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  1. The ancestor language of modern English, also called Old English, spoken in Britain from about 400 AD to 1100 AD. The language is a more inflected language, maintaining strong and weak verbs, nouns, and adjectives. It has a clearly marked subjunctive mood, and has five cases of nouns and adjectives.
  2. Germanic peoples inhabiting mediæval England.
  3. (US) A person of British or North European descent.
  4. (US, Mexican-American) A light-skinned person presumably of British or other European appearance; a white person.

Anglo-Saxon (comparative more Anglo-Saxon, superlative most Anglo-Saxon)

  1. Related to the Anglo-Saxon peoples or language.
  2. Related to nations which speak primarily English; especially United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia.
  3. (politics) Favouring a liberal free market economy.
  4. (US) Descended from white English or North European settlers.

SIL entry for Anglo-Saxon, IS 639-3 code ang

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