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Citations of etymology

  • a. 1571 The etymology which the Dorians give, seems indeed more probable, than that of the Athenians; for how can Comodein, be made of the word Comazein. — Lodovico Castelvetro, Aristotle’s Art of Poetry, page 28.
  • 1583 Amonge all other Artes, forgett not the Mathematikes. for the Etymologie of their name, exhortes you to learne them. — Brian Melbancke, Philotimus (1583), page 98.
  • 1590 Other reasons more particular (right Honorable) chalenge in me a speciall affection to your L. as being a scholler with your two noble sonnes, Master Edmond Carew & M. Robert Carew, (two siens worthie of so honourable a tree, and a tree glorious in such honourable fruite) as also being scholler in the Vniuersitie vnder that learned and vertuous Knight Sir Edward Hobbie, when he was Batchelor in Arts, a ma[n] as well lettered as well borne, and after the Etymologie of his name soaring as high as the wings of knowledge can mount him, happie euerie way, & the more fortunate, as blessed in the honor of so vertuous a Ladie. — Thomas Lodge, Rosalynde. Euphues golden legacie
  • 1693 But in former times, the Name of Satire was given to Poems, which were compos’d of several sorts of Verses; such as were made by Ennius, and Pacuvius; more fully expressing the Etymology of the word Satire, from Satura, which we have observ’d — John Dryde, The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis, page 26.

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