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definition of the word stroke

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From Middle English < Old English *strāc, an unattested noun on the basis of the verb strācian.

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stroke (plural strokes)

  1. An act of stroking.
    She gave the cat a stroke.
  2. A blow or hit.
  3. A line drawn with a pen or pencil.
  4. A streak of paint made with a brush.
  5. The time when a clock strikes.
    on the stroke of midnight
  6. A thrust of a piston.
  7. A particular style of swimming.
  8. (medicine) The loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted.
  9. A single movement with a tool.
  10. A single act of striking with a weapon.
  11. (golf) A single act of striking at the ball with a club.
  12. (tennis)The hitting of a ball with a racket, or the movement of the racket and arm that produces that impact.
  13. (rowing) The movement of an oar or paddle through water, either the pull which actually propels the vessel or a single entire cycle of movement including the pull.
  14. (rowing) The rower who is nearest the stern of the boat.
  15. In professional wrestling, backstage influence.
  16. (cricket) The action of hitting the ball with the bat; a shot.
  17. (UK) The symbol "/".
  18. (squash) A point awarded to a player in case of interference or obstruction by the opponent, see Wikipedia's article on squash for more information.

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