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definition of the word truthiness

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truthy +‎ -ness. First attested in 1824. Modern sense created in the 2005 premiere episode of The Colbert Report.


truthiness (uncountable)

  1. (rare, archaic) Truthfulness.
    • 1824, Joseph John Gurney, in "Amelia Opie", Memoirs of Joseph John Gurney[1] as published 1854, volume 1, page 242:
      Truly may it be said, that her valuable qualities have been sanctified ; whilst her play of character has not been lost, but has been rendered more interesting than before. Every one who knows her is aware of her truthiness, and appreciates her kindness ; []
  2. (neologism, humorous) The quality of seeming to be true, even if this contradicts evidence or rational thought
    • 2006 August 1, “Immigration now, immigration tomorrow, immigration forever: reason's guide to reality-based reform”, Reason, Reason Foundation
      Even in the halls of Congress, economic arguments against immigration are losing their aura of truthiness, so pro-enforcement types are focusing on national security.

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