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definition of the word sledge

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Old English slecg



sledge (plural sledges)

  1. (or sledgehammer) a heavy, long handled maul or hammer used to drive stakes, wedges, etc.
    • 1737, J. Ray, A Collection of English Words Not Generally Used, With their Significations and Original in two Alphabetical Catalogues; the one, of such as are proper to the Northern, the other, to the Southern Counties. With an Account of the preparing and refining such Metals and Minerals as are found in England.
      [based on information from Major Hill, Master of the Silver Mills, in 1662, descibing silver mining in Cardiganshire] They dig the Oar thus; One holds a little Picque, or Punch of Iron, having a long Handle of Wood which they call a Gad; Another with a great Iron Hammer, or Sledge, drives it into the Vein.
    • 2006, Tom Benford, Garage And Workshop Gear Guide
      Sledge hammers are only used for heavy-duty persuading when working on vehicles or machinery.

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