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definition of the word rubber

by the Wiktionnary

In the sense of an eraser, derived from the verb to rub; in the sense of pliable material, derived from the previous sense of eraser; the other senses derived from the pliable material sense.



rubber (plural rubbers)

  1. Pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree; a hydrocarbon polymer of isoprene.
  2. Synthetic materials with the same properties as natural rubber.
  3. (UK, Australia, Canada regional) An eraser.
  4. (North America) (slang) A condom.
  5. Someone or something which rubs.
  6. (baseball) The rectangular pad on the pitcher's mound from which the pitcher must pitch.
    Jones toes the rubber and then fires to the plate.
  7. (North America, plural) Water resistant shoe covers, galoshes, Wellingtons.
    Johnny, don't forget your rubbers today.
  8. (slang) Tires, particularly racing tires.
    Jones enters the pits to get new rubber.
  9. a series of games, contests - in Davis cup tennis, cards

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