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definition of the word Greek

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From Latin Graecus, from Ancient Greek Γραικός (Graikos), a character in Greek mythology) (a son of Thessalos, the king of Phthia), whom Ἑλλάς (Greece), and Ἕλληνες (Hellenes), were also named after; see also Ἕλλην and Hellen.


countable and uncountable; plural Greeks

Greek (countable and uncountable; plural Greeks)

  1. (countable) An inhabitant, resident, or a person of descent from Greece.
  2. (US, countable) A member of a college fraternity or sorority, which are commonly characterised by being named after Greek letters. (See also Greek system)
    "Was Joe a Greek in college?"
  3. (uncountable) Nonsense talk or writing; gibberish.
    "It's all Greek to me."

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