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definition of the word yeoman

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yeoman (plural yeomen)

  1. An official providing honorable service in a royal or high noble household.
  2. A third in order of the feudal servant fighting class below knight, squire and above a page. A yeoman archer is typically a mounted archer but who fights on foot, sometimes called a man-at-arms.
  3. A subordinate, deputy, aide, or assistant.
  4. A Yeoman Warder.
  5. A clerk in the US navy, and US Coast Guard.
  6. A member of the Yeomanry Cavalry officially chartered in 1794 originating around the 1760s.
  7. A member of the Imperial Yeomanry officially created in 1890s and renamed in 1907.
  8. (UK) A former class of small freeholders who farm their own land.
  9. (nautical) In a vessel of war, the person in charge of the storeroom.

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