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pekid (comparative more pekid, superlative most pekid)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of peaked. (sickly-looking, peaky).
    • 1892, Bill Arp, The farm and the fireside: sketches of domestic life in war and peace, page 87:
      Don't whip Ralph while I'm gone — the poor boy aint well — he looks right pekid
    • 1966, Kenneth Rexroth, An autobiographical novel:
      Like everybody who had the flu in those days, I was pretty run-down and pekid.
    • 2004, Verne Patten, Somewhere Every Day, page 349:
      “No sweat, Mister Goldstein. We jus' need somethin' to eat on.” “Matter with yer buddy there?” Goldstein asked suddenly. “He's lookin' a li'l pekid.” “Ain't used to workin' this hard, an' ain't eatin' right neither
    • 1991 February 2, Sam Smith, “Bulls close out Mavericks after getting scare”, in Chicago Tribune:
      But they looked a little pekid before finally pulling out a 101-90 victory Friday night over the Dallas Mavericks, their first win in three games this season over a Texas team after Thursday's loss in San Antonio.