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From Anglo-Norman vewe, from Old French veue (French: vue), feminine past participle of veoir (to see) (French: voir).



view (plural views)

  1. The act of seeing or looking at something.
    He changed seat to get a complete view of the stage.
  2. The range of vision.
    If there are any rabbits in this park, they keep carefully out of our view.
  3. Something to look at, such as a scenery.
    My flat has a view of a junkyard.
  4. A picture.
    There was a view of the accident site on the front page.
  5. A mental image.
    I need more information to get a better view of the situation.
  6. A way of understanding something, an opinion, a theory.
    Your view on evolution is based on religion, not on scientific findings.
  7. A point of view.
    From my view that is a stupid proposition.
  8. An intention or prospect.
    I gave you the money with the view that you would invest it wisely.
  9. (computing, databases) A virtual or logical table composed of the result set of a query in relational databases.
  10. (computing, programming) The part of a computer program which is visible to the user, the part the user interacts with; a user interface to the underlying logic of the program.

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