soul searching

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soul searching (countable and uncountable, plural soul searchings)

  1. Alternative spelling of soul-searching


soul searching (comparative more soul searching, superlative most soul searching)

  1. Alternative spelling of soul-searching
    • 1997, Joey O'Connor, Excuse Me!: I'll Take My Piece of the Planet Now, ISBN 0801011329:
      While these questions are important and demand an intelligent response, don't allow the issues of the day to distract you from daily asking yourself the toughest, most soul searching questions of all:
    • 1999, House of Commons Debates, page 15893:
      He raised some very soul searching and gut wrenching questions in his commentary.
    • 2012, Joan C. Curtis, Hire Smart and Keep 'Em: How to Interview Strategically Using POINT, ISBN 1440802874, page 124:
      It must have been very soul searching for you.