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definition of the word -et

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Proto-Germanic *-atjan, -itjan

-et n.

  1. suffix forming nouns from verbs, adjectives, and other nouns (sometimes causes i-mutation)
    þēowot "service, religious service, ministry"
    grafet "trench"
    bærnet "a burning, combustion, cauterizing"
    emnet "level ground, leveling"
    eolet "voyage, departure"
    þiccet "thicket"
    rēwet "rowing; ship, row-boat"
    rȳmet "space, clearance, extension"
    þyrnet "thicket of thorns, thorny place"

Singular Plural
nominative -et -ettu
accusative -et -ettu
genitive -ettes -etta
dative -ette -ettum


  1. Suffix for definite form singular of neuter nouns, esp. if they end with consonant or a stressed vowel.
  2. Suffix for the neuter form of past participles of verbs belonging to the fourth declension (strong verbs). This may be analyzed as two morphemes: a combination of the suffix -en for past participle and -t for neuter, where the n of the first suffix disappears. Such an analysis is historically correct.
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