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definition of the word thebaic

by the Wiktionnary

Latin thebaicus

Thebaic or thebaic Rare and archaic

  1. Theban; Of or pertaining to Thebes, especially in the context of the Coptic scriptures.
    • 1957, Heinrich Boll, L. Vennewitz (tr.) - priests, monks, missionaries who, by way of this strange detour via Ireland, brought the spirit of Thebaic ascetisism to Europe
  2. The Sahidic dialect of the Coptic language.
  3. Of or pertaining to opium.
    • 1791, William Lewis, The Edinburgh New Dispensatory - Thebaic extract, half a dram.


  1. (archaic) An opium-based medication or tincture such as laudanum.

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