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definition of the word slash

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slash (plural slashes)

  1. The symbol, /
  2. A swift cut with a blade, particularly with fighting weapons as a sword, saber, knife etc.
  3. (UK, slang) A pee, a trip to the toilet to urinate
    Excuse me, I need to take a slash
  4. A work of fiction (frequently fanfiction) based on celebrities or fictional characters involved in a romantic and/or sexual manner. The characters are most commonly of the same gender. The name comes from the use of the slash symbol (/) to separate the names or initials of the characters or persons involved.
    Jim/Bob or J/B
  5. (vulgar, slang) The female genitalia
  6. (ice hockey) A quick and hard lateral strike with a hockey stick, usually across the arms or legs.


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