acide strychninique {m} [organic compound] :: strychnic acid
acide subérique {m} [organic compound] :: suberic acid
acide sulfhydrique {m} [inorganic compound] :: sulfhydric acid (hydrogen sulfide)
acide sulfurique {m} [inorganic compound] :: sulphuric acid (H2SO4)
acide tanacétique {m} [obsolete, organic compound] :: malic acid
acide tantalique {m} [inorganic compound] :: tantalic acid
acide taririque {m} [fatty acid] :: tariric acid
acide tartralique {m} [organic compound] :: tartralic acid
acide tartramique {m} [organic compound] :: tartramic acid
acide tartrique {m} [organic compound] :: tartaric acid
acide taurocholique {m} :: taurocholic acid
acide tétracosanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: tetracosanoic acid
acide tétradécénoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: tetradecenoic acid
acide tétratriacontanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: tetratriacontanoic acid
acide triacontanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: triacontanoic acid
acide trichloracétique {m} [organic compound] :: trichloroacetic acid
acide trichosanique {m} [fatty acid] :: trichosanic acid
acide tritriacontanoïque {m} [fatty acid] :: tritriacontanoic acid
acide tuberculostéarique {m} [fatty acid] :: tuberculostearic acid
acide urique {m} [biochemistry] :: uric acid, urate
acide urushinique {m} [organic compound] :: urushinic acid
acide vaccénique {m} [fatty acid] :: vaccenic acid
acide vulpinique {m} [organic compound] :: vulpinic acid
acide vulpique {m} [organic compound] :: vulpic acid
acide zoonique {m} [obsolete, organic compound] :: zoonic acid
acidifère {adj} :: acidiferous
acidifiable {adj} :: acidifiable
acidification {f} :: acidification
acidifié {adj} :: acidified
acidifier {v} :: to acidify [make something acid]
acidimètre {m} :: acidimeter
acidimétrie {f} :: acidimetry
acidique {adj} :: acidic
acidité {f} :: acidity (the quality or state of being acid)
acido-basique {adj} [chemistry] :: acid-base (attributive)
acidobasique {adj} :: alternative form of acido-basique
acidocétose {f} [pathology] :: ketoacidosis
acidogène {adj} :: acidogenic
acidophile {adj} :: acidophilic
acidophile {m} :: acidophile
acidose {f} [pathology] :: acidosis
acidulation {f} :: acidulation
acidulé {adj} :: slightly acid; tart
aciduler {v} :: to acidulate; make slightly (more) acidic
à ciel ouvert {adj} :: open-air, alfresco
à ciel ouvert {adj} [figurative] :: transparent, unhidden, open
acier {m} :: steel
aciérage {m} :: steelmaking
aciération {f} :: synonym of aciérage
aciérer {v} :: to acierate
aciéreux {adj} :: steeply
aciérie {f} :: steelworks
acier inoxydable {m} :: stainless steel
aciériste {mf} :: steelmaker
acinésie {f} :: akinesia
acinétique {adj} :: akinetic
acineux {adj} [botany] :: acinar
acircuitique {adj} [maths, of a graph] :: acyclic
ACL {m} :: afficheur à cristaux liquidesLCD
aclaste {adj} :: aclastic, nonrefractive
aclinal {adj} :: aclinal
aclinique {adj} :: aclinical
à cloche-pied {adv} :: while hopping on one leg
acmé {f} :: acme (the top or highest point)
acmé {f} :: climax
acméisme {m} :: Acmeism
acméiste {adj} :: Acmeist
acméiste {mf} :: Acmeist
acmite {f} [mineral] :: synonym of aegirine
acné {f} [pathology] :: acne
acnéique {adj} :: acne (attributive)
acnodal {adj} [maths] :: acnodal
acœlomate {adj} [zoology] :: acoelomate
acœlomate {m} [zoology] :: acoelomate
à cœur joie {adv} :: to one's heart's content
à cœur ouvert {prep} [surgery] :: open-heart (attributive)
à cœur ouvert {prep} [figuratively] :: frankly, open-heartedly, with an open heart
à cœur vaillant rien d'impossible {proverb} :: where there's a will, there's a way
à cœur vaillant, rien d'impossible {proverb} :: alternative spelling of à cœur vaillant rien d'impossible
acolytat {m} :: acolytate
acolyte {m} [religion] :: acolyte
acolyte {m} :: henchman, sidekick
acolythe {m} :: obsolete spelling of acolyte
acommercial {adj} :: uncommercial
acompte {m} :: down payment, advance payment
à compter de {prep} :: starting from, from, as of
acon {m} [nautical] :: lighter (A flat-bottomed barge used for loading / unloading ships)
aconage {m} [nautical] :: lighterage
à concurrence de {prep} :: up to, up to a limit of, up to a maximum of
à condition de {prep} :: subject to, under the condition of
à condition que {conj} :: provided that; on the condition that
acône {adj} [of an animal's eye] :: Having no cones
aconier {m} :: stevedore (who works on an acon)
aconier {m} :: freight company
aconière {f} :: feminine singular of aconier
aconit {m} :: aconite, monkshood
aconitine {f} :: aconitine
a contrario {adv} :: au contraire, on the contrary
à contre-cœur {adv} :: alternative spelling of à contrecœur
à contrecœur {adv} :: Reluctantly; unwillingly
à contre-courant {adv} :: upstream
à contre-courant {adv} [idiomatic] :: against the grain (contrary to what is expected.)
à contre-mont {adv} :: upstream
à contresens {adv} :: the wrong way, against the flow of traffic
acoquinement {m} :: familiarity
acoquiner {vr} :: to become familiar (à with)
acore {m} :: sweet flag (or similar plant of the genus Acorus)
açoréen {adj} :: Azorean
Açoréen {m} :: Azorean
Açoréenne {f} :: feminine noun of Açoréen
acore odorant {m} :: sweet flag, Acorus calamus
Açores {prop} {fp} :: Azores
à cor et à cri {adv} :: noisily, with clamour
açorien {adj} :: alternative form of açoréen
Açorien {m} :: alternative form of Açoréen
Açorienne {f} :: feminine singular of Açorien
à corps perdu {adv} :: heart and soul, headlong, wholeheartedly
acosmique {adj} :: acosmic
à côté {prep} :: beside, next to
à côté {prep} :: next door
à-côté {m} :: perk, extra benefit
à côté de {prep} :: next to, besides, alongside
à côté de la plaque {prep} [colloquial] :: off the mark, wide of the mark, off-beam, off-the-wall
à côté de ses pompes {adj} [colloquial, figuratively, idiom] :: out to lunch, out of it, not with it
acotylédone {adj} :: acotyledonous
acotylédone {f} :: acotyledon
à coucher dehors {adj} [colloquial] :: difficult to pronounce, to write or to remember; jawbreaking, crackjaw
acoumètre {m} :: acoumeter
acoumétrie {f} :: acoumetry
à-coup {m} :: jerk, jolt
à coup de {prep} :: alternative spelling of à coups de
à couper au couteau {adj} [colloquial, figuratively, of a fog] :: very dense, very thick
à couper au couteau {adj} [colloquial, figuratively, of an accent] :: very heavy, very thick, very strong
à couper le souffle {adj} :: breathtaking, stunning, jaw-dropping
acouphène {m} :: tinnitus (perception of nonexistent noise)
acouphénique {adj} :: tinnitus (attributive)
à coups de {prep} [sometimes, pejorative] :: by means of, by dint of, by way of, through, with
à coup sûr {adv} [colloquial] :: for sure, certainly
à court {prep} [de] :: out of, short of
à court terme {adj} :: short-term
acousmate {adj} :: synonym of acousmatique
acousmatique {adj} :: acousmatic
acousticien {m} :: acoustician
acousticienne {f} :: female equivalent of acousticien
acoustique {adj} :: acoustic (pertaining to hearing or the science of sounds)
acoustique {f} :: acoustics
acoustiquement {adv} :: acoustically
à couteaux tirés {adj} :: at daggers drawn, at each other's throats
acquérable {adj} :: acquirable
acquéreur {m} :: buyer, purchaser (of real estate)
acquérir {vt} :: to acquire, to obtain
acquérir {vt} :: to purchase
acquérir {vr} [s'acquérir] :: to gain, to win (approval, etc.)
acquêt {m} :: acquisition
acquêt {m} :: profit; financial gain
acquêt {m} :: community property (goods obtained by the spouses during a marriage which become the property of both)
acquiescement {m} :: agreement, acquiescence
acquiescer {v} :: to acquiesce
acquinite {m} [organic compound] :: acrolein
acquis {m} :: asset
acquisitif {adj} :: acquisitional (of or related to acquisition)
acquisition {f} :: purchase (the act or process of seeking and obtaining something)
acquisition {f} :: acquisition (the thing obtained)
acquisitivement {adv} :: acquisitively
acquittable {adj} :: acknowledgeable
acquitté {adj} :: paid, honored
acquittement {m} :: acquittal of debt, discharge, settlement
acquittement {m} :: cancellation
acquittement {m} :: absolution
acquittement {m} :: acknowledgement of something, such as a message, upon its receipt
acquitter {v} :: to pay
acquitter {v} :: to acknowledge (a signal), to notify the receipt of
acquitter {v} [legal] :: to clear, to acquit
acquitter {vr} [s'acquitter] :: to pay
acquitter {vr} [s'acquitter, ~ de] :: to discharge, to complete (one's duty)
acraldéhyde {m} [organic compound] :: acrolein
à craquer {prep} [colloquial] :: to the brim
acratopège {adj} [rare, formal] :: unremarkable
acre {f} [historical] :: acre
Acre {prop} {m} :: Acre (city)
âcre {adj} :: acrid, bitter
âcre {adj} [figuratively] :: sour, bitter
âcrement {adv} :: acridly
âcreté {f} :: acridness, pungency
à crever {adv} [literally] :: to death
à crever {adv} [slang] :: very, extremely, as hell, no end
acribique {adj} :: immaculate
acribique {adj} :: fastidious
acribiquement {adv} :: fastidiously
acribiquement {adv} :: immaculately
acridien {adj} :: acridian
acridien {m} :: acridian
acridophage {mf} :: acridophagus
acridophage {adj} :: acridophagous
acrimonial {adj} [dated, chemistry] :: ammoniacal
acrimonie {f} :: acrimony
acrimonieusement {adv} :: acrimoniously
acrimonieux {adj} :: acrimonious
acritarche {m} :: acritarch
acritique {adj} :: acritical, uncritical
acroamatique {adj} :: acroamatic
acroatique {adj} :: acroatic
acrobate {mf} :: acrobat
acrobatie {f} :: acrobatics
acrobatie {f} :: stunt, trick (dangerous feat)
acrobatique {adj} :: acrobatic
acrobatiquement {adv} :: acrobatically
acrocentrique {adj} [biology] :: acrocentric
acrocéphale {adj} :: synonym of acrocéphalique
acrocéphalie {f} :: acrocephaly
acrocéphalique {adj} :: acrocephalic
acrocyanose {f} [pathology] :: acrocyanosis
acrodynie {f} [pathology] :: acrodynia
acrogène {adj} :: acrogenous
acrolecte {m} [linguistics] :: acrolect
acroléine {f} [organic compound] :: acrolein
acroléïque {adj} :: acroleic
acrolithe {mf} :: acrolith
acrologique {adj} :: acrologic
acrologiquement {adv} :: acrologically
acromégale {adj} :: acromegalic
acromégale {mf} :: acromegalic
acromégalie {f} [pathology] :: acromegaly
acromégalique {adj} :: acromegalic
acromélique {adj} [anatomy] :: acromelic
acromial {adj} :: acromial
acromien {adj} [anatomy] :: acromial
acromion {m} [anatomy] :: acromion
acron {m} :: acron
acronyme {m} :: acronym (pronounced as a normal word)
acronymique {adj} :: acronymic
acropète {adj} [botany] :: acropetal
acrophile {adj} :: acrophilic
acrophile {mf} :: acrophile
acrophobie {f} :: acrophobia
acrophonie {f} :: acrophony
acropole {f} :: acropolis
à croquer {adv} [colloquial] :: emphasizes an individual's attractiveness
à croquer {adj} [colloquial] :: cute, (very) pretty (literally "drawable", i.e. attractive enough to be worth sketching)
acrostiche {mf} :: acrostic (text in which certain letters spell out a name or message)
acrotère {m} [architecture] :: acroter, acroterium, acroterion
à cru {adv} :: bareback (without a saddle)
acrylaldéhyde {m} [organic compound] :: acrylaldehyde
acrylique {adj} :: acrylic
acrylique {m} :: acrylic
actant {m} :: actant
actantiel {adj} :: actantial
acte {m} :: act
acte de décès {m} :: death certificate (official document certifying the details of a person's death)
acte de foi {m} :: act of faith; leap of faith
acte de naissance {m} :: birth certificate (official document certifying the details of a person's birth)
actée {m} :: baneberry (of genus Actaea)
acte manqué {m} :: a mistake which was unconsciously deliberate; accidentally on purpose; a Freudian slip
acter {v} :: To enact
Actes {prop} {mp} [Bible] :: Acts
acteur {m} :: actor
à c't'heure {adv} :: alternative spelling of asteur
actif {adj} :: active
actif {adj} [grammar] :: active
actif {m} [accounting] :: asset
actif {m} [grammar] :: active
actif {m} [LGBT, slang] :: top
actinate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: actinate
actine {f} [protein] :: actin
actiniaire {m} :: actinian (sea anemone of the order Actiniaria)
actinide {m} :: actinide
actinie {f} :: sea anemone
actiniforme {adj} :: actiniform
actinimorphe {adj} :: actinomorphic
actinique {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: actinic
actinisme {m} :: actinism
actinite {f} [pathology] :: sunburn
actinium {m} :: actinium
actino- {prefix} :: actino-
actinobiologie {f} :: actinobiology
actinologie {f} :: actinology
actinomètre {m} :: actinometer
actinométrie {f} :: actinometry
actinométrique {adj} :: actinometric
actinomorphe {adj} :: actinomorphic (of a flower: with petals radially symmetric)
actinomycète {f} :: actinomycete
actinomycine {f} :: actinomycin
actinomycose {mf} [pathology] :: actinomycosis
actinopode {m} :: actinopod
actinorhizien {adj} [botany] :: actinorhizal
actinoscopie {f} :: actinoscopy
actinote {f} [mineral] :: actinolite
actinothérapie {f} :: actinotherapy
action {f} :: action, act
action {f} :: campaign
action {f} :: stock, share
action {f} [Switzerland] :: a special offer
action de grâce {f} [Christianity] :: thanksgiving (expression of gratitude to God)
Action démocratique {prop} {f} [Canadian politics] :: Action démocratique du Québec
Action démocratique du Québec {prop} {f} [Canadian politics] :: a conservative autonomist political party in Québec
actionnable {adj} :: actionable
actionnaire {mf} :: shareholder
actionnalisme {m} :: actionalism
actionnaliste {adj} :: actionalist
actionnarial {adj} :: stockholder, shareholder (attributive)
actionnariat {m} :: shareholding
actionnariat {m} [in the plural] :: shareholders
actionnel {adj} :: actional
actionnement {m} :: actuation
actionner {v} :: to work (to set into action), actuate, action
actionneur {m} :: actuator
activable {adj} :: activable
activateur {m} :: activator
activation {f} :: activation
activement {adv} :: actively
activer {vt} :: to activate (to encourage development or induce increased activity; to stimulate)
activer {vt} :: to activate (to put a device, mechanism or system into action or motion; to enable)
activer {vt} [physics] :: to activate (to render radioactive)
activer {vt} :: to speed up
activer {vt} :: to stoke (e.g. a fire)
activeur {m} [chemistry] :: activator
activisme {m} :: activism
activiste {mf} :: activist
activité {f} :: activity
actrice {f} :: actress
actu {f} [colloquial] :: news
actuaire {mf} [finance] :: actuary
actualisable {adj} :: updatable
actualisation {f} :: update
actualisation {f} :: updating (action or process of updating)
actualiser {v} :: to update (make something up to date)
actualiser {v} [philosophy] :: to actualize
actualisme {m} [geology] :: actualism
actualité {f} :: topic; topicality
actualité {f} :: documentary
actualité {f} [especially in plural] :: news, current affairs
actuariat {f} :: The function of an actuary
actuariat {f} :: Actuaries in general
actuariel {adj} :: actuarial
actuateur {m} :: actuator
actuel {adj} :: current
actuellement {adv} :: currently
actuellement {adv} [rare] :: in actuality
acuité {f} :: acuteness, acuity
acuité {f} :: sharpness, intensity
acuité {f} :: accuracy, precision
aculéate {m} :: aculeate
aculéiforme {adj} :: aculeiform
acuminé {adj} :: acuminate
acuponcteur {m} :: acupuncturist
acuponctrice {f} :: female equivalent of acuponcteur
acuponcture {f} :: alternative form of acupuncture
acupuncteur {m} :: alternative form of acuponcteur
acupunctrice {f} :: alternative form of acuponctrice
acupuncture {f} :: acupuncture
acupuncturer {v} :: to acupuncture
acut {adj} [obsolete or typography] :: acute
acutangle {adj} [geometry] :: acute, acute-angled
acutangulaire {adj} :: acutangular
acutangulé {adj} [botany] :: acute-angled
acyanophile {adj} :: acyanophilous
acyclique {adj} :: acyclic (not cyclic)
acyle {m} [organic chemistry] :: acyl
acyler {v} [organic chemistry] :: To acylate
acylglycérol {m} [organic chemistry] :: acylglycerol
acyloïne {m} [organic chemistry] :: acyloin
ada {m} :: tyrant (bird)
adactyle {adj} :: adactyl. adactylous
adage {m} :: adage
adagio {adv} [music] :: adagio
adagio {m} [music] :: adagio
Adam {prop} :: Adam (biblical figure)
Adam {prop} :: given name
adamantin {adj} :: adamantine
adamantinome {f} [pathology] :: adamantinoma
adamien {adj} :: Adamite
adamien {m} :: Adamite
adamique {adj} :: Adamic
adamisme {m} :: Adamism
adamite {adj} :: adamite, Adamite
adamite {mf} :: Adamite
adamite {f} [mineral] :: adamite
Adanet {prop} {m} :: surname derived from a medieval diminutive of Adam
adaptabilité {f} :: adaptability
adaptable {adj} :: adaptable (capable of adapting or being adapted)
adaptateur {m} :: adapter (all senses); adaptor
adaptateur {adj} :: adapting
adaptatif {adj} :: adaptative
adaptation {f} :: adaptation (all senses)
adaptationnel {adj} :: adaptional (relating to adaptation)
adaptatrice {f} :: feminine noun of adaptateur
adapté {m} [object-oriented] :: adaptee
adapter {vt} :: to adapt
adapter {vr} [s'adapter] :: to adapt oneself or itself
adaptif {adj} :: adaptive
à d'autres {interj} [colloquial] :: tell it to the marines! my eye! pull the other one!
addict {m} :: addict
addicte {f} :: female equivalent of addict
addictif {adj} :: addictive (causing or tending to cause addiction; habit-forming)
addiction {f} :: addiction
addictivement {adv} [rare] :: addictively
addictogène {adj} :: addictogenic
addictologie {f} :: addictology
addictologique {adj} :: addictological
addictologue {mf} :: addictologist
Addis-Abeba {prop} :: Addis-Abeba (capital)
additif {m} :: additive (substance altering another substance)
additif {m} :: addendum
additif {adj} :: additive
addition {f} :: addition (act of adding; thing added; in arithmetic)
addition {f} :: bill [UK], check [US] [in a restaurant, etc]
additionnable {adj} :: summable
additionnel {adj} :: additional (supplemental or added to)
additionnellement {adv} :: additionally
additionner {v} :: to sum; to add (add together)
additionneur {m} [electronics, computing] :: adder
additivation {f} :: The addition of additives to a material
additivé {adj} :: Treated with an additive
additivité {f} [maths] :: additivity
adducteur {m} [anatomy] :: adductor
adductif {adj} :: adductive
adduction {f} :: adduction (all senses)
adduit {m} [chemistry] :: adduct
-ade {suffix} :: Used to form collectives
-ade {suffix} :: Indicating a dish or recipe
-ade {suffix} :: Indicating a drink made from a given fruit
-ade {suffix} :: Used to form nouns denoting action, or a person performing said action
à découvert {prep} :: in the open, exposed, defenceless
à découvert {prep} :: in the red, overdrawn
à défaut de {prep} :: for want of
Adélaïde {prop} :: Adélaïde (caplc)
Adélaïde {prop} :: given name
adèle {f} :: fairy longhorn moth (of the genus Adela)
Adèle {prop} :: given name
Adélie {prop} {f} :: given name
Adélie {prop} {f} :: Adélie Land (Antarctic)
Adeline {prop} {f} :: given name
adélopode {adj} :: adelopode
adelphe {mf} [, uncommon] :: A sibling
adelphique {adj} :: adelphic
à demain {phrase} :: see you tomorrow
à demi-mot {adv} :: half, in a way that is hinted at
adénine {f} :: adenine
adénite {f} [pathology] :: adenitis
adéno- {prefix} :: adeno-
adénoassocié {adj} :: adenoassociated
adénocarcinome {m} [pathology] :: adenocarcinoma
adénogramme {m} :: adenogram
adénographie {f} :: adenography
adénographique {adj} :: adenographic
adénoïde {adj} :: adenoid
adénoïde {adj} :: glandular
adénoïdectomie {f} [surgery] :: adenoidectomy
adénomateux {adj} [pathology] :: adenomatous
adénomatose {f} [pathology] :: adenomatosis
adénome {m} [medicine] :: adenoma
adénopathie {f} [pathology] :: adenopathy
adénosine {f} [organic compound] :: adenosine
adénosyl {m} [biochemistry] :: adenosyl
Adenot {prop} {m} :: surname based on a medieval diminutive of Adam
adénoviral {adj} :: adenoviral
adénovirus {m} :: adenovirus
adens {adv} [obsolete] :: prone (literally, with the teeth on the ground)
adent {m} :: joggle
adénylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: adenylic
adéphage {adj} :: adephagous
adepte {adj} :: adept, capable, adroit
adepte {mf} :: expert, person who is adept
adéquat {adj} :: suitable, appropriate, adequate
adéquatement {adv} :: adequately
adéquation {f} :: appropriateness, conformity, adequacy
adéquiste {mf} [Canadian politics] :: a member of Action démocratique du Québec
adéquiste {adj} [Canadian politics] :: pertaining to Action démocratique du Québec
adermine {f} :: synonym of pyridoxine (vitamin B6)
à dessein {adv} [formal] :: purposely, deliberately, intentionally, on purpose
adessif {m} [grammar] :: adessive, adessive case
à deux balles {adj} [colloquial, figuratively] :: cheap, tasteless
à deux doigts {adv} :: [usually ~ de] within spitting distance, by a hair's breadth
à deux pas {adv} [figuratively] :: a stone's throw away, nearby, around the corner (at a short distance)
à deux vitesses {adj} [derogatory] :: two-tier, discriminatory, unequal, inegalitarian, double-standard [attributive]
adextré {adj} [heraldry] :: dexter
adhærer {v} :: obsolete form of adhérer
adhæsion {f} :: obsolete form of adhésion
adhérence {f} :: adhesion
adhérence {f} :: adherence
adhérent {adj} :: adherent (adhering to something)
adhérent {m} :: adherent (a person who has membership in some group)
adhérente {f} :: feminine noun of adhérent
adhérer {v} :: to adhere; to stick to (rules, regulations)
adhérer {v} [of a person] :: to belong to; to be part of; to be a member of
adhésif {adj} :: adhesive
adhésif {m} :: adhesive
adhésine {f} [biochemistry] :: adhesin
adhésion {f} :: adhesion, adherence
adhésion {f} :: subscription
adhésivé {adj} :: adherent
adhésivé {adj} :: made adhesive
adhésivement {adv} :: adhesively
adhésivité {f} :: adhesivity
adiabatie {f} [physics] :: synonym of adiabatisme
adiabatique {adj} [physics] :: adiabatic
adiabatiquement {adv} :: adiabatically
adiabatisme {m} [physics] :: adiabaticity
Adiabène {prop} {f} :: Adiabene
adiabénien {adj} :: Adiabenian
adiaphane {adj} :: opaque, non-transparent, non-diaphanous
adiaphorèse {f} :: adiaphoresis
adieu {interj} :: farewell, adieu
adieu {interj} [Canada, Louisiana French] :: goodbye, see you soon
adieu {interj} [Southern France] :: hello
adieu {interj} [Switzerland] :: hello, goodbye
adieu {m} :: farewell
à Dieu ne plaise {interj} :: God forbid
adipeux {adj} [anatomy] :: adipose
adipique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: adipic
adipolyse {f} :: adipolysis
adiponitrile {m} [organic compound] :: adiponitrile
adipopexie {f} [physiology] :: adipopexis
adipose {f} :: adiposis
adiposité {f} :: adiposity
adiposogénital {adj} [anatomy] :: adiposogenital
adipsie {f} :: adipsia
-adique {suffix} [maths] :: -adic
adique {adj} [maths] :: adic
adirer {v} :: To lose, misplace
à dire vrai {adv} :: alternative form of à vrai dire
adive {m} :: adive
a divinis {adj} :: canonical suspense
adja {f} [slang] :: A word used only in certain set phrases (see below)
adjacent {adj} :: adjacent
adjectif {adj} :: adjective
adjectif {m} :: adjective
adjectif possessif {m} :: A possessive adjective, adjective serving as possessive determiner
adjectival {adj} :: adjectival
adjectivalement {adv} :: adjectivally
adjectivateur {adj} :: adjectivizing
adjectivation {f} [linguistics] :: adjectivization
adjectivement {adv} :: adjectivally
adjectiver {v} :: to adjectivize
adjectivisation {f} [uncommon] :: synonym of adjectivation
adjoindre {v} :: to adjoin
adjoindre {vr} :: to join up
adjoint {m} :: deputy, assistant
adjoint {m} [linguistics] :: adjunct
adjointe {f} :: deputy, assistant
adjonction {f} :: addition, attachment
adjudant {m} [military] :: adjutant; warrant officer
adjudant-chef {m} :: sergeant major
adjudante {f} :: female equivalent of adjudant
adjudicataire {mf} :: a winning bidder or tenderer
adjudicateur {m} :: seller (at an auction)
adjudicateur {m} :: awarder (of a contract)
adjudicateur {m} :: adjudicator
adjudicatif {adj} :: adjudicating
adjudicatif {adj} :: adjudicative
adjudication {f} :: adjudication
adjudicatrice {f} :: female equivalent of adjudicateur
adjuger {v} :: to auction
adjuger {v} :: to adjudicate
adjuger {vp} [s'adjuger] :: to take (all for oneself), to grant (oneself) the prerogative to
adjuration {f} :: adjuration
adjurer {v} :: to implore
adjutant {m} [military] :: warrant officer class 1, warrant officer
adjuvant {adj} :: adjuvant
adjuvant {m} :: adjuvant
adjuvat {m} :: adjutant (assistant)
adlérisme {m} :: The psychology and psychotherapy theories of Alfred Adler
admettre {v} :: to admit, to accept, to recognize
admettre {v} :: to admit (into), to accept (into) (a hospital or a university)
adminicule {m} :: aid, auxiliary, assistant
administrable {adj} :: administrable
administrateur {m} :: administrator
administrateur de bases de données {m} [database] :: database administrator
administratif {adj} :: administrative
administration {f} :: management (administration; the process or practice of managing)
administrativement {adv} :: administratively
administratrice {f} :: feminine noun of administrateur
administratrice de bases de données {f} :: feminine singular of administrateur de bases de données
administré {m} :: citizen, from the point of view of their ruler or ruling administration; a constituent
administrer {v} :: to administer
admirable {adj} :: admirable
admirablement {adv} :: admirably
admirateur {m} :: admirer
admirateur secret {m} :: secret admirer
admiratif {adj} :: admiring (tending to admire)
admiration {f} :: admiration
admirativement {adv} :: admiringly
admiratrice {f} :: feminine noun of admirateur
admirer {v} :: to admire
admissibilité {f} :: admissibility
admissible {adj} :: admissible, acceptable
admission {f} :: admission (act of admitting; state of being admitted)
admittance {f} [physics] :: admittance
admittatur {m} :: admittatur
admixtion {f} :: admixture
admonestation {f} :: admonition
admonester {vt} :: to admonish; to reprimand
admonition {f} :: an admonition, a warning
ADN {m} [biology, genetics] :: initialism of acide désoxyribonucléique
adné {adj} :: adnate (linked or fused)
adnominal {adj} [grammar] :: adnominal
ado {mf} [colloquial] :: teen, teenager
adobe {m} :: adobe
adogmatique {adj} :: adogmatic
adolescence {f} :: adolescence
adolescent {adj} :: adolescent
adolescent {m} :: adolescent
Adolphe {prop} {m} :: given name
adonc {adv} [literary] :: so; thus
adonide {m} :: pheasant's eye (plant)
adonien {adj} :: Adonic
adonique {adj} :: Adonic
adoniser {v} :: to adonise
adonner {vp} :: to devote oneself
adoptable {adj} :: adoptable
adoptant {adj} :: adopting
adopté {m} :: A male adoptee
adoptée {f} :: A girl or woman who was adopted. A female adoptee
adopter {v} :: to adopt (claim legal ownership of a child)
adopter {v} :: to adopt (claim ownership of a child)
adopter {v} :: to adopt (claim a mannerism or style of someone else's)
adopter {v} [politics] :: to vote
adoptianisme {m} :: adoptionism
adoptianiste {adj} :: adoptionist
adoptif {adj} :: adoptive, by or relating to adoption
adoption {f} :: adoption
adorable {adj} :: adorable
adorablement {adv} :: adorably
adorateur {m} [religion] :: worshipper
adoratif {adj} :: adorative
adoration {f} :: adoration
adoration {f} [religion] :: adoration
adoratrice {f} [religion] :: worshipper
adorer {v} :: to love, to adore
adorer {v} [religion] :: to worship
à dormir debout {adj} [colloquial] :: ludicrous, far-fetched
adorner {v} [literary or dated] :: to adorn; to decorate
ados {m} :: A sloping mound of earth, against a wall, used for sowing
adossement {m} :: backing
adosser {vt} :: to back up (put someone's back (against))
adosser {vr} :: to lean (back)
adosser {vr} :: to back up (put one's back against something)
adoubement {m} :: dubbing; conferral of knighthood
adouber {v} :: to dub (bestow the title of knight upon)
adouber {v} :: to name (a minister, successor etc.)
adouber {v} :: to adjust a piece in a board game, such as chess or backgammon
à double tour {adv} :: with two turns of the key
à double tranchant {adj} :: double-edged
adoucir {v} :: to make mild
adoucir {v} :: to sweeten
adoucir {v} :: to soften
adoucir {v} [figuratively, by extension] :: to appease
adoucir {vr} [s'adoucir] :: to become milder
adoucissage {m} :: sweetening
adoucissage {m} :: softening
adoucissant {adj} :: mild, balmy
adoucissant {adj} :: softening
adoucissant {m} :: demulcent
adoucissant {m} :: fabric softener
adoucissement {m} :: sweetening, mellowing, softening
adoucisseur {m} :: water softener
adpositionnel {adj} [grammar] :: adpositional
ADQ {prop} [Canadian politics] :: Action démocratique du Québec - a political party in Québec
adragant {m} :: tragacanth (gum)
adragante {f} :: alternative form of adragant
adrénaline {f} :: adrenaline, epinephrine
adrénergique {adj} :: adrenergic
adrénocorticotrope {adj} :: adrenocorticotropic‎
adressage {m} :: addressing (all senses)
adresse {f} :: address (the description of a location)
adresse {f} :: skill, adroitness
adresse IP {f} [Internet] :: IP address
adresser {vt} :: to direct
adresser {vr} [with à] :: to address
adresser la parole {v} [à] :: to speak to, to talk to, to address, to accost (someone)
adret {m} [geography, Alps] :: sun-facing side of a mountain
adrézarach {m} :: alternative form of azédarac
adriatique {adj} :: Adriatic (attributive)
Adriatique {prop} {f} :: Adriatic
Adrien {prop} :: given name
Adrienne {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Adrien
adroit {adj} :: skilful, apt, skilled (possessing skill, skilled)
à droite {prep} :: on the right; to the right
adroitement {adv} :: adroitly, skilfully
adscrit {adj} :: adscript (written next to another character)
adsorbant {m} :: adsorbent
adsorbé {adj} :: adsorbed
adsorber {v} :: to adsorb
adsorbeur {m} :: adsorber
adsorboluminescence {f} [physics] :: adsorboluminescence
adsorption {f} :: adsorption
adstrat {m} [linguistics] :: adstratum
adualiste {adj} :: without duality
adulaire {f} [mineral] :: adularia
adulateur {m} :: adulator
adulation {f} :: adulation
adulatoire {adj} :: adulatory
adulatrice {f} :: feminine noun of adulateur
aduler {v} :: to adulate
adulescent {m} [colloquial] :: a kidult
adulte {adj} :: adult
adulte {mf} :: adult
adultération {f} :: adulteration
adultère {adj} :: adulterous
adultère {mf} :: adulterer
adultère {m} :: adultery (sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse)
adultérer {vt} [obsolete] :: to falsify, to fake
adultérin {adj} :: adulterine, born out of adultery
adultisme {m} :: adultism
adustion {f} [medicine] :: cauterization
advection {f} [earth science, chemistry] :: advection
advenable {adj} :: happenable
advenir {v} [impersonal, defective, literary or poetic] :: to happen; to occur
adventice {adj} :: adventitious
adventice {adj} [botany] :: self-propagating
adventice {f} :: weed (unwanted plant)
adventif {adj} :: adventitious
adventiste {mf} [religion] :: Adventist
adverbal {adj} [grammar] :: adverbial
adverbe {m} [grammar] :: adverb
adverbial {adj} :: adverbial
adverbialement {adv} :: adverbially
advers {adj} :: adverse
adversaire {mf} :: adversary, opponent, opposition, antagonist
adversatif {adj} [grammar] :: adversative
adversativement {adv} :: adversatively
adverse {adj} :: adverse
adversité {f} :: adversity
advertir {v} :: obsolete spelling of avertir
advertissement {m} :: obsolete spelling of avertissement
advienne que pourra {adv} :: come what may
adynamie {f} [pathology] :: adynamia
adynamique {adj} :: adynamic
æ {letter} :: Ligature of the letters a and e
aède {m} :: bard, aoidos
ædification {f} :: obsolete form of édification
ædifice {m} :: obsolete form of édifice
ædifier {v} :: obsolete form of édifier
ædile {m} :: obsolete form of édile
aegagropile {mf} :: hairball, furball
ægalement {adv} :: obsolete form of également
aegirine {f} [mineral] :: aegirine
ægophonie {f} :: obsolete form of égophonie
ægophonique {adj} :: obsolete form of égophonique
aegosome {m} :: A type of long-horned beetle (of the genus Aegosoma)
Ægypte {prop} :: obsolete form of Egypte
Ægyptien {m} :: obsolete form of Égyptien
Ægyptienne {f} :: feminine noun of Ægyptien
AELE {prop} {f} :: initialism of Association européenne de libre-échange (the European Free Trade Association, EFTA)
æmulateur {m} :: obsolete form of émulateur
æmulation {f} :: obsolete form of émulation
à en croire {prep} :: if (someone) were to be believed, according to (someone)
ænigmatiquement {adv} :: obsolete form of énigmatiquement
ænigme {mf} :: obsolete form of énigme
Æolie {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Éolie
æolien {adj} :: obsolete form of éolien
æon {m} :: obsolete form of éon
æquanimité {f} :: obsolete form of équanimité
æquateur {m} :: obsolete form of équateur
æquation {f} :: obsolete form of équation
æquilateral {adj} :: obsolete form of équilatéral
æquilibre {m} :: obsolete form of équilibre
æquinoxe {m} :: obsolete form of équinoxe
æquitable {adj} :: obsolete form of équitable
æquité {f} :: obsolete form of équité
aérable {adj} :: aeratable
aérateur {m} :: aerator
aérateur {m} :: ventilator
aération {f} :: Ventilation; airing out (of a space)
aéraulique {adj} :: aeraulic
aéré {adj} :: (well-)ventilated, airy
ære {f} :: obsolete form of ère
aérer {v} :: to air, to aerate
aerhydrique {adj} :: aerohydrous
aéricole {adj} [biology] :: aerophytic, epiphytic
aérien {adj} :: aerial (of, or in, the air)
aérien {adj} [attributive] :: air
aériennement {adv} :: aerially
aériennement {adv} :: in the air
aérifère {adj} [biology] :: aeriferous
aérification {f} :: aerification
aérifier {v} :: To aerify
aériforme {adj} :: aeriform
aériser {v} :: synonym of aérifier
aérium {m} :: sanatorium (that employs fresh air)
aéro- {prefix} :: aero-
aéro {m} :: clipping of aéroplane
aéro {f} :: clipping of aérodynamique
aérobase {f} [military] :: An early form of airport
aérobic {m} [sports] :: aerobics
aérobie {adj} :: aerobic (of or relating to aerobics)
aérobie {adj} [biology] :: aerobic
aérobiologie {f} [aerobiology] :: aerobiology
aérobiologique {adj} :: aerobiological
aérobique {adj} :: aerobic
aérobiquement {adv} :: aerobically
aérocellulaire {adj} :: aerocellular
aérochimique {adj} [chemistry] :: aerochemical
aéroclasseur {m} :: cyclone separator
aéro-club {m} :: alternative form of aéroclub
aéroclub {m} :: aero club, flying club
aérodrome {m} :: aerodrome
aérodynamicien {m} :: aerodynamicist
aérodynamicienne {f} :: feminine singular of aérodynamicien
aérodynamique {adj} :: aerodynamic
aérodynamique {f} :: aerodynamics (the science of the dynamics of bodies moving relative to gases)
aérodynamiquement {adv} :: aerodynamically
aérodynamisme {m} :: aerodynamism
aérodyne {m} :: aerodyne (heavier-than-air aircraft)
aéroélasticité {f} :: aeroelasticity
aéroélastique {adj} :: aeroelastic
aérogare {f} :: airport terminal
aérogel {m} :: aerogel
aéroglisseur {m} :: hovercraft
aérogramme {m} :: aerogram
aérographe {m} :: airbrush
aérolargué {adj} :: airdropped
aérolite {m} :: alternative form of aérolithe
aérolithe {m} :: aerolite
aérolithique {adj} :: aerolithic, aerolitic
aérologie {f} :: aerology (branch of meteorology)
aéromancie {f} :: aeromancy
aéromancien {m} :: One who practises aeromancy; aeromancer
aéromantique {adj} :: aeromantic
aéromètre {m} :: aerometer
aérométrique {adj} :: aerometric
aéromodélisme {m} :: aeromodelling
aéromodéliste {mf} :: aeromodeller
aéronaute {mf} :: aeronaut
aéronautique {adj} :: aeronautic, aeronautical
aéronaval {adj} :: aeronaval
aéronef {m} :: aircraft (machine capable of atmospheric flight)
aéronef {m} :: spaceship
aéronien {adj} [geology] :: Aeronian (attributive)
Aéronien {m} [geology] :: Aeronian
aéronomie {f} :: aeronomy
aéropalynologie {f} :: aeropalynology
aérophagie {f} [medicine] :: aerophagy
aérophane {m} :: aerophane
aérophile {adj} [biology] :: aerophilic
aérophile {m} [biology] :: aerophile
aérophobe {adj} :: aerophobic
aérophone {m} :: aerophone
aérophore {m} :: aerophore
aérophyte {adj} :: aerophytic
aérophyte {f} :: aerophyte
aéroplane {m} [dated] :: aeroplane
aéroport {m} :: airport (place, company managing such a place)
aéroporté {adj} :: airlifted, transported by air
aéroportuaire {adj} :: airport (attributive use)
aéropostal {adj} :: airmail (attributive)
aéroréfrigérant {m} :: dry cooler, cooling tower
aéroscope {m} :: aeroscope
aérosol {m} :: aerosol
aérosolisé {adj} :: aerosolized
aérospatial {adj} :: aerospace; aerospatial
aérostat {m} :: aerostat
aérostathonion {m} [obsolete, meteorology] :: An early weather station (combined thermometer and barometer)
aérostatier {m} :: aerostat pilot, balloonist
aérostation {f} :: ballooning
aérostatique {adj} :: aerostatic
aérostier {m} :: alternative form of aérostatier
aérotechnique {f} :: aerotechnics, aeronautics
aérotechnique {adj} :: aerotechnic, aeronautic
aérotolérant {adj} [biology] :: aerotolerant
aérotrain {m} :: aerotrain, hovertrain
ærugineux {adj} :: obsolete form of érugineux
aeschne {mf} :: hawker (dragonfly of the genus Aeshna)
æschynite {f} [archaic] :: aeschynite
Æsope {prop} {m} :: obsolete form of Ésope
æsthésie {f} :: obsolete form of esthésie
æsthésiomètre {m} :: obsolete form of esthésiomètre
æsthétique {adj} :: obsolete form of esthétique
æsthétique {f} :: obsolete form of esthétique
æsthétiquement {adv} :: obsolete form of esthétiquement
æstimation {f} :: obsolete form of estimation
æstimer {v} :: obsolete form of estimer
æternel {adj} :: obsolete form of éternel
æternité {f} :: obsolete form of éternité
æthéré {adj} :: obsolete form of éthéré
æthiologie {f} [hypercorrect] :: obsolete form of étiologie
Æthiopie {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Éthiopie
Æthiopienne {f} :: feminine singular of Æthiopien
aethusa {f} :: fool's parsley (plant of the genus Aethusa)
aetiologie {f} :: alternative form of étiologie
ætiologie {f} :: obsolete form of étiologie
ætiologique {adj} :: obsolete form of étiologique
Ætolie {prop} {f} :: obsolete form of Étolie
AEUMC {prop} :: USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) abbreviation of Accord États-Unis-Mexique-Canada
AÉUMC {prop} :: alternative form of AEUMC
à faire peur {adv} :: extremely
afar {m} :: Afar (language)
afar {adj} :: Related to the Afar people
Afar {prop} :: A member of the Afar people
à fendre l'âme {adj} :: heartbreaking, heartrending, heart-splitting, heartwrenching
affabilité {f} :: affability
affable {adj} :: affable, amicable, sociable
affablement {adv} :: affably
affabulateur {m} :: inveterate storyteller
affabulation {f} :: fantasy, invention
affabulatoire {adj} :: affabulatory
affabulatrice {f} :: female equivalent of affabulateur
affabuler {v} :: to make up stories, to tell a fable
affacturage {m} [finance] :: factoring
affacturer {v} :: To factor
affadir {vt} :: to make tasteless, insipid or bland
affadissant {adj} :: fading
affadissement {m} :: blandness
affaiblir {vt} :: to weaken, to flag, to make weaker, to enfeeble, enervate, attenuate
affaiblir {vr} :: to weaken [to become weaker]
affaiblissement {m} :: weakening
affaire {f} :: affair, business
affaire {f} :: deal
affaire {f} [colloquial] :: (usually used in the plural) belonging (something physical that is owned)
affaire {f} [colloquial] :: things; stuff
affaire {f} [Quebec, colloquial] :: thingamajig
affaire {f} [colloquial, Louisiana French] :: thing
affairé {adj} :: busy
affaire de cœur {f} [idiomatic] :: a love affair
affairement {m} :: bustle, hustle and bustle (an excited activity; a stir)
affairer {vi} [rare] :: to absorb
affairer {vr} :: to busy oneself
affaires étrangères {fp} [politics] :: foreign affairs (policy)
affairisme {m} :: racketeering
affairiste {mf} :: wheeler-dealer
affairiste {mf} :: racketeer
affaissement {m} :: collapse, cave-in
affaissement {m} :: subsidence
affaisser {vt} :: to cause to subside
affaisser {vr} :: to subside, go down, sink
affaisser {vr} :: to cave in, sag, give way, collapse
affaisser {vr} :: to ebb, weaken
affaitage {m} :: hacking (training a falcon/hawk)
affaitement {m} :: synonym of affaitage
affaiter {v} :: to hack (train a hawk/falcon)
affaiteur {m} :: hacker (person who trains a hawk)
affaiteuse {f} :: feminine singular of affaiteur
affalable {adj} [nautical, of sails] :: lowerable
affalé {adj} :: sprawling, slouching
affalement {m} [nautical] :: lowering (of a mast etc)
affaler {v} [nautical, of sails] :: to lower, let down
affaler {vr} :: to slump, slouch, plop down
affamé {adj} :: hungry
affamer {vt} :: to starve
affameur {m} :: starver
affameur {m} :: exploiter
affameuse {f} :: feminine singular of affameur
affaneur {m} [obsolete] :: journeyman (day labourer)
afféager {v} :: to enfeoff
affect {m} [psychology, philosophy] :: affect; emotion
affectable {adj} :: affectable
affectataire {m} :: assignee
affectataire {m} :: beneficiary
affectation {f} :: allocation, allotment
affectation {f} :: assignment
affectation {f} :: posting
affectation {f} :: affectation
affecter {vt} :: to feign, affect [an emotion, etc.]
affecter {vt} :: to allocate (something), assign (someone) (à (to))
affecter {vt} :: to affect, influence
affectif {adj} :: emotional, affective
affection {f} :: affection, love, fondness
affection {f} :: medical condition, complaint, disease
affectionnément {adv} [dated, rare] :: affectionately
affectionner {v} :: to affectionate, to feel affection for, to be fond of
affectivement {adv} :: affectionately
affectivement {adv} :: softly
affectivité {f} :: affectivity
affectuel {adj} :: affectual
affectueusement {adv} :: affectionately
affectueux {adj} :: affectionate; caring
affenage {m} :: grazing, pasturing of cattle etc
affener {v} :: To graze, pasture cattle
affenpinscher {m} :: affenpinscher
afférent {adj} :: [~ à] relative (to), pertaining (to)
afférent {adj} [biology] :: afferent, carrying
affermable {adj} :: leasable
affermage {m} :: tenant farming
affermage {m} [by extension] :: rent paid by a tenant farmer
affermage {m} :: leasing of advertising space
affermer {v} :: to have a leasehold
affermir {v} :: to firm up
affermir {v} :: to strengthen
affermir {v} :: to make firmer
affermir {vr} :: to become firmer, sharper or stronger
affermir {vr} :: to firm up
affermissement {m} :: consolidation
affété {adj} :: affected, stilted
afféterie {f} :: affectation
affetto {adv} [music] :: gracefully
affetto {adv} [music] :: tenderly, softly
affettuoso {adv} [music] :: in a loving, tender way
affichable {adj} :: displayable
affichage {m} :: billboarding, using a billboard
affichage {m} [computing] :: display
affiche {f} :: poster
affiche {f} :: placard
affiche {f} :: sign
afficher {vt} :: to put up (a notice etc)
afficher {vt} :: to display
afficher {vt} :: to show
afficher {vt} :: to flaunt
affichette {f} :: a small poster or flyer
afficheur {m} :: bill sticker
afficheur {m} [computing] :: display
afficheur à cristaux liquides {m} :: liquid crystal display
afficheuse {f} :: feminine singular of afficheur
affichiste {mf} :: poster designer
afficionado {m} :: alternative spelling of aficionado
affidavit {m} :: affidavit
affidé {adj} :: trustworthy
affilage {m} :: sharpening
affilé {adj} :: sharp
affiler {v} :: to sharpen (to make sharp)
affileur {m} :: sharpener
affileuse {f} :: feminine singular of affileur
affiliation {f} :: affiliation
affilier {v} :: to affiliate
affiloir {m} :: sharpener (device)
affin {adj} :: affine (all senses)
affinage {m} :: affinage
affinage {m} [metallurgy] :: refining
affiné {adj} :: purifying, refining
affinement {m} :: refinement
affiner {v} :: to purify
affiner {v} :: to refine
affiner {v} :: to make finer
affinerie {f} :: refinery (especially a place where metal is purified)
affineur {m} :: One who refines; refiner
affineur {m} :: One who ages cheese and purveys it
affineuse {f} :: feminine noun of affineur
affinitaire {adj} :: affinitive
affinitaire {adj} :: peer (attributive)
affinité {f} :: affinity (a family relationship through marriage of a relative)
affinité {f} [chemistry] :: affinity
affinité élective {f} [sociology, philosophy] :: elective affinity
affiquet {m} :: bauble
affirmateur {adj} :: affirming, affirmative
affirmatif {adj} :: affirmative (which affirms)
affirmatif {interj} :: affirmative
affirmation {f} :: affirmation
affirmativement {adv} :: affirmatively
affirmer {v} :: to affirm, to claim
affixal {adj} :: affixal
affixe {m} [linguistics] :: affix
affixer {v} [grammar] :: to affix
affleurant {adj} :: surfacing
affleurement {m} :: outcrop
affleurer {v} :: to place on the same level with, to show on the same surface
affleurer {v} [figuratively] :: to crop up, to surface, to poke one's head out
afflictif {adj} :: afflictive
affliction {f} [countable and uncountable] :: affliction
affligeant {adj} :: distressing, saddening
affligeant {adj} :: aggrieved
affliger {v} :: to grieve, distress
affliger {v} [literary] :: to smite (de with)
afflouage {m} :: refloating
afflouer {v} :: alternative form of renflouer
affluence {f} :: crowds
affluence {f} :: abundance
affluent {adj} :: tributary
affluent {m} :: tributary; affluent
affluer {vi} :: to flow (into) (said of rivers)
affluer {vi} :: to pour (in), to come in droves (said of people, things)
afflux {m} [physics] :: influx (inward flow)
afflux {m} [medicine] :: afflux
affolant {adj} :: scary
affolement {m} :: panic, terror
affolement {m} :: insanity, craziness, lunacy
affoler {vt} :: to madden, drive crazy (under the effects of a strong emotion)
affoler {vt} :: to terrify, frighten, scare
affoler {vi} :: to run like crazy, leg it
affoler {vr} :: to go crazy, go bonkers
affoler {vr} [colloquial] :: to hurry up, to make haste
affordant {adj} :: affordant
afforder {v} [Louisiana French] :: to afford
afforester {v} :: To afforest (grant the right to hunt in a forest)
affouage {m} :: A right to gather wood from common land
affouche {m} [chiefly Mauritius, Réunion] :: any of various species of Ficus native to the Mascarene Islands
affouillable {adj} :: diggable, tillable
affouillement {m} :: scouring (by running water)
affouiller {v} :: synonym of creuser
affouragement {m} :: foddering
affourager {v} :: to fodder
affourcher {v} [nautuical] :: to anchor using the "forked moor" technique
affourcher {v} :: to straddle
affourcher {v} :: to attach pieces of wood using tongue and groove
affranchi {m} :: freed (former) slave
affranchir {vt} :: to free, liberate, enfranchise, emancipate
affranchir {vt} :: to discharge, exempt
affranchir {vt} :: to prepay (postage), frank (a letter)
affranchir {vt} [slang] :: to pervert
affranchir {vt} [slang] :: to inform
affranchir {vr} :: to release or free oneself
affranchissement {m} :: franking, metering
affranchissement {m} :: manumission
affrèrement {m} [historical, religion] :: adelphopoiesis (a ceremony where two men are united with one another)
affres {fp} [plurale tantum] :: torment, torture, pain
affres {fp} [plurale tantum] :: throes
affrètement {m} :: affreightment
affréter {v} :: to charter (a plane)
affréteur {m} :: shipper
affreusement {adv} :: Dreadfully (in a dreadful manner), horribly
affreux {adj} :: frightful, causing fear
affreux {adj} :: terrible, rubbish, awful
affreux {adj} :: repulsive
affriander {v} :: to improve the taste of; to make delicious
affriander {v} :: to tempt using something tasty or profitable
affriolant {adj} :: alluring, enticing
affrioler {v} :: to tempt
affrioler {v} :: to entice
affrioler {v} :: to seduce
affriqué {adj} :: affricative
affriquée {f} [phonetics] :: affricate
affriquer {v} [linguistics] :: To affricate
affriter {v} :: to condition a frying pan (etc) before its first use by heating with some fat
affront {m} :: affront, insult, snub
affrontable {adj} :: confrontable
affrontement {m} :: confrontation, encounter
affronter {v} :: to confront, face
affronter {vr} :: to face off, to clash
affruiter {v} [botany, of a plant] :: to fruit
affublement {m} [archaic] :: attire; apparel
affubler {vt} [with de] :: to deck out (somebody in), to equip (someone with)
affubler {vr} :: to deck out oneself, to equip oneself
affubler {vr} :: to take on the surname of
affurer {v} :: to win
affurer {v} :: to profit
affurer {v} :: to steal
affusion {f} :: affusion
affût {m} :: gun carriage
affût {m} :: mount, tripod
affût {m} [hunting] :: hide, blind (a spot where hunters hide and await their game)
affût {m} :: hunting from a blind
affûtage {m} :: sharpening, whetting
affuter {v} :: alternative spelling of affûter
affûter {vt} :: to sharpen; to whet (e.g. a tool)
affûter {vt} :: to hone (a skill)
affûter {vt} [slang, rare] :: to eat
affûter {vt} [slang, rare] :: to dance
affûter {vt} [archaic, of a cannon] :: to mount on a gun carriage
affûteur {m} :: sharpener (person)
affûteuse {f} :: feminine singular of affûteux
affûtiau {m} :: a useless or worthless object, a trifle
afghan {adj} :: Afghan (pertaining to Afghanistan)
Afghan {adj} :: Afghan (person from Afghanistan)
Afghane {f} :: feminine noun of Afghan
Afghanistan {prop} {m} :: Afghanistan (country)
aficionado {m} :: aficionado (all senses)
afin {conj} :: to
afin {conj} :: so that
afin de {conj} :: in order to
afin que {conj} :: so that
afistoler {vt} :: To ornament or embellish
afistoler {v} [pronomial] :: To dress up
à fleur de peau {adj} :: on edge, raw, very sensitive, emotional
à flot {adj} :: afloat, buoyant
AFM {m} :: AFM (atomic force microscope) abbreviation of microscope à force atomique
AFM {f} :: AFM (atomic force microscopy) abbreviation of microscopie à force atomique
afocal {adj} :: afocal
à foison {prep} :: in plenty, aplenty, galore, abundantly, in abundance
à fond {adv} :: right to the bottom
à fond {adv} [figuratively, often colloquial] :: all the way: totally; completely; entirely, throughout
à fond de balle {adv} [Belgium, colloquial] :: at full speed, at full throttle, hell-for-leather
à fond de train {adv} [literary] :: at full speed, at full throttle, hell-for-leather
à fond la caisse {adv} [colloquial] :: at full tilt, at full pelt, at full throttle, hell-for-leather (at full speed)
à fond les manettes {adv} [colloquial] :: at full speed, at full throttle, hell-for-leather
à fonds perdu {prep} :: as a subsidy, being a performance without the expectation of consideration
à fonds perdus {prep} :: alternative spelling of à fonds perdu
à force de {prep} :: by repeated action of
à force de {prep} :: because of, thanks to, due to
a fortiori {adv} :: a fortiori
à fortiori {adv} :: alternative spelling of a fortiori
AFP {prop} [journalism, in France] :: initialism of Agence France-Presse
à franc étrier {adv} [literary] :: at full speed, hell-for-leather, flat out
africain {adj} :: African (of, or pertaining to Africa)
Africain {m} :: an African person
Africaine {f} :: feminine noun of Africain
africanisation {f} :: Africanization
africaniser {v} :: To Africanize
africanisme {m} :: Africanism
africanissime {adj} :: superlative of africain: Very or most African
africaniste {mf} :: Africanist
africanoïde {adj} :: Africanoid
afrikaans {m} :: Afrikaans (language)
afrikander {adj} :: synonym of afrikaner
afrikaner {adj} :: Boer
Afrique {prop} {f} :: Africa
Afrique du Sud {prop} {f} :: South Africa
Afrique noire {prop} {f} :: black Africa
afro- {prefix} :: afro-
afro {m} :: afro (hairstyle)
afro-américain {adj} :: Afro-American
afro-asiatique {adj} :: Afroasiatic
afroasiatique {adj} :: alternative form of afro-asiatique
afrocentrique {adj} :: Afrocentric
afrocentrisme {m} :: Afrocentrism
afrocolombien {adj} :: Afro-Colombian
afro-cubain {adj} :: Afro-Cuban
afroéquatorien {adj} :: Afro-Ecuadorian
Afro-Eurasie {prop} {f} :: Afro-Eurasia (supercontinent)
afroféministe {adj} :: Afrofeminist
à froid {prep} [figuratively] :: cold, without preparation, unawares
à froid {prep} [figuratively] :: in the cold light of day, with a clear head, calmly, cold, flat
afrophone {adj} :: Afrophone
afropolitain {adj} :: synonym of négropolitain
after-dinner {m} :: digestive (an alcoholic drink after a meal)
aga {m} :: aga, agha
agaçant {adj} :: annoying
agace {f} [dialectal, France, Belgium] :: magpie
agacement {m} :: annoyance, irritation
agacer {v} :: to irritate
agacer {v} :: to tease
agacerie {f} :: (especially in plural) teasing
agalactie {f} [pathology] :: agalactia
Agamemnon {prop} {m} :: Agamemnon
agamète {f} [biology] :: agamete
agami {m} :: agami
agamie {f} [biology] :: agamogenesis
aganit {adj} :: hungry
agape {f} [Christianity] :: agape
agar {m} :: synonym of agar-agar
agaric {m} :: agaric
agariciforme {adj} :: agariciform
agate {m} :: agate
agathachristien {adj} :: Relating to, or characteristic of Agatha Christie or her detective novels
Agathe {prop} :: given name
agatifère {adj} :: agatiferous
agatifié {adj} :: agatized
agatiser {v} :: To agatize
à gauche {prep} :: on the left
à gauche {prep} :: to the left
agave {m} :: agave
agavé {m} :: agave
agavé {m} :: nacré de la filipendule (butterfly)
-age {suffix} :: Forming nouns with the sense of "action or result of Xing" or, more rarely, "action related to X"
-age {suffix} :: Forming nouns with the sense of "state of being (a) X"
-age {suffix} [rare] :: Forming collective nouns
age {m} :: beam (central bar of a plough)
age {m} :: shaft
âge {m} :: age
âgé {adj} :: old; elderly
âge adulte {m} :: majority (age from which one is considered an adult)
âge bête {m} :: awkward age, adolescence, puberty
âge d'or {m} [figuratively] :: golden age, golden years, golden era
âge du bronze {prop} {m} :: Bronze Age
âge du fer {prop} {m} :: Iron Age
âge ingrat {m} :: awkward age, adolescence, puberty
Agen {prop} :: Prefecture of Lot-et-Garonne
agençable {adj} :: arrangeable
agence {f} :: agency
agencé {adj} :: arranged
agencé {adj} :: prepared
agence de rencontres {f} :: dating agency
agence de voyages {f} :: travel agency
agencement {m} :: arrangement, layout
agencer {v} :: to arrange, to lay out, to piece together
agencer {v} [music] :: to arrange
agenceur {m} :: arranger
agenceuse {f} :: feminine singular of agenceur
agenda {m} :: organiser, appointment book, engagement book
agenda de ministre {m} [colloquial, figuratively] :: a very busy schedule
agénésie {f} :: agenesis
agénésique {adj} :: agenesic
agenouillade {f} [rare] :: kneeling
agenouillé {adj} :: kneeling, in a kneeling position
agenouillement {m} :: kneeling
agenouiller {vr} [s'agenouiller] :: to kneel (down)
agenouilliste {adj} :: kneeling
agenouilloir {m} :: hassock
à genouillons {adv} [dated, Normandy] :: on one's knees
agenre {adj} :: genreless
agent {m} :: agent
agent double {m} :: double agent
agente provocatrice {f} :: feminine noun of agent provocateur
agent immobilier {m} :: estate agent, realtor
agent orange {m} :: Agent Orange
agent provocateur {m} :: agent provocateur; instigator, troublemaker
agent secret {m} :: secret agent
à géométrie variable {adj} :: variable-geometry [attributive]
à géométrie variable {adj} [derogatory] :: discriminatory, unequal, inegalitarian
agérate {m} :: ageratum
ageratum {m} :: ageratum
à gerber {adj} [colloquial, figuratively] :: vomitrocious, nauseating
Agésilas {prop} {m} [Ancient Greece] :: Agesilaus
ageustie {f} :: ageusia
Aggée {prop} {m} [bible] :: Haggai
aggiornamento {m} :: aggiornamento
agglo {m} [colloquial] :: conglomerate (in building trade)
agglomérat {m} [geology] :: agglomerate
agglomératif {adj} :: agglomerative
agglomération {f} :: agglomeration
agglomération {f} :: village, town, any built-up area
aggloméré {m} :: masonite
agglomérer {v} :: to agglomerate; fuse together
agglutinant {adj} :: agglutinative (sticky)
agglutinateur {adj} :: agglutinatory
agglutinatif {adj} :: agglutinative
agglutination {f} :: agglutination
agglutiner {vt} :: to paste (together)
agglutiner {vt} [linguistics] :: to agglutinate
agglutineux {adj} :: agglutinous
aggravant {adj} :: aggravating
aggravation {f} :: aggravation
aggravé {adj} :: aggravated
aggraver {v} :: to worsen (make worse)
agha {m} :: agha
agile {adj} :: nimble, agile (quick and light in movement or action)
agilement {adv} :: agilely, nimbly
agilité {f} :: agility
agio {m} :: exchange premium, agio
agiographie {f} :: obsolete spelling of hagiographie
agiologique {adj} :: alternative form of hagiologique
a giorno {adj} :: to produce a glow comparable to that of the day
a giorno {adv} :: to produce a glow comparable to that of the day
à giorno {adj} :: alternative spelling of a giorno
à giorno {adv} :: alternative spelling of a giorno
agiotage {m} :: agiotage
agiotage {m} :: speculation
agioter {v} :: to speculate (in the financial market)
agioteur {m} :: speculator (in the financial market)
agioteuse {f} :: feminine singular of agioteux
agir {vi} :: to act
agir {vi} :: to act, to do (something)
agir {vi} :: to act, behave
agir {vi} [followed by sur] :: to act on
agir {v} [legal, followed by contre] :: prosecute, sue
agir {vr} [impersonal, followed by de] :: to be, be all about, be a question of
agissant {adj} :: agitated
agissant {adj} :: active
agissement {m} [pejorative, usually in plural] :: doing, intrigue, scheme
agitateur {m} :: agitator
agitateuse {f} :: feminine noun of agitateur
agitation {f} :: choppiness (of water), turbulence (in air), swaying (of branch etc.)
agitation {f} :: restlessness
agitation {f} :: bustle (of street, room etc.); activity
agitation {f} :: (nervous) agitation
agitation {f} :: (social) unrest
agitato {m} [music] :: agitato
agitato {adv} [music] :: agitato
agitatrice {f} :: female equivalent of agitateur
agiter {v} :: to shake, to wave (to move back and forth)
agiter {v} :: to agitate
agitprop {f} :: agitprop
aglacissage {m} :: landing (touchdown) on ice and/or snow
aglacissage {m} :: landing on glassy (reflective) surface
aglosse {adj} :: aglossal
Aglukark {prop} {mf} :: surname
Aglukkaq {prop} {mf} :: surname
aglycone {m} [organic chemistry] :: aglycone
aglyphe {adj} [herpetology] :: [of teeth] lacking a channel for delivering poison
aglyphe {adj} [herpetology] :: non-venomous, aglyphous
aglyphe {m} [herpetology] :: an aglyphous reptile
agnat {m} :: agnate
agnathe {m} :: any member of the Agnatha superclass; agnathan
agnathe {adj} :: deprived of a jaw
agnatique {adj} :: agnatic
agneau {m} :: lamb (young sheep)
agneau {m} :: lamb (sheep meat)
agneau {m} :: lambskin
Agneau {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Lamb; i.e. Jesus
Agneau de Dieu {prop} {m} :: Lamb of God
agneau pascal {m} [Christianity] :: Paschal Lamb
agnelage {m} :: lambing
agneler {vi} [of a sheep] :: to lamb, to yean
agnelet {m} :: (small) lamb (animal)
agnelin {adj} :: lamb (attributive)
agnelin {adj} :: lambswool (attributive)
agneline {f} :: lambswool
agnelle {f} :: female lamb
Agnès {prop} {f} :: given name
agnier {adj} :: Mohawk (attributive)
Agniers {prop} :: Mohawks (Mohawk people)
agnosie {f} [medicine] :: agnosia
agnosticisme {m} :: agnosticism
agnostique {adj} :: agnostic
agnostique {mf} :: agnostic
agnotologie {f} :: agnotology
agnotologique {adj} :: agnotologic, agnotological
à gogo {adv} :: à gogo; in abundance, galore
agomphe {adj} :: agomphious
agonie {f} :: the moment just before death
agonique {adj} :: agonous, agonious
agonir {v} [slang] :: to throw (insults at), to spit (profanities at)
agonisant {adj} :: dying
agoniser {vi} :: to die slowly
agora {f} :: agora
agoranome {m} [historical, Ancient Greece] :: agoranome
agoraphobie {f} :: agoraphobia
agouti {m} :: agouti (rodent)
agrafage {m} :: stapling
agrafe {f} :: staple (wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper)
agrafe {f} [on clothing] :: fastener, hook
agrafer {v} :: to staple (secure with a staple)
agrafeuse {f} :: stapler
agrainage {m} :: The feeding of wild animals by spreading grain
agraire {adj} :: agrarian, relating to land
agrairement {adv} :: agrarianly
agrammatical {adj} [grammar] :: ungrammatical
agrammatisme {m} [pathology] :: agrammatism
à grande échelle {adv} [idiom] :: on a large scale
à grande échelle {adj} :: large-scale
agrandir {vt} :: to enlarge, make bigger
agrandir {vt} :: to extend, to expand [a house, building, area]
agrandir {vr} :: to grow, get bigger
agrandir {v} :: to embiggen
agrandir {v} :: to aggrandize
agrandissable {adj} :: enlargeable
agrandissement {m} :: enlargement
agrandisseur {m} [photography] :: enlarger
agranditif {adj} :: aggrandising
à grand-peine {adv} :: with great difficulty
à grands pas {adv} [figuratively] :: fast, quickly
agranulocytose {f} [pathology] :: agranulocytosis
agraphie {f} :: agraphia
agrarien {adj} :: agrarian
agréable {adj} :: pleasurable, nice, pleasant, agreeable
agréablement {adv} :: pleasantly, nicely
agréer {v} [formal] :: to accept
agréer {v} [archaic] :: to prepare; rig; trim
agrég {f} :: the highest teaching diploma in France
agrégant {adj} :: aggregant
agrégant {m} :: aggregant
agrégat {m} :: aggregate
agrégateur {m} [computing] :: aggregator (feed reader)
agrégatif {adj} :: aggregative
agrégation {f} :: aggregation
agrégation {f} [education] :: a high-level competitive examination for the recruitment of teachers in France
agrégation {f} [object-oriented] :: aggregation
agréger {vr} :: to form into a greater entity, to aggregate
agréger {vr} [with à] :: to join
agrément {m} :: congeniality, amenity
agrément {m} :: approval (permission)
agrémenter {vt} :: to brighten up
agrémenter {vt} :: to liven up
agrémenter {vt} :: to supplement, adorn
agrès {mp} [nautical] :: rigging, gear [of a ship]
agrès {mp} [gymnastics] :: apparatus
agresser {vt} :: to assault; to attack
agresseur {m} :: aggressor
agresseuse {f} :: feminine noun of agresseur
agressif {adj} :: aggressive
agression {f} :: aggression
agressivement {adv} :: aggressively
agressivité {f} :: aggression, aggressiveness
agreste {adj} :: rustic
agrestement {adv} :: rustically
agri- {prefix} :: agri-
agricole {adj} :: agricultural
agricolement {adv} :: agriculturally
agriculteur {m} :: farmer (person who works the land or who keeps livestock)
agricultrice {f} :: feminine noun of agriculteur
agricultural {adj} :: agricultural
agriculturalement {adv} :: agriculturally
agriculture {f} :: agriculture
agriffer {v} :: to claw
agriffer {v} :: to grasp
agrile {m} :: jewel beetle, buprestid
agrile du frêne {m} :: Agrilus planipennis, emerald ash borer
agrimétrique {adj} :: agrimetric
agrion {m} :: agrion
agriote {m} :: click beetle
agripaume {f} :: motherwort
agripper {v} :: to grip, grab, cling on to, grab hold of
agrippeur {adj} :: gripping, clinging
agritourisme {m} :: agritourism
agrivoltaïque {adj} :: agrivoltaic
agro- {prefix} :: agro-
agro-alimentaire {adj} :: alternative form of agroalimentaire
agroalimentaire {adj} :: food and agriculture (attributive)
agrobiologie {f} :: agrobiology
agrobiologique {adj} :: agrobiological
agrochimie {f} [chemistry] :: agrochemistry
agrochimique {adj} :: agrochemical
agrochimiste {mf} :: agrochemist
agroécologique {adj} :: agroecological
agroécologiquement {adv} :: agroecologically
agroéconomique {adj} :: agroeconomic
agroécosystème {m} [ecology] :: agroecosystem
agroenvironnemental {adj} :: agro-environmental
agroforesterie {f} :: agroforestry
agroforestier {adj} :: agroforestry (attributive)
agroforestier {m} :: agroforester
agroindustriel {adj} :: agroindustrial
agrologie {f} :: agrology
agrologique {adj} :: agrological
agrométéorologie {f} :: agrometeorology
agrométéorologique {adj} :: agrometeorological
agronome {mf} :: agronomist
agronomie {f} :: agronomy
agronomique {adj} :: agronomic
agronomiquement {adv} :: agronomically
à gros flocons {adv} [of snow] :: heavily, in large flakes
agrostide {f} :: bent, agrostis
agrosystème {m} :: agrosystem (agricultural ecosystem)
agrotechnique {adj} :: agrotechnical
agrotechnique {f} :: agrotechnology
agrotourisme {m} :: alternative form of agritourisme
agrume {m} :: citrus (fruit)
agrumiculture {f} :: citrus farming
aguardiente {f} :: aguardiente
aguerri {adj} :: seasoned, hardened
aguerrir {v} :: to harden (become or make something resistant or less sensitive to)
aguerrissable {adj} :: hardenable
aguerrissement {m} :: hardening, toughening
aguet {m} [archaic or literary] :: lookout; observation post
aguet {m} :: watching; spying
agueusie {f} :: ageusia
agui {m} :: bowline (knot)
aguichant {adj} :: enticing
aguicher {vt} :: to entice
aguicheur {adj} :: alluring, enticing
aguille {f} :: obsolete spelling of aiguille (needle, or point of a needle)
aguimpé {adj} :: wimpled
agutaynen {m} :: Agutaynen (language)
agutaynen {adj} :: Agutaynen (attributive)
ah {interj} :: ah
ahan {m} :: pain due to manual labour
ahan {m} :: groan
ahanant {adj} :: panting
ahanement {m} :: grunt
ahaner {v} :: to pant due to exercise
à hauteur de {prep} :: of up to, amounting to, for a sum of
à haute voix {adv} :: alternative form of à voix haute
ah bon {interj} [colloquial] :: really? for real? is that so?
ahi {interj} :: ouch! (representing pain)
ahistorique {adj} :: alternative form of anhistorique
à hue et à dia {adv} :: in all directions; in opposite directions
à hue et à dia {adv} :: indiscriminately
à huis clos {phrase} [legal] :: in camera
à huis clos {phrase} :: behind closed doors
ahuri {adj} :: stunned, dumbfounded
ahurir {v} :: to astound, dumbfound, stun
ahurissamment {adv} :: astoundingly, dumbfoundingly
ahurissant {adj} :: astounding
ahurissement {m} :: stupefaction
-ai {suffix} :: A suffix denoting the first-person singular past historic indicative form of an -er verb
{m} :: ai (sloth)
Aicard {prop} :: surname
Aïcha {prop} {f} :: given name, widely used in Islamic North Africa
aiche {f} :: alternative form of esche
aicher {v} :: alternative form of escher
aïd {m} :: alternative form of Aïd
Aïd {m} [Islam] :: Eid
aidant {adj} :: helping
aidant {m} :: helper
aide {m} :: aide (person)
aide {f} :: help
aide-comptable {mf} :: assistant accountant
aide de camp {m} :: aide-de-camp, ADC
aide-mémoire {m} :: aide-mémoire, crib
aider {v} :: to help; to aid
aide-soignant {m} :: nursing auxiliary (UK), nurse's aide (US)
aide-soignante {f} :: nursing auxiliary (UK), nurse's aide (US)
aide-toi, le ciel t'aidera {proverb} :: heaven helps those who help themselves
-aie {suffix} :: used to form names of orchards or places where trees/plants are grown
AIE {f} :: abbreviation of arme à impulsion électrique
AIÉ {f} :: abbreviation of arme à impulsion électrique
aïe {interj} :: interjection expressing a sharp pain: ouch!
aïe {interj} :: interjection expressing worry: dang!; oh dear
-aient {suffix} :: A suffix denoting the third-person plural imperfect indicative form of a verb
aïeul {m} :: ancestor
aïeul {m} [by extension] :: grandfather
aïeul {m} [by extension] :: old man
aïeule {f} :: grandmother
aïeux {mp} :: ancestors, forefathers
aïeux {mp} :: all those who lived in a past age
aigle {m} :: eagle (any of a number of species of birds of prey)
aigle {m} [figuratively] :: a man of ingenuity and superior talent; a genius
aigle {f} :: a female eagle
aigle {f} [heraldiccharge] :: a representation an eagle; the eagle as a heraldic symbol
aigle des steppes {m} :: steppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis)
aiglefin {m} :: alternative spelling of églefin
aiglet {m} :: aiglet
aiglet {m} :: needle
aiglette {f} :: eaglet
aiglette {f} [heraldry] :: alerion
aiglon {m} :: an eaglet, eagle chick
aiglonne {f} :: feminine noun of aiglon
aigre {adj} :: sharp, sour, acid
aigre {adj} :: shrill (voice), biting (wind etc.)
aigre-doux {adj} [literally and figuratively] :: bittersweet, sweet and sour
aigrefin {m} :: alternative form of aiglefin
aigrefin {m} :: swindler
aigrelet {adj} :: sharpish
aigrelet {adj} :: sourish, tart
aigrelet {adj} :: acidulous
aigrement {adv} :: sharply, sourly, acidly
aigrement {adv} :: shrilly, bitingly
aigremoine {f} :: agrimony
aigrette {f} [ornithology] :: egret (Any of various wading birds of the genera Egretta or Ardea)
aigrette {f} [botany] :: pappus
aigrette {f} [of certain birds] :: crest (plumage)
aigrette {f} :: lumex
aigrette {f} :: feather (atop a hat)
aigretté {adj} :: feathered, plumed
aigreur {f} :: sourness (sour flavor)
aigreur {f} :: bitterness (bitter emotion)
aigri {adj} :: embittered
aigrin {m} :: A young apple tree or pear tree
aigrir {v} :: to make bitter, to embitter
aigrissement {m} :: souring
aigu {adj} :: sharp, pointy
aigu {adj} [of intelligence] :: acute, keen, discerning
aigu {adj} [of sound] :: sharp, loud and high-pitched
aigu {adj} [medicine] :: acute
aigu {adj} [mathematics, of an angle] :: acute
aigu {adj} [linguistics, of an accent] :: acute
aiguade {f} :: watering (provisioning of water)
aiguail {m} [literary] :: [regional] dew resting on foliage
aigue-marine {adj} :: aquamarine
aigue-marine {f} :: aquamarine
aiguière {f} :: ewer
aiguillage {m} [rail] :: points
aiguillage {m} [rail] :: shunting, switching
aiguillat {m} :: dogfish
aiguille {f} [botany, costumery, medicine] :: needle
aiguille {f} :: needle (of compass); hand (of watch); spire (of church)
aiguille {f} [railway] :: point (UK), switch (US)
aiguille à tricoter {f} :: knitting needle
aiguiller {vt} :: to direct (towards)
aiguiller {vt} :: to change / switch points (railway)
aiguilletage {m} :: lacing up
aiguilletage {m} :: tying together
aiguilleté {adj} :: beribboned
aiguilleter {v} :: to lace up
aiguilleter {v} :: to tie or knot together (with string, ribbon etc)
aiguillette {f} :: ribbon; tie; cord
aiguillette {f} :: needle
aiguillette {f} :: needlefish
aiguillette baronne {f} :: tri-tip
aiguilleur {m} [railways] :: signalman; signaller
aiguilleur {m} [aviation] :: air traffic controller
aiguilleur du ciel {m} :: air traffic controller, ATC
aiguilleuse {f} [railways] :: female signaller
aiguilleuse {f} [aviation] :: female air traffic controller
aiguillon {m} :: goad
aiguillon {m} :: stinger, sting (of a bee)
aiguillon {m} [figuratively] :: a goad, a stimulant
aiguillonnement {m} :: prodding
aiguillonner {v} [figuratively] :: to prod
aiguillot {m} [nautical] :: pintle (a rudder’s pin which pivots in a gudgeon)
aiguisage {m} :: sharpening, honing, whetting
aiguisé {adj} :: sharpened
aiguisement {m} :: sharpening, honing, whetting
aiguiser {v} :: to sharpen (of a point, to make sharper)
aiguiser {v} :: to hone (e.g. a skill)
aiguiser {v} :: to whet
aiguiseur {m} :: sharpener
aiguiseuse {f} :: sharpener (female)
aiguisoir {m} :: sharpener (tool)
aiguisoir {m} [Quebec] :: pencil sharpener
aiguisoir {m} :: whetstone
aigument {adv} :: harshly; abrasively
AIIP {f} :: abbreviation of arme intermédiaire d'impact à projectile
-ail {suffix} :: Forming masculine nouns from verbs and nouns, having the sense of ‘tool, object for a specific purpose’
-ail {suffix} :: Forming masculine nouns from verbs and nouns, having a collective sense
ail {m} :: garlic
ailante {m} :: tree of heaven
aile {f} :: wing (of a bird or other flying animal; of poultry; of an aircraft; of a building; of an army; in football and rugby; in politics)
aile {f} :: fender, wing (of an automobile)
aile {f} [of the nose] :: side, wing, ala
aile {f} :: sail (of a windmill)
aile {f} :: blade (of a propeller)
aile {f} [figuratively] :: wings
ailé {adj} :: winged (having wings)
ailé {adj} :: winglike
aîle {f} :: obsolete form of aile
aileron {m} [anatomy] :: fin (of some fish)
aileron {m} [anatomy] :: flipper (of penguins and other animals)
aileron {m} :: aileron
aileron {m} :: spoiler (of an automobile)
ailette {f} :: small wing
ailier {m} [sports] :: winger
ailier {m} [basketball] :: small forward
ailier {m} :: wingman
ailière {f} :: feminine noun of ailier
-aille {suffix} [colloquial, pejorative or result] :: Forming feminine nouns having a colloquial or pejorative meaning, or indicating the means or result of an action
-ailler {suffix} :: Forming verbs with frequentative effect, often somewhat pejorative
ailler {vt} :: to add garlic (to)
ailleurs {adv} :: elsewhere; somewhere else
ailloli {m} :: alternative form of aïoli
-aillon {suffix} :: Forming masculine nouns with diminutive or pejorative meaning
ailurophile {mf} :: ailurophile
ailurophile {adj} :: ailurophile
aimable {adj} :: likeable, amiable
aimable comme une porte de prison {adj} [simile, antiphrasis, of a person] :: very unpleasant, like a bear with a sore head
aimablement {adv} :: friendly (in a friendly manner)
aimant {adj} :: loving, affectionate
aimant {m} :: magnet
aimantaire {adj} :: (naturally) magnetic
aimantation {f} :: magnetization
aimanter {v} :: to magnetize (cause to be magnetic)
aimantin {m} :: fridge magnet
Aimée {prop} {f} :: given name
aimer {v} :: to love (usually of a person, otherwise the meaning is closer to like)
aimer {v} :: to like (often with bien)
aimer bien {v} [idiom] :: to like (as a friend)
-ain {suffix} :: Suffix used to form demonyms, both nouns (uppercase) and adjectives (lowercase)
-ain {suffix} :: Indicates the old oblique case (cas régime) of certain nouns
Ain {prop} :: Ain
-aine {suffix} [noun-only] :: Indicates approximation, suffixed to a number
aine {f} :: groin
ainé {adj} :: alternative spelling of aîné
aîné {adj} :: oldest, elder (sibling)
aîné {m} :: eldest (boy)
aîné {m} :: older brother
aîné {m} :: elder
aîné {m} :: old person
aînée {f} :: female equivalent of aîné
aînesse {f} :: primogeniture
ainmer {v} [Louisiana French, Cajun French] :: alternative form of aimer, to like
aïnou {m} :: Ainu (language)
ainsi {adv} :: in this way, thus
ainsi que {conj} :: as, just as, like
ainsi que {conj} :: as well as
aïnu {m} :: alternative form of aïnou
aïoli {m} :: aioli
aïoli {interj} [Marseille slang] :: yo; respect
AIP {f} :: abbreviation of arme d'impact à projectile
air {m} :: air (gases of the atmosphere)
air {m} :: tune, aria
air {m} :: appearance
air {m} :: air (pretension)
airain {m} [literary, uncountable] :: any alloy based on bronze
airain {m} [literary, countable, ] :: object made of this alloy
airbag {m} :: airbag
airbag {m} [in the plural, slang] :: knockers, tits
air comprimé {m} :: compressed air
air de famille {m} :: family likeness, family resemblance
-aire {suffix} :: -ary (adjectival suffix)
-aire {suffix} :: -ary (nominal suffix)
-aire {suffix} :: -aire
aire {f} [geometry] :: (surface) area
aire {f} [architecture] :: a flat surface
aire {f} [sailing] :: direction of the wind
aire {f} :: threshing floor
aire {f} :: area, zone, range (a space in which a certain thing occurs)
aire {f} :: eyrie, aerie
airedale {m} :: Airedale terrier
aire d'autoroute {f} :: rest area, truck stop (rest area along a road, roadside service area)
aire de Broca {f} [neuroanatomy] :: Broca's area
aire de lancement {f} :: launch pad
aire de repos {f} :: rest area, truck stop (rest area along a road, roadside service area)
aire de Wernicke {f} [neuroanatomy] :: Wernicke's area
airelle {f} :: cranberry; bilberry
airer {v} :: to nest (make a nest)
aire urbaine {f} :: metropolitan area
Air France {prop} :: Air France, a French airline
air hockey {m} :: air hockey
-ais {suffix} :: The first-person and second-person singular imperfect indicative form of a verb
-ais {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives that denote where something or someone is from, or to form the name of the language spoken in this place
-ais {suffix} :: Used to form nouns that denote where something or someone is from
ais {m} :: board, plank
aisance {f} :: ease
-aise {suffix} :: Used to form female adjectives that denote where something or someone is from, e.g., française, anglaise, marseillaise, etc
aise {f} :: satisfaction
aise {f} :: joy
aise {f} :: ease, facility, absence of effort
aise {adj} :: joyous, glad
aisé {adj} :: easy to do, with ease, simple, effortless
aisé {adj} :: wealthy, with no money problems, affluent, prosperous, on easy street, in easy circumstances
aisé {adj} :: smooth, fluid, about a movement, or a conversation
aisé {adj} [obsolete] :: Said about clothes that are very (too) comfortable to wear
aisément {adv} :: easily
aiser {v} [obsolete] :: To get comfortable
aisif {adj} [obsolete] :: easy, convenient, pleasant
aisle {f} :: obsolete form of aile
Aisne {prop} {m} :: Aisne
aisné {m} :: obsolete form of aîné
aisné {adj} :: obsolete form of aîné
aisnée {f} :: feminine noun of aisné
-aison {suffix} :: Forming feminine nouns of action from verbs
Aïssata {prop} {f} :: given name, widely used in Islamic West Africa
Aïssatou {prop} {f} :: given name, widely used in Islamic West Africa
aisseau {m} :: A small, triangular, wooden roof tile
aisselle {f} [anatomy] :: armpit
aisy {m} :: A ferment use to make Gruyère cheese
-ait {suffix} :: A suffix denoting the third-person singular imperfect indicative form of a verb
aitre {m} :: alternative spelling of aître
aître {m} [archaic] :: the land surrounding a church
Aix-en-Provence {prop} :: A town in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Aix-la-Chapelle {prop} :: Aix-la-Chapelle (city)
aixois {adj} :: from or relating to any of the towns/cities in France with the name Aix
Aixois {m} :: person from any of the towns/cities in France with the name Aix
Aixoise {f} :: feminine noun of Aixois
AJ {f} :: auberge de jeunesse
AJA {prop} [soccer] :: initialism of AJ Auxerre, a French football club from the town of Auxerre
ajaccien {adj} :: From or relating to Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajaccien {m} :: someone from Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajaccienne {f} :: feminine noun of Ajaccien
Ajaccio {prop} {m} :: Ajaccio (caplc)
ajacéen {adj} :: From or relating to Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajacéen {m} :: someone from Ajaccio, Corsica
Ajacéenne {f} :: feminine noun of Ajacéen
à jamais {adv} :: forever and ever, forevermore, forever
ajaxification {f} [programming] :: Ajaxification
ajd {adv} [Internet slang, texting] :: abbreviation of aujourd'hui (today)
à jeun {adv} :: On an empty stomach
ajeuve {adv} [Acadia, Quebec] :: a while ago
ajiste {adj} :: youth hostel (attributive)
ajiste {mf} :: member of the youth hostel movement
ajointer {v} :: To butt (join at the ends)
ajonc {m} :: a gorse bush
ajour {m} :: a slit that lets in daylight
à jour {adj} :: up-to-date, current
ajourd'hui {adv} [archaic, outside, Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: alternative form of aujourd'hui
ajouré {adj} :: openwork (attributive); perforated, fretted
ajourer {v} :: to perforate
ajournable {adj} :: adjournable, postponable
ajourné {adj} :: adjourned, postponed
ajournement {m} :: adjournment
ajournement {m} :: deferment, postponement
ajournement {m} :: referral
ajournement {m} :: failure at an exam with an option to resit it
ajourner {v} :: postpone, adjourn, put off (an event)
ajout {m} :: addition (something added)
ajout {m} :: addition (the act of adding)
ajoutable {adj} :: addable
ajoutable {adj} :: countable
ajoutage {m} :: nozzle
ajoutage {m} :: connector (especially of laboratory glassware)
ajouter {v} :: to add, append
ajouter foi {v} [à] :: [formal, literary] to lend credence to, to give credence to, to put faith in, to believe
ajoutoir {m} :: synonym of ajoutage
ajustable {adj} :: adjustable
ajustage {m} :: adaptation, adjustment
ajustage {m} :: fitting
ajustement {m} :: adjustment, adjusting, tweak
ajuster {v} :: to adjust; tweak
à juste titre {adv} :: justly, rightly (so)
ajusteur {m} :: fitter
ajusteur {m} :: adjuster
ajutoir {m} :: alternative form of ajoutoir
akathisie {f} [pathology] :: akathisia
akathisique {adj} :: alternative form of acathisique
akawaïo {m} :: Akawaio
akène {m} [botany] :: achene
Akiko {prop} :: given name
akinésie {f} [pathology] :: akinesia
akinésique {adj} :: akinesic
akinétique {adj} :: akinetic
akinétique {adj} :: akinesic
akkadien {m} :: Akkadian (language)
akkadien {adj} :: Akkadian
Akkadien {m} :: an Akkadian person
Akkadienne {f} :: feminine noun of Akkadien
akvavit {m} :: alternative spelling of aquavit
-al {suffix} :: -al (of or pertaining to; adjectival suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective form. Often added to words of Latin origin, but used with other words also)
à la {prep} :: See: fr à la
à la {prep} :: a la, in the style or manner of (with a feminine singular adjective or a proper noun)
alabandine {f} [mineral] :: alabandite
à l'abandon {adj} :: Derelict or dilapidated due to long-term neglect
à la base {adv} [colloquial] :: originally, initially
alabastrite {m} :: alabaster
à la belle étoile {adv} :: out in the open, outdoors, under the stars
alable {adj} [Canada] :: alternative form of allable
alablement {adv} [Canada] :: feasibly
à la bonne franquette {adv} [idiomatic] :: In a homely manner, without ceremony
à la bonne heure {interj} :: General expression of approval: splendid! that's the spirit! that's great!
à la bonne heure {adv} [literally] :: At the right time
à la bonne heure {adv} :: Timely; opportunely; à propos
à l'abordage {interj} :: the stereotypical cry of pirates when boarding a ship for close quarters combat
à l'abri {adv} :: sheltered, in a safe place
à l'abri de {prep} :: safe from, sheltered from, secure from, out of
à la cantonade {adv} [colloquial] :: to no one in particular
à la carte {adv} [Food and drink] :: allowing selection only from a fixed list of options, typically shown on a menu
à la carte {adv} [Food and drink] :: with each dish priced
à la carte {adv} :: (by extension) from any longlist of options, or even free choice, as opposed to a shortlist
à la clé {adv} [idiomatic] :: as a reward, at stake, up for grabs
à la con {adj} [vulgar] :: fucking (as an intensifier), pesky, damned, bloody
à la coque {adj} :: soft-boiled
alacrité {f} :: alacrity, ardour, eagerness
à la demande {prep} :: on demand, on request, to order
alader {m} :: Italian buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus)
à la dérive {adj} :: adrift
à la dérive {adj} [figuratively] :: adrift
à la dérobée {adv} :: on the sly, without being noticed
à la différence de {conj} :: as opposed to, unlike
à la dure {adv} [colloquial] :: the hard way, in a tough manner, roughly
alaeforme {adj} :: alternative form of aliforme
à la faveur de {prep} [formal, literary] :: thanks to, by means of
à la faveur de {prep} :: on the occasion of
à l'affiche {adj} [film] :: showing, playing
à l'affût {adj} [de] :: on the lookout
à la fin {adv} :: in the end
à la fin {adv} :: at last
à la fois {adv} :: at a time
à la fois {adv} :: both, at once, at the same time
à la grecque {adv} :: in the Greek style (cooking, etc.)
à la guerre comme à la guerre {proverb} :: In time of crisis, all means are good for achieving one's goals; roughly all's fair in love and war, or the ends justify the means
à la guerre comme à la guerre {proverb} :: One must make the best of one's situation, or make do with what one has; roughly keep a stiff upper lip, or when life gives you lemons, make lemonade
à la hâte {adj} :: in a hurry, hurriedly, hastily
à l'aide {interj} :: help! (A cry of distress or an urgent request for assistance)
à l'aide de {prep} :: by means of (by using the thing specified), with
alain {adj} :: Alan (relating to the Alans)
Alain {prop} :: given name
alaire {adj} :: wing (attributive)
à l'air libre {adv} :: in the open air, uncovered
alaise {f} :: undersheet, drawsheet
alaisé {adj} :: alternative form of alésé
à l'aise {adv} :: at ease (relaxed; comfortable)
à l'aise {interj} [colloquial] :: sounds good
à l'aise, Blaise {interj} [colloquial] :: easy peasy!
à la légère {adv} [colloquial] :: lightly
à la lettre {adv} :: to the letter
à la limite {adv} [colloquial] :: in a pinch, at a pinch, if need be
à la longue {adv} [colloquial] :: in the long run, over time
à la louche {prep} [colloquial] :: roughly, approximately, give or take
à la lumière de {prep} :: in light of
à la main {adv} :: by hand, manually
à la main {adv} :: in one's hand
à la maison {adv} :: at home (at one's home)
à la maison {adv} :: home (towards home)
à la manque {adj} :: maimed (obsolete)
à la manque {adj} :: failed, lousy (of a person, used since 1847)
à la masse {adj} [colloquial] :: lost, at sea; dumb, slow, slow-witted
alambic {m} :: alembic, still (device for distilling liquids)
alambiqué {adj} :: overrefined
alambiqué {adj} :: convoluted
alambiquer {v} :: to distill
alambiquer {v} :: to refine
à la merci de {prep} :: at the mercy of
à l'amiable {adj} [law] :: out-of-court
à la mode {adj} :: in fashion
à la mords-moi-le-nœud {adj} [colloquial] :: lousy, stupid
à l'ancienne {adj} :: traditional, old-style
à l'ancienne {adv} :: in a traditional way
alandais {adj} :: from Åland
alandier {m} :: An opening at the base of a kiln that is used for firing ceramics
à l'anglaise {adv} :: the English way, in the English fashion
à l'anglaise {adv} [cooking] :: coated by dipping in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs
à l'anglaise {adv} [idiom] :: quietly, suddenly, without permission (compare: French leave)
alangui {adj} :: languid
alanguir {v} :: to cause to become languid
alanguir {vr} [s'alanguir] :: to become languid
alanguissement {m} :: languor
alanine {f} [amino acid] :: alanine
à la noix {adj} [colloquial] :: worthless, poxy, crappy, garbage, pathetic
à l'antenne {adj} :: on the air, on air
à la one again {adv} [colloquial] :: hastily; in a hurry
alaouite {mf} :: Alawite
alaouite {adj} :: Alawite (attributive)
à la page {adj} :: at the page
à la page {adj} :: up to the minute
à la pelle {adv} [colloquial] :: in droves, in spades (in large quantities)
à la perfection {adv} :: to a T, to perfection, to a nicety, pat (perfectly)
Alaphilippe {prop} :: surname
à la pige {adj} :: freelance
à la pige {adv} :: freelance, as a freelance
à la place {adv} [colloquial] :: instead
à la place de {prep} :: instead of, in place of
à la pointe {adj} :: at the cutting edge, at the forefront
à l'appui {postp} :: with the help of, with the support of
à la prochaine {phrase} [colloquial] :: see you later
à la queue leu leu {adv} :: in single file
à la ramasse {adj} [colloquial] :: behind the times, lagging behind
à la réflexion {adv} :: on second thought, on reflection
à la régulière {adv} :: by the book, according to the rules
à la retraite {adj} :: retired, in retirement
à la revoyure {interj} [colloquial] :: goodbye
à la rigueur {adv} [colloquial] :: in a pinch, at a pinch, if need be, at worst
alarmant {adj} :: alarming
alarme {f} :: alarm (alert)
alarme {f} :: alarm (panic)
alarmer {v} :: to alarm (alert)
alarmisme {m} :: alarmism
alarmiste {mf} :: alarmist
alarmiste {adj} :: alarmist
à la ronde {adv} [idiom, colloquial] :: around
à l'arrache {adv} [colloquial] :: hastily; in a hurry
à l'arrêt {adj} :: idle, at a stop, at a standstill
à l'article de la mort {adv} :: in articulo mortis
à la rue {adj} :: on the street, without a home, homeless
à la Saint-Glinglin {adv} [humorous, idiom, sarcastic] :: when pigs fly
à la sauvette {adv} :: hastily, hurriedly
à la sauvette {adv} :: on the sly (used especially of selling in the street or on the beach)
à la serpe {adv} :: coarsely, roughly, carelessly
alaskain {adj} :: Alaskan
alaskien {adj} :: Alaskan
Alaskien {m} :: Alaskan
Alaskienne {f} :: feminine singular of Alaskien
alastrim {m} :: alastrim
à la sueur de son front {adv} [figuratively] :: by the sweat of one's brow
à la suite {adv} [idiomatic] :: in a row (successively)
à la suite de {prep} [idiomatic] :: along with, accompanying
à la suite de {prep} [idiomatic] :: following (after)
à la tâche {adv} :: (of pay etc.) by the piece
a latere {adj} :: a cardinal-legate sent by the pope to represent him personally in a temporary and important mission
alaterne {m} :: buckthorn
à la tête du client {adv} [colloquial, pejorative] :: according to a person's looks, arbitrarily
à la tienne {interj} [idiomatic] :: cheers (used as a toast to drinking)
à la traîne {adj} [colloquial] :: behind the times, lagging behind
à la une {adj} [idiomatic] :: in the news, on the frontpage
à l'aune de {prep} [formal, literary] :: in the light of, with regards to, by the yardstick of, by taking as a reference
à l'avance {adv} :: in advance, beforehand
à l'avance {adj} :: early
à la va-vite {adv} [colloquial] :: in a rushed manner, hastily
à l'avenir {adv} :: in future, in the future, as of now, from now on
alaverd {m} :: A type of phillyrea (Phillyrea angustifolia)
à l'aveuglette {n} :: blindly, without planning
à la virgule près {adv} :: to the letter
à la vitesse grand V {adv} [colloquial] :: at full tilt, at full speed, at full throttle
à la volée {adv} :: on the fly
à la vôtre {interj} [idiomatic] :: cheers (used as a toast to drinking)
à la vue de {prep} :: at the sight of
alawite {adj} :: alternative form of alaouite
alawite {mf} :: alternative form of alaouite
Alban {prop} :: given name
albanais {m} :: Albanian (language)
albanais {adj} :: Albanian
Albanais {m} :: Albanian
Albanaise {f} :: (female) Albanian
Albane {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Alban
Albanie {prop} {f} :: Albanie (country)
Albanie du Caucase {prop} {f} :: Caucasian Albania
albanien {adj} :: Caucasian Albanian
Albanien {m} :: Caucasian Albanian
albanophone {adj} :: That speaks Albanian
albâtre {m} :: alabaster (variety of gypsum)
albatros {m} :: albatross
albatros {m} [golf] :: albatross
albédo {m} [physics] :: albedo (the fraction of incident light or radiation reflected by a surface or body)
alberge {f} :: A type of peach or apricot whose white flesh adheres to the kernel
Albert {prop} :: given name
Alberta {prop} {f} :: Alberta (province)
albertain {adj} :: Albertan (from Alberta)
Albertain {m} :: Albertan (someone from Alberta)
Albertaine {f} :: feminine noun of Albertain
Alberte {prop} :: given name, feminine form of Albert
Albertine {prop} {f} :: given name
Albi {prop} {f} :: Albi (town/and/commune)
albicéleste {adj} :: white and sky blue
albien {adj} :: Albian
Albien {prop} {m} :: Albian
albigeois {adj} :: Albi (attributive)
albinisme {m} :: albinism
albinos {adj} :: albino
albinos {mf} :: albino
albionesque {adj} [colloquial] :: British, English
albique {adj} [geology] :: albic
albite {f} [mineral] :: albite
albophobe {adj} :: albophobic
albophobie {f} :: black supremacy; anti-white prejudice or racism
Alborg {prop} :: alternative form of Aalborg
albrené {adj} :: alternative form of halbrené
albuginé {adj} :: albugineous
albuginée {f} :: albuginea
albugineux {adj} :: albugineous, whitish
album {m} :: album (all meanings)
albumine {f} [organic chemistry] :: albumin
albuminé {adj} [botany] :: albuminous
albumineux {adj} :: albuminous
albuminoïde {adj} :: albuminoid
albuminoïde {m} :: albuminoid
albuminurie {f} [pathology] :: albuminuria
albuminurique {adj} :: albuminuric
album live {m} :: live album
albumose {f} :: albumose
album studio {m} :: studio album
alcade {m} :: alcaide
alcaïque {adj} :: Alcaic
alcalescence {f} :: alkalescence
alcalescent {adj} :: alkalescent
alcali {m} [chemistry] :: alkali
alcalicité {f} :: synonym of alcalinité
alcalifiable {adj} :: alkalifiable
alcalifiant {adj} :: alkalifying
alcalifier {v} :: To alkalify
alcaligène {adj} :: alkaligenous
alcalimètre {m} :: alkalimeter
alcalimétrie {f} [chemistry] :: alkalimetry
alcalimétrique {adj} [chemistry] :: alkalimetric
alcalin {adj} :: alkaline (of or relating to an alkali)
alcalin {adj} :: alkaline (not acidic)
alcaliniser {vt} :: to alkalize, alkalinize
alcalinité {f} :: alkalinity
alcalisation {f} :: alkalization
alcaliser {v} :: To alkalize
alcaloïde {m} :: alkaloid (organic heterocyclic base)
alcaloïfère {adj} [botany] :: alkaloidiferous
alcalophile {m} :: alkaliphile
alcalose {m} [pathology] :: alkalosis
alcane {m} :: alkane
alcanoïque {adj} [organic chemistry] :: alkanoic
alcazar {m} :: alcazar (Moorish fortress in Spain)
alcazariste {adj} :: Characteristic of the fictional General Alcazar in The Adventures of Tintin
alcène {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkene
alcénique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: alkenyl
alcénone {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkenone
Alceste {prop} :: given name
alchémille {f} :: lady's mantle
alchimie {f} :: alchemy
alchimique {adj} :: of or pertaining to alchemy; alchemical
alchimiste {m} :: An alchemist; one who practices alchemy
Alcibiade {prop} {m} :: Alcibiades
alcohol {m} [rare] :: alternative spelling of alcool
alcoholique {adj} :: alternative form of alcoolique
alcoholisation {f} :: alcoholization
alcoholiser {v} :: alternative spelling of alcooliser
alcool {m} :: alcohol, especially domestic, medical, methylated spirits
alcool {m} :: spirits, hard liquor (strong alcoholic beverage, excludes wine, cider, beer)
alcoolase {f} :: alcoholase
alcoolat {m} :: alcoholate
alcoolate {m} [organic chemistry] :: alcoholate
alcoolature {f} :: tincture
alcoolé {m} :: tincture (alcohol extract of herbs etc)
alcoolémie {f} :: alcoholaemia; blood alcohol content
alcooleux {adj} [of a wine] :: Having an unusually high concentration of alcohol
alcoolification {f} :: alcoholification
alcoolimétrie {f} :: alcoholometry
alcoolique {adj} :: alcoholic, related to or containing alcohol
alcoolique {adj} :: Addicted to alcohol
alcoolique {mf} :: alcoholic (a person addicted to alcohol)
alcooliquement {adv} :: alcoholically
alcoolisable {adj} :: alcoholizable
alcoolisation {f} :: alcoholization
alcoolisé {adj} :: alcoholic (having more than a trace amount of alcohol in its contents)
alcooliser {v} :: to alcoholise
alcoolisme {m} :: alcoholism
alcoolo {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: alcoholic (person)
alcoolo {mf} [colloquial, pejorative] :: alcoholic (person); alkie
alcoologue {mf} :: alcohologist
alcoolométrie {f} :: alcoholometry
alcoomètre {m} :: alcoholometer
alcoométrie {f} :: alcoholometry
alcoométrique {adj} :: alcoholic strength (attributive)
alcootest {m} :: breathalyser
alcootest {m} :: breath test for alcohol
alcoran {m} :: synonym of Coran
alcotest {m} :: alternative form of alcootest
alcôve {f} :: alcove
alcoyle {m} [organic chemistry] :: synonym of alkyle
alcoyler {v} [organic chemistry] :: synonym of alkyler
alcyne {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkyne
alcynique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: alkynyl
alcynol {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkynol
alcyon {m} :: halcyon
alcyon {m} :: kingfisher
alcyonien {adj} :: halcyon (all senses)
alcyonique {adj} :: halcyon (calm)
Aldebaran {prop} [star] :: Aldebaran
aldébarien {adj} :: Relating to the star Aldebaran
aldéhyde {m} [organic chemistry] :: aldehyde
aldéhydique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aldehydic
alderman {m} :: alderman
aldin {adj} :: Aldine
aldol {m} [organic chemistry] :: aldol
aldolique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aldolic
aldolisation {f} [organic chemistry] :: aldolization
aldonique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aldonic
aldostérone {m} [organic compound] :: aldosterone
ale {f} :: ale
ALE {prop} :: FTA (Free Trade Agreement) abbreviation of Accord de Libre-Échange [Canada-U.S.]
ALÉ {prop} :: alternative form of ALE
à le {prep} [Louisiana French, Cajun French] :: alternative form of au, to the
aléa {m} [archaic] :: chance
aléa {m} :: hazard
alea jacta est {phrase} :: the die is cast
aléatoire {adj} :: doubtful, dubious, uncertain, unpredictable
aléatoire {adj} :: random, aleatory
aléatoirement {adv} :: doubtfully, dubiously, uncertainly, unpredictably
aléatoirement {adv} :: randomly, aleatorily
à l'eau de rose {adj} [pejorative] :: slushy, cheesy, sentimental, schmaltzy, mushy, maudlin, corny
à l'écart {adv} :: apart, away, at a distance
alécithe {adj} :: alecithal
à l'écoute {adj} :: listening to
à l'écoute {adj} [figuratively] :: attentive to, in tune with, in touch with, sympathetic towards
alégal {adj} [legal] :: alegal
à l'égal de {conj} :: As much as
alégalement {adv} [legal] :: alegally
à l'égard de {prep} :: towards (someone)
à l'égard de {prep} :: with regard to, with respect to
alémanique {adj} :: Alemannic
à l'emporte-pièce {prep} [colloquial] :: on a whim, rashly
ALENA {prop} :: alternative form of ALÉNA (NAFTA)
ALÉNA {prop} {f} :: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
Alençon {prop} :: Alençon (town/and/commune/non-city capital)
à l'encontre de {prep} [idiomatic] :: contrary to
à l'encontre de {prep} [idiomatic] :: against
à l'endroit {adv} :: the right way up
à l'endroit {adv} [of clothes] :: the right way out
à l'endroit de {prep} [formal, literary] :: towards, regarding (someone)
alène {f} :: alternative form of alêne
alêne {f} :: awl
alêné {adj} [botany] :: acuminate, subulate
aléniforme {adj} [biology] :: acuminate
alénois {adj} [botany] :: Of or from Orléans
alentir {v} [chiefly obsolete] :: to slow down
alentoir {adv} :: alternative form of alentour
alentour {adv} :: around
à l'entour {adv} [obsolete] :: around
alentours {mp} [plurale tantum] :: surroundings, neighbouring areas
à l'envers {adv} :: topsy-turvy, inside out, upside down
à l'envi {adv} :: over and over, again and again
aléoute {adj} :: Aleut
aléoute {m} :: Aleut (language)
aléoutien {adj} :: Aleutian
Alep {prop} :: Alep (city)
aléphangine {adj} [obsolete, medicine] :: Describing certain purgatives containing camomile and henbane
alépin {adj} :: Aleppine
Alépin {m} :: Aleppine
à l'époque {adv} :: at the time, back then
à l'épreuve de {adj} :: resistant to, -proof
alérion {m} [heraldry] :: alerion
alérion {m} :: ultralight (aircraft)
alerte {adj} :: alert
alerte {adj} :: agile
alerte {f} :: alert
alertement {adv} :: alertly
alerter {vt} :: To alert
Alès {prop} :: A town in the Gard department of Languedoc-Roussillon
à les {prep} [Louisiana French, Cajun French] :: alternative form of aux, to the
alésage {m} :: reaming, boring
alésé {adj} [heraldry] :: detached; not reaching the edges; often said of a cross
alèse {f} :: alternative form of alaise
aléser {v} :: to ream (a hole)
aléseur {m} :: reamer, borer (person)
aléseuse {f} :: boring machine (machine for boring)
Alesi {prop} :: Alesi (surname)
alésien {adj} :: Of or from Alès
alésoir {m} :: reamer
aléthique {adj} :: alethic (logic: pertaining to the modalities of truth)
à l'étranger {adv} :: abroad
à l'étroit {adj} :: cramped, crowded
à l'étude {adj} :: under study, under review, under consideration, under examination, under evaluation, on the drawing board, in the pipeline
aleucémique {adj} :: aleukemic
aleurite {f} :: candlenut (or similar plant of the genus Aleurites)
aleurode {m} :: whitefly
aleurodiphage {adj} :: aleurodophagous
aleuromètre {m} :: aleurometer
aleurone {f} :: aleurone
à l'évidence {adv} :: obviously, evidently, clearly, manifestly
alévie {adj} [Islam] :: Alevite
alevin {m} :: alevin
alevinage {m} :: restocking (a river) with fish fry
aleviner {v} :: to stock a river/lake with fry (young fish)
alevinier {m} :: hatchery (for fish fry)
alevinière {f} :: alternative form of alevinier
alévisme {m} [Islam] :: Alevism
Alex {prop} :: given name
alexandra {m} :: A cocktail containing cognac, crème de cacao and crème fraîche with grated nutmeg for decoration
Alexandra {prop} :: given name
Alexandre {prop} {m} :: given name
Alexandre {prop} {m} :: surname
Alexandre le Grand {prop} {m} :: Alexander the Great
Alexandrescu {prop} :: surname
Alexandrie {prop} {f} :: Alexandrie (city)
Alexandrie {prop} {f} :: Alexandrie (city/and/province)
alexandrin {adj} :: alexandrine (attributive)
alexandrin {m} :: alexandrine
Alexandrin {prop} :: Alexandrian
Alexandrine {prop} {f} :: given name
à l'exception de {prep} :: except for, with the exception of
à l'excès {adv} :: to excess, to a fault, overly, overmuch, immoderately
à l'exclusion de {prep} :: excluding
Alexia {prop} {f} :: given name
alexie {f} :: alexia
alexine {f} :: alexine
alexipharmaque {adj} :: Capable of counteracting a poison; antidotal, alexipharmic
alexipharmaque {m} :: A substance capable of reverting the affects of a poison; antidote
alexipyrétique {adj} [medicine, obsolete] :: alexipyretic
alexique {adj} :: alexic
Alexis {prop} {m} :: given name
alexitère {m} [medicine] :: alexiteric
alexitère {adj} [medicine] :: alexiteric
à l'extérieur {adv} :: outdoors, outside
à l'extérieur de {prep} :: outside
alezan {adj} :: chestnut [colour of a horse]
alezan {m} :: chestnut [horse, its colour]
alezan {m} :: palomino
alezé {adj} :: alternative form of alésé
alézé {adj} :: alternative form of alésé
alfa {m} :: esparto
alfange {f} :: A Moorish scimitar
alfatier {adj} :: esparto (attributive)
alfatier {m} :: esparto farmer
alfénide {m} :: alfenide
Alfred {prop} {m} :: given name
algaire {adj} :: algal
algal {adj} :: algal
algarade {f} :: a row, a dispute, a quarrel
algarade {f} :: an insult, an angry outburst
algarvois {adj} :: Algarve (attributive)
algazelle {f} :: gemsbok, gemsbuck (Oryx gazella)
algèbre {f} [mathematics] :: algebra
algèbre linéaire {f} :: linear algebra (branch of mathematics)
algébrique {adj} :: algebraic
algébriquement {adv} :: algebraically
algébriste {mf} :: algebraist
algédonique {adj} :: algedonic
Alger {prop} :: Alger (capital city)
Algérie {prop} {f} :: Algérie (country)
algérien {adj} :: Algerian (of or pertaining to Algeria or its people or culture)
Algérien {m} :: Algerian (person)
Algérienne {f} :: feminine noun of Algérien
algérois {adj} :: Algerian (of or from Algiers)
algeroth {m} :: algarot
algide {adj} :: algid
algidité {f} :: algidity
algie {f} [pathology] :: localised pain
alginate {m} :: alginate
algine {f} :: algin (any of various gelatinous gums derived from algae)
alginique {adj} :: alginic
algique {adj} :: algic (relating to localised pain)
algique {adj} :: Algic (relating to this language)
algivore {adj} [biology] :: algivorous
algo {m} :: algorithm
algo {m} :: algorithmics
algoïde {adj} [biology] :: algoid
algol {m} [computing] :: ALGOL
algolagnie {f} :: algolagnia
algolagnique {adj} :: algolagnic
algologie {f} [biology] :: algology
algologique {adj} [biology] :: algological
algonquien {adj} :: Algonquian
algonquin {m} :: Algonquin language
algonquin {adj} :: Algonquin
algophage {adj} :: algophagous
algorithme {m} :: algorithm
algorithmique {adj} :: algorithmic (relating to an algorithm)
algorithmique {f} :: algorithmics
algorithmiquement {adv} :: algorithmically
algothérapie {f} :: algotherapy
algual {adj} :: algal
alguazil {m} :: alguazil; loosely law officer, constable
algue {f} :: alga (any of many aquatic photosynthetic organisms)
algueux {adj} :: algous
algue verte {f} :: green alga
à l'heure {adv} :: on time
à l'heure {adj} :: on time
à l'heure actuelle {adv} :: at this moment in time, at the moment, currently, presently
alias {adv} :: alias
alias {m} :: alias
alibi {m} :: alibi
aliboufier {m} :: styrax (especially Styrax officinalis)
Alice {prop} {f} :: given name
Alicia {prop} {f} :: given name
à l'identique {adv} :: faithfully, identically, exactly as it was
alien {m} :: alien (extraterrestrial)
aliénabilité {f} :: alienability
aliénable {adj} :: alienable
aliénataire {mf} [legal] :: transferee
aliénateur {m} [legal] :: transferor
aliénation {f} :: alienation
aliénatrice {f} :: feminine singular of aliénateur
aliéné {m} :: One who is insane, mentally defective
aliénée {f} :: feminine noun of aliéné
aliéner {v} :: to alienate
aliénisme {m} :: alienism
aliéniste {adj} :: alienist
aliéniste {mf} :: alienist
aliénité {f} :: alienation
Aliénor {prop} :: given name
alif {m} :: alif (Arabic letter)
alifère {adj} :: winged (having wings)
aliforme {adj} :: aliform
alignement {m} :: alignment (all senses)
aligner {v} :: to align
aligot {m} :: aligot (a potato and cheese dish from Auvergne)
aligoté {m} :: aligoté
aliment {m} :: food
alimentaire {adj} :: food (attributive), alimentary
alimentation {f} :: feeding
alimentation {f} :: food
alimentation {f} :: power supply
alimenter {v} :: to feed, to give food to
alimenter {v} :: to supply, to fund
alimenter {v} [figurative] :: to fuel (e.g. an argument)
alimenter {vr} [s'alimenter] :: to eat, to feed
à l'impossible nul n'est tenu {proverb} :: nobody can be expected to achieve the impossible
à l'impossible, nul n'est tenu {proverb} :: alternative spelling of à l'impossible nul n'est tenu
à l'improviste {adv} :: unexpectedly
Aline {prop} :: given name
alinéa {m} :: paragraph
alinéa {m} :: indented line (at the start of a new paragraph)
alinéa {m} [Canada] :: paragraph of a law
alinéaire {adj} :: paragraphic
à l'infini {adv} :: infinitely; endlessly
à l'instant {adv} :: just now
à l'instar de {prep} :: like; just like (in the same way as)
à l'insu de {prep} :: unbeknownst to someone, unbeknown to someone, without the knowledge of something/someone
à l'intention de {prep} :: aimed at (someone), intended for (someone)
à l'intention de {prep} :: in honour of (someone)
à l'intérieur {adv} :: indoors, inside
à l'intérieur de {prep} :: inside, within
à l'inverse {adv} :: conversely, by contrast
à l'inverse de {prep} :: contrary to, in contrast to
aliovalent {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: Aliovalent (having a different valence)
aliphatique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: aliphatic
aliquote {f} :: aliquot
alise {f} :: fruit of the whitebeam
alisier {m} :: whitebeam
alisma {f} :: alternative form of alisme
alisme {m} :: water plantain
alité {adj} :: bedridden
alitement {m} :: bed rest
aliter {vr} :: to be bedridden
aliter {vt} :: to cause to become bedridden
aliturgique {adj} :: aliturgical
Alix {prop} :: given name
alizari {m} :: alizari
alizarine {f} [organic compound] :: alizarin
alizarique {adj} :: alizaric
alizé {m} :: trade wind
alizier {m} :: alternative form of alisier
al-Kanadi {prop} :: surname of Arabic origin
al-Kanadi {prop} :: al-Kanadi
alkékenge {m} :: Chinese lantern, bladder cherry
alkékengère {f} :: synonym of alkékenge
alkoxyde {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkoxide
alkyde {adj} [organic chemistry] :: alkyd
alkylarène {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkylarene
alkyle {m} [organic chemistry] :: alkyl
alkylé {adj} [organic chemistry] :: alkylated
alkyler {vt} [organic chemistry] :: to alkylate
all. {n} :: abbreviation of allemand
allable {adj} [Canada] :: doable, feasible
allache {f} :: sardinella
allaitement {m} :: breastfeeding
allaitement {m} :: suckling
allaiter {v} :: to breastfeed
allaiter {v} [of an animal] :: to suckle
allant {adj} :: active
allant {m} :: goer (used in the plural phrase "allants et venants" - "comers and goers")
allant au four {adj} :: ovenproof
allantoïde {f} [anatomy] :: allantoid
allantoidien {adj} :: allantoidal
allantoïne {f} [organic compound] :: allantoin
allantoïque {adj} :: allantoic
Allard {prop} :: surname
allatif {m} [grammar] :: allative, allative case
all dressed {adj} [Canada, of pizza] :: deluxe, with pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers: toute garnie
alle {pron} [Louisiana French, Cajun French, ] :: she (third-person singular feminine)
alléchant {adj} :: enticing
alléchant {adj} :: mouth-watering
allèchement {m} :: temptation, attraction
allèchement {m} :: enticement
allécher {v} :: to attract, appeal, allure, tempt; entice, draw in
allée {f} :: path, lane, allée
allée {f} :: hallway (leading from the entrance of a house)
allée {f} :: aisle (between rows of seats)
allée {f} :: driveway
allée {f} :: bowling lane
allée {f} :: action of going (used nowadays only in the expression allées et venues: the repeated action of going and returning)
allégation {f} :: allegation
allégeance {f} :: allegiance
allégement {m} :: lightening (making lighter)
allègement {m} :: alternative form of allégement
alléger {v} :: to lighten
allégorie {f} :: allegory
allégorique {adj} :: allegoric, allegorical (of, or relating to allegory)
allégoriquement {adv} :: allegorically
allégoriser {v} :: To allegorize
allègre {adj} :: joyful, happy
allégrement {adv} :: happily, joyfully
allègrement {adv} :: happily, joyfully
allégresse {f} :: elation, joy, gladness
allegretto {adv} :: allegretto
allégretto {adv} [music] :: allegretto
allégretto {m} [music] :: allegretto
allegro {m} :: allegro
allegro {adv} :: allegro
allégro {m} :: allegro
allégro {adv} :: allegro
alléguer {v} :: to invoke
alléguer {v} :: to allege
allèle {m} [genetics] :: allele
allélique {adj} [genetics] :: allelic
allélomorphe {adj} [genetics] :: allelomorphic
allélomorphique {adj} [genetics] :: allelomorphic
alléluia {interj} :: hallelujah
Allemagne {prop} {f} :: Germany
Allemagne de l'Est {prop} {f} :: East Germany
Allemagne de l'Ouest {prop} {f} :: West Germany
allemand {m} :: German (The German language)
allemand {adj} :: German (related to or originating from Germany)
allemand {adj} :: German (related to the German language)
Allemand {m} :: German person
allemande {f} :: allemande [dance]
Allemande {f} :: feminine noun of Allemand; woman from Germany or of German background
allemaniste {mf} :: Allemanist
allémontite {m} [mineral] :: allemontite
allène {m} [organic chemistry] :: allene
aller {vi} :: to go
aller {v} [when followed by an infinitive verb] :: to be going (to); will soon; forms a near-future tense
aller {v} :: to be (feeling)
aller {v} :: to go well with (clothes, colors, etc.)
aller {m} :: Outward trip; journey out; trip away (implying not returning)
aller à Canossa {v} :: to make amends, to mend one's ways, to eat humble pie, eat crow
aller à l'essentiel {v} :: to cut to the chase, to get to the point, to state one's business
aller au lit {vi} :: to go to bed
aller aux putes {v} [vulgar] :: to whore (to engage a prostitute)
aller à vau-l'eau {vi} :: to go downhill, to go down the drain, to go awry, to go pear-shaped
aller bon train {v} [figuratively, of rumours] :: to be flying around, to be rife
aller comme un gant {v} [à] :: [simile] to fit like a glove
aller comme un gant {vi} :: [simile] to go smoothly
aller de l'avant {v} [figuratively, colloquial] :: to move on, to move forward, to forge ahead; to make headway, to make progress
aller de pair {v} [avec] :: to go hand in hand (with)
aller de soi {vi} :: to be self-evident, to be obvious, to go without saying, to stand to reason
aller droit dans le mur {v} [colloquial, figuratively] :: to be riding for a fall, to be heading for disaster
allergène {adj} :: allergenic
allergène {m} :: allergen
allergénique {adj} :: allergenic
allergie {f} :: allergy
allergique {adj} :: allergic (having an allergy)
allergisant {adj} :: allergenic
allergologie {f} :: allergology
allergologique {adj} :: allergological
allergologiste {mf} :: allergologist
allergologue {mf} :: allergist
aller-retour {m} :: round trip
aller-retour {m} :: return ticket
aller sans dire {v} [impersonal] :: to go without saying
aller se faire cuire un œuf {v} [colloquial] :: to get lost, go to hell
aller se faire enculer {v} [vulgar, offensive] :: to go fuck oneself. (Usually used in the imperative form.)
aller se faire foutre {v} [vulgar, offensive] :: to go fuck oneself. (Usually used in the imperative form.)
aller se faire mettre {v} [vulgar] :: to get lost, to go to hell, to go fuck oneself
aller se faire voir {v} [colloquial] :: to get lost, go to hell
aller se faire voir chez les Grecs {v} [colloquial] :: to get lost, go to hell
aller simple {m} :: a one-way ticket
aller son petit bonhomme de chemin {v} :: to live one's life, to follow one's path in peace and quiet, to go on one's way peacefully
aller vite en besogne {v} :: to be hasty, to get ahead of oneself
alléser {v} [obsolete] :: alternative form of aléser
alleu {m} :: allod
alleutier {m} :: freeholder
alleutière {f} :: feminine singular of alleutier
allez {interj} :: Come on! (as encouragement)
allez savoir {interj} [idiomatic] :: go figure!
allez voir là-bas si j'y suis {phrase} [idiomatic, colloquial, dismissal] :: get lost! (go away) (literally: Go over there and see if I'm there.)
allez-y {phrase} [formal, singular and plural] :: go ahead; go on
alliable {adj} :: alliable
alliacé {adj} :: garlicky
alliage {m} :: alloying (mixing elements to make an alloy)
alliage {m} :: alloy (metal that is a combination of two or more elements)
alliage {m} [by extension] :: alloy (metal of lesser value combined with a metal of greater value)
alliage {m} [figuratively] :: marriage, fusion, alloy, alloying (close union, mixture)
alliaire {f} :: garlic mustard (or any similar plant of the genus Alliaria)
alliance {f} :: alliance, union
alliance {f} :: wedding ring
allié {adj} :: friendly; allied (military sense)
alliée {f} :: female equivalent of allié
allier {v} :: to ally
allier {v} :: to alloy
Allier {prop} {m} :: Allier
alligator {m} :: alligator (animal)
allitératif {adj} :: alliterative
allitération {f} :: alliteration
allo- {prefix} :: allo-
allo {interj} :: alternative spelling of allô
allô {interj} [Quebec, Louisiana French] :: hello
allô {interj} [telephone] :: used to confirm that the person being addressed is listening, or to confirm if anyone is listening
allocataire {mf} :: beneficiary
allocation {f} :: allocation
allocation {f} :: granting, assignment
allocation {f} :: benefit, allowance
allocation familiale {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: child benefit, family allowance
allocentré {adj} :: allocentric
allocentrisme {m} :: allocentrism
allocentriste {adj} :: allocentrist
allochorie {f} [biology] :: allochory
allochtone {adj} :: allochthonous
allochtone {mf} :: a non-native person, not an autochtone
allocs {fp} :: child benefit
allocutaire {mf} :: addressee (person to whom something is adressed)
allocuteur {m} :: addresser (person addressing)
allocution {f} :: (short) speech
allocutrice {f} :: feminine noun of allocuteur
allocyclique {adj} :: allocyclic
allodial {adj} :: allodial
allodialement {adv} :: allodially
allœopathie {f} :: obsolete form of allopathie
allogame {adj} :: allogamous
allogamie {f} :: allogamy
allogène {mf} :: a person who has settled in a new nation or territory who still noticeably exhibits traits or characteristics of their previous nationality
allogène {mf} :: an obvious immigrant
allogénique {adj} :: allogenic
allographe {m} :: allograph
allographique {adj} :: allographic
alloimmunisation {f} :: alloimmunization
allomorphe {m} [linguistics, linguistic morphology] :: allomorph
allongeable {adj} :: extendible
allongement {m} :: lengthening, extension
allongement compensatoire {m} [phonetics] :: compensatory lengthening
allonger {vt} :: to lay down
allonger {vt} :: to lengthen, to make longer, to extend
allonger {vt} :: to extend out, to stretch
allonger {vi} [of days] :: to lengthen
allonger {vr} :: to grow, to get longer
allonger {vr} :: to stretch out
allonger {vr} :: To lie, to lie down
allonger le pas {v} :: to lengthen one's stride, to walk faster
allons-y {phrase} :: let's go
allons-y {phrase} :: let's go there
allons-y {phrase} [colloquial] :: come with me, follow me
allonyme {m} :: allonym
allopathe {m} :: allopath
allopathie {f} :: allopathy
allopathique {adj} :: allopathic
allopathiquement {adv} :: allopathically
allopatrie {m} :: allopatry
allopatrique {adj} :: allopatric
allophyle {adj} :: allophylic
allophylique {adj} :: allophylic
alloploidisation {f} :: alloploidization
allopurinol {m} :: allopurinol
allors {adv} :: obsolete spelling of alors
allosexuel {adj} [chiefly Canada] :: LGBT, trans or non-heterosexual: "allosexual"
allosome {m} [genetics] :: allosome
allosomique {adj} [genetics] :: allosomic
allostasie {f} [biology] :: allostasis
allostatique {adj} :: allostatic
allostérie {f} :: allostery
allostérique {adj} [biochemistry] :: allosteric
allotétraploïde {adj} :: allotetraploid
allotétraploïde {m} :: allotetraploid
allothermique {adj} :: allothermal, allothermic
allotir {v} :: To allot
allotissement {m} :: allotting, allotment
allotriomorphique {adj} :: allotriomorphic
allotrope {m} [chemistry] :: allotrope
allotrope {adj} [chemistry] :: allotropic
allotropie {f} :: allotropy
allotropique {adj} :: allotropic
allouable {adj} :: allottable, allocatable
allouer {vt} :: to allot, allocate
alloxane {f} [organic chemistry] :: alloxan
alluder {v} :: to allude
allumage {m} :: lighting
allumage {m} :: switching on, turning on
allumé {adj} [of a light source] :: lit, on, lit up
allumé {adj} [of a heat source] :: lit, on, on fire
allumé {adj} [of a person] :: drunk
allumé {adj} [of a person] :: congested
allume-cigare {m} :: cigar lighter
allume-feu {m} :: firelighter
allumer {v} :: to turn on (e.g. a light)
allumer {v} :: to light, to set alight
allumer {v} :: to arouse, to turn on
allumette {f} :: match (small flammable object)
allumettier {m} :: matchmaker (person who makes matchsticks)
allumettière {f} :: feminine singular of allumettier
allumeur {m} [sexuality] :: a tease (person who excites sexually)
allumeur {m} :: agent provocateur
allumeur {m} :: partner-in-crime; accomplice
allumeuse {f} [slang] :: a cock tease
allumeuse {f} :: feminine noun of allumeur
allumoir {m} :: An early form of cigarette lighter
allure {f} :: appearance, look
allure {f} :: speed, pace
allure {f} :: angle of a boat from the wind
allure {f} :: gait (of a horse)
allure {f} :: chemin de ronde (raised protected walkway behind a castle battlement)
alluré {adj} :: alluring, elegant
allusif {adj} :: allusive
allusion {f} :: allusion, innuendo
allusivement {adv} :: allusively
alluvial {adj} :: alluvial
alluvion {f} [geology, especially in plural] :: alluvial deposits
alluvionnaire {adj} :: alluvial
alluvionnement {m} :: deposition of alluvium; alluviation
alluvionnement {m} :: alluvial deposit
alluvionner {v} :: to deposit alluvium
allyle {m} [organic chemistry] :: allyl
allylène {m} [organic compound] :: allylene
allyler {v} [organic chemistry] :: To allylate
allylique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: allylic
almageste {m} :: almagest
almanach {m} :: almanac
almanaque {m} [Louisiana French] :: calendar
almanaque {m} [Louisiana French] :: alternative spelling of almanach, almanac
almandin {m} :: almandine
almasilium {m} :: an alloy used to make milk cans
almée {f} :: almah
almicantarat {m} :: almucantar
almodovarien {adj} :: Almodovarian
almohade {adj} :: Almohad
almoravide {adj} :: Almoravid (attributive)
Almoravide {mf} :: Almoravid
à l'occasion {adv} :: occasionally, at times, on occasion
à l'occasion {adv} :: sometime, one day, one of these days, at some point
à l'occasion de {prep} :: on the occasion of
à l'œil {adv} :: for free, for nothing
à l'œil {adv} :: by sight
à l'œil nu {adv} :: to the naked eye, with the naked eye, on sight
aloès {m} :: aloe
aloétine {f} :: aloe vera (extract)
aloétique {adj} :: aloetic
à l'œuvre {adj} :: at work, operating
alogie {f} :: alogia
alogique {adj} :: alogical
alogiquement {adv} :: alogically (without logic)
aloi {m} :: quality, taste
aloïne {f} :: aloin
à l'oiseau royal {adj} [historical, fashion] :: feathered, plumed, crested
à loisir {adv} :: at leisure, at will, as much as one wants
à long terme {adj} :: long-term
à long terme {adv} :: in the long term, in the long run
à longueur de journée {adv} :: all day long, continually, all the time
à longueur de temps {adv} :: all the time, continually
alopécie {f} [pathology] :: alopecia
à l'oreille {adv} [chiefly music] :: by ear
à l'origine {adv} :: originally
alors {adv} :: then (at that time)
alors {adv} :: so; hence (as a consequence)
alors que {adv} :: as, while, when; whereas
alose {f} :: shad (fishes of the herring family)
alouate {m} :: howler monkey
à louer {adj} :: for rent, to let (available for letting)
alouette {f} :: lark (bird)
alouette {interj} [usually humorous] :: Used at the end of a long list of items; and a partridge in a pear tree
alourdir {vt} :: To weigh down
alourdir {vr} :: to pile up (of e.g. problems, to get worse)
alourdissement {m} :: weighing down (act of weighing down)
aloyau {m} :: sirloin
alp {phrase} [Internet slang, texting] :: à la prochaine
ALP {phrase} :: TTYL/TTYA/cul8r; abbreviation of à la prochaine
alpaga {m} :: alpaca (sheeplike animal of the Andes)
alpage {m} :: alpine (high mountain) pasturage
alpague {mf} [slang, rare] :: overcoat, typically of alpaca
alpague {mf} [slang, by extension] :: any type of garment
alpaguer {v} [slang] :: to collar, catch, seize, arrest
alpe {m} :: alpine pasture
alpenstock {m} :: alpenstock
Alpes {prop} {fp} :: Alpes (mountain range)
Alpes-de-Haute-Provence {prop} {fp} :: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
Alpes-Maritimes {prop} {fp} :: Alpes-Maritimes
alpestre {adj} :: alpine
alpha {m} :: alpha (Greek letter)
alphabet {m} :: alphabet (set of letters considered as a group)
alphabétaire {adj} :: synonym of alphabétique
alphabète {adj} :: literate
alphabétique {adj} :: alphabetical (in the order of the letters of the alphabet)
alphabétiquement {adv} :: alphabetically
alphabétisable {adj} :: alphabetizable
alphabétisation {f} :: elimination of illiteracy, the process of learning to write and to read (and to compute)
alphabétiser {vt} :: To teach to read and write
alphabétiser {vt} :: To eliminate illiteracy in (a country)
alphabétisme {m} :: literacy, the characteristic of knowing how to read, write, and speak
alphabétisme {m} :: alphabetism
alphabet latin {m} :: A Latin alphabet, any alphabet based on the Roman one (devised for Latin)
alphabet phonétique international {m} :: International Phonetic Alphabet; IPA
alphanumérique {adj} :: alphanumeric
alphasyllabaire {adj} :: alphasyllabary (attributive)
alphasyllabaire {m} :: alphasyllabary
Alphée {prop} :: Alpheus
Alphonse {prop} :: given name
alphonsine {adj} :: Alfonsine
Alphonsine {prop} {f} :: given name
Alpicois {m} :: A person from Le Pecq
Alpicoise {f} :: feminine noun of Alpicois
alpicole {adj} :: alpine (living in alpine regions)
alpiculteur {m} :: alpine farmer
alpicultrice {f} :: feminine singular of alpiculteur
alpiculture {f} :: alpine farming
alpigène {adj} [botany] :: Alpine
alpin {adj} :: Alpine (pertaining to the Alps)
alpinisme {m} :: mountaineering; hiking
alpiniste {mf} :: mountaineer, alpinist
alpinistique {adj} :: alpinist
alpique {adj} :: Alpine
alpiste {m} :: canary grass
alsace {m} :: Any of several wines produced in Alsace
Alsace {prop} {f} :: Alsace [region of France]
Alsace-Lorraine {prop} {f} :: Alsace-Lorraine
alsacien {adj} :: Alsatian, from Alsace
alsacien {m} :: Alsatian; dialect of German spoken in what is today France
Alsacien {m} :: person from Alsace
Alsacienne {f} :: feminine noun of Alsacien
alsatique {adj} :: Relating to the history etc of Alsace
altaïque {adj} :: Altaic
alter- {prefix} :: alter-
altérabilité {f} :: alterability
altérable {adj} :: alterable
altérateur {adj} :: alterative
altératif {adj} :: alterative
altération {f} :: alteration
altercation {f} :: Altercation
altéré {adj} :: altered, changed
altérer {v} :: to alter; change; fiddle with
altérer {v} :: to cause thirst
altérité {f} :: alterity
altermondialisation {f} :: antiglobalization
altermondialisme {m} :: antiglobalization
altermondialiste {adj} :: antiglobalist
altermondialiste {mf} :: antiglobalist
alternance {f} :: alternation
alternance consonantique {f} [linguistics] :: consonant alternation
alternance de code {f} [linguistics] :: code-switching
alternance vocalique {f} [linguistics] :: apophony, umlaut, ablaut, vowel alternation
alternant {adj} :: alternating
alternat {m} :: alternation
alternat {m} :: The imposition of circulation alternée
alternateur {adj} :: alternating
alternateur {m} :: alternator (an electric generator which produces alternating current)
alternatif {adj} :: alternating
alternatif {adj} :: alternative (different)
alternative {f} :: alternative
alternativement {adv} :: alternatively
alternativement {adv} :: in turn
alterner {v} :: to alternate
altesse {f} :: highness, Highness (title of respect)
althaea {m} :: alternative form of althæa
althæa {m} :: alternative form of althée
althée {m} :: marshmallow (plant Althaea officinalis)
altier {adj} :: haughty
altièrement {adv} :: haughtily
altimètre {m} :: altimeter
altimétrie {f} :: altimetry
altimétrique {adj} :: altimetric
altiport {m} :: mountain airfield
altise {f} :: flea beetle (of tribe Alticini)
altiste {mf} [music] :: A person who plays the viola
altiste {mf} [music] :: A person who plays the alto saxophone
altisurface {f} :: An airstrip at high altitude (especially in the Alps)
altitonnant {adj} :: That thunders from above (as an epithet for a god)
altitude {f} :: altitude
altitudinaire {adj} :: altitudinal
alto {m} [music] :: alto
alto {m} [musical instruments] :: ellipsis of violon alto; viola
altruisme {m} :: altruism
altruiste {adj} :: altruistic (regardful of others; beneficent; unselfish)
altruiste {mf} :: altruist
alu {m} [colloquial] :: clipping of aluminium
alucite {f} :: fungus moth (of family Tineidae)
aluette {f} :: A French regional card game
alula {f} :: alula (feather)
aluminage {m} :: aluminizing
aluminate {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: aluminate
alumine {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: alumina
aluminer {v} :: To aluminize
aluminerie {f} :: A factory in which bauxite (or similar ore) is converted into aluminium metal
alumineux {adj} :: aluminous
aluminiage {m} :: aluminization, aluminizing
aluminique {adj} :: aluminic
aluminium {m} :: aluminum (element)
aluminosilicate {m} :: aluminosilicate
aluminosilicaté {adj} [geology, mineralogy] :: Containing aluminosilicates
aluminothermie {f} :: aluminothermy
alun {m} :: alum
alunage {m} :: aluming
à l'unanimité {adv} :: unanimously
alunation {f} :: aluming
aluner {v} :: to alum
alunifère {adj} :: aluminiferous
alunir {v} :: to land on the Moon
alunissage {m} :: moon landing, lunar landing; act of landing on the Moon
à l'unisson {adv} [figuratively] :: in unison, in chorus, unanimously
à l'unisson {adv} [figuratively] :: in unison, in concert
alunite {f} [mineral] :: alunite
alvéolage {m} :: honeycombing
alvéolaire {adj} :: alveolar
alvéole {m} [anatomy] :: alveolus
alvéole {m} :: cell (in honeycomb), alveolus (of beehive)
alvéole {m} :: cavity (in rock)
alvéolé {adj} :: honeycombed
alvéolectomie {f} [surgery] :: alveolectomy
alvéole pulmonaire {m} :: pulmonary alveolus
alvéoliforme {adj} :: alveoliform
alvéolisation {f} :: alveolization
alvéolite {f} [pathology] :: alveolitis
alvéolopalatal {adj} :: alveopalatal
alvin {adj} :: alvine
alysse {f} :: alyssum
alysson {m} :: synonym of alysse
alyte {f} :: midwife toad
A. M. {mf} :: alternative form of A.M.
A.M. {adv} :: ante meridiem
AM {adv} :: abbreviation of ante meridiem
AMA {prop} :: WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency); abbreviation of Agence Mondial Antidopage
amabile {adv} [music] :: in a tender, loving style
amabilité {f} :: kindness
amabilité {f} :: friendliness
amabilité {f} :: gentleness
à ma connaissance {adv} :: to my knowledge, to the best of my knowledge, as far as I know
amadou {m} :: lure; bait
amadou {m} :: tinder; kindling; touchwood; spunk
Amadou {prop} {m} :: given name, widely used in Islamic West Africa
amadouer {v} :: to coax; to sweet-talk (persuade gradually)
amadouer {v} :: to cajole
amadouer {v} :: to humour (person)
amadouvier {m} :: touchwood, tinder
amagnétique {adj} :: nonmagnetic, amagnetic
amaigrir {vt} [said of an illness, hard work, abuse etc.] :: to emaciate make thinner (in an unhealthy way)
amaigrir {vr} [said of a person] :: to get thinner (in an unhealthy way), to become emaciated
amaigrissement {m} :: emaciation
à main armée {prep} :: armed
à mains nues {prep} :: barehanded, with one's bare hands
amal {m} :: Amal (language)
amalfitain {adj} :: Of or from Amalfi
amalgamation {f} :: amalgamation
amalgame {m} :: amalgam
amalgame {m} :: amalgamation
amalgamer {v} :: to amalgamate
à malin, malin et demi {proverb} :: One will always find a cleverer or stronger person than oneself
Amand {prop} :: given name
Amanda {prop} :: given name
amandaie {f} :: almond grove / plantation
amande {f} :: almond (the nut)
amandé {m} :: almond milk
amandier {m} :: almond tree
amandin {adj} [rare] :: almond-like, amygdalic
amandine {f} :: amandine
Amandine {prop} :: given name, popular from the 1980s to the 2000s
amanite {f} :: amanita
amanite tue-mouches {f} :: fly agaric, fly fungus (Amanita muscaria)
amant {m} :: lover
amante {f} :: feminine noun of amant
Amanzé {prop} :: A small village in the Saône-et-Loire department of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
amaphrose {f} :: obsolete spelling of amaurose
amarantacée {f} :: amaranth (of family Amaranthaceae)
amarante {adj} :: amaranth (color)
amarante {f} :: amaranth (herb)
amarante {f} :: purpleheart (tree)
amarante {f} :: amaranth (colour)
amaranthe {f} :: archaic spelling of amarante
amaretto {m} :: The sweet-bitter liqueur amaretto
amaretto {m} :: A glass of it
amareyeur {m} :: synonym of ostréiculteur
amareyeuse {f} :: feminine singular of amareyeur
amaril {adj} [pathology, attributive] :: yellow fever
amarinage {m} :: The act of becoming a sailor
amariner {v} :: to become a sailor
amariner {v} :: to get one's sea legs
amarivaudé {adj} :: In the style of marivaudage
amarnien {adj} :: Of or from Amarna
amarrage {m} [nautical] :: mooring
amarrage {m} :: docking (of spacecraft)
amarre {f} :: rope, mooring
amarrer {v} [nautical] :: to moor
amarsir {vi} [of a spacecraft] :: To land on the surface of the planet Mars
amarsissage {m} :: (of a spacecraft) Mars landing
amaryllidacée {f} :: amaryllid (of the family Amaryllidaceae)
amaryllis {m} :: amaryllis
amas {m} :: pile, heap
amas {m} [astronomy] :: cluster
amas d'étoiles {m} [astronomy] :: star cluster
amas globulaire {m} :: globular cluster
amas ouvert {m} :: open cluster (star cluster)
amasser {v} :: to amass; to gather up
amassette {f} [art] :: palette knife (used in mixing paint)
amas stellaire {m} :: star cluster
amateur {m} :: amateur
amateur {m} :: a lover of something
amateur {adj} :: amateur
amateurisme {m} :: amateurism
amateurisme {m} [pejorative] :: amateurishness
amateuriste {adj} :: amateurish
amâtiner {v} [obsolete] :: to crossbreed a wolf or large guard dog with a bitch (female dog)
amatir {v} :: To give gold or silver a matte finish
amatoire {adj} :: amatory
amaurose {f} [pathology] :: amaurosis
amaurotique {adj} [pathology] :: amaurotic
Amaury {prop} {m} :: given name
à mauvais escient {adv} :: unwisely, not using one's best judgement
amazigh {adj} :: Amazigh, Berber
amazigh {m} :: Amazigh, Berber (language)
amazighité {f} :: Amazighity
amazighophone {adj} :: Berberophone
amazighophone {mf} :: Berberophone
amazone {f} :: Amazon (race of females)
amazone {f} :: amazon (bird)
amazone {f} [equestrian] :: sidesaddle (riding technique)
Amazone {prop} {f} :: Amazon (river)
Amazonie {prop} {f} :: Amazon
amazonien {adj} :: Amazon
amazonite {f} :: amazonite
ambage {m} [especially in plural] :: ambage
ambassade {f} :: an embassy, diplomatic representation in a foreign state, notably headed by an ambassador
ambassadeur {m} :: ambassador
ambassadrice {f} [formal] :: wife of an ambassador (" Madame l'Ambassadrice "). A female ambassador is "Madame l'Ambassadeur"
ambassadrice {f} [colloquial] :: ambassadress, female ambassador
Ambazoni {m} :: Ambazonian (person from Ambazonia)
ambi- {prefix} :: ambi-
ambiance {f} :: ambiance, atmosphere
ambiancer {v} [Africa] :: to make an ambience, to cause ambience
ambianceur {m} :: host, entertainer, MC
ambianceur {m} :: party animal, partier
ambianceur {m} :: One who creates an ambiance or atmosphere
ambiant {adj} :: ambient
ambidextre {adj} :: ambidextrous (having equal ability with both hands)
ambidextre {mf} :: ambidextrous person
ambidextrie {f} :: ambidexterity
ambieanceuse {f} :: feminine noun of ambianceur
ambigène {adj} :: ambigenous
ambigrammatique {adj} :: ambigrammatic
ambigramme {m} :: ambigram (a design that may be read in two different ways)
ambigu {adj} :: ambiguous (open to multiple interpretations)
ambigu {m} :: ambiguation
ambiguïser {v} :: to ambiguate
ambigüiser {v} :: alternative spelling of ambiguïser
ambiguïté {f} :: ambiguity (something liable to more than one interpretation)
ambigüité {f} :: alternative form of ambiguïté
ambigument {adv} :: ambiguously
ambiophonie {f} :: ambiophonics
ambiophonie {f} :: surround sound
ambisexué {adj} :: ambisexual
ambisexuel {adj} :: ambisexual
ambitieusement {adv} :: ambitiously
ambitieux {adj} :: ambitious
ambition {f} :: ambition (feeling)
ambitionner {v} :: to aim for; go for; set as one's goal
ambitransitif {adj} [grammar] :: ambitransitive
ambivalence {f} :: ambivalence
ambivalence {f} :: ambiguity
ambivalent {adj} :: ambivalent
ambivalent {adj} :: ambiguous, equivocal
ambler {v} [archaic] :: to amble
ambleur {adj} :: ambling (of a quadruped, walking with front and back legs in phase)
amblotique {adj} :: amblotic
amblygone {adj} :: amblygonal
amblyope {adj} :: amblyopic
amblyope {mf} :: amblyope
amblyopie {f} :: amblyopia (dimness or blurring of the eyesight)
amblyoscope {m} :: amblyoscope
amblystome {m} :: synonym of ambystome
amboceptif {adj} [psychology] :: amboceptive
ambon {m} [architecture] :: ambon
ambre {m} :: amber (fossil resin)
Ambre {prop} :: given name
ambré {adj} :: perfumed, notably musky with (or like) ambergris
ambré {adj} :: colored amber, of a brownish to yellow/orange colour