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definition of the word strata

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  1. Plural form of stratum.

From sterno (spread out, extend).

strāta (genitive strātae); f, first declension

  1. a paved road

Number Singular Plural
nominative strāta strātae
genitive strātae strātārum
dative strātae strātīs
accusative strātam strātās
ablative strātā strātīs
vocative strāta strātae


  1. nominative feminine singular of strātus
  2. nominative neuter plural of strātus
  3. accusative neuter plural of strātus
  4. vocative feminine singular of strātus
  5. vocative neuter plural of strātus


  1. ablative feminine singular of strātus

Inflected form of strātum (coverlet, blanket).


  1. nominative neuter plural of strātum
  2. accusative neuter plural of strātum
  3. vocative neuter plural of strātum

strata f.

  1. loss

Singular Plural
Nominative strata straty
Genitive straty strat
Dative stracie stratom
Accusative stratę straty
Instrumental stratą stratami
Locative stracie stratach
Vocative strato straty
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