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countable and uncountable; sponges

sponge (countable and uncountable; plural sponges)

A marine sponge (1) can be used as a sponge (2)
  1. (countable) Any of various marine invertebrates, mostly of the phylum Porifera, that have a porous skeleton often of silica
  2. (countable) A piece of porous material used for washing (originally made from the invertebrates, now often made of plastic)
  3. (uncountable) A porous material such as sponges consist of
  4. (informal) A heavy drinker
  5. (countable, uncountable) A light cake
  6. (countable, uncountable, UK) A type of steamed pudding
  7. (slang) A person who takes advantage of the generosity of others (abstractly imagined to absorb or soak up the money or efforts of others like a sponge)

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