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Index:All languages

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This list tracks the status of indexes for the various languages appearing in Wiktionary. It should show only those languages for which indexing has begun. It includes information about whether that index has only a simple list or a multipage index, and whether a multipage index follows a standardized format.

In a sense the standardized format is very arbitrary, and has been pursued in the absence of alternatives being proposed. At the top level for a language the format is [[Index:Language]]. When there is enough material to warrant splitting the index, this is being done by letter, using subpages like [[Index:Language/a]] with the referenced letter in lower case. There should not be made any distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. Appropriate modifications need to be made for scripts that are not strictly alphabetic (e.g., Chinese).

Some language lists have been further sub-divided, but no standard has yet been suggested.

Category:Language indexes serves the same purpose as this list but is automated. For a more general list of languages and their indexes see Wiktionary:List of languages or Category:All languages.






Index:Crimean Tatar

Index:Ewe - multipage, in progress

Index:Fijian Hindi - in progress

Index:Filipino - started

Index:Georgian -ing set up

Index:Greenlandic - revised

Index:Haitian Creole - started

Index:Hawaiian - started

Index:Hindi - partial

Index:Indonesian - revised

Index:Inuktitut - everyday words

Index:Interlingua - partly revised

Index:Kannada - just started

Index:Kashubian - one word

Index:Kinyarwanda -ing begun

Index:Kurdish - a few words Lîsteya Peyvên Kurdî - komek peyvan

Index:Livonian - started

Index:Lojban - short list

Index:Low Saxon - short list

Index:Malayalam - eleven words

Index:Manchu - one word in Roman script

Included in Chinese, no separate required

Index:Manx - short list, set up for expansion

Index:Maori - Short list of words but no sub-index.

Index:Norwegian - revised

Index:Old Norse - few words

Index:Old Prussian - in progress





Index:Provençal - one word

Index:Scots - in progress

Index:Tagalog - efforts will now go to Filipino Index

Index:Tok Pisin - single page

Index:Volapük - large set up

Index:Võro - started

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