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  1. (as su): ISO-639 code for Sundanese

su (Cyrillic spelling су)

  1. water


  1. fire


  1. are (they)

Abbreviation of sunnuntai.


  1. sunnuntai (Sunday)

su m. (feminine sue, masculine plural sus, feminine plural sues)

  1. Past participle of savoir. known
    J'ai su qu'elle mentait. - “I knew that she was lying.”

Usually translated into English using the past tense (e.g. “I knew”) rather than the perfect tense (e.g. *“I have known”).


  1. thousand

From Latin sūsum, which is a variant of sūrsum.[1] Cognate to French sus.


  1. up, upstairs


  1. come on!


  1. on, upon, onto, on top
    Lezione d'inglese numero 1: Il libro è sulla tavola - English lesson number 1: The book is on the table.
  2. over
    L'orologio sul polsino della camicia era il marchio di fabbrica di Gianni Agnelli - The watch over the shirt cuff was Gianni Agnelli's trademark.
  3. about, on
    Gli italiani non sono d'accordo su molte cose sul come cucinare la pasta e soprattutto sul condimento - Italians don't agree on many things about how to cook pasta and especially on the sauce.
  4. above
    La Paz, che sorge a circa 3600 metri sul livello del mare, è la più alta capitale del mondo. - La Paz, which lies about 3600 metres above sea level, is the world's highest capital city.
  5. in, out of
    Un europeo su cinque avrà più di 65 anni entro il 2025 - One in five Europeans will be more than 65 years old by year 2025.

When followed by a definite article, su is combined with the article to give the following combined forms:

Su + article Combined form
su + il sul
su + lo sullo
su + l' sull'
su + i sui
su + gli sugli
su + la sulla
su + le sulle

  • Notes:
  1. ^ Angelo Prati, "Vocabolario Etimologico Italiano", Torino, 1951

su (hiragana )

  1. : vinegar
  2. : hiragana letter su
  3. : katakana letter su

(with instrumental)

  1. with


  1. (metalinguistic eraser) deletes everything the speaker has said

If su occurs in a dialog, it deletes only what the speaker has said, unless he has said only su, in which case the whole discussion is deleted. It follows that the repetition susu always deletes the whole discussion.


  1. A transliteration of any of a number of Chinese characters properly represented as having one of three tones, , , or .

English transcriptions of Chinese speech often fail to distinguish between the critical tonal differences employed in the Chinese language, using words such as this one without the appropriate indication of tone.

su (third person possessive of singular, of plural sus)

  1. (before the noun) Apocopic form of suyo. his, her, its, one's
    Vino con su amigo. — “He came with his friend.”
    Habló a sus hijas. — “He spoke to his daughters.”
  2. (before the noun) Apocopic form of suyo. your (formal)

The forms su and sus are only used before and within the noun phrase of the modified noun. In other positions, a form of suyo is used instead:

Son sus libros. — “[They] are his books.”
Son los libros suyos. — “[They] are his books.” (“...the books of him.”)
Son los suyos. — "[They] are his."

First person:

Second person:

Third person:



  1. about, approximately
    pesa sus dos kilogramos = it weighs about two kilograms


  1. he

su (definite accusative suyu, plural sular)

  1. water

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