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definition of the word s-

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  1. (physics) subatomic particles predicted by supersymmetry; the boson equivalent of known fermions


  1. A Czech prefix.

In most cases, this prefix stems from Latin ex- (see ex). In some cases, it stems from Latin dis-.[1]


  1. (used to form words that have an opposing sense) un-, in-
    sfatto - unmade (of a bed)
  2. (used to form verbs that have a sense of undoing an action) de-, dis-, un-
    sganciare - to unhook
    sborsare - to disburse

  1. ^ Migliorini, Bruno; Aldo Duro (1950). “s-”, Prontuario etimologico della lingua italiana (in Italian). Paravia.

From Indo-European


  1. Ineffective as such in Latin (it carries no meaning), this prefix is a survivance of Indo-European where it might have had a role. It is nevertheless important to know its existence to understand, among other example, the analogies between repo and serpo and hence the equivalence of their derived terms reptile and serpentine; or the proximity of culter ("knife") and sculpo ("chisel").
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