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definition of the word सिन्धु

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Probably from the verbal root √sidh (to go).

सिन्धु (síndhu) m. and f.

  1. a river, stream (especially the Indus, and in this sense said to be the only river regarded as masculine gender)
    अश्व्यो वारो अभवस्तदिन्द्र सर्के यत तवा परत्यहन देव एकः |
    अजयो गा अजयः शूर सोममवास्र्जः सर्तवे सप्त सिन्धून ||
    aśvyo vāro abhavastadindra sṛke yat tvā pratyahan deva ekaḥ |
    ajayo ghā ajayaḥ śūra somamavāsṛjaḥ sartave sapta sindhūn ||
    A horse's tail wast thou when he, O Indra, smote on thy bolt; thou, God without a second,
    Thou hast won back the kine, hast won the Soma; thou hast let loose to flow the Seven Rivers.
  2. flood, waters (also in the sky)
  3. ocean, sea
  4. a symbolical term for the number 4
  5. name of Varuna (as god of the ocean)
  6. the moisture of the lips
  7. water ejected from an elephant's trunk (= वमथु (vamathu))
  8. the exudation from an elephant's temples
  9. the country around the Indus (commonly called Sindh; in plural: "the inhabitants of Sindh")
  10. a king of Sindh (?)
  11. name of Vishnu
  12. white or refined borax (= श्वेतटण्कण (śveta-ṭaṅkaṇa))
  13. = सिन्धुक (sindhuka)
  14. (music) a particular राग (rāga)
  15. name of a king of the गन्धर्व (gandharva)
  16. name of a serpent-demon
  17. name of various men

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