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some old

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see some,‎ old.
  2. (US, idiomatic, informal) Some, some unspecified or yet-undetermined one (especially for emphasis).
    Don't worry, I'll find some old way to do it.
    • 1921, Law Notes, Vol. 40, p. 72:
      But I don't want you to promise anything – you're a decent old sort, and you'd be sure to make it up to me some old way or other.
    • 1930s, "Chilly Winds" (U.S. folk song), collected in John A. Lomax et al., Our Singing Country (1941), p. 294:
      I ain't got but one old rusty dime. / [...]
      Oh, I'll have a new dollar some old day,
      And I'll throw this old rusty dime away.
    • 1936 (recorded 1957), Foggy Mountain Boys (Flatt and Scruggs, as "Certain and Stacey"), on Foggy Mountain Jamboree, "Some Old Day" lyrics:
      I've been workin' out in the rain
      Tied to the dirty old ball and chain
      Oh dear mother I'll come home some old day
    • 1970, Gram Parsons in The Flying Burrito Brothers, "$1000 Wedding" lyrics:
      So why don't someone here just spike his drink
      Why don't you do him in some old way
      Supposed to be a funeral
    • 2011, Wilbur Thornton, Intoxicating Winds, p. 519:
      [The con man] will get good folks
      Because they will just try to help folks in some ole way!


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