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From Middle English spot or spotte, cognate with Middle Dutch spotte (spot speck), Low German spot, and Old Norse spotti (small piece). Also Old English splott (spot, plot of land).



spot (plural spots)

  1. A round or irregular patch on the surface of a thing having a different color, texture etc. and generally round in shape.
    The leopard is noted for the spots of color in its fur.
  2. A stain or disfiguring mark.
    I have tried everything, and I can’t get this spot out.
  3. A pimple, papule or pustule.
    That morning, I saw that a spot had come up on my chin.
    I think she's got chicken pox; she's covered in spots.
  4. A small, unspecified amount or quantity.
    Would you like to come round on Sunday for a spot of lunch?
  5. (slang, US) A bill of five-dollar or ten-dollar denomination in dollars.
    Here's the twenty bucks I owe you, a ten spot and two five spots.
  6. A location or area.
    I like to eat lunch in a pleasant spot outside.
  7. (sports) An official determination of placement.
    The fans were very unhappy with the referee's spot of the ball.
  8. A bright lamp; a spotlight.
  9. (US, advertising) A brief advertisement or program segment on television.
    Did you see the spot on the news about the shoelace factory?
  10. Difficult situation; predicament
    She was in a real spot when she ran into her separated husband while on a date.

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