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definition of the word prosaic

by the Wiktionnary

From French prosaïque < Mediaeval Latin prosaicus (in prose) < Latin prosa (prose) < prorsus (straightforward, in prose) < Old Latin provorsus (straight ahead) < pro- (forward) + vorsus (turned) < vertō (to turn) < Proto-Indo-European *wer- (to turn, to bend).

prosaic (comparative more prosaic, superlative most prosaic)


more prosaic

most prosaic

  1. Pertaining to or having the characteristics of prose.
    The tenor of Eliot's prosaic work differs greatly from that of his poetry.
  2. (of writing or speaking) Straightforward; matter-of-fact; lacking the feeling or elegance of poetry.
    I was simply making the prosaic point that we are running late.
  3. (usually of writing or speaking but also figurative) Overly plain or simple, to the point of being boring; humdrum.
    His account of the incident was so prosaic that I nodded off while reading it.
    She lived a prosaic life.

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