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definition of the word Oriental

by the Wiktionnary

Recorded in Middle English from circa 1391 (noun only from 1701), from Old French oriental, from Latin orientalis "of the east", from oriens 'east', the present participle of orire 'to rise, originate'

Oriental (comparative more Oriental, superlative most Oriental)

  1. in, of or otherwise related to the Orient
  2. or, like or otherwise relating to the Oriental people and culture
  3. of or relating to the biogeographic part of Asia south of the Himalayas, including part of the Malay archipelago

Oriental (plural Orientals)

  1. A member or descendant of the peoples and cultures of the Orient
  2. A lily cultivar of a widely varied group, with strong scent


Oriental m. (plural Orientals, diminutive Orientalje, diminutive plural Orientaljes)

  1. An Oriental lily
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