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Anglo-Saxon Futhorc letter ᚢ (u, “ur”)

From Middle English lower case letter v (also written u), from Old English lower case u, from 7th century replacement by lower case u of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc letter  (u), ur), derived from Raetic letter u.

Before the 1700s, the pointed form v was written at the beginning of a word, while a rounded form u was used elsewhere, regardless of sound. So whereas valor and excuse appeared as in modern printing, have and upon were printed haue and vpon. Eventually, in the 1700s, to differentiate between the consonant and vowel sounds, the v form was used to represent the consonant, and u the vowel sound. v then preceded u in the alphabet, but the order has since reversed.

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u (lower case, upper case U)

  1. The twenty-third (23rd) letter of the English alphabet.
    I prefer the u in Arial to the one in Times New Roman.


us or u’s

u (plural us or u’s)

  1. The name of the letter U
  2. A thing in the shape of the letter U

u second person, singular or plural, nominative or objective

  1. (informal) you
    Take me with u.


  1. Underwater.



  1. in
  2. inside
  3. at
  4. In the possession of

u f. (plural us)

  1. The Latin letter U (lowercase u).

u m. (plural uns)

  1. (cardinal) masculine noun form of un ; the number 1

Catalan cardinal numbers may be used as masculine or feminine adjectives. When used as a noun, Catalan cardinal numbers are treated as masculine singular nouns in most contexts. An exception occurs in certain expressions involving time such as la una i trenta (1:30) or les dues (two o'clock) where the feminine noun hora (pl. hores) has been elided.


  1. in


  1. at
  2. by


  1. (personal, second-person singular, subjective) you (polite).
    Bent u klaar? — “Are you ready?”
    Bent u er nog? — “Are you still there?”
  2. (personal, second-person singular, objective) you (polite).
    Ik zal het aan u geven. — “I will give it to you.”
    Dit zal niet werken voor u. — “This won’t work for you.”
  3. (personal, second-person singular, objective) thee (dialectal).
    Ik doe dat wel voor u. — “I’ll do it for thee.”
  4. (personal, second-person plural, subjective) you (polite).
    Hebt u die oefening gemaakt? — “Have you prepared that exercise?”
  5. (personal, second-person plural, objective) you (polite).
    Ze zullen dat wel voor u doen. — “They’ll do it for you.”
  6. (reflexive, second-person singular) thyself (dialectal)
    Gij hebt u niet gewassen. — “Thou hast not washed thyself.”
  7. (reflexive, second-person plural) thyselves (dialectal)
    Wast u eens. — “Wash thyselves.”

See Wiktionary:Dutch inflection

u (lower case, upper case U)

  1. The twenty-first letter of the Dutch alphabet.

u m. and f. inv.

  1. See under U

u (hiragana )

  1. : cormorant
  2. : hiragana letter u
  3. : katakana letter u


  1. that, who


  1. and, also


  1. and (used to connect two similar words, phrases, et cetera)

This Maltese entry was created from the translations listed at and. It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses. Please also see u in the Maltese Wiktionary. This notice will be removed when the entry is checked. (more information) January 2009

From Proto-Slavic *u < Proto-Indo-European *h₂ew

u (+ genitive)

  1. at

From Proto-Yeniseian *ʔaw (/ *ʔu) ("thou").


  1. you (second-person plural subjective)

u (lowercase, capital U)

  1. The twenty-fifth letter of the Romanian alphabet representing the phoneme /t/. Preceded by ţ and followed by v.

Latin aut


  1. or

u (Cyrillic у)

  1. in
  2. inside
  3. at
  4. In the possession of

u (lower case, upper case U)

  1. The 24th letter of the Spanish alphabet.

u f. (plural us)

u f.

us f.

  1. Name of the letter U.


  1. or

Used instead of o when the following word starts with a vowel sound which is pronounced /o/.


  1. Marks noun class 11, denoting abstract nouns, singulatives, elongated objects, and countries.


  1. (eastern dialect) a mature coconut

U is the sixth stage of coconut growth. It is preceded by pes and followed by drai koknat.

u (Cyrillic у)

  1. Demonstrative pronoun used to indicate a thing that is far away from the speaker. that.
    • U eshik.
      That is a door. / That door.
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