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prescription (plural prescriptions)

  1. The act of prescribing a rule, law, etc..
    "Jurisdiction to prescribe" is a state's authority to make its laws applicable to certain persons or activities. -- Richard G. Alexander, Iran and Libya Sanctions Act of 1996: Congress exceeds its jurisdiction to prescribe law. Washington and Lee Law Review, 1997.
  2. (medicine) A written order, as by a physician, for the administration of a medicine or other intervention. See also scrip.
    The surgeon wrote a prescription for a pain killer and physical therapy.
  3. (medicine) The medicine or intervention so prescribed.
    The pharmacist gave her a bottle containing her prescription.
  4. (ophthalmology) The formal description of the lens geometry needed for spectacles, etc..
    The optician followed the optometrist's prescription for her new eyeglasses.
  5. An advice.
    "Early to bed and early to rise" is a prescription for a healthy lifestyle.

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