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definition of the word totty

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totty (uncountable)

  1. (UK) (slang, English) sexually attractive people (especially women) considered collectively; usually connoting a connection with the upper class.
  2. (slang, English) an individual sexually attractive woman
    • 2006: "Some posh totty, who was more than a little bit of a babe, just walks up and makes Eddie pull her, against his will almost." — Richard Taylor (2006). Eddie Shore 4 Jo, 29, Lulu Press, Inc.. ISBN 1411696077.
    • 2005: "The mother screamed that Ali was a posh totty who held her nose up at ordinary folk with babies." — Georgina Hunter-Jones (2005). Peckham Diamonds, 19, Fly Fizzi Publishing. ISBN 1900721309.
    • 2006: "The doctor attended a fancy dress ball dressed as Star Trek's Dr Spock but suddenly the costume split open and his phaser found its way into some totty." — Tonto Greenberg and J Bannister (2006). The Blue Book : V. 1, 32, Banland Publishing Ltd. ISBN 0955151309.

Although denoting a countable subject, the noun is a mass noun. A single person is described as "some totty" or "a bit of totty". But a group of people can also be referred to as "some totty" or "the totty".

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