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un- +‎ essayed


unessayed (not comparable)

  1. Not essayed; unattempted.
    • 1889, Grover Cleveland, A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents[1]:
      The standing instructions of our representatives at Madrid and Havana have for years been to leave no effort unessayed to further these ends, and at no time has the equal good desire of Spain been more hopefully manifested than now.
    • 1903, William Godwin, Caleb Williams[2]:
      If ever it should be necessary to encounter it, if I were pursued like a wild beast, till I could no longer avoid turning upon my hunters, I would then turn upon the true author of this unprincipled attack; I would encounter the calumny in its strong hold; I would rouse myself to an exertion hitherto unessayed; and, by the firmness, intrepidity, and unalterable constancy I should display, would yet compel mankind to believe Mr. Falkland a suborner and a murderer!