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definition of the word wildcat

by the Wiktionnary

a bobcat



wildcat (plural wildcats)

  1. wild relative of the domestic house cat, member of the genus Felis
  2. one of several large undomesticated species of cat, such as the bobcat
    • Upon checking it out, we found a total of 13 newborn wildcats, nine newborn tigers and two newborn leopards. (CNN, 2003.04.24)
  3. (figuratively) a person who acts like a wildcat, often sexually
    • 2002, The Young and the Restless (TV, September 26)
      Anyone who's man enough to have landed a wildcat like you had to be quite a guy.
  4. (firearms) a caliber of ammunition derived by amending another type of cartridge and not made by commercial manufacturers.
  5. In the labor movement, anything done outside of the control of bosses or trade unions.

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