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Topper (dinghy)


man wearing a topper



topper (plural toppers)

  1. Something that is on top.
    • 2009 January 26, Cameron Adams, “Sniffer dogs have their Big Day Out”[1], Herald Sun:
      UK act the Prodigy will headline the Boiler Room, with chart toppers the Ting Tings playing at 2.15pm on the green stage.
  2. A top hat.
  3. Something for removing the top of something.
    • 2007 October 14, Amanda Hesser, “2000: Le Bernardin’s Croque-Monsieur”[2], New York Times:
      The only problem is that the best egg toppers, which are different from egg cutters, are an investment — the Inox professional egg topper is $55 at surlatable.com .
  4. Something that exceeds those previous in a series, as a joke or prank.
  5. (boating) A single-handed dinghy, 11 foot (3.6 metres) in length, with only one sail.
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