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definition of the word track

by the Wiktionnary

(noun) From Old French trac (French: traque), maybe from a Germanic source Dutch: trek, Middle Low German: treck.



track (plural tracks)

  1. A mark left by something that has passed along; as, the track, or wake, of a ship; the track of a meteor; the track of a sled or a wheel.
  2. A mark or impression left by the foot, either of man or beast; trace; vestige; footprint.
  3. The entire lower surface of the foot; said of birds, etc.
  4. A road; a beaten path.
  5. Course; way; as, the track of a comet.
  6. A path or course laid out for a race, for exercise, etc.
  7. The permanent way; the rails.
  8. A tract or area, as of land.
  9. (automotive) The distance between the centerlines of two tires, measured where the tires contact the surface of the road (also track width)
  10. (cricket) The pitch.
  11. Sound stored on a record (or the physical track on one).
  12. Circular (never-ending) data storage unit on a side of magnetic or optical disk, divided into sectors.
  13. (uncountable) (sports) The racing events of track and field; track and field in general.
    I'm going to try out for track next week.

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