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definition of the word passage

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touch higher military #891: passage wood matters physical

From Old French passage, from to pass



passage (plural passages)

  1. A paragraph or section of text or music with particular meaning.
    passage of scripture
    She struggled to play the difficult passages.
  2. Part of a path or journey.
    He made his passage through the trees carefully, mindful of the stickers.
  3. The official approval of a bill or act by a parliament.
    The company was one of the prime movers in lobbying for the passage of the act.
  4. An artistic term describing use of tight brushwork to link objects in separate spatial plains. Commonly seen in Cubist works.
  5. A passageway or corridor.
  6. (caving) An underground cavity, formed by water or falling rocks, which is much longer than it is wide.
  7. (slang) The vagina.

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