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definition of the word property

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From Middle English /Anglo-Norman proprete < Middle French propreté < Old French propriete (modern propriété), itself < Latin proprietas < proprius 'own'.



property (plural properties)

  1. Something that is owned.
    Leave those books alone! They are my property.
  2. A piece of real estate, such as a parcel of land.
    There is a large house on the property.
  3. The exclusive right of possessing, enjoying and disposing of a thing.
  4. An object used in a dramatic production
    Costumes and scenery are distinguished from property properly speaking
  5. An attribute or abstract quality associated with an individual, object or concept.
    Charm is his most endearing property
  6. An attribute or abstract quality which is characteristic of a class of objects.
    Matter can have many properties, including color, mass and density.
  7. (computing) An editable or read-only parameter associated with an application, component or class, or the value of such a parameter.
    You need to set the debugging property to "verbose".

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